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Welcome To PlayStation Mobile

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Good news everyone. PlayStation Mobile goes live today, delivering exciting bite-sized content, including games, to both PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Certified devices through PlayStation Store.

PlayStation Mobile offers an enticing entry point into the PlayStation world to all owners of a PlayStation Certified smartphone or tablet, while giving PlayStation Vita gamers the chance to expand their collection with a host of innovative, affordable titles. All you need to get started is a Sony Entertainment Network account and a compatible device (full list here).

If you’re using a PS Vita, a new PlayStation Mobile tab will appear in the Store. If you’re using a smartphone or tablet, you can access PlayStation Store through the dedicated “PlayStation Mobile for Android” app. This will either automatically be added to your device or you can manually download it via playstation.com. For more information on accessing the app, see our online guide.



Of course, at the heart of PlayStation Mobile are the games, and the launch line-up truly promises something for everyone.

There are a wide range of titles available, including adventure, action, puzzle and sports games, created by both third party developers and SCE Worldwide Studios. Prices range from €0.50 to €12.99.

All PlayStation Mobile games will support the on-screen virtual DUALSHOCK controller, ensuring a unique experience across all PlayStation Certified devices. And if you’re using a PlayStation Vita or Xperia PLAY device, you’ll also be able to play with traditional button controls, where applicable.

Here are a few select highlights of the titles released today:

Super Crate Box – It’s time to fight endless hordes of enemies and collect every weapon crate you can. Prepare for an arcade delight with tight controls, refreshing game mechanics, cracking retro art and a terribly hip chiptune soundtrack.


Twist Pilot – Twist Pilot is a fiendishly addictive puzzle action game. Guide the constantly rotating Phil through 72 action-packed levels, making sure not to touch the sides while avoiding the mischievous Spiders and their troublesome tricks and traps.


Rebel – Being a prisoner of war is no fun. But sometimes, just sometimes, your enemy is stupid enough to let you escape. Armed to the teeth with no weapons whatsoever, how will you evade your captors?


Fuel Tiracas – Planet Tiracas needs an atmosphere, but its air-producing power stations require a fine balance of precious minerals to kick-start their nuclear reactors. That’s where you come in!


Here’s the full launch line-up, with new games added every Wednesday:

Super Crate Box Vlambeer
Twist Pilot Crash Lab
Rebel PomPom Software
Fuel Tiracas FuturLab
Aqua Kitty – Milk Mine Defender Tikipod
Underline Albino Pixel
Samurai Beatdown Beatnik Games
Beats Slider FuturLab
Hungary Giraffe Laughing Jackal
Tractor Trails Origin8
Word Blocked Quirkat
Flick Hockey Spinning Head
Beats Trellis Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Inc.
Wipe! SYNC
Nyoqix Zener Works
Magic Arrows Hamster Corporation
Everybody’s Arcade Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
Numblast Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
Loot the Land Playerthree
Frederic – Resurrection of Music Forever Entertainment
Incurvio SYNC

Once you’ve bought the content, you can play it on up to three different devices.

At launch, the service will be available in nine countries: Japan, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Australia, with more to follow.

Another great aspect of PlayStation Mobile is how it offers a more streamlined development environment for game creators. The PlayStation Mobile Developer Program includes the official version of PlayStation Mobile SDK and will become available to the development community in November.

This will be rolled-out in a phased manner starting with 11 countries and regions, including Japan, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. We’ll update you on the programme nearer launch.

So, without further ado, head on over to PlayStation Mobile and start exploring. Enjoy!

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7 Author Replies

  • Will PSM be available in Denmark? I was looking for it on my Vita earlier today and could not find it.

  • I can’t start the app, get error code 8008103E. I’m guessing the store just isn’t actually live yet?

    • Hi adz2k7

      Please could you check if your device is a compatible PlayStation Certified devices? there is a link in a blog for details on the compatible devices list. or please visit eu.playstation.com/playstation-mobile and “Compatible Devices” section. thank you.

  • It says it isn’t available in Ireland so I can’t log into it, any idea when it should be working?

  • I have 2 Question>

    1) When will PSM go LIVE in INDIAN Store???

    2) Will these Games support TROPHIES???

    Please help!!

  • Already bought three PSM games this morning, Fuel Tiracas and Beat Sliders from FuturLab and Rebel from PomPom Games. Both studios put out great games, so I was going to buy them anyway, but they both got the pricing right as well :) Only played Fuel Tiracas so far, but it’s really well worth the 40p it cost, very addictive.

    Not so sure about the pricing on some the games, but we shall see how it pans out.

    It’s a good launch though, nice selection of games (and even a music creation app) and easily accessible on the Vita. Looking forward to see how PSM expands over the coming months now. Would be great to see more PSN integration for the games and more services and apps.

    • Hey everyone. Mayumi will be along later to answer your queries.

      I will say there are some great games on there. Super Crate Box on Vita with full button controls… wow, so good.

  • @3

    If this phased manner is anything like the Video store, it’ll be many a year before it arrives in Ireland, if ever.

  • Please add it to the Finnish store soon!

  • So, basically, what you’re saying is that if I want to play the minis I already bought on PSN (Numblast, Hungry Giraffe) on the Vita or my Android phone, I need to buy them again?

  • it went live earlier this morning, anyways so much for the rumour revamp of the PSN store.

    i guess it wont be today as a revamp doesn’t tie in with 1 region, meaning SCEA get the revamp too.

    i thought the revamp will add PSM on the Ps3 store like vita games are, but i guess i was wrong then. :(

  • Hi, will you answer these questions for me please?

    1) When approximately will PS Mobile launch in Ireland

    2) Can you send someone over to the LittleBigPlanet pirate post to look at my comment, I’m having a serious game issue.


  • Do these have TROPHIES ?

  • The country list in the article doesn’t include Ireland, but the country tags for the article does include IE. ‘I want to believe’

  • At launch, the service will be available in nine countries: Japan, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Australia, with more to follow.

    More to follow? Like how, in 2009, you said the Video Store was coming to more countries that year? What year is it again? 2012? Shambolic.

    But Yay! Another service SCEUK has decided to offer UK and “big” region customers without bringing parity to other regions for services long since forgotten about.

    Where is the Video Store for “less important regions”? I challenge you to answer this long-standing question that you have consistently dodged for three YEARS.

    Good luck next-gen, Sony. You’re in for a massive shock.

  • 8008103E.

    Getting this error too.

    • Hi

      Please could you check if your device is a compatible PlayStation Certified devices? there is a link in a blog for details on the compatible devices list. or please visit eu.playstation.com/playstation-mobile and “Compatible Devices” section. thank you.

  • Never mind. Looks like I’ve got to wait for Sony or HTC to make an announcement at some unspecified time in the future before my One X will be compatible…

  • Hey Fred,

    My comment/question (#12) is actually more for you. Any chance you could do something none of your predecessors managed to do and get an actual response out of the video store team and provide a road map of when other regions will be supported?

    You do know that your main competitor is able to release digital content in all the regions it operations in at the same time, right?


  • yeah what the hell, why can’t these games be released everywhere at once? years of waiting for these too? and we are still waiting for the Youtube App among others…

  • Great to see some smaller app-style games coming to the Vita. This will no doubt tempt a lot more people into purchasing a Vita and keep many busy between full game releases.

    I would say that some of the game prices are higher than expected, but with Playstation plus integration for the Vita coming very soon, I’m sure it will more than make up for it.

    Also, it’s nice to see preview pictures on the Vita store!

    Good job.

  • What sort of software can be created/released on PS Mobile, is it JUST games/game apps?
    Or will we be seeing user-created (but certified/monitored by Sony)apps like RRS, radio apps Etc?

    I hope we do, I think having Android type apps on PS Vita would boost it’s appeal and make it a more useful system.

    • Hi bravi9zero,

      PlayStation Mobile Developer programme is going to be launched in November. We will give you more details near the available timing. In the meantime, please visit playstation.com/psm to find out more.

      thank you.

  • Wow you tell us this information the same day it goes live… You could atleast have informed us which countries that the service would be available for on day 1 so we who were left out(like Sweden) didn’t get are hopes up.

    Any idea when it will Launch for Scandinavian or more specific Sweden?

  • Will Playstation Mobile be available in Czech republic?

  • [quote]Good news everyone. [/quote]
    5 countries? Seriously?
    That is NOT really *everyone*. I was so counting on those little games, and now I see I’m not getting them :( It makes me feel like a second category user…
    Do you have any dates to tell the rest of your gamers?

  • Oh right, playing favorites with countries again… What a suprise!
    At least you ain’t as bad as Microsoft & Xbox 360

  • The fact that a post announcing a new service is peppered with people asking when it will be released in their country just goes to show that SCEUK really are years behind the competition.

    Keep fracturing your user-base, guys. Keep treating one set of customers better than another. You’ll soon have no customers.

  • Congrats on the launch. I like the evolution of the mini system (in some form).

    Looking forward to when it launches in South Africa =)

    • Thank you.

      I can see many people are asking about the roll out plan.
      We will let you know as soon as we have news. please watch this space. thank you.

  • by Australia do you also mean NZ?

  • “HTC One X * Details to be announced later on”!

    Bums! i was getting all excited.. :-(

    Any idea when-ish the One X will be compatible??

  • Hey redalertrules,

    How would New Zealand equal Australia?

    Looks like you’re left out like the rest of us, mate.

  • I have 2 Questions
    1) When will PSM go LIVE in INDIAN Store???
    2) Will these Games support TROPHIES???
    Please help!!

  • @Brodiesan yea i was just joking around as we are sometimes lumped together like when new zealand did better in the world cup the team was called australasia in the news papers over there.

  • Ridiculous that this blog post starts off “Good news everyone”, and is tagged for Ireland, and PlayStation Mobile isn’t available in Ireland.

    Here’s a few tips:

    1. Please make the absolute utmost effort to bring all content to all regions at the same time. If you think you’re doing this now, you are absolutely wrong.

    2. Please learn how to tag posts properly. Tagging something as Ireland when it’s for something Ireland doesn’t get basically just rubs our noses in it. I can’t imagine people in other countries are going to feel very differently either. The blog has a tagging system for countries, you guys put it there, you guys should know how to use it.

    3. If you simply cannot get something released everywhere and on the same day, then please bear in mind that presenting it so enthusiastically is going to go down BADLY. The least – the VERY LEAST – that we expect to see from blog posts like this is an apology for the fact that we are treated as second class (if you think we’re not, this is part of the issue) AND and an idea of when to expect to receive the service. Again, that’s not something to aim for, that’s the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM: you should be aiming for day 1 regional parity.

  • Looking forward to checking out these tools and seeing if I can potentially create something from it. This looks great for indies.

  • Oh my giddy aunt !! pity i have to go to work soon, but will fill up my wallet before my shift and download some of these on my vita after work. fantastic time to be a vita owner, can’t wait for trophy support. please continue to impress me !!!

  • @EoinOL

    Good luck getting a response to that. I mentioned this EXACT SAME THING when a news post relating to the Video Store was flagged in the Irish channel. WE DO NOT HAVE A VIDEO STORE! SCEUK WILL NEITHER GIVE US ONE OR TELL US WHEN WE’RE GETTING ONE!

    Did I get a response? The hell I did.

    SCEUK don’t like taking criticism so they ignore the tough questions and/or suggestions of improvement. Actually take care not to rub people’s nose in the fact that they’re not receiving the same level of service as other customers? Don’t be crazy!

    Did my question to Fred about about the Video Store receive a reply?

    Case in point.

    • Sorry, can’t be everywhere at once. I’ll look into this – if I get a firm response, I will pass it on, promise.

  • We will let you know as soon as we have news. please watch this space. thank you.

    Thank you, Mayumi. I look forward to your subsequent post in 2016.


  • I’ve downloaded a few already, good to have some more Vita content.

    Two must have feature that NEED implementing are trophies and some apps other than game related.

    I know trophies maybe coming later, Some one tell Sony this is a must!!
    but will there ever be non gaming apps or is PSM just going to be game related? Fred could you answer this for us? Maybe when more people get hold of the SDK in November we will see other apps?


  • Will the games listed as being compatible with a controller work fine with the controls on the Xperia Play, or are they expecting a PS3 controller?

  • will there be an app on vita?

  • I’ll look into this – if I get a firm response, I will pass it on, promise.

    Fred, if you provide the community an actual update on the roll-out plan for the Video Store to the neglected regions, I will donate €100 to a charity of your choosing. I am not just saying this. I will send you the receipt of the donation as proof. I will also post a link to it here on the blog.

    My point is, sorry, but “I’ll look into it” is SCEUK double-talk for “I’ve answered your question, now go away, I’ll never mention this again.”

    Why am I so confident this is not going to happen? SCEUK have had three YEARS to even provide a pithy update. “Hey guys! We haven’t forgotten about you! The Video Store will roll out in Q2 2013 for the following regions …”

    Why haven’t we seen that? I know why. It’s because we’re obviously never getting a video store; we’re never going to be treated equally by SCEUK. You just don’t have the gumption to admit it.

  • Why are EU countries like United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain always the ones getting the privilege of new services?
    What’s so bad about the Benelux, Scandinavian countries and other EU countries?
    So, PSM – before or after the release of the video store in Belgium?

  • At 39,,,

    Controller means Vita, Xperia Play or any other device that has controls. So the actual buttons on your device. :)

  • If you’re using a PS Vita, a new PlayStation Mobile tab will appear in the Store


  • Will these games have trophies?

  • Just installed it on my Xperia Play, and will install it on my Vita when I get home…

    Any chance of cloud saves for these? :D

  • I have a couple of questions…

    -Can the PSM Android app be installed on the SD card? The Xperia arc for example is severely lacking in internal storage and at over 18MB the PSM app is quite large.

    -Will existing minis and the ownership of them be carried over into PSM?

    -Will PSM games be part of the Vita PS Plus service?


  • Not a bad start, but you might want to advise a demo for the more expensive titles!
    Or advise them to bring the price to more reasonable levels.
    For about £5 I’d expect something of the standard of Motorstorm RC or Mutant Blobs.
    I think the 40p to £2.79 mark is about right.

  • When this thing releasing in Belgium?

  • Hi!

    Getting 8008103E error like some other. HTC One X (France) Any infos behind this codename?

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