Burn The Rope Sizzles Onto PS Vita Next Week

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Burn The Rope Sizzles Onto PS Vita Next Week


Hi everyone, I’m Franck from Ringzero Game Studio and I’m happy to announce the release of Burn the Rope for PS Vita on 10th October.

Burn the Rope is an original game where you must burn as much rope as possible at each level. To start burning the rope you simply tap the touch screen wherever there is rope. Once the rope starts burning you can control the flame by rotating the screen.

The flame always burns up and it will burn out if it runs out of rope. The speed at which the flame travels along the rope is determined by the angle of the rope.

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You can also control the flame using the touch screen as well as rotating the Vita. You can even use the rear touch panel (so your fingers won’t block the view). You can also pinch on the rear touch pad to zoom in or zoom out the view. This can help if you have really big fingers or are all thumbs J. Oh, it also helps if you want to be more precise in starting the flame.


As you progress through the levels, you will encounter bugs crawling along the rope. Different bugs react differently to the flame, but we are sure you guessed that already. For instance, the ant changes the color of the flame so you can burn different colored ropes, and the spider shoots out a web bridge so you can access different parts of the rope.

There are seven main worlds in Burn the Rope and each world contains 16 levels, which means hours of fun gameplay. Once you have made your way through all the worlds you get a reward! You will be able to access the eighth world which contains an extra 60 levels.


You can submit your score to the leaderboards to see your Today Ranking, Weekly Ranking and All Time Ranking, and compare it to your friends’ efforts or all players around the globe.

Burn The Rope on PS Vita will set you back just €3.99/£3.19 – we hope you will enjoy the game as much as we do!

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5 Author Replies

  • That sort of game would be free on iOS. Or like 1 euro.

  • Hmm can’t help but feeling this should have been a PSmobile game. But hey that might change if there is a demo to try out ;)

  • In before the “this is free rants” LOL

    Burn The Rope – Android, FREE
    Burn The Rope – PSN, £3.19

    Who sets these prices on PSN? I’m not knocking the game or the content, I suppose it has trophies and extra Vita stuff plus I’m glad the Vita is getting games but the pricing is hard to understand, could you enlighten me please on that matter.

    Thanks anyway Franck I’m sure it’s a good game so I’ll probabley check it out and hope to see more content on the Vita. Will you guys be making PS Mobile content too? as I’m sure that would be a easier route on to Vita with the added bonus of other mobile sales.

    I hope more Dev’s follow your trend and also release more for the Vita.


    • Hi CHOWYUNFATT ! Thank you very much for your comments.

      Yes, we also develop PS mobile games: they are still in the oven and need a bit more time to cook before coming out hot.

      As regards pricing, please see our reply below to almighty-slayer.

      Please keep posting!

  • Hmm so free on Android, or £3.19 on Vita?

    Tough one

    • Hi almighty-slayer! Thank you for posting: your feedback is very important to us.

      As regards pricing, some gamers prefer free games even though they often come with advertising. Other games use different pricing structures which may include in-game purchases, etc…

      In the end, this is a very personal choice that we respect.

  • I’m sure it’s only free on android as it will have adverts in the game. I’d rather pay a small fee for no ads, saying that it should be a little cheaper

  • Does this game have TROPHIES?? and

    Is this a PLAYSTATION MOBILE game?

    When is PSM app available on the VITA?? Will it have a separate STORE or will it be a Part of the Existing Playstation Vita STORE??

  • The pay version on Android is €2.60/£2.00. So yeah it’s still overpriced.

  • 6# PSM is launching TOMORROW and will have over 20 games on day 1.

  • You need to bring minicraft I would love to buy that game. :)

  • Come on people stop moaning about the price, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it. People need to get paid and making / porting a game to vita costs money.

    Thank you Ringzero Game Studio, hope to see more from you lot in the future.

  • this game better be £1,someone tell Sony we aren’t fools we know these type of games are £1 or less on the google play market & there are tons of brilliant games for FREE as well.

  • i’m seriously thinking about selling my awful Vita & buying the awesome google nexus 7 tablet.

  • @ ChazzH69
    So explain why porting a game should result in it costing more than double the price it is elsewhere?!

    This is expected though because PSN pricing is shockingly bad these days (PS Plus aside). The only consolation is that it’s not £7.99!

  • Ill buy this again if it has trophies

  • I own an iPhone 5, a Nexus 7 along with my Vita (I also own PS3/360/Gaming PC) and for mobile gaming I much prefer my Vita, it’s the best platform for mobile gaming in terms of capability and for control schemes bar none in the mobile space but developers and publishers are seriously not helping the cause with their pricing of these small, download only games. It’s ridiculous.

    There’s 2 versions of Burn The Rope on the App Store for 69 pence….thats right £0.69.

    Not much else needs said really, not going to criticise Sony on this one, they don’t set the prices for games they don’t publish people, remember that.

  • What’s more of a problem is how much are PS Mobile games going to cost? they’ve said from $2 right up to $20 so does that mean in the UK games will start at about £1.50? that’s fine as people have to make money and I would be willing to pay up to £3 for small games if there good enough even if they cost 69p on IOS. But if most games start dropping at £3 or £4 plus like I bet they will what intensive will people have to purchase the games on PSM over Android on their phones and tablets? PSM will just die a miserable death if the same content is twice as expensive on the same mobile device. People will see “Z” game for 99p on Google play or the same “Z” game for £2.99 on PSM while browsing on their phones, you do the math!!! PSM will bomb if this is the case.

    The one redeeming factor that could save PSM if the prices are higher is trophy support but even that hasn’t been implemented yet.

  • @ Wiipass – I have a Vita and a Nexus 7. My advice – keep your Vita. Nexus 7 is a fine piece of kit, but Android games aren’t a patch on real ones.

  • #12 I’m typing this off my nexus 7 now I also own a Vita. I will not be trading my Vita for anything, it is far superior gaming portable device compared to anything. I’m waiting on Sony to release their next tablet to trade my nexus in with as browser is equal to vitas.

  • It is 99c on Windows Phone 7. Meaning it is already ported to the same language used for PS Mobile. This should have been a 99c PS Mobile game. This one was authorized by MS to use achievements. So maybe they want to keep the trophies for the Vita.

  • I love burn the rope and burn the rope worlds only snag is on iphone they are 69p so £3.19 is a little steep unless trophy support has been implemented, then that could be its saving grace. Also will there be future updates of new worlds/levels?

  • Even with trophies support, it is overpriced compared to the adfree version on the play store.

    I will not buy it at that price.

  • Thank you Franck for all your answers.

    I think the problem is people think all games should be free nowadays, that’s where IOS is destroying gaming now IMO, just look how all this so called free stuff is going already with in game purchases that end up costing the player £20 or £30 in some cases for games that are only worth a few pounds.

    IOS will be worthless in five years or so as it’s getting that way now, for every 1000 games that come out you may get one decent one!

    Good to hear your doing PSM games too but PLEASE tell Sony to add trophies, yes there not that important but if people were able to add to their trophy count on their phones, tablets this would be a huge advantage for PSM. Until they get trophy support the games are no different to Google play and such.

    PSM games with more PSN interaction and features would make a hell of a lot more people pick them over IOS or Play versions and even pay more for them.

    Hope you read this or Sony does LOL.

  • Hey Franck at RingZero:
    Any reason why did this game not made it to the Store today?

  • I was really looking forward to this game on the PS Vita but it seems hat it wasn’t released.

    Is there any specific reason why it wasn’t released ????
    When can we expect to see burn the rope released ???


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