Sack It To Me: Arrr! The Pirates Are Here!

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This week will see the release of The Pirates! Minipack on the PlayStation Store, containing a variety of costumes from The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists.


The Pirate Captain, Cutlass Liz and Black Bellamy will all be coming to LittleBigPlanet 2 and LittleBigPlanet PS Vita this week. Not forgetting that they will also be taking to the track too, when LittleBigPlanet Karting releases next month!

Best of all, you only have to purchase The Pirates! Minipack once and you’ll have access to these great costumes across all three games!

LBPC9: Locomotion Commotion – Rare Prize Crown Contest

The LBPC Contest Crew is back with a brand new Rare Prize Crown contest: LBPC9 – Locomotion Commotion! To enter you need to build a motion oriented level for your sackperson to navigate; a level where all the obstacles are powered by kinetic energy; where starting from a single power source, the obstacles are set in motion and that motion is passed on in an ever-evolving chain reaction!

LBPC9 Locomotion Commotion Contest

It’s a chance for you to amaze with feats of engineering; make people gasp at your Rube Goldberg-esque inventions, well-oiled clockwork or magnificent steampunk contraptions.
Sounds like just the right kind of challenge for our creatively minded community!

The contest is for LittleBigPlanet 2 levels only and the winner will be awarded a Rare Prize Crown and the LittleBigPlanet Central Pin! For more details and the full rules of the contest, hop on over to

LittleBigPlanet 2: Mm Picks

This week’s Mm Picks in LittleBigPlanet 2 sees a great platforming adventure, two mini-games to put your mind to the test and a story that asks… What if The Collector was the hero of LittleBigPlanet?

Atomic Fortress

Atomic Fortress By P-I-M-P-I

Game Studio - Tic Tac Toe

Game Studio – Tic Tac Toe DELUXE Edition (2P) By ApertureNOBLE

Match em up

Match em up [1P]…….(Move Optional) By SneakySteve1983



リトルビッグプーチン-LittleBigCollectorBy noni100percent

Become a LittleBigPlanet Intern

Have you ever dreamed of turning your LittleBigPlanet mini-game into real DLC? Well, now you have the opportunity to do just that. PlayStation and Tarsier Studios are looking for one awesome creator to join Tarsier in Sweden for one month.

All you have to do to apply for this opportunity is to publish a mini-game in LittleBigPlanet PS Vita and submit the level on this site:

If you’re the lucky person chosen from all of the submissions that we receive, then you will have the once in a lifetime opportunity to work together with Tarsier Studios to turn your mini-game into a fully-fledged piece of LittleBigPlanet PS Vita DLC.

LittleBigPlanet PS Vita: Team Picks

LittleBigPlanet PS Vita has been out for a couple of days but you already made thousands of amazing levels. Below are just a few of our favourite levels so far.



Cows on a Biplane By Nuclearfish



Shapely – [1 Player] By comphermc



Honey Village (platformer) By yu-kamone



LightsOut By bagheadinc


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4 Author Replies

  • Cool, Pirate Captain would look cool on a pirate cart in LPB Karting! :D

  • Just got LBP vita from the post :D.

  • This has got to be the best portable conversion of a series made by a different studio than the original one. And it’s such a perfect fit for the Vita with its pick up and play style. Love how purchased costumes are transferred to the next games, that way it’s not a limited time purchase and I can still use my LBP1 costumes eventhough I don’t play that game a lot anymore.
    Are all the purchased costumes going to be available for the vita version eventually? I’ve already got plenty to keep me going for now but it would be great. I’ve already seen someone with the old Assassins creed outfit, I can’t redownload that one in the vita version (yet?). Anyway keep up the good work guys, still enjoying this and can’t wait for Tearaway either!
    Oh and a couple of costume suggestions maybe? Some Resi evil 5,6 ones, like Chris, Sheva and Leon; GTA, RDR, Max Payne : Niko, Marston and Max Payne; Devil may cry’s old Dante; FF13’s Lightning; Mass effect’s Shepard, Garrus,..; Deus ex’s Jensen and some Battlefield 3 outfits :p With all the awesome ones available already that would make my list complete, I think :p

  • I love a bit of pirate action!!!

  • Seems to be a problem with the Tic tac toe level and Little big collector. They sound like cool levels.

  • Still no news about an offline ad-hoc multimlayer mode ?

  • Still no news about an offline ad-hoc multiplayer mode ?

  • Hi Steven,

    I have a very serious on-going issue with LBP Vita which restricts the use of my popit while in the pod. I have completed half of the story levels, however, my popit is not accessible while I am in my pod – meaning I cannot decorate it or change costume from it.

    I have replayed all the Flounder levels to try and get the ability to unlock – but to no avail. Could you look into this for me?


  • Bit off topic – I just got the LBP2 Platinum!!! :P :P :P HAPPY-SACK-BOY-I-AM;)

  • Hello – I got the Pirates pack from the voucher in the bluray of the movie, I can use these in LBP2 but not LBP Vita – will they be available for LBPV when this pack goes live? Or do I have to buy them for the vita versions?

  • i dont have lbp2 sorry i have lbp1 :(

  • RESIDENT EVIL 6 on psn does not work with the patch.

    i pre ordered it, payed it full, and it doesn’t WORK

    just redownload it ( 10GIGAS ) intall it ( AGAIN for 15 minutes ) don’t patch it ( SO YOU HAVE NO ONLINE ) … is that you’re answer ? thanks, i’m glad i paid for this great product, it is so futuristic and magic !

  • NO NO NO
    Why didn’t i see this before…. i am also a victim of this… i wonder why no-one else has posted ?.. 20GB Allready downloaded since 10pm last night, and now i have to download Another 10GB, Because of a busted 11mb patch… am kicking myself for being Stupid enough to choose Digital over physical..

    sorry LBP guys.. will ‘continue’ in weekly blog….

  • i tink best game next to 9/10 ac3 liberation in 2012

    1 other game also big but stil not answord if coming to europe
    =Ragnarok Odyssey

    i need more build games like minecraft + rpg like ragnorak – diablo 3-
    pantasy star online 2

    ps. capcom = new activision , gives noting about use ps3 comunity
    = no monsterhunter ,res6 dlc first on 360 + stil not fps controls , stupid dmc , so capcom = lowest game devloper i almost not suport .

  • ps. no new dlc adventure in future ?
    i need more . ( singel player to short )

  • Guys, LBP Vita is seriously fantastic, great work on it!

    Will it ever be possible to bring over costumes that come from the LBP1 and 2 discs? I’ve been using my Daniel Plainview sackboy ever since LBP1 but can’t get him on Vita :(

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