PSP Comic Store Comes To A Close In October

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PSP Comic Store Comes To A Close In October

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Hi everyone, we have some sad news for our PSP fans, especially those who have enjoyed all the great comics available from PSN Comic Store. From the 30th Ocotober 2012 you will no longer be able to download new content from the Digital Comics store.

Those of you who have previously downloaded content you can still enjoy it and why not stock up before it closes at the end of October?

From mid January you will not be able to re-download your previously purchased comic content. You can, however back up your content using Media Go.

We apologise to fans for the change and thank you for your support of the Comic Store for PSP.

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3 Author Replies

  • Such a shame, Digital Comics was such a cool app for the PSP. And also it would make a great app for the PSVita with it’s touch controls. Shame it has to go.

  • Will their be any sort of comic book reader released for psvita soon?

  • It’s a shame this feature has to go. Can we at least expect some huge discounts before it closes?

  • Unable to re-download from January? Sets a really scary precedent for all of my PSN game purchases.

  • I really hoped this would come to Vita so its a shame it’s closing down.

  • Hmm intresting it’s begger belief you SCEE is makeing it easy to cynicism you, good luck on you upcoming lawsuits.

    ppl have paid good money & can’t Re-download them back, you said you were stopping to focus on a new platform the vita. your SCEE legal team must be on drugs, the same legal team that stops picture frames in EU home but it allright to stop ppl redownloading stuff back = Theif

    not everyone got a bloody PC for media go & to rub it in you say to buy loads stock up.

    i think SCEE has reach a new low dont you think. :|

  • the article says that the comic store is closing down FOR THE PSP, which in my opinion (unless i am corrected), would mean that there is a very high chance of it coming to the psvita!

  • I know it’s for comic content only. At the moment. It sets a scary precedent for things that could happen in the future.

  • I hope this paves the way for a Comics@Comixology Vita app.

  • Hopefully the Vita gets a comic app

  • One more for the ‘right shame’ camp here – really enjoyed the comics on the ‘ole PSP. Deffo +1 for something on the Vita (or, preferably, a cross-PSN service) in the future, but clearly only if the investment would be worth it.

  • Darn Android App doesn’t post my post…
    Ontopic: I have to agree with almighty-slayer. This poses a dangerous path for PSN digital content as a whole, if a simple, short message on a friday afternoon can end the availability of purchased content.
    I have a LOT of PSN Digital content, both bought, and through PS Plus, WAY too much to store on my local drive, and too valuable to loose. I’d loose over a hundred (literally) games!

    Who guarantees me that Sony won’t decide to simply flush all PS3 compatible content off the store after 2015, when they end their support for the PS3, and focus completely on the PS4?

    So, Sony really has to come up with a better backup plan than a simple “Sorry, after 1/1 you can’t download it any more” message.

    As for this comic app: It’s a very strange decision as a Vita app for Manga and Comics has already been announced at Sony’s pre-TGS press conference.

  • So I have to go through all of my PSN downloads (including hundreds of games and demos) to find the comics I bought and download them now or lose them?

    And what’s next? PSP games? minis? Lifetime digital locker or GTF!

  • @razordude:
    Chill, the reason why comic content is removed is Digital Comics is closing and also, the PSP is nearing death. Your games, DLC will NOT be affected or removed. Just comics.

  • Not being able to redownload purchased content is frankly awful. Will make me reconsider any future purchases across the entirety of SEN if this is what could happen to the rest of the content I’ve bought.

  • @supersmith2500: You don’t get it, do you? Comics today, games tomorrow. This shows the need for an effectiver backup method for digital content. Comics OR games.

  • Haven’t actually used this service myself.. i do recall something similar launching/closing on ps3, around the time Firstplay started.. But may be imagining this.
    What i want to ask though is what happens if someone hasn’t got a pc to have media go on ?.. is there other options, or just tough luck ?.. though tbh, i Don’t know if a pc is needed, or not for media go.. though i don’t use this service, i know it IS valued by many customers, and it is Allways a shame to see a service removed.. more so when sce really should be adding services.. Finally, i also believe this doesn’t bode well for the rest of us, ie regards the future (or not ?) of our downloaded games, this post cerainly needed a better spot than late friday afternoon, with much more info/reassurances and interaction by a blog manager.. hope it gets that, at least.

  • @chrisboers:
    ”From mid January you will not be able to re-download your previously purchased comic content. You can, however back up your content using Media Go.”


  • @supersmith2500

    Wow, this is really flying over your head isn’t it, I’ll take it slow for you… They’re saying that if access to paid for content can be removed (like it is now for comics) what is to stop it happening to games one day, they’re not literally saying it’s going to happen tomorrow.

  • let me rephrase that for people that dont know.


    it means a another incompetence By SCEE & so called legal team. :/

  • @Amherst_Wind_4
    Hmm, thanks for understanding me.

  • They announced a comic app for the vita at TGS. I don’t know if they’ll release it outside of Japan though. But by thi move I think they will.

  • Such a shame that this never came to PS3 or was properly expanded.

    It’s too late now though, our phones do it all and so much better.

  • Could not of been that good never heard of these comics for psp.

  • This isn’t much of a loss for me, I’ve never even been able to get the comic store to work since it was first introduced. It just seemed like a completely broken option on the PSP that was never fixed since it couldn’t even access the store.

    Though I do understand the frustration shown by others who somehow actually did get it to work, after a certain point they won’t be able to re-download the stuff they’ve legally paid for. Even if they can back their content up with Media Go what’s to stop something like this happening at some point down the road with content that MediaGo is unable to download?

  • I really don’t much about this anymore because there were tons of (broken) promisses, like always, that the service for the PSP, now closing, would be available with time to all EU and guess what… It isn’t!

    So I’m not even gonna guess or assume, I’m confident enough to say that an app like this for the Vita (which I own one) will only be available, like always, in NA, JP and UK.

    Their loss, because like me I know there’s plenty of EU gamers (and I remind the guys at sony that EU isn’t only uk) that would love to have an app like this on their psp and now their Vita.

    I’m confident enough also to say in advance “shame on you sony, scee, whoever”.

  • Wow, it’s surprising that so many are shocked at this. I always thought this was a general concern about digital content. Unfortunately, this kind of situation is covered by the T’s & C’s as per usual so there’s not much comeback.

    I am intrigued, admittedly, whether the service underperformed which I suspect it did- certainly would explain the decision.

    @VitalogyPJ; That last point is important when you’re saying shame on Sony. ‘Plenty’ of users doesn’t necessarily equate any prospect of profit (I’d personally consider comic fans to be in a minority overall) and we do need to remember a business intends to make money.

  • This is why I will only switch to digitally distributed content when there is no other alternative. I just can’t give you my money unless I know that what I am paying for is going to last. I only pay for a digital download when there is no physical copy available. There are plenty of us who would buy less games if they did away with discs altogether, so I guess we’ll let the market decide the future of gaming. Either we demand choice and be allowed to continue to buy and sell physical media without being penalised, or we remain silent, don’t do anything about it, and deserve everything we get.

    I didn’t even know the PSN Comic Store still existed, because I buy comics from a real comic store. That way, there are no laws, no terms and conditions, and no user agreements that can protect anyone who want to steal them from me.

  • Hi Mayumi, please tell me something about the Paint Park competition, more than a month passed since closing and still no info. Thanks!

  • They need to migrate PSP comics over to whatever their replacement is going to be for Vita. I assume they’re also going to have the same portal on their tablets – so why not just merge everything? The thing that Apple, Amazon and Google get about digital downloads is that the media is king – the device is transitory. You have a kick-ass store which is common across all your devices and gives people confidence that when they buy something they can manage it and use across any devices they currently own or will buy in the future.

    If you look at the iTunes, steam or even the new services like Amazon cloud storage or Google Play and then look at the buggy, incomprehensible nonsense that is PSN (and the wider Sony Entertainment Portal services like Music Unlimited, etc.) it’s pretty embarrassing for Sony.

    When it comes down to it, Sony aren’t interested in saving your content and making it easy for you to access it and they aren’t interested in backwards compatibility. They will quite happily charge you a premium for the same game, music track, movie or comic every time you upgrade device.

  • About T&C’s No, No T&C’s can override UK consumer ACT law if sony thinks they can hide under protection of T&C’s they are mistaken, there keep changing the blasted thing but it states what they advertises shall remain faithful if the comic store to close they could easily stop giveing out content.

    but wait they did say the store not getting content ages ago, so no new content ever but servers Must remain if you haven’t a PC for media go you are basically screwed.

    i myself never did buy loads if any comics thank goodness because if i did i be 1 for will take lawsuit.

    if they planning to shift the comics to a vita, so ppl can download old PSP comics via vita & the media go is just a temporary small stop gap, that will be allowed but the blog post didn’t discuss that or by a SCEE rep. :|

  • * plus they unlawful remove Ps2 backwands even though they advertise a product that Ps2 backwands is a advertise feature same with linux it was advertise that too.

    if ppl can read the future, if they have know that sony would remove features they wouldn’t but £399.99 Ps3 would they? :|

  • I used a couple of the free ones and they were pretty cool really, but I was never a big comic fan of any kind so it wasn’t something I was looking to buy into. I was never sure if it was going to be a profitable endeavour for the company, as I didn’t imagine a huge amount of people were paying attention to it after a while, but nonetheless it was a cool feature while it lasted.

  • I think we have here the dawn of a new problem. Downloadable content and no backwards compatiblity.
    Everything you buy on a PC will be there in a cloud. It probably won’t work after 15 years when there where 2 or more upgrades for windos but you have still the content and there are workarounds.

    There are peeps who pore hundreds of euros into Home (no idea why) but what will happen to it when PS4 arrives? The same goes for all those games that only work on PS3. I’m sure the PS4 will not be backwards compasible, Sony earns a bunch with the rebought old games and HD upgrades. What to do if the cloud gets closed, it costs Sony money…

  • The Comic Store never even came to EU. It was only in US.

  • Cant say I feel sorry for the people losing all their content/money tbh, I have trying to tell people for ages its better to buy physical copies of things as the moment the provider closes its doors your screwed, if sony think im buying digital games over physical ones can think again ;-)

  • All Sony has to do is get Comixology on the VIta. Job done.

  • To my knowledge Digital Comics was a new market for Sony. It came with a risk and I highly doubt this is happening for no reason. With that said, it is a little shady that people who actually bought content will no longer be able to download it. Granted, they can back it up with Media Go, but even that comes with a risk of not being able to access it any more if the computer became inaccessible.

    Despite what is happening with Digital Comic content I don’t have any worries about games/videos. Sony has been in these markets for years and the Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited programmes seem to be going well. The chance of the same thing happening to game content is about the same as the chance of the PlayStation failing. I can’t see that happening any time soon. ;)

  • Sony should just team up with ComiXology as they are already in a pretty strong position to deliver digital comics.

  • I don’t have a PSP or a Vita but this makes you think twice about Sony’s digital content.
    I mean what if this happens to the PSN a few years later where they shut down another service.
    That’s why I don’t trust digital content, because they actually own it somehow.

  • I’m one of those who bought a truckload of comics on PSN so to echo the thoughts of so many before me – this sets a precedent that does little to allay consumer fears about who owns purchased digital content. I naively assumed that when I purchased my Vita, I’d be able to bring across the Digital Comics. The fact that Song have not anticipated the backlash illustrated above highlights just how far removed the corporate arm is from the brains of the organisation.

    Sony, just put out a statement saying that Digital Comics will be coming to the Vita, and all purchased content from the Digital Comics Store will be able to be downloaded to that device. How hard can it be? I would have thought that provision of an app to take advantage of the device’s strengths (ala Comixology) would have been a no-brainer.

    Say something! A little bit of respect to those who hand over their hard-earned cash to you would go a long way.

  • I never bought something from the comic store, but to stop the re-download function for comics is stupid!!!!!!

  • Do you think this is a bad move by Sony? They could have resurrected the service on PS Vita, right?

  • @UpLiftband That would be nice but it will never happen. Sony often tries to coppy a succes like the video and music store. In that instance they can compete because they have a succesfull music and film devision. They don’t have a comic devision and they know nothing about comics and the whole copyrights around those products. Marvel and DC have their own stores on the appel and android devices and thats making a lot of money for the without Sony wanting a share. So why would they be ok with Sony to sell them on PSP? Thats why it was only in a few countries and a very limited sellection. When it didn’t grow they killed it off.

  • Thank god there was no comics store in Belgium :-p
    Maybe I’m equally lucky about there not being a Sony Video store in Belgium :-)

  • Another lost opportunity for Sony.

    Was just saying the same thing – because this obviously makes a huge difference from before, when it said: “service unavailable in your country” in the menu.

    Sony starving to death on top of a pile of gold isn’t exactly news, though..

  • “Sad news”? You disable access to goods people have paid good money for, which potentially breaching your own T&Cs, and almost certainly breaking laws and regulations.

    As others have said, this shows just how little Sony cares about their customers, and sets a dangerous precedent for downloadable game content.

    Hope someone has the patience to sue – this kind of activity needs to stop before it becomes more widespread.

  • If Sony pulled the same trick on the PS3 in 10 years time when it was nearing death, there would be complete and utter uproar. They may not be the most efficient at predicting the future but they’re not stupid. I can’t imagine a PS4 or any future Playstation not having full backwards compatibility to every other item on the store.

    Think about it, the comics are a niche market on a niche and dying console that’s obviously costing a great deal more than it’s pulling in. The games on the PSN will literally never be “niche”.

    My only concern would be due to licensing issues that they may have to pull down certain games no-one buys at all, but I would imagine Sony itself controls that so it shouldn’t be an issue but who knows.

  • @MastrOfRenegade, I would like an offical statement by Sony about that. Until then, it’s just up in the air, and we can only hope they won’t pull a stunt like that. Sadly, there is a sad track-record for digital content.

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