Wonderbook: Book of Spells Release Date Confirmed

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Wonderbook: Book of Spells Release Date Confirmed

Hi everyone. With only a few weeks to go until the launch of Wonderbook, alongside the first title – Book of Spells – we have a few important updates about how you can get hold of our new addition to the PlayStation family.

Wonderbook: Book of Spells will launch in European countries on 14th November, in Australia on 15th November and in the UK and Ireland on 16th November.

PS3 bundle

After our recent PS3 hardware announcement, I am happy to tell you that you will be able to get Wonderbook: Book of Spells bundled with the new PS3 in both 12GB (RRP €289.99) and 500GB (RRP €329.99) varieties. This will include the Move controller and PlayStation Eye camera, plus Wonderbook and Blu-ray disc.

The Wonderbook: Book of Spells Move bundle (RRP €79.99) comes with everything you need to start practising spells on your PS3 system, including the Book of Spells game, Wonderbook, PlayStation Eye camera and a PlayStation Move motion controller.

If you already have a PlayStation Eye camera and a PlayStation Move motion controller, we’re also offering a Wonderbook: Book of Spells standalone (RRP €39.99) that comes with the Book of Spells disc and Wonderbook.

Move bundle Skinny non-move bundle

Finally, I would like to introduce you to one of the creatures you will come across when you begin your spell-casting adventure in November. Here we have a strange frog/rabbit creature who features in Chapter 2, whom the Sony team have named Malcolm. If you come across him, you will be able to add him to your collectibles along with other discoverable items, and build your collection.

We’re already quite attached to him!


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2 Author Replies

  • I like Wonderbook because it is the sort of innovation that makes Sony great, even if such things often don’t get the praise they deserve (or that they would if they were made by someone else).

    While I have no use for it right now, I will undoubtedly buy some Wonderbook products in the future when my daughter is old enough.

  • A post like this is pretty useless, unless it mentions the price for the different packages. So, what’s the price?

    Other than that, I’m really looking forward to see how the Wonderbook is going to be supported over the next year(s). My son is a little bit too young right now for this, but in a year or two, I’m definitely going to get him one. He’s already using a wand to ‘conjure stuff up’ at his current age of 2 :-)

  • awww chris lol . ps3 slim slim about €2.99 about um well i duno but game might b included in price get the ps3 & game n play it with him , i might get the game looks gd

  • Gonna pick this up before Christmas so me and the lil’un can play over the holidays. Looks good.

  • Is anyone actually looking forward or excited for this? It’s an alright idea but the stuff from E3 and Gamescom just looked so boring, The amount of time this dragged on for at E3 as well was daft.
    I think this will just fizzle away like eye pet did, if anyone remembers that.

  • #5: I just bought Eyepet a few months ago, and my son loves it! I agree the demo at E3 wasn’t particularly smooth, but that’s a live demo for you. They could have made it super-smooth, but then you wouldn’t have had a live person using the device. On stage, everything seems to drag endlessly, unless it’s extremely well choreographed. It will play much better in the livingroom.

  • @Jamesyp00 – Comment 5

    This is aimed at small children. It may look “boring” to you, but you’re (I’m assuming-)not a 10 year old girl. There are a lot of kids out there who would love to find Wonderbook under the Christmas tree this year. Believe it or not, a lot of kids loved EyePet too.

  • pushes blendercat27 of a cliff

    THIS GAME IS FOR ANYONE ANYAGE and if jamesyp00 wants to buy it he can and you cant stop him.

    this game is suitable for all ages and if anyone over the age of 18 wants to buy it they can Jamesyp00 just ignore him he tryin to stop you buying a cool game

  • Thanks coolrichy, but i was pretty much dissing the game, blendercat was defending it, i think you backed the opposite team here, kudos to you niceness though.

  • And you, Mr Dutton, get my gratitude. (And no apologies were required, the added prices were enough ;-) )

  • awww thank you Jamesyp00

    you see people under this hard skin i can be a nice person im not all thornes and beestings you know :) yes i know i can get caried away soemthimes but i dont mean it no one is perfect il add you if you want james :) u made my day

  • Haha it’s alright man, add me if you want to :)

  • Amazon have Book of Spells in their listings but it doesn’t mention if the Wonderbook is supplied too, is it possible that this will be just a disc release or are all going to have the book packaged with them to start with?

    • Hi AbandonedTrolley,
      Wonderbook will come with the disc at launch, as you’ll need it to play the game – it is free with the purchase. We’ll release a disc-only option when the other games are released next year.

  • looks like it will be wonderfull :P lol im deffo might get it

  • Hmm so this year the Wonderbook comes out. Thought it comes out next year. Will it come in a stand alone copy or with PS Eye and Move. Also I don’t anyone would buy a 12GB one.

  • one ting i not understend =
    x 360 250gb Inclusief games Forza Motorsport 4 en The Elder Scrolls V:
    Skyrim + 2 controllers = 233 €

    so sony sel ps3 12 gb to overpriced
    ps3 250 gb europe = minimum size ,we are not good enough???????
    ps3 500 gb = good zize but price ?

    also XBOX 360 cons 250GB COD Black Ops 2 Bundle ENG = 279 € = 30 euro game
    XBOX 360 console 250 GB Bundle Halo 4 ENG = 279€ = 30 euro game

    XBOX 360 Slim console 250 GB = 249 € = them only ask
    u ask almost same 12 gb = not done .

    sory u games are great but u hardware = out of 3 game console makers

  • I’ll sound like a broken record,but the camera qualify hurts all these AR games.I know it has awesome response time,but hope whatever the Eye evolves into is at least HD

  • Sony should try and get this on The Late Late Toy Show in Ireland.

    It is the highest rated show of the year.

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