Starhawk Storms PSN Tomorrow

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Starhawk Storms PSN Tomorrow

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Tomorrow will be a day to remember! The team here at Lightbox Interactive (the same team that brought you Warhawk) has been burning through the summer heat to bring you an epic new Starhawk experience, one players around the world have been asking for: a digital download version packed (hell, overflowing!) with every single awesome update since our initial release, including our massive new DLC add-ons.

FREE Starhawk Single-Player Campaign for PlayStation Plus members

Experience the emotional story of two brothers torn apart by the conflict over Rift Energy – a sacred and dangerous resource of power being ravaged and battled over by Humans and “The Outcast” (evolved mutated humans from Rift Energy exposure).

Hired gun Emmett Graves is faces off against his brother Logan, now the cold-blooded leader of The Outcast, in an effort to protect his former home of White Sands, save humanity, and possibly, his brother. Become a PlayStation Plus Member today to experience the Starhawk Solo Campaign free!

Starhawk Digital Download Versions Now Available – Your Way

  • Starhawk Multiplayer Edition: €19.99 / £15.99
  • Complete Starhawk Digital Version: €34.99 / 28.49

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Today also marks the release of our massive 1.04 DLC update, which is free for the Starhawk community and included in all digital editions listed above. The 1.04 DLC update brings new gameplay modes, weapons, mechs, a ridiculous number of community changes… I’m losing my breath, just watch the video below.

If you enjoy frenetic multiplayer gameplay ranging from ravaged battlefields, to burning skies, to explosive space symphonies rivalled by no other; or are looking for an emotionally intense single-player experience, then this is your time to jump into Starhawk. Let us know what you think!

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  • without meaning to sound funny, ungrateful, i really cannot spare the massive 9gb download for this, but when i upgrade my hdd (hopefully) i will be sure to grab it.

  • Will PS Plus members in the EU also be getting the Starhawk DLC for free just like the US PS Plus members are, as detailed in the LightBox Interactive Dev blog ?

  • This is pretty ideal to me, I have wanted to try out the single player side of the game but not really into the online side.

  • every game need to be day 1 on real store + on psn ( sen )

    but price of games in store are not making peopel hurry them self to go digital .

    also stop to tink al peopel need mp in all games .

  • Hi Dylan,

    If PSplus members buy the multiplayer version, will the single-player game still expire?I really want the full game, but if I get the campaign for free, then pay for the multiplayer version, when the campaign expires I don’t want to have to pay for the multiplayer again by purchasing the complete edition.

    Hope this makes sense. Hyped about getting into this now.


    • Hi Jamie,

      Thanks for your query. Like all free titles in PS Plus, it will only expire if the your subscription expires. Whilst active you’ll always have access to the game (so long as you remain a subscriber). The campaign itself won’t expire otherwise. So if your subscription ends, so too will the campaign and any other game or DLC that was free for Plus at the time, in which case you will either need to re-subscribe for Plus or purchase the single player campaign separately.
      Hope this makes sense.



  • bit of topic why do US pluss get a lot more choice than us in EU……. do we not pay the same.
    As for hawk yeh cool ill give a go not much else on pluss ??

  • So basically we will get half (or less) the game? BTW to this day, we got four sandbox games (Red Dead Redemption, Saints Row 2, Infamous 2, Just Cause 2) and I think we need more varieties. For example please consider House of the Dead games for people with Playstation Move controler/regular controler or pure platform games like Sonic/Sly 1/Jack & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy.

  • Dylan jamie has a VERY good point ,well thought out sir .

  • Thanks pb0yd. I’m not just a thick Geordie like people say..!!

  • Can’t add funds to the wallet (NP-2244-2) SONY need a poke in the eye. All I want is to give you money!

  • eeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  • @ghopl you get the single player game for free on plus, not half a game, there is no such thing. It is not a sandbox game, its a third person story mode, great practice to the multi player should you like what you see. Your comment on variety is not valid as this is such an original title.

    @dylanjobe we really need clarity on the uk/EU dlc for plus members, is it free for us too? Thx and good work, its a great update had a couple of hours on assault and arena today :-)

  • @MrJimmy Retail Starhawk game have single + multiplayer mode and thats why I feel Sony wants to give us half of the game. I know it is not sandbox but for me it is another third person shooter pretty familiar to Warhammer. Thats why I think we need more variety. Maybe more indie games like Machinarium?

  • I was thinking of getting the multiplayer digital even though i’ve already got the disc but if we don’t get all the DLC free like the US then i think i just won’t bother.

  • I got ask, I like the new look to the playstation website but why can’t you guys give the ps3 new look?

  • sadly i don’t like warhawk or starhawk gameplay otherwise i would have bought them.

  • U.S. PS+ users get all of the DLC free – that means the mech, pod cannon, paints, skins etc.

    DON’T DARE try and charge us Euro PS+ users for those or I will be furious after just spending 29.99 on plus again !!!!!

  • Would you recommend the online, especially for this price? Loved Warhawk! This the same?

  • I wish developers would cut their games up more often.
    I don’t care for multi player but I love to try out the single-player game.
    Wish we would also get the free soundtrack like the US got.

    What I don’t get is that the US also gives all DLC for free although the developer prommissed that ALL dlc would be free, always! So that’s a lie and I would never buy a product from a developer that lies to me.

  • If Plus members download just the singleplayer, i assume it follows the same rules as other instant games… it will expire.

    However, if plus users buy the multiplayer and get the SP free, will we now own the whole game? Or do we just own the multiplayer and the SP will still expire?

  • @Notlaw1976; To be perfectly honest, you’ll probably either play campaign once or for trophies and not touch it again, it’s really a training ground. Still, each to their own. I’m sure some (few, I imagine) disagree.

    @OttoT; I think you’ll need to post a link of them saying all DLC would be free. They certainly said so for map packs which are being honoured but I’ve never seen a promise for everything. It’s a heck of a thing to brand someone a liar if you have the facts wrong.

  • No Platinum trophy without online :( Am I right?

  • Dylan said MAPS free, not all dlc. Also this is a really new PS exclusive and bloody awesome game, I think to expect the whole game free with PS plus this year is madness. This whole update is superb and im glad the digital split versions will bring more to the online game.

    In truth,if the dlc was not free with PS plus in the US, I’d be 100% pleased with the entire update methods, BUT given US do get it free and Sony are not saying we get the same here, looks like yet again the EU get the short straw. That is taking the p big time

  • this was an o..k game. although i got bored with it very fast. it doesn’t have the warhawk excitement in it and the story itself was boring. It seems a bit pointless having the single player free cos the whole point of that story is really just a training to get used to it before taking on the multiplayer.

    It would be nice if some other games was up on ps plus instead. It seems like nearly every game that’s on plus are games i’ve already got. Im not sure if EU has already got this on plus but i would liked to have got gotham city impostors

  • @Project2insanity You are right, they said mappacks. If they all gave them away then I’m wrong. Look for the text at the link below.

  • i’m looking forward to playing the single player, i just hope scee don’t mess this up.

  • I don’t play any MP FPS, mainly because, well, I suck at it. I’m the easy cannon fodder for the more experience players, who can seek me out for their killstreak.

    Further, as a husband and father, I rarely have a guaranteed 15 minute stretch to play an online round, without having to stop to prevent some domestic catastrophe.

    So, the Single Player is really just up my alley, and I will gladly take this PS Plus freebie. Thanks Lightbox/Sony, for your generosity! While you won’t sell any MP pack on me, I hope you get a huge additional sale through this action, enticing other developers to follow your example (Black Ops Single Player next? :-) )

    I like how PS Plus seems to have something new every week lately. Is this a new strategy, compared to the 2x per month previous rotation?

  • Does anybody read here .?
    It clearly states ” The 1.04 DLC update brings new gameplay modes, weapons, mechs, a ridiculous number of community changes” and that 1.04 is free patch that is applies to ALL version bought , i.e. you DL the free campaign or multiplayer or full game it has the 1.04 patch and all DLC . Learn to read & understand whats wrote

  • The title should be: Will Starhawk Storm PSN Tomorrow?

    Bad joke aside. This is a nice addition to Plus imo, whether or not I will fork out for the MP when the big winter releases are just around the corner is another matter.

  • I’m really grateful for given me the extra treat as a pluser however i don’t like what I’m reading cut the games in 2 being the new trend, will it being the norm? it bad enough when devs like capcom & others cut content out of games & hold them back for DLC to get extra cash.

    a game that loss a content portion lost it’s soul, if it’s is the new trend & possibly it is the price will MUST be cheaper to buy.

    can you immigration a COD games with out it’s soul no MP i’m sure millions ppl buy it for the MP not just for story mode. :|

  • @sandystrachan – Well said. I was thinking exactly that!!

    @dogwalker4000 – Ha ha!! I hope it’s a smooth Store update today.

  • Great little gem this, if I like it I will be grabbing multiplayer.

  • This is great news for the single player, I will be lapping this up like a hungry dog, as for the multiplayer I think I’ll be dropping a few notes on it also.

  • Just one question, how is the platinum trophy managed? We get one for single player and one for multiplayer, or just one?

  • @37
    Obviously just the one. Those who want the plat will need to buy the miltiplayer. If single player was given a plat of its own then it wouldn’t have been fair to those of us who have already finished the single player trophies

  • Just wondering, what time does the DLC hit the store? By that I mean when’s the store going to be updated today so I can go check?
    Thanks, Chris..

  • Hi Florence,

    Thanks for your reply, however, I had Burnout Paradise and Space Marine that I had for free as PSplus perks. I have continually subscribed to PSplus for well over a year, but when I tries both of these at the weekend I was presented with a message saying my content had expired and a link to the PS Store.

    Are some perks timed to expire and others not timed?

    Any clarification would be appreciated.


  • I hope single-player & multiplayer gets own trophy list like KZ3 got but I really don’t think so… I guess… I don’t start it… I’m already super busy + soon going buy vita + UC3 GOTY… Q: When PS+ Will gets vita support & what will get free & can u please add games like bf3 & Crysis 2 working for vita cross-play.. without needing buy PSN version

  • TO 38:

    Like 41 said, KZ had different trophy lists! That was the reason i was asking. :)

  • Thanks Florence… much appreciated.

    Nice cat by the way :o)

    • Haha thanks, that’s Sigma!

      Okay I’m not gong to be a great help but I’ve been told that you will have to contact customer service yourself as I can’t ask for you, they will look into your account set up and take it from there.

      But, in terms of Starhawk, this should not expire so long as you remain a Plus subscriber.

      Hope you get this solved via them.

  • I’m probably being really stupid (seriously, it happens), but do the various different digital versions include all the new DLC, like the Grizzly and the Pod Launcher? Just this bit-“a digital download version packed (hell, overflowing!) with every single awesome update since our initial release, including our massive new DLC add-ons.” seems to suggest that they do? I mean, I’m going to get it anyway, but just be nice to know…(I’m not on Plus, just to clarify.)

    Also, anyone know if they multiplayer only version will play nice with my existing retail copy save file?


  • In the “free” ps+ campaign details on ps store it says 4 player co-op available, yet in options in the game it says unavailable, is this a mistake by the store team or do i need unlock it in game somehow? :/

  • Hi Florence,

    Thanks for getting back to me. I appreciate it.

    I’ve just spoken to a really helpful guy at customer services and it all seems to be sorted now… Whoop!!

    Thanks for your help, I would have ended up going back out and buying the games again if you hadn’t stepped in. So I’m happy… nearly as happy as Sigma in his Batman mask!!


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