Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time Hits PS3 And PSN In March

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Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time Hits PS3 And PSN In March

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve had some news come out about Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time! Hopefully, you’ve already seen the sweet trailer we released at gamescom and are itching to learn even more about Sly, the gang and their upcoming adventure. Well, today we’re happy to announce that Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time will be releasing in March both at retail AND on the PlayStation Network (that’s right, day and date!).

sly 2D eng PS3 sly 2D eng

In case you didn’t catch it, if you buy the PS3 version of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time (through traditional retailers or via PlayStation Network), you will be able to download the PS Vita version of Thieves in Time from the PSN at no additional cost! Now that’s a … wait for it … A STEAL!

Yeah? No? No. Ok…

We also wanted to let everyone know that we’ll be offering up some exciting extras for those of you who have (or are going to) pre-order the game. When you pre-order with selected retailers (in selected locales), you’ll be able to unlock the following skins in both the PS3 and Vita versions of the game:


Para Glider Skins

Unlock new looks for Sly’s para glider and show it off in style with the Sanzaru monkey logo and camouflage.


Ultimate Murray

Unlock a new look for everyone’s favorite pink hippo. Play as Murray in a new undercover Ultimate outfit.

That’s it for now. We’re working on some awesome stuff we’ll be showing you in the near future.

Keep an eye out here for more!

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  • Looking forward to this :)

    Would have been great if this was within a collection that includes the other 3 titles with a comic, figurine etc.

  • Cool i am getting this pre-ordered for christmas so i will have a great game to play in March. Any idea when Amazonc or Game will have it for pre-order?

  • March? March isn’t now. I want now.

  • Awesome!

    It’s hitting Vita on the same day too, right?

  • Do you get the PS3 version for free if you buy the Vita version? This post and the box art leads to ‘no’ but might as well ask anyway.

  • Great stuff, more games need to start doing this, looking at you MGS HD

  • Also some other things.

    The cover looks great and cool and finally the Vita is getting more and more great games. The Vita is great already but now the Vita’s got LBP Vita, Uncharted and Resistance and PS All Stars,Assassin’s Creed,Ratchet & Clank Q Force,Black Ops, and Sly Thieves in time’s coming to it. This shows how great the PS Vita is and shows it can pull off PS3 Games. Can’t wait to play :D….Now we just need The Sly Trilogy,The Ratchet & Clank Trilogy and The Jak & Daxter trilogy to be ported over to Vita and then it would be great.

  • Pretty awesome cover. Can’t wait for Sly’s 4th adventure. Beaten all three of them.

  • waited this for 7 years :))) cant wait :D

  • I think having the Sly HD collection free for plus members would help to boost sales, i know Sly 1 was already free but i need to get platinum on 3rd and i sold my disc.

  • I’m sure I will buy the PS3 cross buy version and hope and pray SCEE has the digital PSVita version up and running, but I expect them to screw up as usual.

  • @Laraman

    I’m fairly sure you have to buy the PS3 version to get cross-buy, because the price (RRP) of the Vita version is cheaper than the PS3 version.

  • @ Laraman NO, you need to buy the PS3 version (I ofcourse buy the retail one because of the scew up they did for LBPVita and all the other stuff that is wrong) and you get a free CODE for the Vita.
    The Vita version doesn’t have the PS3 version in there (yes that is confusing and customer unfrienfly).

  • Sly Cooper out in March… unless you live in Europe… expect it some time in 2013 if you’re lucky.

  • Noo, just realised that US gets the game Feb 5th and we have to wait until March :(

  • If Sony does the usual pre order on the PS Store thing then why don’t we get the goods also?

  • Wait, the yanks get it Feb 5th while us next month. That’s it, I seriously had enough with SCEE!

  • How about the Demo? Den will Eu get it pleass answer me can’t wait!! :”)

  • Looking forward to this, was hoping for a end of 2012 release.

    Thinking of Q1 2013, is any game actually not releasing in this period?
    Q1 next year seems to be the most competitive period ever for games.
    Pretty bad situation as several titles simply must flop with so many games releasing all at the same time. :(

    Simply a matter of not enough time and money for many potential buyers… I wonder why publishers do this?

  • Demo PLEASE :P Really enjoyed ‘The SLY Trilogy HD’ collection so hopefully this is as good as the PS2 games(it looks & sounds good so far) ;)

  • so even if i buy it on PSN still going to get the free VITA version
    SWEETS :)

  • cool so murray and bentley have costumes too! awesome
    so now that sanzaru have 5 months to tweak the game, i hope we get an online sly themed capture the flag

  • What’s to stop people from buying the PS3 retail version and selling on the Vita code? I’m think Vita code must be tied into stuff you need for the PS3 version, as in 1 code unlocks a few different things.

  • If I buy the retail PS3 version, can I redeem the Vita version without having to use the PS3? Because my PS3 had the YLOD recently, it now works well but I want to be safe.

  • @Chaosprower Yes if you get the PS3 Retail version you get a code for the PS Vita version. It’s called Cross-Buy it’s a thing Sony announced at Gamescom i think it was. The 3 games announced so far to support Cross-Buy are Sly 4, PS All-Stars, & Ratchet & Clank Qforce :).

  • @Chaosprower Also i think if you buy the PSN Version you get the Vita version free too. But it has to be the PS3 Version to get the free PS Vita version. Hoped i helped :)

  • Any special edition planned?

  • Awesome stuff! But why is that “Cross Buy”-logo so huge? It ruins the cover! :'(

  • @ 18 supersmith2500

    Remember that we got the Ratchet and Clank trilogy months before the US!

  • they better make a preorder for ps3 store so we can BUY IT and not wait a few days till it comes out to buy it (kicks sony up the BUTT)

    PREORDER MEANS buying it then when it comes out you download it jeeze sony you need to fix that so people can buy a preorder game insted of waiting for it


    anyway the ps vita version will be a cut version ha

  • @CoolRicky

    No this will be the full PS3 Game that’s why there is cross save on it and cross buy because the games are the same.

  • @#32 Do you really feel the need to troll at every single blog post?

    If only you had intelligent shouts, I mean, if you said anything with foundation… but you don’t even think of what you type and obviously you don’t do your homework to get your facts straight. *sigh*

  • That’s great but that ‘cross-buy’ sticker hides the awesome cover.
    Also will you patch the misspelled trophies of Sly 3?

  • I’m so excited for this game as Sly fan. It’s going to be day one purchase :D

  • Please tell me your not asking people to pre-order off the psn store for this.You might as well just kick them in the b@ll@x and have done with it.Talk about kicking someone while their down,at least with a retailer the worst case scenario is it would be a couple of days late in the post.

  • Regarding LittleBigPlanet VITA-

    Installed the Game,Network pass and the Costume packs.
    But,I Don’t even have the COMMUNITY and MY MOON Planets on ‘My POD’. Only the ‘STORY Planet’ is available for me. I definitely installed the Online Pass properly.
    In the SETTINGS menu ONLINE tab is not highlighted and not selectable.
    Is there a Set number of STORY Levels I need to Clear to unlock Community on my POD…???
    LBPV without Online would be totally rubbish.
    PLEASE HELP ME GUYS. Does anybody have similar issues??

  • @38

    Your MOON and COMMUNITY will be unlocked after you finish tutorial world “La Marionetta.”

  • There is no way people who only have a Vita could sell off their PS3 copy and play their Vita game if there is no online involvment that needs an activation code. You ofcourse can still sell it but it’s not as new.

    As a huge Sly fan I play them on both consoles because I want to use the Vita with the PS3 game as a search device or other cool stuff they prommissed us. This is going to be so awesome!

  • I’m with you Otto but try not to get your expectation too high because we’re talking about sony here.

    “other cool stuff they prommissed us”

    Well, as I mentioned before, it’s sony in play which means what they promissed 5 secs ago it’s not gonna happen from now. It happened with the PS3 and it’s happening with the PS Vita unfortunately.

    Still I have few hopes that they might make some things happen… who knows maybe they lose their heads and deliver all XD

    2013 is far too long to pay thing game man.

  • Will Sly 4 also come in psn?I mean full game

  • For the Sony execs who are agonising over whether this cross-purchasing arrangement is working, let me tell you… it is. I wasn’t going to buy this game but if I can get a copy for my Vita gratis, I’m in! Well done on getting this right. Hopefully this approach becomes standard fare.

  • VitalogyPJ

    1 im not a torll and i hate them people
    2 any ps3 game they put on vita wont be the full game because vita memory wont handle it thats all i said and you get all jumpy about it

    and 3 im not trolling every post i only comment on games that are coming out that i might get good thing im ignoring people like you cuz i int got time to argue with (CAUGH) people

  • & all i was saying was ps vita versions will be shorte because vita int got the same memory as the ps3 take lego batman 2 full version on ps3 shorter version on ps vita – i kno this cuz a freind told me so

    i int gonna argue with anyone all i kno is im right end off

  • You are wrong, CoolRicky. Go to the US site and check out the reply on the same article. Look at the reply at nr 50, it states:

    You don’t miss anything! The game content is identical for the PS3 and Vita versions.

    And that make sence because you can start playing on the PS3, save and continue on the Vita and visa versa. If content was missing you couldn’t. The data size could be smaller because of texture size but the content is the same.

  • For the children complaining that the US is getting it a month earlier, they had to wait over 2 months for Ratchet HD. So relax little ones.
    @Coolrichy holy crap, this guy is HILARIOUS. Frame his posts please and put them in a museum.
    Here is what is wrong with your posts Richy:
    Spells troll wrong
    Claims a 32gb memory card can’t store a 3gb game
    Claims to be ignoring somebody when posting a comment directly at said person.
    Thinks badly ported 3DS version of Lego Batman 2, that was lazily brought to Vita by Warner, is same thing as a Sony published game (I know this isn’t the case, I have played the finished version of NFS Most Wanted on Vita and it looks as incredible as the PS3 version AND that’s a 3rd party game.)
    So you think that the Sly version on Vita will be a port of the 3DS version that doesn’t exist because your friend told you.:..FACEPALM.

  • @andrewsqual:

    Wait a minute, Ratchet & Clank trilogy came out in Europe May 27th and UK 29th and then 3 months later. Ohhhh wait a minute, they included the Sly Cooper demo as a bonus as an apology to US gamers. Well hate to say, Metal Gear Solid HD collection came out in US last November then finally Europe February so let’s see.

    EU, May 2012 —> 3 months later —> US, late August 2012 and they got a special bonus which is a Sly Cooper Demo.

    US, Nov 2011 —> 3 months later —> EU, mid Feb 2012 and Europe got nothing for bonuses.

  • andrewsqual if im HILARIOUS i maybe should be back in the hyena CAGE LMFAO blablabla

    right where was i oh ye OttoT cool ok vita same as ps3 game you put me in my place sorry for sayin something that was total crap (Blames freind who told me that)

    anywayyyy im deffo gettin this game from the ps store and im gonna preorder assasins creed gold edition soon for £83 is it from store :D i dont care if any digital game is £100 il buy it

  • Can’t wait for March!

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