LittleBigPlanet PS Vita Download Issue

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LittleBigPlanet PS Vita Download Issue

We are aware that a small number of people who downloaded LittleBigPlanet PS Vita from PlayStation Store during a short, very specific period of time were not able to complete the download process. This was due to a problem with the original game file that had been uploaded to the store.

The glitch was fixed as soon as we learnt about it and we’d like to confirm that LBP PS Vita is now available for download.

All affected users will be contacted directly via email, so please check your inbox.

If you haven’t downloaded LBP PS Vita yet, here’s a taste of what you are missing: the most critically acclaimed PS Vita game to date.

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9 Author Replies

  • how about sorting the double dragon neon problem insted of keeping us in the dark

    • This issue should be resolved very soon. There was an issue with the submission, but from what I’m hearing it has now been resolved and will be replaced.

  • I understand this post is with reference to LBP VITA but do you have anything to share with us with regards to Double Dragon Neon??

    An expected upload date, would be appreciated!

  • Thanks for making an official statement.
    Do you know if we’ll be able to download the fixed LBPV today for users affected?
    As even now, affected users are unable to download the fixed LBPV.


    • The plan is that those affected will be refunded and then they’ll be able to re-download it. We’re working on getting the refund to those affected asap

  • The store is so broken I don’t know if dare buy anything in it right now…

  • Inboxes via psn or email as nothing as of yet…

  • Nick can you please respond to us regarding the LBP issue where the games already in our download list so new version wont install.
    Also the double dragon plus content that was due wednesday was never officially up but was found via the store search option. SO everyobe who downloaded it got a near on 2gig demo. Then the game was removed.
    Please tell us whats going on. It’s not too much to ask.

  • We need a time-frame… will that happen in the next hour? Next few hours? Today? This week? During this month? In the next Ice-age? …?…

  • have you started to email people or just say your going to email them?

  • I am one of those “small number of people” who downloaded the botched version of LBP. The PSN store still does not allow me to purchase the functional version.

    Also, I notice that nowhere in your blog post is the word “sorry”.

    But please, tell me more about how you fixed the glitch as soon as you heard about it. And by all means give me another taste of what I’m missing.

    “Head of Communications”. Dear God.

    • I’m sorry you feel that way, but we felt that the apology would be far more genuine if it was sent to you directly as part of the email you will receive later today, rather than just posted on the blog. Please be assured that we are very sorry.

  • “As soon as we learnt about it”

    that was still after around 12 hours of people complaining on the blog with nobody around to say a single thing…

    Buck your ideas up SCEE, you need to take way more care when uploading content to the store, things like this are happening far too often.

  • @ thehappyworm

    Oh boy, that’s so sad and true, yet I can’t stop laughing at your well put sarcasm.

  • Thanks for finally a head’s up, not too early, but seriously, there is not much info to get here, checked my email and nothing as expected, will we get it today, or will it take several days/weeks as usual with you’re service?.. Also checked my wallet that nothing happend there yet, Have read some have got the refund, but I expect this to take days/weeks aswell?. Btw, downloaded the game over 10 times now, and still have been missing it ironically… :D
    Anyway, Would had been great with an accurate timeframe when the problem will be solved, it’s one of my most anticipated games!
    And why not let us buy the fixed version before you credit our wallet for the broken one!, would have solved a lot of anger atleast!
    I hope atleast it will be fixed today, if not I excpect you work overtime during weekend to fix the mess atleast!

    • Apologies for not coming back to you sooner, but have been trying to get more information. We will be refunding you for the game and at the same time removing the failed download. At that time, you will be able to re-purchase the game. I can’t tell you exactly when this will happen, but the team know it is urgent and are working on it right now.

  • “small number of people”???
    Don’t make me laugh.
    The average rate of LBPV is below 2.5 stars in Portugal store yesterday and we know it’s because of the littleHUGEproblems you have cause.

  • I have heard that some people have been refunded, but haven’t received an e-mail yet, nor can they buy the fixed version of the game.

    For one of the biggest releases, this is simply unacceptable – why should we buy new games from the store again? Downloading free games through PS+ and buying games that have been out for a while has never been a problem, but this is the second time this has happened with a Vita game.

    I hope this is fixed before I go away for the weekend – I really want to play the game while I’m travelling at the weekend.

  • Hi Nick,
    Form South Africa here. I think we fall under EU territory (in terms of store updates and etc). Will we also get a refund regarding this issue?

    Best Regards,

  • I have to agree with thehappyworm – it would have been nice to see an apology in this post as well, because I won’t have my e-mail until “later today”, whenever that is.

  • well its no wonder the other “mods” who post on the here hardly ever reply to peoples questions when even the Head of Communications wont give us info on the double dragon neon mess.nice to see how much you dont think of your customers

  • I’m also affected by this problem. Short period when the broken download was provided is ~12 hours. It has been 2 days since the purchase and I’m still not able to play. Hope to get an e-mail soon.

  • Hi Nick,
    serious question here,
    firstly, thanks for the update, I DO hope I get this before my long flight…

    My question is, have you sacked all the capable folk who work on the EU Store? AS it’s been shocking now for some weeks. I am now considering if my VITA should be swapped for a 3DS so I have something to play on my flight :(

  • Well, looks like i’m going to be playing the “look patiently at my inbox” game today then. I keep getting install errors.

  • @Nick caplin

    I was affected by this download error as well. But even if I receive a refund as you have promised, how can i download the fixed game from the INDIAN PSN STORE as there is no DOWNLOAD or BUY NOW button for LBPV anymore.

    Plz reply ASAP! Thank you.

    • We will be refunding you for the game and at the same time removing the failed download. At that time, you will be able to re-purchase the game. I can’t tell you exactly when this will happen, but the team know it is urgent and are working on it right now.

  • This it stupid. looks like refunds go straight in to wallet fund even if you pay via credit card. so were forced to go out and pay again for lbp via a retail copy and the refunded money is basically a credit note on our account forcing us to purchase stuff we dont need just because you cant refund properly. that is a breach of the uk trade descriptions act. Were entitled to a full refund if the item is out of stock of broken/faulty. not forcing us to purchase the game elsewhere then only offering credit. It’s all about sony’s win win attitude.

  • To Sony, Europe includes Africa, middle-east and Australia, so I think the “Treaty of Tordesillas” is still in place for Sony somehow, good thing I’m Portuguese XD

    I’m not happy about all this situation, but I’m not mad or Sad or even frustrated either, I just had so much fun during these two days joking with all this situation, if the game was launched only in Octover I’d still be without it, time is a very relative thing, I never expected to lose the money or believed that Sony was scamming it’s costumers, so I just went in the mood XD

  • All I’m saying is~ This game better be on par or better than the previous installments for the hassle we have to put up with…

    I hope to be able to play this by the end of the day~

  • No refund, no email, NO GAME!!!!

  • Nick – Thanks for the update. Eagerly awaiting the email & resolution.

    Are there any planned changes to the QA process for store updates to prevent this kind of problem (broken content being sold) in the future?

  • I have been affected by this Download problem, I wanted the game as early as possible to start a YouTube series and sadly that has not been possible. Is there a certain time this email will arrive along with a refund? I am extremely excited to have a chance to get this game, I have only heard good things about LBP.

    Either way for people who get angry or upset about this, mistakes happen and sadly it happened on a big game which we tried to download too quick, the same thing happened with Dead Island on release for Steam too its just what happens :)

  • @ nick. i cant find any mail from sony in my inbox and i couldnt find download or buy button in ps store for the game i want the game as possible as sony can.

  • is this a joke

    here’s a taste of a game you paid and cant play

  • hi there and thanks for the update,
    i’m glad a new post was added on the front pageof this site for the “small number of ppl” that are having to deal with this issue. we’ll most likely have to wait a bit longer but at least we know the wheels have been set in motion and a fix is underway.
    now, back to staring at my inbox (email) for an apology and a refund.
    thank you.

  • A small number of people?

    Okay can you please ‘guarantee’ we will all be playing LBP over the weekend?
    I presume no one works weekends so if it isnt sorted today it will be Mon at earliest??

    I just want LBP :(

  • hello I couldn’t wait to get my hands on little big planet ps vita It is the only reason I got my ps vita and have been waiting a year so when I found little big planet on the playstation store of wednesday I Immediately downloaded it only to find it wouldn’t install so I tried downloading it off my downloads list on thursday and this morning but it wouldn’t install so when I found out you where trying to fix it i was relived but I have been waiting all day and nothing has happened I haven’t got a refund I can’t download the New little big planet that works and I can’t play the game I have been waiting a year for this game how much long am I going to have to wait . could you please give me an idea am i going to be able to get the game today , this weekend , this week or this month please give me an estimated time !

  • Why did I download the game from the store and not get the online pass

  • Nick, thanks for the information I’m sure your as frustrated about this issue again on the ps store as we all are. I’ve had the same problem as all the others but there is also an issue when you have had a memory card retail version of a game and at a later date try to purchase a digital copy from the store. You get a NP-2244-22 error on that download also. Reported it to your customer care line again today. Hopefully they will sort out all these issues with the store once and for all. I think people are so upset because they have been looking forward to some decent games for the vita since its launch.

  • Dear Sony,I am from Czech Republic and I bought it around 20:00 and 21:00,Will I still get refund and working copy of the game?

  • I’ve rarely witnessed this level of incompetence regarding a simple matter of providing a working installer for a downloadable game. Mom and pop shop level indie outfits handle these things better, all the time.

    I fully expect to be able to download a working version later today. I guess I’ll have to wait for the email to show up, with whatever excuses and whatnot Sony can muster this time.

    I’m not impressed. No wonder Sony is going down the toilet financially if this is a glimpse of how Sony is working as a whole. It’s sad, really, because I really like Sony hardware and software. Everything surrounding marketing, regional differences and online infrastructure just seems to be completely crap.

  • I am personally shocked at sony’s treatment of this! they do not accept responsibility, they do not make a public apology!

    ‘but we felt that the apology would be far more genuine’

    um…. no… you just don’t want to make a negative public notice! a public apology is HARDER for a company like yours to make, because it means you have to accept that you have been treating customers with complete disregard, failing to communicate until 2 days after the event, and even then trying to come up smelling of roses….

    sony… you should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Such a shame.

    Your communication about this problem is a COMPLETE disaster.
    Two days just to upload the right file and to delete the wrong one ? Are you retarded ? Even a kid could do that.
    I mean, it does not seem like a big issue.

    Concerning the refund, I just learned that the cash would only be sent to our Playstation Wallet. Are you kidding me ? When you sell something which cannot work, the right thing is to do a refund to the bank account of your customer. All companies do that except you. Well done.

    I also own a Xbox 360 and I can tell Microsoft was much better in term of support and communication.

  • I have now owned this game for 2 days while being denied access to play it. No official statement for two days. I find the way this has been handled to be beyond arrogant and I expect an official apology and compensation before I ever buy anything from Sony ever again.

  • @ nick caplin.
    Really, ‘a small number of people’ ‘during a Specific time’.. But first.. Where is their Apology ?.
    ok correct me if i’ m wrong, but the specific time this problem occured was during initial release, meaning that however small to a big corparation these people may number, ?.. they Will of been the ones who were the most interested in this game, ie probably been wating to hit buy/download button since the games announcement, or in our language, as you’s are so out of touch, passionate gamers, so can you not understand that your, sending e-mails out later comment is Not that muh use, please for the sake of what sce once was drop the later, this should allready of been done, finally, you do realise that even if you get these people refunded Today, there Still going to be unable to buy again ?. as having the broken version in downloaded list is going to be another problem. I hope you can add better info than the initial post, which, btw, looked more like a sales pitch than anything.

  • Thanks for dealing with this.

    When you refund us will we able to buy it again?

    The page has no ‘Buy Now’ option when I pull it up on my Vita via search and doesn’t even appear in latest.

    Or at least that’s how it was when I checked it last- about 90 mins ago.

  • Mr. Head of Communications of SCEE can i buy a game and not pay
    you seem to be capable of take my money and not give me a game
    you give me only a bad taste 2 days later

  • when will we be getting the refunds I.e. today , today , next week and when will little big planet be taken of the downloads list ??

  • still no update on Double Dragon, of course.

    Care to explain that one?

  • Sorry for posting this again but will I get refund because I am from Czech Republic (In europe) I bought it in about 20:00 and 21:00 and also when we will get refund and when the broken LBPV be removed out of our download lists and when we will be able to play working LBPV?Please answer this because I am huge LBP fan and Sony fan and it would be bad if I didn’t get refund and working copy of the game.

  • Could you also explain why Bordelands 2 is not avaible in Poland? According to heads-up post it should be avaible. Along with Damage inc. which also got “no content found” issue.

  • Guys, vote with your wallet. That’s all I’m going to say.

  • head of communications for scee?
    must be the easiest job in the world.

    an hour or two a week and that’s all the work scee require out of you.

  • Think thats all for today folks….

    Bet LBP devs are seriously peed off with Sony, now they have a 2.5 star game on the store

  • Hi, can you tell us when our refunds will come through?? will it be today? or in a week? because alot of us have been so hyped to play this game, and it is extremely frustrating when we have payed for our product but can’t actually play it. thanks in advance.

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