Starhawk: Multi-Version PSN Release Incoming

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Starhawk: Multi-Version PSN Release Incoming

As many of you know, the team here at Lightbox Interactive has been hard at work developing all of the Starhawk Updates to help support the Starhawk Community. With today’s announcement, we’ll help grow that community even more with something that a ton of players from around the world have asked for – a digital-download version of Starhawk, and not just the original version, but one that has is packed with all of our the awesome updates we’ve made since our initial release!

Yeah, you read that right: we now have three, three, THHRREEEEEEEE ways for you to download the exact type of Starhawk experience you’re looking for on 26th September.

First you can get the complete Starhawk experience by downloading the Full version for €34.99/£28.49. Another option for you – and this is an INSANE deal – is the Starhawk: Multiplayer-Edition for just €19.99/£15.99! This includes one of the best PlayStation 3 multiplayer experiences and all of the updates we’ve released since the game originally launched.

Last, but certainly not least, is another killer deal for all PlayStation Plus Members. You guys get the Starhawk: Singleplayer Campaign at no additional cost!

Starhawk is another great addition to the Instant Game Collection that PS Plus members already know and love! If you haven’t gotten a chance to read Stephen Totilo’s article on Kotaku about just how awesome the benefits of PS Plus are, you totally should. PS Plus is by far the best value out there!

And because I’m a tease, I’ll leave you with this… We have something else *VERY* tasty in store for all the PS Plus Members, so keep your eyes on the blog for another announcement very soon. *tickle-tickle*

But wait… there’s more ’cause I’m not *JUST* a tease! As you know, about a month ago we released the Starhawk 1.03 Update that had a ton of great new features including two completely new maps on the Planet of Cypress. The team and I were so stoked to see how happy the Starhawk community received it, that we’re excited to release our Starhawk 1.04 Update on 26th September with even more awesome-sauce, including three brand-new gameplay modes!

Ok, so those are the new hella-fun gameplay modes but there is a ton of other stuff in the Starhawk 1.04 Update as well. We’ve been following all of the community feedback and we’ve made a large number of changes. Check it out.

In my last blog post I wrote this massive wall of text covering all the various new things we added. So this time, I’m going to try and be more efficient on what should matter to you most.

  •  Three new gameplay modes: Assault, Deathmatch Arena, Gatekeeper.
  •  Five new “small” maps: Cypress Glade, Space Relay, Scourge Junction, Space Flotilla, Scourge Breaker.
  •  Updated preplaced pickups on all maps (just like we did in Cypress) as well as updated Rift Barrel placement.
  •  Three new Build & Battle loadouts: Trooper, Lightweight and Speeder.
  •  New ToolTips are displayed on various options and buttons in the Uplink, including a display of all the units in each LoadOut and recommended player counts when you create a new game.
  •  MAW Rocket Launcher now can lockon to the Sidewinder Jet Bike.
  •  Added four new national clan banners for our players in the Middle East: Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Israel and the UAE.
  •  Quit Penalty for players that quit during a game  you get a loss posted and SkillScore hit.
  •  New “Up Next” display at the intermission screen of what map, mode and loadout is coming up in the next round.
  •  More scorelimit and timelimit options when creating a game.
  •  All three new game modes are added to QuickMatch for matchmaking.
  •  CoOp Prospector is now supported in QuickMatch for matchmaking into public CoOp games.
  •  New CoOp Prospector options for creating Private or Public games, difficulty, and game name.
  •  Public CoOp Prospector games now are supported in the serverlist.
  •  Bug fix that ensures that only Clan Leaders/Officers can edit the clan tag field.
  •  Added a PlayStation Store button to the Uplink for accessing Starhawk DLC.
  •  Increased starting RiftEnergy in Homeworlds.
  •  Slightly increased the Galloway Pistol’s headshot damage.
  •  Removed the “Bruiser” Skill.
  •  Added a “Grinder” Skill that allows you to start with a Grinder in your weapon inventory.
  •  Grinder windup time has been reduced.
  •  Max range for the Grinder has been increased.
  •  In the serverlist, the easy “Cake” and medium “Fist” game icons have been removed. You will still see the hard “Skull” game icons.
  •  Refined difficulty tuning on all CoOp Prospector Missions (slightly easier).
  •  Increased XP payouts for all CoOp Prospector Missions.
  •  XP payouts for capturing Tier2 and Tier3 bases in the Zones gameplay mode.
  •  Integrated Starhawk specific network scan to help players resolve port issues.
  •  Added ingame scoreboard HUD for Dogfight & Arena Deathmatch gameplay modes.

Blurg! Even with my super-effective condensing, the list of new stuff is still looooong – but that’s a good thing for the Starhawk community! If you want the extended version of this list with all the juicy details, head on over to our LightBox Interactive Dev-Blog or the official website at

Oh man, still so much to talk about. Focus, Dylan. FOCUS! “But Dylan…what about Starhawk DLC?” Don’t worry! While we have been focusing on making sure we get you guys all of the FREE content first, we certainly didn’t forget about the DLC! Boy, do we have a truck load of it ready to go LIVE for all of you on 26th September as well!

However, as I’ve already established in this blog post, I am sometimes a tease (you can ping me on Twitter @DylanJobe). So….I’m not going to list any of the DLC just yet. We’ll make another blog post about it very soon! Let me leave y’all with this one DLC hint. Here’s a piece of concept art showing a couple different design ideas for our new DLC Build & Battle structure.

Starhawk Build & Battle Concept Art

I’m not going to tell you what it does but I *CAN* say it’s awesome. I mean so ridiculously awesome and fun. I wonder what it could be? ;-) And yes, I typed “y’all” because I’ve been living in Austin, Texas for three years!

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  • Very nice deal. May have to finally check this one out :)

    Although with the store the way it is atm I’ll probably have to wait longer than 8 days for it :P

  • I’m only intrested in the Singleplayer Campaign, so can I have that for free without the MP stuff?

  • I’m going to buy this so hard it will jolt western economies back out of recession.

  • Uh, the DLC that is. I already bought the sexy Special Edition.

    P.S. Love you guys.

  • very nice, i will also be buying the multiplayer portion if i enjoy this singleplayer!

  • @blendercat27

    I just Lol’d hard at your first comment…just, ya know, thought you’d like to know…well done…here…have a peanut.

  • It’s always nice to have more stuff, but is it really going to be part of the Instant Game Collection? Because it’s only half a game. Having the multiplayer included would give the community a huge boost.

    Still, not complaining about getting it, but if it pushes out another whole game (especially if it pushes out RDR), it’ll be a bit odd.

  • MIND BLOWN!! Starhawk SP for FREE?? Amazing :). Will be buying the online portion just to support this.

  • A wild guess Dylan, but does it happen to have anything to do with that new mech you guys teased in that trailer? ;D Very exciting update!….seriously though, tell us what that thing is >:(

  • Under the concept art YOU is written twice.
    Think I’m sold on this. So many games coming out these days! My poor wallet!

  • What I ask for is a Warhawk offline mode to play in local split screen with friends (without obligatory logging into PSN). Please, I need most a patch for the old and lovely Warhawk.

  • Nice with the Bruiser. Any chance or experiements with more than one skill at a time?

  • in fear of being that guy, how does this effect trophys if the game is split in two?

  • DLC Build & Battle structure. its a gun Dylan Jobe and dont tell me im wrong because im right i seen the plans mawhahahahaha

  • @14 myself the plans that i saw was the ones at top of the page after the long text by mr dylan jobe if he wants to use that gun to shoot me he can LOL

  • So will Plus members get the singleplayer part of the game for free or do we have to buy the multiplayer part to get the singleplayer?
    Or do we get the full game as part of instant game collection?
    Thanks in advance!

  • I only want the online but the game has been so expensive I didn’t want to buy it. proof good things come to those who wait. Next weeks going to be great pay day, eurogamer AND starhawk

  • Please tell your colleagues at Naughty Dog to release a downloadable version of Uncharted 3 Multiplayer! Thanks in advance.

  • That’s absolutely fantastic. I think I have sort of psychic link with whoever decides what to include in IGC.

  • So when does this come to PSPlus?

  • so i have plus so i get single player free and if i buy multiplayer at £15.99 is that all classed as complete

  • Awesome! Will be buying the MP ;)

  • nice!
    just got into starhawk after a small hiatus. nice to see some improvements to coop, its the last trophy i need.

  • Seriously, what the #@%&! is that??? Railgun! Gotta be a railgun! Definitely a railgun! Or a mortar… yup, a mortar for sure! Or a people thrower/launcher/chucker à la MGS4! Snake in Starhawk? We’re getting Foxhound DLC!? Foxhound… Fox… Gray Fox… cyborg ninja… We’re getting Starhawk ninjas!???

    This is what happens when you tease!!!

  • Been waiting for the MP version to drop as PNSDL so I could just jump in and play, now I hear you are giving away the SP version for “free”. I could kiss you, but I won’t.

  • cool
    but can u ask someone to bring war of monsters to EU store ?
    US has it .. but not in EU :(

  • I’m definitely getting the 15.99GBP multiplayer, I’ve been trying to get a hold of Starhawk for a while

  • Don’t want to spoil Anything, .. But, i can buy Starhawk brand new for £7.99.. place called, except it’s a shop, not online etc i suppose they have a online though, anyway mad price i know, but they were selling for £19.99 only a few weeks after launch, so i grabbed it then, esp as it was £42.99 most everywhere else, tbh, i didn’t like the sp.. and though the mp IS epic, sadly i fare better against ai, than dedicated human players, so i had to give up on That, Still, i did get £26 (trade) off hmv And got to keep ps1s Warhawk, All seven (languages) of them.. i was in there earlier wondering if i should pick it back up.. give the mp code/Warhwk to someone and Still prob recoup my money by trading towards B2 later, Basically, sp, imo (of course) is not to good, But at least i can finish it, if it’s coming to igc.. guess the real winners are the mp players, as if that is your game/preference then your in for a good xp.

  • i wont be too impressed if this is the game of the month for plus in any given month simply due to the fact that its not the full game and if you only take the single player you will not be able to earn the platinum trophy.
    if its an extra then fair enough but at the end of the day the igc should be for full games either psn titles or bluray if you have to spend money in addition to your subscription it should not be a igc game it should be a bonus offer like i have said already.

  • I bought the game day 1 post 80+hours on Warhawk (the most I have spent on a console shooter), the singleplayer was very disappointing I must say. I haven’t finished the campaign and do not plan to. The online multiplayer just did not capture my imagination as warhawk huge sprawling maps with an amazing art style and great varied maps did. The build and battle system requires too much teamwork and people chatting online (which never happens). While this wasn’t a problem in Warhawk and you could sometimes just get some emerging teamwork (hop in a jeep and capture an objective) in Starhawk there just is too much going on for that to happen.
    I would love to be proven wrong and if people are still playing the game in a semi-serious way (communicating to get to objectives) and want someone to join their clan I will be more than happy to pick the game up again.
    Also the prospector mode- I have never even touched it. Is it worth it?
    My final word is- stick with what you know. Why wasn’t Starhawk a multiplayer only game costing 20 pounds? Good job on releasing that now, hope the online scene becomes more lively.

  • Starhawk should be Move compatible, any plan about that? :)

  • Gotta agree with above posts, though i didn’t play Warhawk, my m8s who did say allmost the exact same thing, that it just isn’t a true sequel and doesn’t do it no justice, i thought it was just my skills (lack of) that spoiled the mp, but now on reflection that is spot on, if your in a clan, facing a equally skilled/matched one, then yeah, epic, try doing it solo and it just doesn’t happen… i guess it really shouldn’t be a game of month addition, as the points made by hayzink are true ie we were promised full games, so hopefully this will be like one of the lesser mid month treats we get.. i don’t know about anyone else, but i really hope we get charted2 one day, Even though we’ve prob all played, or still have it, would love to revisit that, without searching for the disc..

  • @chrisandsheva

    i bought warhawk and i nver played it, then when i did try to play it i was constantly slaughtered as the people i was being matched with were way beyond my skill level and i fear the same would happen with this title as its been around a while now which is the reason ill be passing on the mp side of things

    id take charted 2 simply due to the fact i have the dlc in my d/l list and i never got round to getting the plat(i picked up charted 1 at a car boot for £1 just so i can finish it for the plat) but without hijacking the thread the one game i would want for plus would be ico collection simply due to the fact it supports proper remote play and i would quite like to use that feature of my vita(which was heavily implied would be able to play all ps3 games this way but the less said about that the better eh sony!)

  • Nice move.I ended up skipping it because I couldn’t find it in any store for a while after launch.

    I do have one question,and it’ll decide if I buy it or not.
    “IWhile we have been focusing on making sure we get you guys all of the FREE content first”

    I remember you guys saying the DLC will be free.

    “we certainly didn’t forget about the DLC! Boy, do we have a truck load of it ready to go LIVE for all of you on 26th September as well!”

    Is this still free DLC?I wouldn’t buy the MP it if this was extra paid DLC.I’m fed up of communities getting split up.Unless millions buy it,I end up with maps and stuff that hardly anyone has.And I’m not doing it anymore.

  • thank you dylan jobe and the team who worked on warhawk and startwak. you guys made two of my favorite games and i cant tell you enough how much i love you guys for giving us real value for money. bring on the dlc i will buy all of them just because i love you guys that much :). as a fan on this game im very happy about the free dlc’s and cant wait for these new game mode. have a great day sir you guys are the best :D

  • I’m guessing by the looks of that picture, the DLC will allow the upgrading of structures?

    I take it by DLC you mean it won’t be free, right?

    As far as I remember, you guys said all future content would be free for Starhawk, one of the main reasons I bought the game to begin with.

  • Starhawk- great campaign, was a good multiplayer game at first, then they did not balance teams, so base overuns started, u spawn, u die, u spawn, u die and so on, there is only so much I can take, then i check my teamates, 2 on my side 6 on other side, ??? Why the uneven balance…so after last update I thought I would try it, it will be fixed!

    I spawned I died, I spawned I died. I check my team, 2 my side, 6 on the otherside and the base overrun, if they cant balance the teams so if you die you change sides and balance the teams up…

    well, needless to say a great game was spoilt and its traded in now. I had enough of that rubbish….sort out team balance and I may rebuy if not ….dont post this rubbish…enuff said:)

  • This is fantastic! I saw the news first on the US blog and just hoped SCEE didn’t let us down.
    They certainly haven’t, this is an excellent addition to Plus and its great to see active marketing that appeals and WILL grab sales.
    I’d been thinking about Starhawk anyway and now there’s no excuse, I’ll buy the MP to show support for thissort of model.

  • “Starhawk is another great addition to the Instant Game Collection”

    So the free single-player you get if you buy the multiplayer is part of the instant game collection? Meaning if you don’t spend another 15 quid you don’t get your full 10 free games?
    Unless this means the whole game is coming to Plus, clarification is needed.

  • I’ll believe it when I see it.

    plus I’ll be very disappointed if its part of the igc as its not a full game.

  • so do we get the single player free if we subscribe to plus or if we sub and buy the multiplayer portion?

    the text is a bit ambiguous on that point.

  • Starhawk single player is a bit underwhelming – it’s the kind of game which is all about multiplayer. I’d rather have a discount on the MP than the SP for free, but I guess some people may like it.

  • “Starhawk is another great addition to the Instant Game Collection”

    So the free single-player you get if you buy the multiplayer is part of the instant game collection? Meaning if you don’t spend another 15 quid you don’t get your full 10 free games?
    Unless this means the whole game is coming to Plus, clarification is needed.

  • So what is the Plus deal?

    It’s very unclear!

  • don’t worry, i don’t expect an answer, i never expect an answer from scee, a company that thinks the customer is the least important part of it’s business.

    • Hello HazelAM :) PlayStation Plus members will be entitled to download the SP portion at no additional cost, MP will be €19.99 / £15.99.

  • This is coming next week? Well that came out-of-the-blue.

    I would also like to know what would happen to the trophy list etc.

    Although I was intrigued at first by Starhawk, I never purchased it (Own Warhawk though).

    With this only being the Single Player Campaign I can’t see how this should be added to the Instant Game Collection??

    The Multiplayer element should be £9.99 if that’s the case!

  • @Richard Yap

    You are not being clear!!

    Do PS+ subbers have to by the multiplayer to get the “free” singleplayer campaign or do PS+ subbers get the singleplayer campaign “free” without having to purchase the multiplayer??

    Please reply and PLEASE be clear.

    Thanks in advance

    TINTIN :-)

  • what about QATAR

  • good news :) i bought SH on launch day and have been “loving it long time” :)

    i’m gonna trade my disc and D/L the MP edition (completed SP on merc, the “normal” setting was TOO easy but still a good way to get used to the BnB system)

    on the question of free/paid DLC i think LBi said all future maps will be free (to prevent community/clans splitting) but any BnB DLC will cost ??? but, and here’s the genius of it, say for example you hop in a TDM server but you haven’t purchased the new BnB DLC, as long as there’s a player on your team who has purchased the new BnB DLC and builds it you can then use it :) as long as the structure stays standing anyway lol

    an official reply/info “SOON…… ;)

  • @ TINTIN, no, PSPlus folk DONT need to purchase the MP edition! the SP free is free but i suggest you buy the MP, its awesome

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