Puppeteer – Brand New Trailer Treads The Boards At TGS

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Puppeteer – Brand New Trailer Treads The Boards At TGS

Hi guys, I’m back again to give you an update on Puppeteer. First off, please let me thank you all for your wonderfully supportive comments on the last blog post. It is dedicated PS fans like you that make the incredible amount of hard work that goes into making games worthwhile. You never know what reaction you will get to your work and it seems that Puppeteer has hit the right nerve with real gamers.

So, when I got back from Germany and gamescom, I set about getting ready for the Tokyo Game Show. We aren’t showing a playable build on the show floor but I have put together another trailer for the event. This one is longer and shows a little bit more of the story without giving too much away and ruining it for you all.

We are currently casting in London for the voice actors, so I apologise for the voice acting in the trailer. It’s a little embarrassing because all the voices are done by me apart from the Narrator. Actually, I am thinking of doing the Witch’s voice in the final retail version – I just can’t decide if I should or not. So I was thinking I would leave that up to you to decide. If you want me to remain as the Witch in Puppeteer please just post a comment below and I will tally it up. “Witch yes/no” will do.


Our promotions team has also set up a studio tour for select members of the gaming press. These lucky few will be able to see where Puppeteer is made and also actually get some hands-on time with the game. Please check the PS Blog soon for impressions!

Finally I will also be traveling to Brazil to support our cousins at Sony Latin America. I will be in Sao Paolo for the Brazil Game Show. So if you’re down in that neck of the woods in early October, come and check it out.


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