Sleeping Dogs: Things You May Have Missed On Your First Play-Through

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Hey everyone, my name’s Dan Sochan and I’m producer here at United Front Games, developers of Sleeping Dogs. We’ve had a great time making the game over the last few years, exploring every street corner, back alley and harbour dock of Hong Kong and we really know our city inside and out! If you’re playing the game right now (you are playing, aren’t you?) you might want to read-on for some of United Front Games’ insider tips for your first play-through of the game.

SD_Screenshot_BamBamIndeed SD_E3_Screen_spotlight


A couple of my favourite combat moves aren’t immediately obvious to players starting out in the game. Firstly, if you sprint towards a wall and hit the Attack button just as you’re jumping off the wall, you can perform a spinning wall kick to a nearby enemy. The other is to hold down the Lock On button during a fight, and then press the X button and you’ll do a roll over your enemy’s back and be able to catch them off guard.

SD_Screenshot_Stabbity SD_Screenshot_Overtake


If you haven’t spent much time sailing around the coast, now is the time! There are some really cool secret spots/coves that can only be accessed through the water. So get in a boat and cruise around the perimeter of the island and see what you can find!

SD_E3_Screen_port SD_E3_Screen_fistbump


The best way to gain money and Face is to do some of the secondary content. Hong Kong is packed with side content – take the time out to solve a police case or perform favours for many of the city’s citizens.

SleepingDogs_Screen_Sword SD_Screenshot_KungFu


The collectibles in the game aren’t just for getting more money but can give you a powerful boost in battle. By getting all of the health shrines you can increase your overall health by up to 100%, gaining 10% for each five you find. And my favourite way to pack more punch is to learn all the game’s combat moves by finding the jade statues… leg break for the win!



We have scripted conversations that occur in certain locations in the city, where people talk about you and what you’ve recently done. But they also talk about random stuff, like life in Hong Kong. If you listen to the citizens, you’ll hear women gossip about their sex lives, hospital staff talk about the rash of vehicular homicides over the last few weeks (implying you the player and how you’ve been driving). It makes the world feel even more alive, but a lot of the conversations are just hilarious. I will sit there for a while just hearing them ramble on about ridiculous things.

I hope you enjoy trying some of these out. Building Sleeping Dogs’ virtual Hong Kong was a labour of love, so keep your eyes peeled for all the little details even when you’re racing round the streets. We’ll be back on the PS Blog very soon to discuss our DLC plans for later in the year.

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4 Author Replies

  • 1st lol , loving this game wish i could find jade statues do they show on map if i get near ’em? also add zombies via dlc

    • To activate the jade statue locations on your minimap, call Tiffany after you get her phone number during the “Club Bam Bam” mission early on in the game’s story and sing a karaoke song for her again when she asks. Finish the song at a score of 90% or higher and as a reward you’ll unlock the Jade Statue locations on your minimap. That should make it a lot easier to find them.

  • @1: After an early club mission, you can call the girl who escorts you to the VIP lounge. You will go sing karaoke together and that will award you with the location of each Jade Status.

    The same works if you call the blondie after you take her to the dojo but this time as an award you get the location of all health shrines.

    Guys at United Front: You have done a fantastic job with this game and I am very happy the sales backed that up. I hope you continue producing games of this calibre. Many thanks for your work and the great game.

  • Got my platinum trophy last week :D

    deadrest: You’ll get a map from one of the girls you date (don’t remember wich one) you just go to your map and press the square button :)

  • @Dan Sochan

    Dude, love your game. Got the plat a couple of weeks ago and I have only one complaint.

    “You look like you could use a pork bun!”
    I wanted to KILL that dude by the time I finished!
    “A man who never eats pork bun, is never a whole man!”


  • yeah the whole game is amazing! it will be my first platinum :)

  • @ 2 & 3 thanks guys got it

  • I’ll be picking it up soon, I would’ve got it sooner but I’m still playing catch up from all the great games I missed out on like portal 2 and mass effect 3 and I didn’t want to get anything until I finished them.

  • well DUH somethingatt people know about that anyway by playing the game and if anyone aint got it yet sorry about him for SPOLING THE GAME FOR YOU

    there should be a rule that if anyone ruins a game by tellin people how to do this or that in it should be shot so somethingatt SHUT UP

  • Just wanted to show my appreciation for the game. It’s incredible. Got the platinum in it already and it’s the most fun platinum i’ve gotten. i grew up watching hong kong triad film and this game really reminded me of movies like Young & Dangerous and Infernal Affairs. its just great what you and your team have created. hope everyone gives this game the credit and sales it deserves

  • PSN plus members in KSA have only 9 free instant games out of 10, is that fair, did we pay less than the others or somthing?!

  • was interested in this on launch, though (unfortunately) i plumped for D2,not what i was hoping for etc, anyway, just in case anyone is interested it can be picked up new for £27.99 most everywhere, but definately at asda. so even more reason for myself/others to give it a go, tbh though i am a bit surprised to read of ppl platin this, even a few weeks ago, i thought it was going to be another 100plus hours inc (some) pointless go and fetch, rinse repeat, so this has also gotten my interest, as imo nothing worse than doing the super hard playthrough, then spending longer getting collectables and such, thnx for post it was a good read.

  • I platinum this game a while ago and enjoyed every minute of It :)

  • An amazing game. Well done to UFG! Can you tell us something about the DLC? I’m about to finish my second walkthrough and would love to play more!

  • This was a great game but i wish it didn’t feel like you cut corners, the girlfriend things didn’t lead to anything, King’s introduction felt like a wasted opportunity and the pace the story goes after the wedding is just crazy, Great game i enjoyed every hour there, just wished it was a bit more polished.

  • haha i caught that hospital convo that was jokes.

    the only convo i was following was the mum and daughter that lived in the first safehouse. i got it to the point where the mum was trying to set her up with this wimp…idk what happened after that since the story moved me on to another safehouse.

    title of the post says it all. if you haven’t played the game yet and read this post and get spoiled you only have yourself to blame.

    re: girlfriends – wei himself said he wasn’t looking for anything serious. and erm he’s an undercover cop it makes sense that he would use the women to gain information from them and nothing more. an undercover cop dating a random chick never ends well. lol =p

    @Dan Sochan
    a really great game, i hope there is going to be a sequel because you can’t f this game up it can only be improved on.

  • It just felt underused and rushed is all, like after you do the mission with ping and tiffany’s alla bout you cheating on her, the game gives no indication you were dating, yet wei seems visibly upset at her, it was just a system for extra side missions but it could have been fleshed out a little bit more, i understand though with him being undercover it would be silly to have a steady partner.

    Also forgot to mention, the soundtrack you guys picked was perfect, loved the radio stations having small breaks in korean with great songs, made me get absorbed more. If the next lot of DLC is actually missions (maybe king comes back, like i said he felt wasted) then i may have to re buy this game.

  • I’m currently playing this game and I love it !

    Amazing combat system, great setting, lots of things to do, good graphics …

    I really hope you will make a Sleeping Dogs 2 or at least release some story DLC for this game.

  • @DanSochan and Unitedfrontgame team. I Can’t say how much myself and everyone at appreciate your teams hard work. After a long day’s work its great to just ride around Hong Kong, grab a pork bun and make me feel whole again.:) After over 100 hours in this game it is truly a masterpiece and am loving it.

    Cant wait for the news on dlc buddy you guys are devlopers of the year.

  • @Dan: Awesome! You can expect me to buy it as soon as it comes on EU PSN. Also I’ll let GAF know, they love the game over there :P

  • I finished first play through Saturday night,totally hooked since I started playing and even had a sickle off work due to not wanting to stop playing which I haven’t done since i bought resident evil on how bikes handle and combat is spot on..dropping engines on heads and kicking ass with a fish is just quality pan wallet will be topped up awaiting dlc…even if the day off work cost me 60 quid :)

  • sleepy dogs can’t go wrong except do people actually pray to shrines like that in hong king kong ? nevertheless love the combat system, reminded me of the warriors on PS2. Also thank you psn for the resi evil 6 demo left me hanging & wanting MORE !

  • got the platinum trophy last week. great game, please make another Sleeping Dogs game, maybe a prequel of Wei in San Fransisco?

  • @Dan Sochan I have to say you all did a stellar job with Sleeping Dogs, I was waiting to play it for a long time and I was gutted when Activision cancelled it, needless to say my anguish was short-lived when I found out Square-Enix picked the game up though! I’m really, REALLY looking forward to some DLC for SD, care to give us a little teaser? :p

    Anyway, keep up the great work!

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