Tokyo Game Show 2012: Your Questions Please!

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Tokyo Game Show 2012

Yes, I know we’ve all only just got Gamescom out of our systems but the next major gaming event is bearing down fast. Next Thursday, TGS gets underway at the cavernous Makuhari Messe in Tokyo, Japan. For the uninitiated, it’s generally a more low key affair than E3 or Gamescom – at least for Western gamers – but invariably throws up plenty of interesting news, especially for any would-be otakus out there.

The day before doors open, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan will be holding a press conference in downtown Tokyo from 5.00am BST (1.00pm Japan time). Unlike Gamescom, we won’t be hosting a livestream of the event, however, any earlybirds will be able to read about all the key announcements right here on the PlayStation Blog after the show finishes. What’s more, I’ll be on the ground live-Tweeting proceedings via @PlayStationEU.

While I’m in Tokyo I’ll also be running around town speaking to as many Japanese – or Japan-based – developers as I can collar. Duly, I thought I’d open the floor to you guys and put out a call for questions.

If you have queries around any of the following titles, please leave them in the comments below. I’ll pick the best and put them to the relevant creators.

  • Puppeteer
  • Soul Sacrifice
  • Tokyo Jungle
  • Resident Evil 6
  • Tales of Xillia
  • Dead or Alive 5

Look out for the fruits of these Q&As in the second half of next week, or early the week after.

Right, on that note, I’m off to dig out my elasticated sushi pants and practice the Japanese for ‘more please’. See you in the Weekend Debate

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9 Author Replies

  • I wonder when Soul Sacrifice (PSVita) would come to Europa.
    Also wonder when Ragnarok Odyssey would. Thanks

  • Oh, oh ! I have a question ! What the ****ing **** is japan studio doing ? aside from average PSN games I mean.

  • all i care is the last guardian,but i guess we won’t see anything about that in tgs

  • Thanks for the initiative. Personally, I would like to have more information about the game Rain. I wonder who is developing the game inside Japan Studio. I know that the producer is Ken Suzuta but I wanted to know who is the director and who works in the artistic direction of the game.

    And of course, I would like to hear from The Last Guardian but can it be? :)

    Thank you in advance.

  • can you maybe ask about PSASBR :( or Hitman Absolution?

  • Is there going to be more info abou Final fantasy X HD, which was announced in TGS 2011?

  • Hey everyone – if you could limit your suggestions to the games listed that would be ace: Puppeteer, Soul Sacrifice, Tokyo Jungle, Resident Evil 6, Tales of Xillia, Dead or Alive 5. Thanks. If I have updates on anything else, you can be sure you’ll read about it here.

  • FRED! (hope i got your attention lol) sorry to be off topic but could we get shadow of the colossus on the ps+ IGC or is it not possible it would be a good thing for those who never played it first time around good for those who have completed it before but love it(me)and good for those with a ps3 and a vita to test the remote play feature (me again lol)

  • oh and soul sacrifice please like to know more about it

  • @namco bandai
    Tales of Xillia will it get japanese dubs included in western release cause most fans want that.
    any plans on releasing Tales of Innocence for PSvita western.
    how does it feel 2 be a sellout and killing your staff by overworking them and then producing the same games over and over again and then say your making great games.
    is it also possible 2 ask for some ps1 classics releases here considering japan is their HQ for these companys.
    sadly imagepooch isen’t on your list for developers 2 visit they make great RPG games they the most innovative nowadays.

  • Any news about GRAN TURISMO 6? GRAN TURISMO 6???????

  • Square Enix will probably have an announcement or trailer at the show.

    It hope they will announce Kingdom Hearts 3!

    But considering the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy, it’s probably more likely they will have some video/information about Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Or maybe they will announce Final Fantasy XIII-3.

  • I hope that the Last Guardian or the Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be shown

  • I’m a ps vita user (yeah i know, i’m starting to regret it) and my only question is “when”

    “when is Sony planning to do something about this one ?”
    a new monster hunter has been announced not only on wii u but on 3ds as well… and the fact that nintendo is purposely delaying the wii u release in japan to sell MH with it is a huge slap in the face for sony.

    i’m really sad that this amazing piece of hardware isn’t more supported, of course there are some games to be, but i see no advertisement, and no price drop which could help people…

    i’m not a hater or whatever troll you think i may be, i bought it on day one and the device is great, there’s a huge potential in it but it seems sony isn’t willing to go for it…

    i’m really looking forward for the tokyo game show, because i hope there will be some games announced, or teased, or anything regarding this console that might make want to keep it…

  • @ Fred,
    After watching the video of (similar) off store, i would like to know more about anything to do with RE6, looks wicked the way there adding the web part/challanges etc to the game, even a smartphone (i hope, ie Not just ios ?) app to keep us all up to date, have to say, tbh i hated the demo when i 1st played it, But thats totally changed now, i guess IF there Was one thing i would like to ask, well request, that might be included in RE6 is a similar ‘reward’ ingame like Darksiders2/others have done, ie some kind of unlock/early ?, or special item for ppl with a RE5/4 savefile, maybe better for ppl who have 100%/platted 4+5 (or one), And a kinda tie in bonus with the upcoming championship belt, ie get them to maybe reward ppl in top X-per-cent of 5s leaderboards, over All difficulties etc, But NOT those mad cheater ones with 5 minute times, like about the 1st thousand in the Ldrboards. But whatever, Just say hello for me is enough.

  • Regarding Tales of Xillia/Namco Bandai:

    Are they planing to release the European and North American Version at the same time or will it be same as it was with Tales of Graces f and Tales of the Abyss?
    More details about trailer releases, English voice actors or the quarter of the release in 2013 would be nice, too, but I guess it’s too early for something like this, huh~?

  • One generic question.

    Any plans to bring these games to the Vita?

  • Hi Fred

    I have a quest regarding the release of borderlands 2 on eu psn.
    Sorry I know this thread isn’t about that but I didn’t know where to ask.

    Q: Will it be released on the 18th for download ?

    I want to pre order on PSN but am worried about possible delay.

    Enjoy your weekend bud

  • One generic question.

    Any plans to bring any of these games to the Vita?

  • Actually i do have a question about RE6

    Will there be a move edition ?

    RE5 with the move was fantastic perhaps one of the best move compatible games yet.

    I hope if it’s in the form of an update post release that it will be free to those who have bought the game beforehand.
    Unlike RE5 where I had to buy the game again even though i had purchased all the dlc

  • I want a WESTERN Release for TALES OF INNOCENCE R -PS Vita Game!!!??

  • “Tokyo Game Show 2012: Your Questions Please!”

    Where’s the Pinball Arcade DLC?

  • Can we expect any PlayStation All Stars news from TGS?

  • Mr. Dutton, can you please ask why there is no European release of the RE6 anthology edition, the yanks get it (Resi 1-6 all in one package) but we’ve missed out again. Would’ve been a day one for me if I could get all that in one but I’ll leave it until the price bombs, which I have no doubt it will.

  • more info to rain

    but one question to capcom = are u planning soon monsterhunter
    ps3/ vita game in Europe ?

    at this moment I am very very very disappointed by capcom and sony because of that monster hunter portable 3 hd still not in Europe

  • + if en when Ragnarok Odyssey europe comes to Europe

  • Hi, thanks for every bit of information you share with us!!!

    I want to know more about the VITA game, Soul Sacrifice. The multiplayer mode shown in the trailers will be online or ad hoc? Will there be any player versus player mode (one on one, or teams versus teams), like Demon’s/Dark Souls?

    I really hope Resident Evil 6 supports PS Move. And hope a RE game (specifically tailored to the VITA features) shows up someday too.

    Finally, although out of context, when can we expect the LittleBigPlanet 2 DLC which enables the VITA Cross Controller? Will it be free of charge?

  • VITA INFO! VITA PORTS! VITA UPDATES! Don’t overlook our young neglected machine!! Via Con Vita

  • Sadly none of them quite interest me. Would be very interested in hearing more about final fantasy x HD and final fantasy versus xiii.

    Would it be possible to ask if they could do the bouncer HD?

  • Sorry for this off topic post but I am testing the PlayStation app on Android seeing as it has just been updated.

    Well it seems comments from the app still don’t work so I’m back in the browser.
    There is no mention of fixing the comment bug in the changes but I hoped it would be.

    Interestingly it does state improvement of the pull-down overlay, though in reality this has actually now disappeared all together; and optimisation for ICS & JB, sadly this doesn’t seem to include support for tablets, higher screen resolutions or screen rotation.

    Not a very useful update unfortunately, if you could pass this onto Tue app developers Fred that would be appreciated.


  • Will Puppeteer be multi-player? Bit like LBP? If not, why not :D it could be FUN;)
    + All i want really from the show is SONY showing that new PS3(if real) & giving the PS3 a Worldwide price cut. The time is right because the Wii U ‘might’? run away with it(i.e sales for Xmas) :-/

  • When is Tokyo Jungle coming out in Europe?

  • I want to know if Team Ninja would be willing to add guest characters from PlayStation IP’s, I wouldn’t mind seeing Chloe Frazer, Dollface or Maiden in Black as DLC characters.

    And a question to SCEJ. The art style for Puppeteer is very striking, I want to know the decision behind it. And a possible release date or window.

    Final question about Soul Sacrifice. Can the male character(s) sacrifice his third leg… Im serious, and what will it turn into?

  • I’m only looking forward to the Yakuza Collection and Yakuza 5, would be looking forward to seeing FFversus13 too but $E is too busy milking FF13 that I couldn’t care less about. Didn’t buy FF13-2 and won’t buy Lightning Strikes 5 times in One Place or whatever. ;)

  • Hello again

    Will Soul Sacrifice implement near features ?

    If so I hope they aren’t time limited like the uncharted black market ones that only last 3 hours.

    Also I hope in the future near has the ability to trade/challenge people who aren’t on my friends list cause I don’t know many people with Vita’s.

    I would rather not be forced to “Sacrifice” PS3 friends to add vita randoms.

  • Resident Evil 6 – Has Capcom decided to do something to comphensationg to playing favorites with 360, turning their backs on the playstation players that helped making the series succesful.

    Tales of Xillia – If the title sells well enough is there any chance they’ll get started on the english release of Tales of Vesperia for PS3. I enjoyed graces f very much and will def get Xillia, but also want Vesperia considering all the work that has already been done for it. (Been translated in 360 version etc)

  • I hope that From Software will announce a new Tenchu :’)

  • Firstly we wanna know the release date of The Last Guardian. Some new trailer, gameplay. GT6 announcement. Everything else it’s not that important.

  • Would also like to know if soul sacrifice is co op questing and adhoc and an idea of time for our localisation.


    tell Capcom we Sony love them and we would love Monster hunter!! on any system is fine :)

  • Hi fred is there any possibility that dino crisis1-2 coming to our psn as it was one of my favourite games on the psone please respond thanks

  • I wonder if you will continue to support psv… I like it and all its games, and I do not understand why people do not think like me. I’m just afraid that it continues to dwindle in sales and causes you to leave it :(

  • if you an ask square enix where final fantasy versus 13 is that would be great

  • Wondering if there is any more information on Yakuza HD for the west and in what format (PSN or Blu-Ray)… it’s one of the few Japanese games I like but would like to complete the set and start from 1 before getting back into it.

    Oh and anything on Yakuza 5 would be cool also :)

    PS if i have already missed this information somewhere, sorry in advance!

  • is there a new VITA announcement ?

  • I’d like to know when a new LocoRoco will be made for PS3 (and Vita I suppose).

    A question about music visualisation could also be raised, please?

  • I just hope the RE6 controlls are as good as in the 5th. That twitchy crosshair I’ve seen in RE6 footage has me worried..

    But to be honest, when I think of SCEJ, there’s only 2 titles that pop up in my head : Final fantasy Versus 13 and The last guardian. And I’m not one of those people that gives up on the game if it takes too long to release (on the contrary, high production values and polish are of the most importance imo, so I don’t care how long it takes to release, as long as the final product is top notch) but I would like to be kept in the loop more. The silence around those titles can get one worried, especially considering how I feel Japanese development has taken a bit of a dive this generation (thank your God for Gravity rush and a few other pearls).
    But ehm yea, can’t think of much more than those 2 highly wanted titles at the moment :p

  • To the creators of PUPPETEER:

    I wonder if they have considered making the game in 3D (stereoscopic).

    If not – please suggest that they see a movie called PINA in 3D, to see just how immersive this can be – it’s as close to being in a theater you can get without actually being there, and I’m certain it would do wonders to Puppeteer.

  • When you are in Japan can you talk to the head of Sony about the mess PSN is in the EU and ask what they are going to do about it.
    Don’t forget to tell them how awesome Plus is though and that I love them for the wonderfull exclusives they make possible but they should take action to fix SCEE, PSN and the QA teams. I love to read their replies here.

  • @Fred

    it’s okay for you 2 not do the capcom 1 but i would have loved 2 see their reaction while you shoved that one down their throats.

    @namco bandai
    Tales of xillia was a more adult themed Tales game, is there gonna be more mature themed Tales games in future project.

    considering tales of xillia got western release means sales went well so is there a chance if xillia also sells well is it possible for tales of xillia 2 release?

    any chance for tales avatars for western audiance would love 2 see em.

    tales of vesperia any chance for a western release for the ps3 version AKA the full version?

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