WRC 3 FIA World Rally Championship Demo Revs Its Engines

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Hi everyone, this is Sébastien Pellicano, Game Director of WRC 3 FIA World Rally Championship. I’m here today to announce that we’re releasing a demo today for our upcoming racing title.

Before explaining what we’ve included in the demo, I would like to start by explaining what makes WRC 3 different from the previous titles in the series. First of all, we’ve implemented a brand new graphics engine which allows us to model lighting, particle effects and other real-world characteristics to create an in-game virtual reality as never before.

Furthermore we’ve changed the structure of the game, following user feedback and implementing three main game modes: Road to Glory – an exciting career mode; WRC Experience – for the rally lovers; and WRC Online – the multiplayer mode. I’m sure that you’re going to enjoy all of them.

crash7 crash3

If you’re asking which kind of content will be included, I can promise you that the game will feature all rallies from the 2012 WRC calendar, complete with all leading WRC teams and drivers.

Coming back to the demo, we are very proud of this new title and for this reason we would like to give all the players the chance to try it out through PlayStation Network. For this reason, we thought a lot about the content of the demo and we came up with a special recipe that lets you drive as Sébastien Loeb in the RallyRACC-Rally de España, and one of the funniest game modes, Crash & Run Contest, where you have to negotiate the tracks hitting the bonus points and avoiding the minus points.


I don’t want to spoil too much about the demo, so hurry up and try the best rally experience ever created. And if you have any questions, please post below.

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19 Author Replies

  • Any news on the Vita version? screenshots? videos? demo? the lack of information on the Vita version sound like it will be a sub par port?

  • This game looks great. Heard some rumors about a Vita version.. any heads up on a demo planned for that version..?

    Bu “just released a demo” .. do you mean it will be available when the store updates later today..?

  • I’m keen on info about the Vita version aswell please and would be interested to hear if there will be a demo for the handheld,

  • yea im also keen on some vita info, had it pre ordered for vita since april

  • Hmm, I’m also interested in the Vita version. I haven’t bought a rally game in a long time. But I got a few questions.. As I do have enough games on my PS3, so normally I wouldn’t be interested, but if the Vita version is anything like the PS3 one I could be keen.

    Will the Vita version be the same as the PS3 version, content wise?

    Will the game support Cross-Buy? As this would guarantee my purchase of the game, as NO way would I buy two versions of the same game.

    Will the Vita have a demo of the game before its released?

    What frames per second does the PS3 version run at and the Vita?

    How many players online on the PS3 version, and how many on the Vita?

    Any Cross-Play features? Like online racing between the two versions? Or maybe just save sharing?

    Anyways, looking forward to your reply. Hopefully you’ll gain another buyer of this – pretty awesome looking game although I do have enough games coming this year but if I think it’ll be worth my $$$ I’ll get it day 1.

    • Sébastien Pellicano

      Hi XSpike,

      regarding your questions:

      1 – the contents are a little bit different we will release a complete list of features in the next weeks
      2 – There won’t be Cross buy for this version
      3 – We will release only PS3 Demo
      4 – 30 frame per second both
      5 – 16 on PS3 and 6 on Vita
      6 – Nope this version won’t include this features


  • Sébastien Pellicano

    Hi all,

    we’re working on WRC 3 Vita in these days. Soon we will release screenshots and all the information you wanna know about Vita version. The contents will be slightly different from the home console but I’ve checked it this morning and it’is pretty amazing.

    About the demo there will be only PS3 demo available staring from today


  • We need Vita details… Please! Some screenshots, videos etc. would be nice.

  • Thanks Sébastien for the reply, I’m really looking forward to it. :)

  • Thanks for replies Sebastien,
    When you have any details of the Vita version,screenshots,video please keep us posted,
    In the meantime I’m looking forward to trying the PS3 demo later,
    just one more question will the demo have wheel support option?

    • Sébastien Pellicano

      Yes, the demo will include “wheel support option”. For the compatible list please check out our official facebook fan page “WRCTHEGAME”, into the info section.

  • Sébastien Pellicano

    Right now I can confirm: 3 official categories (WRC, Class 2 and Class 3) and 54 official teams

  • [quote]I don’t want to spoil too much about the demo, so hurry up and try the best rally experience ever created. And if you have any questions, please post below.[/quote]

    I’m not sure how you can have the balls to say that when Richard Burns Rally exists… but respect. I’ll be trying this when it arrives. I suspect, based on the previous 2, that it won’t hold up to that great, however.

  • The game looks amazing. Can’t wait to try the demo.

  • Oh gutted…

    Why no cross-buy? I thought its a pretty good scheme as like I said it would of guaranteed my purchase on day 1 in its not like I’d buy two versions of the same game.

    But I will wait and see what the Vita version will be like, from the sound of things it’ll be pretty decent. But finding the money for even more games to my already expensive too buy list is hard!

    Well keep up the good work, I’ll be looking forward to see how the Vita version will turn out. Even if I can’t afford it, I may get it next year depending on how it turns out

  • Thanks for the replies Sebastien, I really hope the Vita version is a faithful reproduction of the full game.

  • isn’t crash and burn a direct copy what was used in DiRT 3?

  • Will try the demo, but “so hurry up and try the best rally experience ever created” really doubt it. Richard Burns Rally is hard to beat and the engine sounds from Dirt2/3 are really hard to beat. (Judging from the WRC3 vids, the sounds are not the best)

  • Sébastien, will be a downloadable version in psnetwork of the ps3 version?

    • Sébastien Pellicano

      Sure, there will be a downloadable version of the game. It will be released a little bit further than the 12th Oct.

  • Ciao sebastien volevo sapere ma c’è qualche peugeot nel gioco?

    • Sébastien Pellicano

      Yes of course you can find for example into the career mode:

      – Peugeot 207 S2000
      – Peugeot 205 T16
      – Peugeot 504


  • Hey,

    Can we post the WRC 3 Demo on youtube?

  • Ciao Sebastien e complimenti per il nuovo WRC che mi sembra migliorato tantissimo. Una sola domanda, che poi é quella che la maggior parte dei rallyfans si chiedono : avete migliorato il suono ? Dopo gli ultimi video visti non sembrerebbe :(

    Hello Sebastien, congrats for the new WRC wich has improved at lot. Just a question : have you improved the sound ? After watching last videos doesn’t look like you guys did it :(

    • Sébastien Pellicano

      Hi pinowrc,

      yes the sound is improved from the previous chapter. We’ve recorded the real car sound and put it into the game. You will see the difference from WRC 2. Furthermore, we’ve included real co-pilot voice over to make the game experience more real than before.


  • Sebastian I question whether the new WRC will be current texture on the cars and in addition will be able to ride in a single career stage and 207 mini s2000 s2000. Oh and one more thing the Peugeot 207 s2000 evo is a verse which debuted this year?. Regards a big fan of the game

  • Hi Sebastien,

    On the last WRC title I felt like it had lost a feeling present in the previous versions, it was something in the handling and the graphics that was a huge difference from it’s predecessors.

    In what respects have you worked on the handling and what can we expect from the graphics, bearing in mind we’re running at 30fps is this offset by long draw distances or higher resolution textures?


    • Sébastien Pellicano

      We’ve worked both the handling and the graphics at the same level. It has been realized in partnership with the best WRC drivers to make it more real than the previous game(as Loeb, Latvala, Araujo, etc..).

      Our new Spike Engine allows us to reproduce realistic rallies using high-quality textures, new lighting system and brand new particle effects.

  • I will try the ps3 demo later today. And I am vey looking forward to any footage of the Vita version.

    Please make the Vita version worthwhile and not some really toned down version. Oh please!!!

  • forgot to ask:

    Is the Vita version developed by the same team?

  • hello, what cars will be availible in the demo?

  • OK then there’s hope :)

  • What’s the status on a North American release? I asked the same thing with regards to WRC2 with no reponse!!

    • Sébastien Pellicano

      HI josefmd,

      thanks for your interest in WRC 3. We are working to set up a release in North America. When the deal of the distribution will be ok we will spread the news through the web and via Facebook(WRCthegame).


  • No demo on the New Zealand Store? I really wanted to try this game out.

  • Sorry how come you can only get the demo in above Countries: AE, AU, GB, IE, NZ.

    I was looking forwards to trying the Demo,but its not on the DE Ps Network.

    Why is it only out on English zones ? or is that coming soon.

    Or will we have to wait for the full game ?

    • Sébastien Pellicano

      It seems strange, I can ensure you that the demo is out on DE PS Store.
      We will check and make it available if is not.


  • Sébastien will there be more detailed car setup in the full game?(Like previous WRC2 car setup page)

    The rumble seems to be broken on the ps3. I only get the odd buzz here and there and only vibration when I run off road.

    Really enjoyed the demo. Please try to improve the engine sounds,
    they are better than 2 but not up to standard. Cars still sound too muffled, it’s OK in-car but not chase-cam or replay.
    New co-driver and voiceover is definitely a huge improvement!

  • Good morning, based on the demo, you can add one new customer for sure.

    I really like it.

    Now I really hope for something similar on the Vita.

  • Sébastien Pellicano

    I’m really glad that you enjoyed the demo.
    We will give further details about Vita in the next weeks.


  • Sebastain Hi I am after playing the demo, and I can say with a lot of heart put into this and I’m happy until I can not wait for August release. I just hope that not only will be available in the career of Mini S2000 and it will be the ride SS. Well, I am curious if zadbaliscie the details of the new 207 S2000 Evo

    • Sébastien Pellicano

      Hi lucek_pl1,

      I can confirm you that MINI Countryman S2000 & Peugeot 207 S2000 will be available only into Career Mode.


  • What’s the release date?

  • THX! The demo is very good, i like it… :)

  • Ciao Sebastien pino here again, just wanted to say that after playing the demo I am quite satisfied. The game has improved a lot in almost everything, my only complain is sound option. Let me explain : Being an old rallyfan and a former codriver I would like to hear engine-sound (and pace-note ofcourse)only when playing, not the outside sound. Everyday I visit 3 differents rallyforum plus the one I moderate myself and believe me, most people would like to have that option. As for the sound itself on the game isn’t as good as Dirt3 but I can live with that ;) My question is, would that be possible to add the option to switch off outside-sound and keep engine-sound only, before the game will be released ? If not, will you guys considering this in the next WRC4 ?

    Thanks for your time :)

    • Sébastien Pellicano

      Hi pino,

      glad to read you again. Regarding the sound you can manage the pacenote sound, the engine sound and the music changing the level as you prefer. Not the environmental sounds. Hope this is the answer you need.


  • The game is Great but u got to fix the steering, it’s kinda laggy, if u fix this it will be the beat rally game ever

  • First of all would like to congratulate milestone for making an excellent rally!

    Just a couple thing must be fixed.

    1. Force feedback on must be improved for the gamepad. Heard it was excellent on the g27.

    2.Steering is a bit sensitive also (on the gamepad).

  • *rally game!

    wish you could edit posts :/

  • Thanks for the answer Sebastien and keep on the good work ! :up:

    Ciao :)

  • I have to agree you have made a brillant game this time around.
    Ok some parts I could live without like samshing crates,but I am old school rallying 70,s & 80,s.

    Yes I find the pad way to sensitive will there be setting for this in options or is it just a matter of changing the car set up.

    Another question on older cars My era was Group B why do we have missing cars ? Lots out there would love to see Quattros in the game & the Peugeot 205 T16 & Metro 6r4,now you have the Lancia Delta S4 but not there only Group B car to win a Championship the 0.37. I would have thought having the official WRC rights ment you could use any car from the the start of the WRC,or is that not the case?

    Ok that a bit off topic but i have always wondered why its been that way.

    Anyhow thanks for the the massive effort & improvments of the game looking forwards to getting the full version.

    • Sébastien Pellicano

      Hi altona1978.

      I’m happy to say that Peugeot 205 T16 is included in the game. For the other cars we have license only for the WRC (current year season). So, for including other car we have to deal them with the manufacturers. Unfortunately is no so simple and we’ve included much cars as possible!
      Hope you will enjoy the car selection into the game.


  • Hello Sebastien,
    Before buying this game I want to try the demo but it’s not available on TR Playstation Store, either. Could you please check and inform me accordingly if it’s available for Turkey, too?

  • Why don’t you guys put up the demo in the US store? No US release at all? I would definitely get this for my Vita, possibly for the PS3, too.

  • yeah, I just checked, no US release for WRC3… not good

  • Iv played the demo and i think the game looks great but i would like to see in career mode a way to move your sponsors and a way to make them bigger

  • Sebastain I have another question that will be more cars to buy DLC for example: Fabia WRC Corolla WRC, Peugeot 306 Maxi, Clio S1600, Fiat 131 Abarth, mnustwo other cool rajdówek, because frankly to 90% of the players would prefer the cars than the old Mini Cooper S , 1964. Meuse and certainly earn more is not it?

    • Sébastien Pellicano

      Hi lucek_pl1,

      right know the only car available as DLC is the Mini. Regarding the other DLC’s I can’t spoil too much. We will announce the features soon.


  • Ciao Sebastien, pino again :)

    There’s a member of our forum (rallyforum.com) whom would like to ask if both Mini’s versions (01A & B)are included in the game.

    Thanks for your time !

  • Thanks for the reply about Cars, Yes I can understand that you have to work within the limits of licenses that you have.

    Also you can only have some much time to make cars & still bring the game to market & I am not forgeting that the core is the current WRC cars.

    Still it is nice to have a rally game so thanks for you & your teams efforts.

  • Tried the PS3 demo and I’m really disappointed. The game looks like 6 years old and have a really sensitive control schema. I thought it will be good to have it on Vita but after testing the PS3 version I’m really in doubt.

  • Hello Sebastien

    I’m looking forward to play the demo and product version of WRC3.
    I have 2 questions about Japan’s version as follows.
    Could you please answer if possible?
    #sorry long sentence.

    Will the demo be available in Japan, too?
    If yes, when will it be available?

    I found the information which the product version of WRC3 will be release in October according to the official web page(wrcthegame.com).
    Will the product version be release in Japan, too?
    If yes, when will it be release?

    with best regards

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