Ghost Recon Future Soldier: Raven Strike DLC Out Today

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Greetings Ghosts! I’m happy to announce that Raven Strike is now available. This second downloadable content package for Ghost Recon Future Soldier features three new missions playable cooperatively, a new Guerrilla Mode map, and new Trophies & Challenges.

We created Raven Strike with Ghost Recon fans in mind: large maps, challenging situations and non-linear paths are the key ingredients of this awesome addition to the Ghost Recon Future Soldier experience.

New Campaign Missions


In Secure Dawn, a plane transporting a highly valuable VIP has been shot down over a forested area next to the Russian border. A distress beacon has been received. The Ghosts deploy to find the VIP and safely extract him. With sensor grenades, drone and camouflage all out of commission, the player will have to take care of business the old-fashioned way!


In Cold Walker, High Command have tracked a Raven’s Rock mobile command center to the inside of a train depot, deep in the heart of Russia. The Ghosts are deployed to locate and acquire precious intel. Cold Walker features multiple environment types: a massive open environment to test your infiltration skills; a complex and dangerous rail yard for intense combat, where cover, CQC, and reaction times are vital; and more…


In Argent Thunder, the Ghosts are sent out to eliminate four Raven’s Rock VIPs trying to trigger a nationalist uprising in the city. At night, in a besieged Moscow, they will have to use the full potential of their tools to comprehend the dangers of the battlefield: numerous highly-trained enemies on the surrounding buildings, rooftops, bridges and vehicles promise a difficult fight!


A New Guerrilla Mode Map

In Guerrilla mode, you have to secure and hold strategic positions against waves of incoming enemies. The first wave is all about stealth: take over the enemy HQ as quietly as possible and then hold the position against new waves of enemies. Every 10 waves, you have to secure and hold a new position. Each Guerrilla map features 50 waves of enemies. The new Guerrilla Mode map introduced by the Raven Strike DLC is called Sawmill.

The rising fog is turning this remote camp into a deathtrap. Dense woods nearby are perfect for cover and brutal close quarter combat. Drones can operate in the wide open areas near the sawmill. Play the Sawmill map alone, split-screen, on LAN, or over the internet with your friends.

New Trophies


Package Delivery
Secure General Kozlov // Mission: Secure Dawn
Bronze Trophy


Tables Turned
Fight your way out of a Bodark ambush // Mission: Cold Walker
Bronze Trophy


Clean Slate
Take down all four HVTs // Mission: Argent Thunder
Gold Trophy


Dirty Work
Complete all three maps in Raven Strike on Elite
Silver Trophy


Maximum Effort
Defeat all tactical challenges in Raven Strike

Raven Strike DLC Challenges

Secure Dawn

  • Six Packer: Kill two enemies with a single bullet, and do it three times
  • Swamp Person: On Elite difficulty, reach the swamp without being detected
  • With a Twist: Kill 20 enemies by snapping their necks;
  • Efficient Pistoleer: Kill eight enemies in less than 40 seconds with a pistol, and without reloading.

Cold Walker

  • Fisher Fan: Make five consecutive kills by snapping the target’s neck
  • Eyes Only: Reach the station without using sensor grenades or the drone
  • Station Agent: Kill all the hostiles in the train station without using sync shots
  • Handgun Headhunter: Perform 20 headshots with handguns.

Argent Thunder

  • Swift and Silent: Cross the bridge in under five minutes without triggering the alarm
  • Wolfhunter: Kill the 4 HVTs without being taken out by sniper
  • Eyes in the dark: Finish the mission without activating your NVG view
  • Pistolero: Using a handgun, kill 10 consecutive enemies without any misses.

We hope that you’ll enjoy the Raven Strike DLC as much as we loved making it! Feel free to ask any questions below.

See you on the battlefield!

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1 Author Reply

  • how much will it cost in the uk

  • From the store update two posts before:-

    PS3 DLC
    Ghost Recon Future Soldier
    Raven Strike
    Prices: £7.99/€9.99/AU$15.95

    Looks good, though considering how the multiplayer (achivements)- ahem, I mean trophies- frustrate me and put me off the pride of my 100% complete campaign, and the previous DLC just adds to my problem, I’m going to be leaving this one for a while.

    Though like I said, it looks good, so I hope to pick it up in some kind of sale or bundle down the line. Maybe try and find a group to mop up ‘completion’ of the competitive multiplayer in one sweep, since I’ve not been enjoying it on my own at all.

  • its not out in the uk!! why and when people

  • Why is this £11.99 on the store when it is supposed to be £7.99?

    • £11.99 is the correct price for the Raven Strike DLC as announced a few weeks ago. I will alert the PS Team that the store update announcement is not correct.

    • 1,000 apologies. Incorrect price information was posted earlier. Correct price is: £11.99/€14.99/AU$23.95.

  • Well the xbox version is available on the website (at time of writing) 1200 points, which comes to just over £10, so neither price is really comparable. Ought to be £9.99 for parity if the xbox price is correct. However the previous one is up for 800 points so I wonder if 1200 is an error or not.

    Will have to wait for official word -from someone who has carefully confirmed the final price, as publishers have been known to be unreliable at the last minute.

  • Well there you have it. It’s 20% overpriced on PSN.
    That is just silly.

  • Not only is PSN overpriced compared to Xbox, but;

    14.99 Euro = $18.50 Aus
    11.99 Pound = $18.50 Aus
    $14.99 USA = $14.35 Aus

    Yet you are charging us $23.95?

    I eagerly switched on the PS3 to download this as soon as i got home, but i refuse to constantly pay these highway robbery prices.

    This is a debacle.

    You have already had to refund us $15 this year because you routed us in BF3 Premium.

    Fix this

  • Was ready to jump onboard (just like I did with Arctic Strike)….

    But £11.99 is just too much for campaign dlc.

    Fingers crossed the next dlc is for multiplayer maps.

  • That’s the wrong Tom Clancy’s game to be updated. They should focus on bringing new splinter cell game to the ps3 :(

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