PlayStation Home: Great Deals With PS Plus

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PlayStation Home: Great Deals With PS Plus

PlayStation Home will briefly be offline from 8.00am BST on Wednesday 12th September for routine maintenance. The PS Home client will be updated to version 1.7, details of which can be found here. Here’s what else to expect after the update…


To celebrate the amazing 25% discount on the annual PS Plus subscription that is happening right now, we have a special treat for PS Plus users in PlayStation Home this week. Users will be able to sign up to the annual subscription in Home Square and for one week only from 12th to 19th September, they will be able to get a discount on some choice PlayStation Home content, worth collectively up to €80! Several items are even completely free, so don’t miss out!

VEEMEE welcome you to the opening of the recently re-discovered Home-Grown Laboratory. HGL was a top-secret facility tasked with creating super soldiers. Designed for combat in a post-atomic war battlefield, the resulting Creatures were superb fighters but terrible soldiers. You are invited to the HGL Public Space where every player gets five free turns of the combat game, allowing you to try fighting with all four Creatures. Owners can purchase Creatures to continue to fight with at the nearby Shopatron2000 store. The large, three-level HGL Creature Habitat apartment is also available for purchase, along with a variety of clothing items to support on your Creature.



Match your Creature against another in frenetic five-round, two-player battles. Time your attacks, protect your health and build your momentum to smash your opponents. Owners who do well in the HGL Combat game receive a trophy cabinet with nine unlockable achievements as well as a number of special Winners reward items. This stylish HGL cabinet displays all of the trophies you have unlocked in HGL Combat and can be placed in any Personal Space.


VEEMEE_HGL_Lab_03 VEEMEE_HGL_Apartment_06

The HGL Creature Habitat is the perfect place to unwind and look after your Creature. The apartment comes equipped with a huge pen for your Creatures to exercise in, the ability for owners to change Creatures (also known as the Envirochangeotron), update their dynamic backgrounds, a viewing platform, leaderboards and lots of space to set up your experiments….

The Space Apartment (Plugged-In) is coming to Europe! Enjoy the luxury of the future with this three-story apartment with loft. Experience the expansive views of Earth, space and the LOOT Space Station. Watch jellyfish swim in the two-story aquarium located in the centre of the apartment. Relax in the aquatic meditation environment located on the bottom level. This wonderful personal space is also equipped with your own Space Apartment Remote Access (S.A.R.A.). With S.A.R.A.’s help you can: View up to five different Twitter feeds on a news ticker and choose out of 8 screen locations to view your LOOT EOD. S.A.R.A. also lets you control your environment with retractable ceiling, automated blinds and dynamic lighting options. In space, you couldn’t ask for a better friend.

Also, when you buy the Space Apartment (Plugged-In) 45 items will be unlocked as FREE in the LOOT store: The Comfort Bundle, The Sleek Bundle, Space Cubes (4) Bundle, The House Plants Bundle, The Space Bed and the D.O.G. – Red Companion!

You have had three volumes of the Street Moves collection so it would be rude not to let you have the fourth and final batch. This week sees the release of four new characters, all female, who are looking to dance anywhere and everywhere within Home; Rebel Raver, Dancing Diva, Clubwear Cutie and 80s Icon. Check out the introducing video below and keep an eye out on some of the furniture in the background…

Were you watching? You saw the glowing disco ball on a pole right? That is The Shimmer Sphere and it is also coming this week with its stunning lighting effect turning any room into an impromptu disco dance hall. Also releasing this week is one set of the speakers that can also be seen in the video. BoxBeats: Dance is the first release of in apartment music entertainment system from nDreams.


BoxBeats: Dance comes with twelve dance tracks created by a mixture of independent DJs and allows you to play the tracks to your friends in your apartment. You can cycle through which tracks you want to play or just play all of them. You can pick up all of these fantastic items in the nDreams shop or any commerce point within Aurora.


There are some new arrivals in the Alter Ego store this week, with two stylish outfits in the form of the Stick Up Kid and Agent 77. Disguise yourself as a secret agent on the run while walking the mean streets of PS Home. There’s also a Miniature Toy Car companion to follow you in hot pursuit.


Granzella’s new item release begins with the Sexy Chain One-piece Swimsuit. The chain gleams across the open chest – it’s a new design in swimwear. This line-up includes Silver, Gold, and Black and Gold colour variations. With a cool adult look, the Sexy Chain One-piece Swimsuit is in the spotlight on the beach this summer.


Embroidered with gorgeous butterflies and flowers, the shining Mandarin Dress is also here. The red and black Mandarin Dresses are decorated with pretty gold embroidery, while the blue Mandarin Dress gives a noble impression, decorated with silver embroidery. Granzella also offer two hair styles which perfectly complement these dresses. Matching high heels and pumps are also available, for the complete look. You’ll look beautiful, elegant, and noble in a Mandarin Dress.

In addition to the Mandarin Dress, a 9 piece Chinese banquet set is also available. You can enjoy a gorgeous Chinese banquet in your room with anyone. Sitting around a table with your friends, let the dream feast begin!

From high heels to high tops, Lockwood know a thing or two about shoes – they’ve created more than 200 pairs after all! Look out for their new range of fantastic footwear this week, with Giftable variations soon to follow! Share some style expertise, if you know a friend who could use a new jacket, visit the Gift Machine for Biker and Aviator styles. For a close up look at Lockwood’s separates throughout September, check out the below video…

Just after bringing you Mercia: Fractured Realms, Lockwood have another surprise up their sleeves! Later this year the new, free-to-play, fast paced, action packed third person shooter Uproar will be released in PlayStation Home!

This proper shooter allows you to free roam various maps, playing as the renowned Swyfts or the notorious Outlaws. There are a wealth of customisation options to look forward to including clothing items, projectile and melee weapons and more! Interact with other PlayStation Home users in a whole new way in an experience unlike anything seen on the platform before. To find out more about Uproar, make sure to check regularly at

That’s all for now. See you in PlayStation Home!

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