PlayStation Home: Out Of This World

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PlayStation Home: Out Of This World

PlayStation Home will briefly be offline from 8.00am on Wednesday 5th September for routine maintenance. Here’s what to expect after the update…


The Space Station needs a crew, and you’ve been selected to take part in an all new out-of-this-world experience. Your Space Station adventure will have you defending your new home against incoming asteroids in the fully interactive Station Defence turret centre. On top of defending the station your tasks will also include lowering and raising the external shutters so you don’t get blinded by the sun and you’ll even have to evacuate the garbage you produce in to the vacuum of space.

Also included with the Space Station is a variety of furniture, science theme props, a custom space helmet for him or her and even a UFO companion to follow you all around PlayStation Home!

Your shuttle is cleared for arrival so head over to the Estates Shop in the Shopping centre today!


Introducing the long-awaited summer clothing for Granzella’s School Uniform series! Feel the spirit of summer youth in a pure white School Shirt and Vest or cool short sleeved Sailor-style Summer School Uniform in 3 colour variations. For women, there are six varieties of sock length available. Also, the School Bag has arrived, a must-have for students. Wearing a school uniform, you can enjoy a youthful summer!


Granzella have loads of items for summer! Tropical palm trees, Beach chairs, a Barbecue set and more have all become available simultaneously! This line-up includes the Beach Umbrella, Beach Chair, and Barbecue set. With the beach chairs you can enjoy lying in the sun wherever you like. The hot summer has just begun. Call some friends and have a party outdoors!

Shiver me timbers, Cutthroats is back wi’ a wannion! Furl the mainsail and weigh anchor at the Cutthroats lagoon for some swashbucklin’ shenanigans me hearties, last one thar’s a lily-livered son of a biscuit-eater!

Feel like a champion? Feel like you can overcome any obstacle? Well in that case, why not head over to Home Square and put your skills to the test this week on the 100m hurdles!


Konami releases their horse themed masks today. These masks come in Black, Brown and Unicorn. Check these out and other great PS Home items in the Alter Ego Store!


This week also sees the latest Wrangler content to be released in PlayStation Home, with ten new items in the Wrangler store. A new range of tops, jeans, and jackets will be available, including the “Hunting Jacket” for gentlemen.


It’s been a busy six weeks for nDreams. With the release of Blueprint:Home at the beginning of July there has since been a constant release of extra style packs to help you create and customise your apartment however you wish. This week is no different with the release of the Desert 1995 Environment and the Apocalypse Style Pack.


The Street Moves collection has been making a splash with eight characters dancing in Home. This week sees five new characters released ready to be collected; Cheerleader Chic, Dance King, DJ Spanner, DJ Wrench and Pom-Pom Princess. Check out their unique moves below.

Some of you with eagle eyes have been asking if the furniture in the Street Moves videos will make their way into Home. Head’s up, next week nDreams are pleased to bring you one of these pieces; The Shimmer Sphere. This disco ball and dance floor active item has a stunning lighting effect which will be perfect for a party room in your Blueprint:Home apartment. You can pick up all of these fantastic items in the nDreams shop or any commerce point within Aurora. Stay tuned for more updates next week.

The kingdom of Avalon is really showing its diversity in the furniture department and this week will bring you the finely crafted wares from one of the local artisans. He has created seven unique furniture items with a distinctive style and flare that goes well in any medieval setting.


The Fancy Furniture Pack can be found in the Furniture store under the Avalon Keep tile. Keep up to date with all things Avalon and Heavy Water: and you can always follow Heavy Water on Twitter: @heavyh2o.

Equip your fellow Mercian’s with weapons from the Lockwood Gift Machine – unlocks content to use in Mercia: Fractured Realms.



Check out this video of the latest apartment from Lockwood, Dream Island…

The Dream Island is available from the store in three different value packs, as an apartment owner or a guest check out the Exclusive Store on the Island for the latest designer swimwear. Or pick up other designer beachwear from the Lockwood store!


Reinvigorate your wardrobe and your apartment with some end of season bargains from Lockwood. More than 50 items are discounted for a limited period including companions, hairstyles, clothing and furniture packs. Pick up the Dream Yacht for £6.29/€7.99, the incredibly popular Beauty hairstyle for £0.40/€0.49 or a Stitchkin Unicorn or Pegasus for £0.79/€0.99! Save 50% on many items, with other great savings on many more. Get a bargain before the sale ends!

When the pinafore dress was first released way back in June last year, it was with very little fanfare and yet that Little Red Dress garnered a lot of interest. Many ladies commented that it would be lovely to have more colours, and it may have taken a while, but some new choices are now available, along with revitalised biker and aviator jackets.

Gift Machine colour variations are set to follow at a later date, and if there are any other items you’d like to see in more colours, be sure to let Lockwood know!

That’s all for now. See you in PlayStation Home!

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6 Author Replies

  • Here’s a suggestion… why not put the people that worked on this rubbish into the SCEE QA department and actually get games people want to buy approved?

  • Thanks Zoba!

  • Is the space station the same as the 1 advertises from LOOT EOD we go there by pressing Square button to watch crackle there too?.

  • Looks good – thanks! :D

    Is this 100m Hurdles event going to work though as the Hammer Throw one is still broken…

  • Great update, can’t wait t get the beach furniture for the granzella glittering beach space :)

    Do you know if we get the granzella hairstyles to this update? They have the best hair :)

    • Hello Blacklagoon-Revy,

      Glad you like what’s coming this week. This update doesn’t have Granzella hairstyles but there always new stuff coming each week so stay tuned for more.

  • @Skookie30

    No this apartment is different from the LOOT Space Station apartment. This is made by Digitial Leisure and is focusing on mini games :)

  • it seems that the Shimmer Sphere will be definitely something that is coming NEXT WEEK and not this week.
    little side note
    correct me if im wrong

  • Once again all you have to “offer” is “buy, buy, buy” -.-

    This is why I jumped from visiting ps home every single day a couple of hour per day (or more) 1 time per week if not less.


  • Mercia: Fractured Realms is tha best game for Home after change with big update and makes games like this to use your avatar to play in real time. Realy fun gameplay with all things to do like all the rpg games Great work from creators this game they know what Home gamers needs a place and game to keep you there. I hope make more games like this with simply reward and xp points @#1 because Home is stiil prorit for Sony and continue to support it and don’t worry they has great developers to create awesome games for ps3 don’t you think ?

  • @VitalogyPJ We’ve been given to big games to keep us occupied for months recently. Can’t always say all they have to offer is things to buy.

  • Ahh crap i thought it was the LOOT space oh well thanks Legendary_Vicki.

    look like LOOT space station is a SCEA exclusive for the time being i think they need to tell that in the advertises on EOD ADS

  • Guy on the right looks most unimpressed with his space station experience!


    I was reading about this server merge and it only convinces me more that I think it would be good for Home. There doesn’t seem to be as many people in EU as there was, and when I check out the new Granzella Beach, I’m just met by people that don’t even speak English and it turns me off the idea of logging in anymore.

    Have you ever considered merging NA and EU, or seperating people by primary language? Something needs to be done.

  • “Is the space station the same as the 1 advertises from LOOT EOD we go there by pressing Square button to watch crackle there too?.”

    “Yes, it’s the same one”

    so it is then i need to buy it then sooner when i can.

  • No thanks to separating PS Home users by language. I learned basic French, German and Spanish at school because those nations are my country’s immediate neighbours, I visit them often and have many friends in them (France in particular). I really *really* don’t want to lose the bulk of Western Europe (of which my country is part) in exchange for North America.

    Sure, MERGE North America with the EU might be a solution, but separating English and non-English speaking countries is just wrong. Many of those non-English speakers aren’t even speaking the same language (particularly in central and eastern Europe) and their individual countries have far smaller PS3 userbases, so it’s a lose-lose situation for them. You want the luxury of a PS Home where everybody speaks your language – which just happens to be one of the world’s most widely spoken languages – but they end up in a system where over twenty foreign languages are spoken, and far fewer speak their most likely second language: English.

    That’s just not right.

  • A lot of users who speak English are speaking it as a second or third language, rather than using their primary language as it makes it easier to interact with more people without the worry of being separated just because a few people land in servers with groups who speak their own language when they’re together.

    Home works perfectly fine as it is, just last night I was in the Granzella space only to be joined by a couple of random users over time. One from Sweden, one from Azerbaijan and a couple of Germans. All spoke English perfectly fine as it was the one we could all understand. If you’re having trouble finding people, just leave the space and enter it again, hopefully land in another server.

  • Zoba i gave up ps home for a while but i might play it again soon when i can get all the new stuff ;D

  • so summer clothes are coming out?

    A little bit of info Sony, we are coming to the end of summer.

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