‘Heads-Up’ PlayStation Plus Update – Get 25% Off A 12 Month Subscription

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‘Heads-Up’ PlayStation Plus Update – Get 25% Off A 12 Month Subscription

Hey there folks. You may notice something a little different about the PlayStation Plus update this week. Yes, as some of you may have heard, Ross has moved on to pastures new. I hope you’ll all join me in wishing him well in all his future endeavours – we’ll miss having him around! Ross 2.0 will be along soon enough, but in the meantime I’ve stepped into the breach and will be keeping you informed of the latest updates to your Plus service.

So, without further ado, let’s kick off with your new Game of the Month. As announced at Gamescom last month, from tomorrow until 2nd October you can pick up Rockstar’s epic open world Western adventure Red Dead Redemption. Rightly hailed as one of the finest games of this console generation, it’s an absolutely unmissable experience. If you haven’t played it yet, you’re in for one heck of a treat. And if you have, the multiplayer community is still very active. Jump in.


Next up, from 12th September until 4th December, you can download retro-fabulous side-scrolling beat ’em up Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. It’s a rare movie tie-in that is every bit the equal of its source material, and a delightful nostalgia hit for anyone raised on the likes of Streets of Rage or Double Dragon.


And speaking of which, Double Dragon Neon is your third game of the month, downloadable soon. Developed by the seriously talented Wayforward Technologies (Bloodrayne: Betrayal, Mighty Flip Champs! DX and the forthcoming Silent Hill: Book of Memories), it’s a hypercolourful reboot of the classic arcade punch-up. Should be a good ‘un.


Finally, the next game in our PlayStation Plus Presents indie initiative is the wonderful point and click puzzler Machinarium. It’s one of the finest adventure games of recent years, and sports some stunning art design to boot. I’m a big fan of this one – be sure to check it out.


Running out of space for all these great titles? Fear not. We don’t have a confirmed date for you today, but as promised at Gamescom, your cloud storage limit will be increased to 1GB later this month. I’ll let you know when that goes live.

And finally, if you’re not yet a Plus subscriber, your excuses for not signing up are starting to run out. From 5th to 19th September a 365 day subscription is on sale at 25% off – that’s €37.49/£29.99, down from €49.99/£39.99. Current subscribers take note – annual subscriptions stack, so you can also take advantage of the reduced price.

Myself and the store team will do our best to answer any questions you have below. Fire away.

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34 Author Replies

  • A lot of great games. Been meaning to try Scott Pilgram for a while so will definitely be trying that out :)
    Looks like I’ll extend my subscription to Jan 2014 too :p

  • Still another 2 games mid month too as usual? Also any more surprises this month? ;)

  • Awesome! Now to figure out which games to dump from my HDD (60GB version) :(

  • When will Playstation plus be available for the PS Vita?

  • Any chance of what we’ll we get instead of RDR? As R* didn’t release it here.

  • And also, keep the content coming, Upgraded my HDD to 1TB yesterday :D

  • Saudi arabia playstation store will include in 25% discount for playstation plus
    Please answer yes

  • I’m glad I got the 320GB PS3 instead of 250GB now, though I’m still running out of space.

    I re-bought Red Dead GOTY edition recently so I’ll be skipping that, but Scott Pilgrim and Double Dragon Neon are both awesome news. I was already going to buy Double Dragon Neon anyway!

  • Excellent update.

    Housemarque wrote on the blog last month that super stardust portable on PSP would be free to plus user. It never appeared. Will we still receive it?

  • Pretty disappointed that the rdr dlc doesn’t have plus discount. Thought that was meant for those of us that already have the game. I had deus ex, and had dead space but at least I could get the dlc cheap. This puts a mark in the negative column for ps plus.

  • I let my PS+ sub run out, I just don’t care for these small titles (except RDR – which I already own, as most people already probably do).

    I did get a lot for my money though but there’s just not enough full retail releases being added constantly for me.

  • Bleh. Red Dead is glitchy, incredibly easy and tedious. Scott Pilgrim is awful and obnoxious (and the horrible teenybopper trendy version of what it is actually retro). Double Dragon miiight be fun. The Wayforward folks have some talent.

  • It just keeps getting difficult, to decide which games to delete from my 120GB hard drive. :D
    Keep’em coming…

  • as with most day 1 PS+ subscribers my subscription ends on the 6th (thursday) will it auto renew at the lower price point? or should i renew manually tomorrow?

  • Any news regarding The Legend of Dragoon?

  • great month for plus, although i have rdr already, defenitely going to prolong my sub with this offer.

    And finally able to play machinarium, was looking forward to this title and now its for free (or almost free, as you pay for your sub).

  • In fact are there any discounts. Seems pretty weak this month, hope that’s not a sign of things to come now Ross gone

    • There may well be some additional discounts, sorry for not being clear on that. I’ll update when I get more clarity on what Ross had organised.

  • good uupdate as usual cheers n 25% membership too how sweet. ENJOY PPL

  • Fred, eta for vita ps+?

    Or will it be available when the offer ends? (I know how you guys work)

    • See above – we’re working on it! All Vita benefits will be included in your current subscription – you won’t have to make another purchase.

  • I read somewhere that plus members would have 75% discount on RDR DLC, is it true ? Can we count on that ?

    Any news on when the vita content will be part of plus subscription ? Thanks.

  • Yeah there’s two games mid month… he already mentioned them! Scott Pilgrim, and Double Dragon, they stay until December, which is when the Instant game collection will get rid of them, so they are the mid month treats this time.

    • Yes – just to be clear: RDR, Scott Pilgrim, Double Dragon and Machinarium are your free games for the month. There may be a few additional deals – I’ll keep you posted as and when those are confirmed.

  • I know that RDR is a free game for us Plus members, but are the other games mentioned free also?

    If so that’s awesome as I’ve been waiting for Scott Pilgrim to eventually be added as a free Plus game and the Double Dragon game looks pretty good too!

  • Good luck to Ross. What a lovely chap he is.

    Good update. Looking forward to Machinarium. When will we get news on Vita? This month or not?

  • Machinarium is for Vita ?

  • great update once again Fred. Makes me glad I have a 320gb hard drive :). Just a quick question though. Do you have any ideas when we will find out details about vita support for Playstation Plus?

  • Hi Fred, can you tell me what will LEAVE from free download tomorrow? (Which games will no longer available for plus users.) Thanks.

  • When are we getting psvita psn + news?

    oh and where is Knytt?

  • Good luck and farewell Ross, he no doubt had enough of the rough and tumble he received in these comments after every post ;)

    Thanks PS+ for this update, I was never impressed with Scott Pilgrim but Double Dragon might fare better and Machinarium looks interesting.

    Any idea on the file size of these games? Everyone will need HDD upgrades soon!

  • Hey Fred,

    please dont forget about Rock of ages for ZA.
    If its not gonna happen, will we get a comp game?
    I recall Germany getting Street fighter Alpha 2 in place of RE:DC, or something on that line, a while back.

    Keep up the good work, you have been really busy here on the blog.

  • Already subbed till May 2013, still deciding whether to slap another 12 months on top of that ready for the expected PS4 and hopefully the continuation of the + service.

    Great job with DD:Neon as I was considering picking that up on release, so awesome that we get it free day 1.

  • Any news on PS Vita; like when it’ll go live, or what it’ll entail? Maybe free PS1, PSP games; or massive discounts on current PSVita games?

    I’m so excited for this I hope I wont be TOO disappointed…

  • Thinking of signing up to take advantage of the great discount being offered this month.

    Unfortunately however, signing up now means that I’ve missed out on some games that were previously offered which I haven’t played, e.g. Darksiders, Deus Ex etc – whereas I’ve played and own 8 or 9 of the 10 or so available as part of the instant game collection currently.

    Therefore, my question is, is there a chance that such games will be offered for free again to PS+ subscribers in the future? So that those who missed them first time around have a chance to get them.


    • I’m afraid we like to keep things fresh, so it’s unlikely we’ll revisit past offers. There’ll be plenty of great games to come though – it’s well worth your cash.

  • Thanks for giving us a proper ‘heads-up’ on what’s being released this month. Much better this way. Some good games to come too it seems.

  • So 365 days gets a 25% discount, does the 3 month version not get a discount? :\

  • Nice mix of games. I have the same problem as I have every month since the “NEW” PS+ came in to play.

    The games D/L sizes can be Huge and trying to get one never mind them all on to my hard drive is a nightmare.

    Could you advise on the D/L size on the blog?

  • Thanks Fred, another good update.

    I am concerned for Ross and his sudden departure. Isn’t there anything you can tell us or has SCEE issued another of its bans on information?

    • Nothing sinister! People change jobs the whole time – and I guess Ross just figured it was time for a change!

      I’m working on answers to other questions here – Plus isn’t my specific area of expertise so it might take some time. Hold tight.

  • Scott Pilgrim is brilliant, the best 2.5D fighter I’ve played since Golden Axe. Really looking forward to playing Machinarium too.

    Like others, I’m wondering when we’ll see the Vita content?

  • Hi Fred,

    How about bringin PS Plus to Vita. I was hoping to see it arive together with the announcement for the PS Plus sale. Now there is no incentive to get PS Plus against reduction price as I do not know what is coming for the PS Vita. I do not own a PS3. Could you inform us a little more regarding the Timetable when PS Plus will be supported for the PS Vita just like the PS3 (like instant game collection)?

  • Best wihes for Ross wherever his new pastures are located..!

    Is there any news on VITA Plus package..? or any ETA on News for that..? I would like to know, because I hold off buying games untill I know what games the service will offer.

  • I’m not running our of save game space, I’m running out of disk space..
    Just to be sure.. Right now I download every game and cancel it, just to be sure it is activated and in my download list, but do I have to do that, or are games released during my PS+ membership automatically added to en ‘entitled’ list to download later?

  • Bring fifa street to vita!

  • So where is the Vita Plus update, or is it like so many prommisses made at gamescom just BS (like the video stores we all would get in 2010).
    I love seeing Machinarium in that list. There are loads of shooters and beat’m ups but adventures are not that commen in the Plus lib.

  • nuts, i have rdr and scott pilgrim. both brilliant though and cant recommend them enough.

  • “Running out of space for all these great titles? Fear not. We don’t have a confirmed date for you today, but as promised at Gamescom, your cloud storage limit will be increased to 1GB later this month. I’ll let you know when that goes live.”

    Does this mean we can stream games from the cloud?
    I heard that Sony had bought or were thinking of Buying one of the cloud gaming companies. Being able to stream the PSN games would be AWESOME!!!

  • This is incredible value but not to sound greedy, Are we still getting dynamic themes/Avatars? Also what is the HDD limit on the PS3? Can i put a 2TB HDD in the console? I have over 130 PS3 games that excludes the 40+ psone and 60+ minis. Include the updates and such and I fear I wouldn’t have much of a 1TB hdd left. :(

    • Yes, dynamic themes and avatars sre still incoming. When I have details of what’s coming up I’ll let you know.

  • Will my save game files from RDR disc copy work with the downloadable copy? Thanks

  • Pretty disappointed to not see tony hawk hd in plus discounts. The only game on PSN I have been interested in, in months. My plus sub runs out in just a few days. I think you’re gonna need to pull more than a rabbit out of a hat to get me to renew. I have also noticed nearly all my friends that had plus have let it go lately.
    The whole “instant game collection” is all well and good, but I think if you can afford to throw $$ away on plus, you can usually afford to buy games when they are released. I either have each of those games on disc or, am completely uninterested.
    “If” vita games were added to the instant collection, I might continue, and buy a Vita. ;)
    But, at this stage, i am yet to actually play a game that i have acquired through plus, for more than an hour. And I’ve had Plus since day 1.


  • Even though I already have Scott Pilgrim vs. The World which is an awesome beat em’ up. I might get DD and also give Machinarium a go. If these have trophies that is.

  • I’ve sadly got both Red Dead Redemption and Scott Pilgrim, but I can’t complain about PS+ because they’re both great titles. Looking forward to seeing what that Double Dragon is like though.

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