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PlayStation.Blog Recap

Hey there all. Yes, another week has passed here on Planet PlayStation and there’s been plenty going on.

The week started with a bang, with more details confirmed for the new Vita firmware update, which brought with it PSone Classics compatibility. On top of that we’ve had a clutch of new character reveals for PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale, release details for God of War: Ascension, word on betas for both PSASBR and Ratchet & Clank: QForce and all the news from this year’s GT Academy finals. Please browse the links below – there’s plenty of reading to catch up on.

Also, a big shout out to our Gamescom art contest winners, showcased on Tuesday – please do check out their incredible work. Oh, and speaking of contests, we’ve got codes for the excellent Anomaly: Warzone Earth up for grabs in the Weekend Debate. Do join in.

See y’all on Monday.

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  • Game On Give your week a sizzling start with Ratchet & Clank, BioShock and the best PlayStation has to offer.
  • 10 of the Best: PS one Classics PS one Classics have arrived on PS Vita – check out some of the finest games already available to download to PS3 and PSP from PlayStation Store.
  • Gamescom 2012 in 90 seconds If you’ve somehow let gamescom pass you by last month, here’s a quick look around the massive show… in a handy 90 seconds.The PlayStation
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9 Author Replies

  • September already…where did this year go. seems only yesterday it was new year.

  • Still, where is Walking Dead episode 3? Early next week I hope.

  • Dont care. Where is walking dead ep3 ?

  • Hi there I just wanted to say thank you for the PS Vita update 1.80 for allowing the legendary PSone games onto the Vita I am reliving the Crash Bandicoot series once again never get bored of these games. Vita update 1.80 was the biggest highlight of the week for me:)

  • Another great week for Microsoft, Valve and Nintendo.

    You should have a weekend debate: What is your next-gen choice – Xbox, WiiU or PC? Winner gets a voucher to download TWD -ep.3 or CS GO from US store.

  • September the 1st… the day SCEE killed the Playstation 3.

  • Don’t forget about the bigget succes !
    Dawnguard might not be coming to ps3 !!!!

  • @ Fred, .. Really ?, and thats it, i mean yeah ur right, plenty is going on, Still… but you feel, or think it isn’t worthy of a mention in the ‘supposed’ recap.. you do know that if you were a newsreader, or commentator for a country, it Would be one of those ones that seem to have ‘problems’ with most other countries, or groups of protestors Demanding some kind of action, don’t you ?, So, like ‘certain’ countries do, scee won’t report, or comment on Anything that ‘may’ make them look bad, in other words just deny, refute and outright ignore The biggest News of both this week, and last, am really, truly ashamed for this attitude that seems to be the norm, i read and agreed with your reply in yesterdays debate, ie theres a separate thread for ‘that’, please stay on topic, But it seems you’ve excluded this ‘seperate thread’, and it’s impact/consequences from the recap..?.. so basically ignore it and it might go away, but if it doesn’t just ignore it anyway. Unreal.

  • Without wishing to sound like yet another broken record, the past ten days have been extremely disappointing for fans of games who were expecting releases only to be told “not now” without any explanation of when, why or how.

    Even needy gamers can be somewhat satisfied if they know why a game is going to be late. We understand that ‘when’ is often a moveable feast so although a date for a late game would be good, it’s not essential.

    The delay for CS:GO has been particularly galling in that it has been released on 3 formats, four regions, and out of those twelve releases only PS3 EU has been delayed…with no explanation or other information. The rumour of translations being late seems spurious to me; the PC version on my desktop has multiple translations already. And if the only remaining process is QA then why not let people know?

    As I pointed out earlier this week, players often own multiple formats these days and PS3 is losing out to the other main formats seemingly without a valid reason. Most disappointingly, the momentum of a single worldwide release will be lost, meaning lower player count when it arrives, leading to a smaller community over time.

    Yours, a VERY disappointed PS3 player.

  • It seems you have gotten a lot of beating for not communicating, I guess there wouldn’t be this lynch feeling on blog if you had just communicated why there is a delay or a cancellation of those two games.

  • Before I point my views, the last page you linked Fred about last 2 characters which is Sir Dan and Nariko has an 404 error, please fix.

    I hate to say, SCEE is really starting to go downhill just like any other service out there and let me list you the problems.

    Slow QA process on games that are not out when the US has them, constant delays on major games, PS2 Classics are nothing but shovelware crap, weak library of games for PSVita when only good games worth playing are it’s ports, Studio Liverpool is shut down, CoD this and CoD that even when a crap studio is working on the Vita version which destroyed Resistance on Vita which is rushed to be out this year, poor customer support (not Fred’s fault or even Jawad and even Andy too.) and I think SCEE needs more employees badly. SCEA has tons and US is a big country, EU just has lots of small countries where SCEE needs to edit avaliablties for each country. I mean look at us, we get retail games last now due to retail flexablity.

  • Walking Dead ep 3?
    Hope we’ll be getting it next week at least.

  • No word at all as regards to Episode 3 of The Walking Dead. It came out on Tuesday in North America on PSN and XBL everywhere a day or two later, why is it PSN Europe hasn’t got it, seriously why. Really really angry/[CENSORED] off with SCEE on this one.

    • Hey there. I updated the Walking Dead situation over on the store post towards the end of last week. The game is currently in QA, and providing there are no problems will be available in the next week or two.

  • Wondering if any fellow plus people can help me out.

    RDR should be available on wednesday as the game of the month.The other day I was on the store,and clicked the 60 minute trial section.I noticed RDR was there.
    A thought hit me.Can I download the RDR trial,then come wednesday activate the licence by starting a new download and cancelling it?.

    My thinking is because we have all the game files as part of the 60 minute trial,and the only thing stopping us from playing on is a licence that expires after 60 minutes.
    And knowing that I can reactivate plus content that’s expired,can I treat the 60 minute trial as a sort of pre release download.

    Regarding the delay issues,it seem’s like it’s got worse since the Trine 2 issues.
    Because of the delay,I wont be buying CS now.I’ve other games I want coming soon and I wont have time for multiple games on top of what I already play.

  • Lot of us waiting for the walking dead episode 3.

    • Yes, I know you are and apprecaite your frustration over the discrepancy with the US release. The EU code is currently in QA and will hopefully be on the store in the next couple of weeks.

  • Broken record gets broken. The entitled strike again. cs go is likely not coming out. walking dead will come out when it is ready. no amount of moaning will change this. hijacking recap blogs to try and get an answer to questions that cannot be answered is futile.

    The screaming masses are actually a minority. Over 1000 blog posts demanding CS GO might indicate a high level of annoyance, but factor in the likelihood that those 1000 plus comments were made by probably less than 50 irate people, the vocal minority, and you wonder why the global corporation is ignoring you…

  • @vonhammer: Probably, but there are no guarantees. While games are frequently given to PS+ users in the form of (i) a one hour trial and a (ii) full game activation download, they sometimes give us a single, full game download instead… even though a one hour trial for PS+ users also exists.

    If you decide to download the trial but they release the full version instead of an activation key, your save game file should still work so I say go for it.

  • @vonhammer

    I did the same for Borderlands. I downloaded the full trial then when the game became free a week later it was a different file so I have 2 borderlands icons on my XMB.

    You keep the save alright but you will need to delete the full game trial.

  • Hi!
    Wasnt the online storage limit for PS Plus going to be increased to 1GB today???

  • @fauxtronic Lucreto

    Thanks for the help.

  • was wondering if anyone could help me out, I really want to get the HD remake of MGS Peace Walker but i don’t want to buy the whole HD collection as i have MGS2 and 3 already and don’t care about getting them again, i looked about and it said it was meant to be getting put on just its self on the 28th of august on ps3 and 360. It’s on the 360 store but not ps3 and i was just wondering if its actually coming to psn as standalone, thanks

  • After spending plenty time on it this week, I seriously recommend Retro/Grade to anyone without epilepsy!!!

  • you kinda gotta love the horrible way SCEE informs us off the progress off the CS:GO and the walking dead by just acting like nothing is wrong. but in general SCEE is horrible just stupid ppl only found out when CS:GO diden’t get released.

    is there even any talk about improving SCEE or is there just another let’s ignore the consumers and do the horrible update’s SCEE been doing for years. o ya and blame the consumers for not asking publishers enough.

    • Hey chap. I’ve update on the Walking Dead both here and in the Store Update thread, and I’ve been as communicative as possible re. CS:GO there too – please check the Store thread for more on that.

      SCEE is always trying to improve its service and we never ignore what you guys have to say. The realities of business protocol mean that we can’t always be a transparent as you might like, but please believe that we take on board all feedback – both positive and negative – and do our best to action on it.


  • Angel☆JIN☆

    Dear Fred Dutton im in dear need of help my PS3 got hacked into by someone not my PSN account i don’t think?

    But my ps3 went into a blue screen with strange code letters on middle part of screen then its said press ps button? Then it said upgrade your system software to version 4.21.

    But my ps3 already has the version 4.21. installed already? then a name came on my screen (can’t say name on this forum)then my PS3 just wiped my HD clean ?
    All data gone from my PS3?

    Who do i need to talk to about this matter. Strange day im having?

    • Hey there Mr Wolf. Yes, I’m afraid that’s an issue for customer support. You’ll need to call 0844 736 0595. They should be able to help you out.

  • @Immortal-Wolf

    Oh no!! I mean, if its wiped your hard drive clean, then you must have just lost your Playstation Allstars save – you know, the FULL GAME you have already + all future dlc?! What a terrible, terrible shame. Maybe its a conspiracy?

  • so your ps3 got hacked and someone remotely wiped you HD.

    and instead of calling customer services you thought it’ll be a better idea to post a comment on the blog, since you know sony are sooo good at answering peoples questions. lmao

  • PS All Stars is actually looking kind of fun. I look forward to trying the beta.

  • PS All Stars is actually looking kind of fun. I look forward to trying the beta.

  • PS All Stars is looking fun. Looking forward to trying the beta.

  • stil.. nog csgo,
    no ps4 for me

  • Another week of waiting for CS:GO..

  • @Project2insanity: LOL. I thought the same about Retro/Grade. Hell, I’m surprised it doesn’t *cause* epilepsy. :D

  • Any news on CS GO or Walking Dead this week?
    Even though I would not be surprised if there still wasn’t any news and if they weren’t released this week.
    Just Wondering.
    Eventually when they are released I will be happy.

    • Please keep your eye on the Store Update thread (or see above re. WD pt3). Myself or Jawad do our best to add additional updates in the comments section as they come in.

  • I hope people would still be willing to purchase CS GO despite the delay.
    Over wise there is no point in releasing CS GO to the UK PSN.
    Unless you can connect to players in the US.

  • Saw this new game trailer called (Super Time Force)coming 2013

    It teaches kids to committing suicide its ok we can Rewind Time so they won’t die.

    I guess the world will be less people in 2013 thanks to (Super Time Force) :)

  • The PSN Store is being called out.

    I believe it is an unfair comment and I appreciate the hard work you do but he has a point.

    It is hard to manage 26 store at once.

    i have 2 questions about CS:GO :
    1.) how much players can fight on a map?
    2.) Do ya know if there will be dlc’s ?
    PS: U do really nice work ! The others here ignore us,but u try 2 answer our questions as best as possible. respect dude!

    • You know what? I’m not a massive shooter fan, so can’t speak with much authority on this. I believe the PC version supports 30 players, but I couldn’t say if this carries over to console. As for DLC – I don’t think Valve has announced anything, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that was to happen.

  • Hi Fred

    Just wondering when we will get news on this weeks plus content and new features being added to plus and also The discount

    Thanks for the great work you do

  • Are we even going to see CS:GO in the next update???

  • Dear Mr Dutton, I just want to say thank you. I appreciate that you and the rest of the blog team must be fed up of the moaning about SCEA always being being ahead of us. I could moan about no netflix on my vita. But I appreciate the work you do bring is news when you can, even when you are asked the same question over again even when you have already answered it in the same thread. So thank you all :) oh and I know this is the wrong thread but as the weekend is now over and I needed a feel good game to pick me up so I played resonance of fate and dark souls! I know that makes no sense but I love RPGs but I am fed up of all the western RPGs that are all to similar. Both challenging innovative games that give you a true sense of accomplishment :)

    • Thank you for the kind words sir! To be honest, the Weekend Debate usually stays open until Monday lunch time, so feel free to whack your contribution in now and the judges just might see it. +1 for the Dark Souls love!

  • Will do thanks Fred :)

  • CS:GO
    NO GO
    SONY is not a good brand.
    Even film rentals are cheaper on iTunes.
    The PS app is absolutely horrible. Nothing good about SONY.

  • If you want another console stop wasting your time here bragging about it. Make it happen by buying another console and stoping with the stupid comments.

  • @Fred

    6 months for like a avatar and then not getting it released in my country is kinda to much. we all know that SCEE Q&A and metadata are the problem. sadly SCEE won’t change it and just make it that they only need english paperwork.
    and not 2 forget the like nearly 50 ps1 classic still not on the store after 5 years or more, and now constant shovelware ps2 games no classics like persona3FES and many more.
    let’s be honest publisher don’t wanna publish in europe cause their rules are retarded they make no sense for them business wise.

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