Smart As… Seeks Out The World’s Brainiest Nation

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Smart As… Seeks Out The World’s Brainiest Nation


Have you ever wondered how smart the games industry is? Well, a couple of weeks ago at gamescom 2012, hundreds of people, including gamers, developers, press and publishers, competed to outsmart one another in Smart As…, Sony’s brand new socially networked game for PlayStation Vita.

Smart as contest at Gamescom Staeg

With personal, professional and national pride to play for, the stakes were high. But, having the home advantage, it was Germany who (unsurprisingly) came out as the smartest nation.


Number # Country Brain Power (Avg.)
1 Germany 64.8396
2 Great Britain 63.6927
3 Sweden 58.9823
4 Austria 58.8799
5 France 57.5487
6 Romania 57.1391
7 Turkey 55.7055
8 Holland 54.8863
9 Japan 49.9711
10 Hungary 48.3327
11 Greece 46.8991
12 Denmark 38.5023
13 Poland 29.6959
14 Spain 24.3711

Players represented 14 different countries, with Germany coming out on top.

Congratulations to Germany. . . Smartest country at gamescom 2012!

Congratulations to each day’s winner for outsmarting the competition in logic, arithmetic, language and observation puzzles. One gamer even managed to beat the outstanding 83% brain power set by our development team!

For those of you that missed it, check out the brand new Smart As… trailer to whet your appetite.

Smart As… will be released before Christmas so it is not long until you can test your brains and compare your score with friends instantly via Facebook, Twitter or PlayStation Network. This really is the easiest way to show you’re smart!

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  • Thought this was going to be one of those free apps?

    So anyway, how much will it cost and is it download only or can you get it on a retail Vita game card??

    TINTIN :-)

  • Are you serious?
    We don’t get games like DJMax TECHNIKA TUNE (Which North America gets) and Time Travelers in Europe but we do get “Smart As…” a brain game which nobody will remember one week after release and will probably do horrifically in the charts.

    Is Sony even trying any more? maybe you guys WANT the Vita to be a flop.

    Heck, Hatsune Miku Project Diva -f would probably be a best seller in the west simply because it’s Miku.

    Excuse me while I go play my 13 year old SEGA Dreamcat because that’s much more entertaining.

  • Looking forward for it, have seen it in retail, but I suppose it will come as download aswell, as this is a game wich fits perfect for the memorycard I suppose as it will be a well used game I hope. Will it come with Norwegian language aswell, as I suppose a braingame will be a bit unfair on a foreign language…? And will there be a platinium to earn aswell? :)

  • I wish SCEE would seek out episode 3 of The walking dead. But then again, they aren’t very brainy…

    • Zing! Let’s keep it on topic please. Like I said in the other thread. WD is in QA and is coming very soon. Smart As… chat in here only please, or you may find your comment magically disappearing.

  • Home advantage? I never registered that my IQ dropped on foreign ground. :P
    And the higher amount of players around shouldn’t matter if the ranking is based on the average.

    Maybe everyone else was forced to play the game in German? But I doubt that the Brits are the best German speakers in this world, so that seems doubtful too.

    Oh well, maybe I’m just too ger… ahem smart for that stuff. ;)

  • Interesting, I would rather this as a download…
    how many puzzles are there?

  • Also, could the Germans win not to be to do with the language of the demo? (or was it in English?)

  • seems like a fun game

  • well somebody was asking about purchase, you can pee order from amazon for £19 but might be cheaper on Playstation network on launch

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