Fuel Overdose Gameplay Showcased In New Trailer

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Fuel Overdose Gameplay Showcased In New Trailer

In 2010 we started the development of Fuel Overdose with the ambition of offering a new kind of solo and multiplayer action racing experience by bringing a more varied, strategic approach to combat gameplay. That’s why we like to think of Fuel Overdose as a ‘tactical action racing’ game. Today, with the first official trailer, we’re happy to introduce the central racing component of the game.

Immediate fun vs. depth of gameplay

When we decided to go for a top-down/isometric camera system, we pulled our old consoles out of the closet to try to recapture the spirit of the classic games. We immediately remembered that what we loved about them is the balance between the immediate fun they deliver and the depth of their gameplay. With Fuel Overdose, we wanted to deliver a game that was neither entirely arcade-orientated nor a pure simulation, but a perfect mixture of both approaches.


Driving styles and advanced gameplay

Because Fuel Overdose has always been about playing the game the way you want to play it, each vehicle has its own distinctive handling. Regardless of your race strategy you will have to find your own driving style, and there’s always the possibility to improve the performance of your vehicle by investing in customisation upgrades.

Advanced players will also have to master skidding and spinning. By pressing R2 (accelerate) and L2 (brake) simultaneously, you activate the handbrake and start skidding. You can then make your vehicle start spinning with the left stick while your trajectory remains unchanged. This technique is not only useful when trying to take sharp turns, as you can see in the trailer (00:54), but also enables you to regain the control of your vehicle even after being hit. You’ll see in a forthcoming trailer that the spinning technique can also be used to attack your enemies.

Finally, as we wanted to offer an opportunity for race purists to show their skills, we created a series of challenges and game modes, both offline and online, such as the drift and time attack modes where the use of weapons and other action techniques is disabled.

Fuel_Overdose_Racing04 Fuel_Overdose_Racing03

Grappling hooks

This is one of my favorite features of the game. They play a key role in the Fuel Overdose experience, as they have been designed to be used in so many different ways and situations. They are massively fun and I really hope you’re going to like them.

Imagine that you just had an accident and there’s another vehicle coming. You can grab it and quickly get you back on the track. You can then even trigger a boost and be able to overtake it (1:25). You can also grab other vehicles to benefit from their speed, or even quickly overtake a group of opponents by performing multiple grabs and boosts.

Grappling hooks will also allow you to perform perfect turns at full speed by grabbing one of the corner poles strategically placed on the track (1:06). But miss your timing or miscalculate your angle and you’ll end up being hurled across the track and smashed spectacularly. Use them wisely as they are a limited resource and you might need to save some of them for the other usages that we’ll unveil in the coming trailers.

Fuel_Overdose_Racing05 Fuel_Overdose_Racing06

These are only the first components of the Fuel Overdose formula. Keep an eye out for our coming announcements and you’ll understand better why Fuel Overdose is not only a driving experience, but a combat racer that doesn’t feel like any other game.

You can follow the development of Fuel Overdose on Facebook, Twitter @skanderdjerbi or by visiting our official website: www.fueloverdose.com

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7 Author Replies

  • This looks really fun, i cant wait to try it.
    Any chance of a trial when it comes to release?

    • I’m very glad to see such enthusiasm :)

      I’m gonna be totally honest with you. We are considering a demo and even started thinking about its content. However I cannot guarantee that it’s gonna be available when the full game releases. We are a very small indie team, and right now we are focusing at 100% on the PS3 version of the full game.

      Skander D.

  • will buy this 1st before anyone else does

    • Thank you for your support:).

      My PSN id is skandertk, I will be glad to share with you a multiplayer session.

      Skander D.

  • is there another official trailer? I suffer migraine and had to turn this one off at around 20s because of the rapid flashing :(

    • Very sorry about that but we don’t have any other trailer to present for the moment :(. I suggest you to jump to second 26.

      Also keep in mind that this trailer presents only one of the gameplay pillars of the game. Other trailers are coming soon.

      Skander D.

  • Looks like alot of fun.

  • Looks awesome, I hope it plays as good as it looks, I love this kind of games when they are well done!, wich there is a platinium in it aswell so there Is many goals to archive aswell! :)

    • So far there is no Vita version officially announced. I would be lying to you if I said that we haven’t thought about it, but right now we are focusing on the PS3 version.

      Skander D.

  • looks fun!!

    I like the art style. Are you using a cell shading kind of approach?

    TINTIN :-)

    • Indeed :)

      As you may know we are based in Japan, and our character designer Hideyuki is Japanese. The cel-shaded style is something we didn’t plan in the early phases of our development. But after discussing with the Sony teams, it turned out that the game was lacking visual identity and that there was a big difference between the character design and the vehicles. After several tests we decided to go for a cel-shading style to reinforce the mange/comics atmosphere of our game.

      Skander D.

  • It looks great!

    The art style really makes your game stand out over other racers of this ilk.

    Got a great original Gravity Rush feel to it.

    Good luck with the project as a whole and I look forward to seeing more videos in this little series.

    TINTIN :-)

    Oh and what sort of price point are you going to be selling this at (a rough guestimate ball park figure will do for now)?

  • Looks like a fun game and worth a blast, although I must admit the Vita is getting all the game action at the moment. This game does look perfect for a dual download a la MotorStorm RC.

  • @Skander and a good morning to you :-)

    The cost of a pizza you say?

    Now are we talking a personal cheese & tomato pizza or an XXL full monty pizza?!?

    Haha, I jest ;-) seems to be a reasonable asking price IMO.

    I take it you are a relatively small indie company?
    Did the lack of staff (ergo time) mean that a Vita version as well as the PS3 version was not really a viable option for you and your team?

    I ask because as previous commentators have said (and I strongly agree) that this would be a PERFECT game for the Vita and even better for Cross-Play, Wipeout style, but I understand that would create a massive amount of extra work and put the release date back way off in the distance!! ;-D

    TINTIN :-)

    • :)

      PS Vita: Many gamers (namey on the US blog) are asking for a Vita version but due to our limited resources we had to make a choice. Also keep in mind that we started in 2010 and started working with PS3 devkits in March 2011 (the Vita was not released at that time)

      Skander D.

  • Good point.

    Anyway thanks for the answers to my questions (all ways good to get info straight from the horse’s mouth as it were ;-))

    I’ll keep an eye out for more on this game as it looks like one of those “easy to play but hard to master” kind of titles that I enjoy!!

    TINTIN :-)

  • looks good, looks like a Amiga game, grapple hook to go round corners (Been done in Batman years ago)

    game sounded really good until Batman grapple hook was mentioned.

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