MUBI Update: Enjoy Great Films For Less

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MUBI Update: Enjoy Great Films For Less

MUBI 23/8

We at MUBI thought we’d bring you a nice surprise this summer. For several years now we’ve been bringing you a unique offering on PlayStation 3 – not the usual blockbusters and mainstream movies that are easy to see in theatres, on DVD and elsewhere, but instead bringing the wider world of movies to your TV. Independent films, festival highlights, award-winners, undistributed gems, classics both lost and beloved – these are MUBI’s favorites, and they’re our focus.

As you may have seen with our last update – our recent launch of Scandi Sensations, a program highlighting great recent movies from Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden – we strive to bring special screenings to you that no one else does.

And this Summer, we’ve decided to sweeten the deal even further by reducing the cost of MUBI’s monthly subscription service. Subscribers old and new will still have unlimited access to all the independent, international and classic films playing in their country on MUBI, only this time for less!

Our subscription service is, I think, key to truly experiencing MUBI. Since we’re so much about discovering the movies – exploring new filmmakers, new genres, finding unusual and exciting festivals, wonderful new corners of the huge world of cinema – a monthly subscription is the best way to see what we have to offer, to try new things out, experiment a bit and find something you’ll really love.

The new price for a monthly, unlimited subscription to MUBI is €7.99 per month. Click here to see what the new tag is in your area.

We hope you enjoy the new price, and best of luck in your explorations into the world of film on MUBI!

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  • Great news! MUBI is awesome. Is also an update of the PS3 App planned? e.g. higher picture quality or even HD streams?

  • Great to hear, highly recommend a subscription as to me it’s like a 24 7 curated theatre :)

    I would like to see the ps3 app get linked into the same server database as the browser as a suggestion. See cinemas, watch lists appear correctly, no difference between favourites… etc
    Also that there is no community aspect at all to the ps3 app Efe is a shame. The most unique and vibrant part of Mubi is missing.

  • not the usual blockbusters and mainstream movies that are easy to see in theatres, on DVD and elsewhere instead of your PS3,
    Gamescom 2009 promissed
    Gamescom 2012 not even 1 mention of the videostore

  • @3 I know, how freaking awesome is it that they leave all like Twilight off the Mubi servers!

  • is there any hope of this reaching the AE Saudi store ??
    no music, no tv, no films :(
    should we call our store the forbidden store !?

  • Sorry, I’d love to subscribe but still think it’s overpriced for what’s on offer. I pay £4.99 a month for LoveFilm and it has thousands more films available including independent and foreign films which I enjoy so much. The day you match their price is the day I subscribe.

  • oh MUBI, just ONE payment option, and thats the cc. we are not in 1980s, add more payment options and it would get more customers! Easy, eh?

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