Introducing Dust 514’s Instant Battle Matchmaker

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Dust 514 matchmaking

Human beings are hunters at heart. We were hunter-gatherers well before we invented computers, after all. And what better place to practice our ancestral instinct than in a MMO shooter where we can stalk, pounce upon and kill our prey so that we can safely and legally experience the thrills and complexities of the hunt. This sublime experience even has a name : the ancient Greeks called this “arete” and used it to describe the excellence and beauty that can arise between combatants of equal stature.

Of course, part of this excellence comes with the assumption of a fight between two equally matched combatants; it would seem that our ancestors, too, preferred a fair fight. But in the real world, we are too often reminded that all is fair in love and war, and as many of you already know, Dust 514 is about war (okay, there is love too).

However, this does not mean that “arete” has no place in Dust 514. Like the Olympics, we want to offer players a chance to compete on a fair and equal footing where it is less about the gear and more about the skill and mental resilience to win the fight.

To this end, we are introducing the first part of the Instant Battle Matchmaking system that will be included in our next patch, the Precursor update. The goal of this system is to put players who are at the same “skill rank” into the same battle, for those looking for a fair battle.

To do this, Dust 514 will use an algorithm that takes into account certain criteria when considering whom to populate into a quick match. Some criteria are hardware-based, such as internet speed/latency, while others are based on player statistics, measuring players’ overall strengths and then pulling them into balanced teams using that information.

In addition, the Instant Battle Matchmaking system is the first part we are releasing of a new feature where battles are actually fought for planet district ownerships within the EVE Online universe on behalf of NPC corporations. Finally, as part of the Instant Battle Matchmaking system you will be able to form four-man squads (we will raise this number over time) with friends and join a match on the same side.

We expect to test this new system during the beta phase and improve its design and implementation over the course of the beta, ultimately delivering more “arete” moments to our players.

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  • Dust 514 Free to Play well thats a joke everyone hates free to play games as follows slow installing and then you must purchase better upgrades weapons or purchase new maps.

    (FREE TO PLAY) nothing in life is free theres always a catch.

    We all won’t play Free to Play games unless its a Free Fan Sub.

  • i like this idea of fair game but please tell what is the release date… coz i have to plan accordingly……

  • @Immortal-Wolf– I’m sorry to burst your bubble dude, but the game is COMPLETELY free to play. All future expansions/DLC will be free as it is a growing MMOFPS. The only purchases that you can make is if you purchase a currency called AURUM. You can use this AURUM to purchase weapons that are sidegrades to their ISK (the ingame currency) counterparts. They don’t make you overpowered in any way.

    You can get access to the beta now as a PS+ member or if you go to the Dust 514 Playstation Home space and all you have to dois play a game of slay, watch all four propaganda videos, and then go to the Dust 514 screen for your code. Give it a shot. And besides, it’s free. You don’t have to pay a dime if you don’t want to. If you hate it, well, there is the uninstall button.

  • This game is amazing and if you play EVE online as well you can really get into it!

    @Immortal-Wolf… try it and see… :)

  • This game, is awesome, will be awesome, and even the concept art is awesome….

  • @Bobcomss @ZjinRaines You all Fail

    Dust 514 Free to Play Dust 514 Mercenary pack £13.99

    Dust 514 400 Aurum £1.59
    Dust 514 1100 Aurum £3.99
    Dust 514 2500 Aurum £7.99
    Dust 514 5000 Aurum £13.99

    Dust 514 yeah (FREE TO PLAY) what a joke that is all this Free!

  • A Free ride in a Cop car. The word Free but the catch first is, do the crime then do the time, but you do get a FREE ride in a cop car.

  • Was really looking forward to playing Dust…… When I actually got the beta access I was left disappointed. I had such hight hopes. The game play and graphics are a massive let down

  • mr tweak, was you expecting a demo? on the top of the screen it says “closed beta” it’s a true beta. there are a ton of bugs in it that we are still finding *AS BETA TESTERS*.

    immortal-Wolf, you are referencing the merc pack which gives you aurum and a whole host of in game items I can’t get because I refuse to pay for stuff.

    I hate paying for subscriptions, but for those that don’t, CCP is implementing income by having you purchase currency/items in the game. This keeps the game free for those that want it free, and subscription based if you want to pay a subscription. It’s not tying you in to play like warcraft or other p2p games, it’s a reward based income model.

  • The Merc pack, and the aurum are all optional, Immortal-Wolf.

    You can quite happily ignore them.

    The primary use for them? Saving you time.

    You get more skillpoints if you buy the booster. But you cap out at the same rate, so all someone else has to do is play more.

    And so on.

  • yup it is good to hear….

  • I love how people say there disappointed by a beta.
    A game that is not even fully completed.

    Graphics and sound are not optimised so you can’t really say it looks and sounds bad.
    And all of the options ain’t open so you can’t really say “but I can even create a corp” because this like this will be added slowly and will defiantly be there when the game launches.

    Grouping only got added during the last update and at the minute you can only group with three other players but they clearly stated they will be increasing the group size over time.

    This is an MMO and a Beta! Items and options have got to be added slowly to ensure they don’t crash the entire server! It’s not Call of Duty where it’s P2P hosting! All players are connected to the same server, so if something goes wrong, it will result in the server being pulled down to be fixed. So they have got to be carefull with all changes they make.

    But the good thing is, any problems that have occurred have been fixed pretty quickly.

  • I installed, played a little then quickly uninstalled right after remembering that MMOs have a tendency to suck up all of your free time.

    I’m also a bit down on MMOs after feeling a bit ripped off over a mis-purchase (due to insufficient product description) for DCUO which Sony wouldn’t refund. You MMO developers might want to have a word with Sony about the damage poor customer service does to your potential customer base.

  • @ImmortalWolf

    I dont think you’ve played the beta or read the interviews and information on the game, just see a couple articles and come to your ignorant conclusion. For a fact i have, as a starved competitive PS3 gamer, read every article and mention of this game, have a giant library of all of the threads and podcasts that mention Dust on a clan site, and am also in beta.

    Im not a fanboy by any means, ive been one of the more critical posters on the beta forums (issues i wont discuss obviously, NDA and also out of respect for CCP as some fools take beta as what it will be in launch… CCP has addressed many of the issues ive had thus far: Keep it up CCP) whenever i bother to post. And i certainly hold many reservations still…

    One thing i can honestly say to anyone reading this, this is thus far a well balanced Free-to-Play game. The items you buy have almost identical copies for the ISK version. I wont say any more details in fear of breaking NDA, everything ive said this far is just what CCP has already said in previous interviews, im just confirming.

  • @immortal cont’d

    The F2P model on this is good… and what about League of Legends Immortal? That game is another type that has mastered the model, you dont need to pay a cent to be amongst the best in the world at that game (as the best in the world have proven), so again, your argument proves flawed.

    Please stop posting ignorant things like this, the game will have trouble with getting numbers initially (competitive PS3 community seems on a wide scale pretty intrigued, but casuals who help bolster numbers and get converted to competitive players are where it may lack… but please CCP dont make this fact ruin your competitive driven concept), and last thing we need is hearsay from someone who doesnt know anything about the game, and probably isnt even in closed beta.

  • On a note related to article, this is good, will give a way for casuals to adjust, something that will help sustain numbers for sure.

    A lot of work to do yet but definitely good step

  • I was interested about this game from the moment it was introduced. It sounded intriguing to be part of a huge EVE universe and play the part as the foot soldier en epic battles. What I asked all the time to the developers was how that would feel because it’s the number one “selling” point and I never got an answer. I still haven’t got an answer after playing the beta. I don’t feel that galactic battle. All I see is boring planets and some guys running and gunning around. I’m also wondering if this game is ever going to look as wonderful as the pics they publish because it needs a ton of work.
    I will keep an open mind and keep checking back but for now I’m very skeptic.

  • This is the worst game I have ever played in my life EPIC FAIL

  • Loving the Beta. Been playing since June. For those of you who tried it early and thought “thumbs down” give it another shot…the improvements in the new build are great.

    For those knocking the free to play angle, just give it a rest. It is a business model that focuses profit margins on those who are willing to pay a little extra while opening up the game to everyone else, there-by establishing a large and diverse community.

    I bought the Merc Pack because I wanted to support CCP in this ambitious project, even though I already had a Beta Key. It was a great value and I never felt like I had an advantage over anyone even when I was testing some of the AURUM only gear. Still got waxed by plenty of folks using basic Militia equipment and loadouts.

    Very excited about Dust 514’s future on the PS3 and hopefully next gen hardware. It is a game that is only going to get better and better with time and will cost me only what I feel compelled to spend.

    I figure I have spend hundreds of dollars on the COD franchise over the past 4-5 years just to get more of the same. Join the Dust 514 revolution and help change console gaming forever :)

  • This game is terrible and you should feel terrible for trying to support it. CCP, you have utterly failed to make this a compelling game. You forgot that you were making a video game and instead have made a heaping pile of trash. You focused more on your damn online shop and “mmo rpg elements” (which is basically a glorified chat room with a bunch of circle-jerks) that you have completely lost the thread. Your game is still an FPS but apparently you cant get the shooting right either. If you think this game is good at all (or will be good) you are just a fanboy in denial… there is no other explanation.

  • Yourfacedotcom Wrote: This game is terrible and you should feel terrible for trying to support it. CCP, you have utterly failed to make this a compelling game. You forgot that you were making a video game and instead have made a heaping pile of trash. You focused more on your damn online shop and “mmo rpg elements” (which is basically a glorified chat room with a bunch of circle-jerks) that you have completely lost the thread. Your game is still an FPS but apparently you cant get the shooting right either. If you think this game is good at all (or will be good) you are just a fanboy in denial… there is no other explanation.

    I totaly agree with this comment i couldn’t of said it better myself Dust 514 Free to play thats wrong? Its Pay to play more like!

  • Any games that are (FREE TO PLAY) i Recommend you don’t play.

    MMO free to play are the worse games to free to play.

    All this free to play rubbish just sucks up time for what us gamers realy want to do on any game.

    I belive this (FREE TO PLAY) is a (SCAM) to market there goods to sucker us in to rubbish land games then we pay for rubbish goods.

  • Hate & Negative & Random Expletive & Whine & Unspecific Criticism & Blah Blah Blah.

    As console gamers the Beta concept is a bit skewed for us since usually what we consider a Beta is just an unpolished demo. The current state of Dust 514 is that of a game several weeks from full release. The task at hand is to identify SPECIFIC elements that you find lacking and report them in Dust 514 Forums dedicated to the Beta Test. Playing a game for a few hours & calling it a “heaping pile of trash” in a Blog does nothing to further improve what’s shaping up to be a decent title.

    The Beta’s been ongoing since April & will continue until full release (still a few months away). I’m sure if you had the opportunity to play your favorite game 8 months before release you wouldn’t be impressed.

    CCP’s listening to players. EVE Online players & those who’ve logged many hours on mainstream console FPS’s. They’re tweaking & fine-tuning everything from FPS mechanics to weapon performance to market & skill prices. That’s what a Beta is for. If you don’t like certain aspects of gameplay then provide some detail, explain how it effects positive player experience and offer solutions to make it better.

  • Wow I thought only N4G had trolls and now Immortal Wolf has broken into trolling official blogs.

    With the amount of passion and determination shown by constantly researching things to force his opinion about a demo being bad and refusing to understand the F2P structure for this game, I wonder if you get paid to troll these articles.

  • I really enjoyed playing this game. Its compelling and deep. The gun play is just about right. I’m a planet side 1 veteran, I would say it is a little faster than planet side though.

    The game is free to play, the items available to buy for real money are really cheap, and all they do is save you time. Its hard to go into details (NDA). Suffice to say you’ve got nothing to lose by trying it.

    A word of warning though, should you decide to play it; there are some really good players in the game and you may feel a little out classed at the beginning. Don’t expect to be able to recreate you “leetness” on CoD or Halo.

    Dust is Hard. This game is a challenge, if you don’t like challenges, don’t play it.

  • What CryptoWraith said… i honestly feel a lot of the people lashing out at this game with no real reason provided were just bested and are upset.

    This game has drawn a lot of people from the competitive community, and many got into beta, so there are a lot of good players (not being conceited, but such as myself, ive taken this game on like a science). When they get this new matchmaking style in it should help allow a learning curve to be easier,

    also launch will have High Sec (what we see in beta, just standard matchmaking mechanics) and FW/Low sec, FW/lowsec will be where most of the competitive players will flock to for good fights, atleast until Nullsec is launched later on. So Highsec will be a more comfortable area for the casuals to experiment.

    Also for those in beta, read the beta forums, some people put up decent pointers on where to invest skills and such.

    -Your deadly, friendly and lifesaving Logi, LifeLine

  • @ Immortal-Wolf– seriously dude, don’t you have anything else to do then to try and convince people that ‘in your personal opinion’ this game isn’t that good ???

    1- it IS free to play, and yes as you can lvl faster by spending money.. if you suck at it, well you would onluy suck faster…

    2. doing a google for a bad review isn’t all that hard…

    3. What’s your point ?? you hating, trolling or just simply bored??

    If I where you I’d go pay 60 bucks for the next COD and go play that. Then those who actually do like the game won’t have to put up with your unfounded, ignorant and seriously out of place whining (was going for b*tch*ng, but that’d be moderated…).

  • I actually agree with Immortal_Wolf
    Nothing is free there is always a cost for everything.
    And I say “cost” in a much broader sense, not just money.

    Also I will always give my money to a developer that deserves them, I will always pay for a great experience: nothing shameful about it.
    I bought every game I have and, few exceptions aside, they all deserved my money.
    CCP is expecting us to spend money: they are not a charity developer.

    I won’t comment on Dust 514 quality here because I am still under NDA.

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