Anomaly: Warzone Earth Out This Week

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Anomaly: Warzone Earth Out This Week

Anomaly lead art

Hello everyone, Paweł Miechowski here from 11 bit studios. I’m really happy to announce that our original mixture of strategy and action Anomaly Warzone Earth launched yesterday on PlayStation Network.

As I explained last month, Anomaly is essentially the first ever Tower Offense game. Instead of defending towers, you create troops and send them on missions to destroy extraterrestrial machines. As the war rages around you, you can plan and re-plan your strategy via a Tactical View and adjust your plans to suit your current predicament.

Anomaly_Warzone_Earth_screenshot_05 Anomaly_Warzone_Earth_screenshot_09

And to make things more frantic, you play as the Commander, who’s supporting troops in battle with various Special Abilities, such as Repair for healing units or Decoy for distracting enemy towers. If you want to buy new units or upgrade them, you have in-game cash to do so. Funds can be earned either by destroying enemies or mining resources like in any classic RTS.

Briefly, that’s Anomaly: Warzone Earth. In this indie-developed game we’ve mixed elements from arcade action titles, hardcore RTS games and some of our original ideas to deliver something unique. Naturally, as you can see in the video and screenshots, we’ve paid a lot of attention to the visual quality too. And you can get the game for as much as a few candy bars – it’s priced at just £7.29/€8.99/AU$14.45.

Of course, we also promise much better value for your money than a few slabs of chocolate. The game has 14 levels in single player campaign, two additional modes (Baghdad Mayhem and Tokyo Raid) and two PS3-exclusive local co-op campaigns, which are in my opinion, the most dynamic modes in the entire game. In the local co-op there are two Commanders operating on the battlefield, one’s responsible for the strategic plans, the other for controlling the troops. Both need to cooperate and boost the Special Abilities of the other to make the squad more powerful.

Anomaly_Warzone_Earth_screenshot_08 Anomaly_Warzone_Earth_screenshot_04

I’d be happy to answer any questions you have for us, so please post them below and I’ll reply as soon as possible. Stay with us on Facebook and Twitter for more details! Peace!

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2 Author Replies

  • Played this game on the Android, and really enjoyed it. Highly recommendable. However, I would have expected this to be brought to the Vita instead, because of its touch-screen. Maybe later on?
    Also, the price is a bit steep, if you compare it to the Android price, and especially when compared to the iOS price. The added co-op levels don’t warrant a double price-tag.

    Otherwise, a really great game!

  • more games like this on PSN please , great game indeed :)

    thank you

  • Why did you not release it in Norway? :( – and some other countries aswell..

  • Hi,

    Can you describe what those two modes(Baghdad Mayhem and Tokyo Raid) are all about ?

    And only 14 levels ? In the demo there are 5 levels ? That is really short…


  • Comment removed.

    I don’t even.

    Here, remove this one as well.

    • Hey. We’re happy to receive all feedback on Store issues in the relevant thread. I haven’t posted further in there on the CS:GO issue as I’m afraid I don’t have any new information yet. The very minute I do, I will pass it on – that’s a promise.

      That said, everything that’s being said in there is being read and taken on board (yep, even the X-rated stuff). So, please, stay on topic if you can. It might not be your scene but Anomaly is a really great little game – trust me – and the developer deserves a dedicated comments thread devoted to his work.

  • @Fred
    Seems people really just want an answer with the whole CS/TWD issues. Understood you may not have any new information, but you guys are yet to say what the initial issue is. We understand it’s frustrating for you guys with constant comments on various threads about the same issue.

    Would appreciate some feedback as to whats holding things up initially and what’s being done to resolve these issues. :)

    • Final word on this. I appreciate you all want more background detail on this but alas, it’s not something I can discuss right now. Suffice to say there is a lot of work ongoing to resolve the issue.

      Right, onto Anomaly. Great game, Pawel will be on here to answer questions soon. Feel free to post on other topics in the relevant threads. Thanks all.

  • As I said in the comment that was removed …

    Anomoly looks great and this looks right up my street, I’ll be picking it up on day one. Good work, guys.

  • Anomaly, even. Trust me, I know how to spell anomaly! That was a typo.

  • Thank you for the reply Fred.

    this game looks great. I’ll be sure to check it out.

  • Dear fred,
    im following the CS discussion at the EU blog for now 4 days. I really praise you,the admins! here we get answers. not like the german blog,where our questions get ignored from the “admins” you do really nice work! im just so disappointed about CS , because i need something to play now. i know its the wrong thread but do u know whats the exactly problem with cs? Why the store team give u guys no infos? thx for reading and (maybe) answering :D)
    ontopic: the game is cool and for 5 euro i would buy it! 8 euro is too expensive,cause when i buy it,im afraid that there’s not enough money for cs.
    yours faithfully

  • I was about to say something about respecting this post but couldn’t log in. Glad Fred stepped in. The game looks good, reminds me of the multiplayer from LAPD Future Cop. Will see if I have some spare money for this after LBP Vita.

  • Hi Fred, I told this game and another game are broken in the NL store (in the store update like it should) but you didn’t (re)act.

    On toppic:
    This game is to expensive Wy the difference in price for iOS and PS3? Does Sony wants to make more money on these products then the other providers? That wouldn’t be right. Or is it 11 bit studios?
    No buy, sorry guys.

  • Will the game be released in the Netherlands? If not I’m going to buy it from another country’s psn store

  • Paweł Miechowski

    Hey All!

    @chrisboers – PS3 version actually has much more content. Please not that even visual side is richer as PS3 is far more powerful platform when it comes to GPU power.

    @mJ_mSv – sorry, but there are some requirements we couldn’t meet…

    @GOJCcc – those are some kind of survival modes. Baghdad Mayhem sets you on a map, where there’s a generator to be destroyed within 5 minutes and there are 10 (and 18 in the rearmed version) waves of respawning enemies that defend the generator. Each wave gets harder and harder.
    Tokyo Raid is different – there are 18 islands that you need to clear out of enemies. Each island is randomly picked from some set and each island introduces a randomly picked goal to achieve. So each time you start this mode, it’s different. And from one island to another, the stuff becomes harder to do. There are no checkpoints in those modes. You just need to survive as long as you can.

    @OttoT – again, mobile version is not the same. It’s not a port, it’s much bigger version that was made especially for PS3.

    @huangyihao – it’ll be soon. We’re working on it now, actually.

    Thanks for the feedback folks!

  • “Anomaly is essentially the first ever Tower Offense game”

    Actually, there was another PS3 game that blended tower defense and tower offense : Comet Crash. Anomaly strictly focuses on the offense though, so I guess your statement is still right.

    Really enjoyed this game on Android, but I’m gonna pass on this one. I also played some levels on the PC version and moving the commander around, rather than taping the screen, didn’t feel quite as fun for me. Can’t wait for Korea though!

  • Is this a Free PSN PLUS Exclusive Game ??

  • Is this a Free PSN PLUS Exclusive Game??

  • @Pawel, your game on Vita could be nice… i know i know – gfx and more horespower but you know PLAY throws Vitas at ppl here in Poland so… ;)

  • Hi, id just like to ask, what are the featured new for ps3? I have got an android system aswell and have been looking at this for a while but im not sure what extra features ill get with the ps3 for the extra money. Thanks.

  • @seoc3

    You need to know that mobile version is not the same. The universum is the same, the mechanis is similar (although there is no Commander in mobile version, you just deploy power-ups by tapping the screen) but all levels in mobile version were created from the scratch to fit touch-screen gameplay model. There are 15 Baghdad levels, but they’re smaller becuase average device is not that powerful comparing to a console. And there are 2 Squad Assault modes. Console version has 14 levels, but obviously bigger ones and half of them is in Tokyo. There are also 2 Squad Assault modes in Baghdad + one in Tokyo called Tokyo Raid (please see the details about those modes above). And there are 2 campaigns in local co-op mode exclusive to PS3. In summary – the total playtime in console version is, approximately, 3 times longer.

  • Thanks, most probably will get it on ps3 sometime now.

  • Just wanted to express that I’m saddened that Anomaly did show up in the Swedish store only to show a “content not found” sign when clicked on. It’s been totally removed as of today.

    It’s a great game, have it on Steam and really wanted to play it with my mate this weekend. The addition of local co-op was a real boon, but this just sucks.

    SCEE: Don’t screw things up like this. You really fumbled the release of Gotham City Impostors earlier this year and failure to add announced content isn’t ok by any standards.

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