Sports Champions 2 Release Date Announced

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Hello, this is Senior Producer Jeremy Ray with a message all the way from San Diego Studio to let you all know that Sports Champions 2 will be available from 31st October 2012 across the PAL region. In about two short months you will be able to play the much anticipated sequel to the first Sports Champions, introducing Skiing, Boxing, Tennis, Golf, Bowling and the new Archery event.


Since we are getting so close I’d like to take this opportunity to give a little update on the game. Right now the team is primarily focused on squashing bugs and adding some last minute polish. The finish line is in sight and we are very excited to finally get Sports Champions 2 into living rooms all around the world. Once done, we hope to be able to take a quick breather before getting back at it again with some post-release support. I hope to be able to give some more information about that after launch.

Here’s a reminder of some of the great content that will be waiting for you in Sports Champions 2. Single player Cup Play and Free Play are back again with lots of little improvements that we think make them even better.


The Avatar Creator feature has turned out so much better than we envisioned it. I’m sure you’ll have a blast designing your character, selecting from a range of customisation options. The creativity we’ve seen with the QA team has been inspiring, and we’re incredibly excited to see how much further the fans take it.


The new Party Play mode is really coming together as well. You’ll be able to set up tournaments for up to four players with your favourite events and rules. It has been a tonne of effort, but we think it was worth it and hope you agree. Special kudos goes out to Zindagi Games for having the chops to bring this vision to reality.


Thank you, and continue to stay tuned for more Sports Champions 2 news.

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  • I really enjoyed the first Sports Champions and will get this one for sure.

    Do we know how many tracks for the skiing part and how many courses for the golf part there will be ?

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  • I think it’s time to buy Move ;)

  • It’s strange there is an avatar system but it’s not our HOME avatars. You really need to get them out of one application if you want them to mean anything to us, Sony (both competitors use avatars globally).

    Anyway, loved SC1, and you can count on me as a customer for this one :)

  • So does anyone know what approximate time the PS Store updates today?I am really excited for the PSone releases!!!

  • Hi

    It looks great!

    Will it have any online play? Tennis would be great to play vs my mates.

  • Please add more sports via DLC, can’t wait to try this out.

  • Great news, Sports Champions for me is by far the best Move game, glad to see more of it, Avatar system looks cool. not a pop at this game at all but I agree with what somethingatt said about avatars, they really need to link Home avatars to peoples game cards and let you use them in games (Im sure some like High Stakes on the Vegas strip even appear to use the same/a similar engine as home) would keep them with competitors and more than likely increase the amount of people using Home too.

  • Also would be cool if there was some DLC events, or a DLC to let you play sports Champion 1 events in 2 with the custom avatars and without changing discs

  • Will be in this version network multiplayer ?
    Previous version of Sports Champions was the best game for PS Move from me, but lack of network multiplayer was the weak point of this game.
    I cannot invite my friends to my hous everyday to play together, so this option will be solution for this.
    Also please take into consideration that sometimes there is no space in the living room for more than one player.

  • I loved the first one, It was extremely playable. I can’t wait for this one and really hope the controls work well on the boxing. The fight was a massive let down in that department. Fingers crossed i’ll be banging opponents out with pin point accuracy.

  • Any chance there will be a kcal (calorie) counter or stats to see how much energy you spent during the last session/day/week etc?

  • I loved the first game and i still play it. ihope the second game will be more 4 player mode on it. ihope when sports champions 3 is comming that you guys will have more sports on it. more than 6 sports. iknow you can do it :)

  • can someone list the sports it will include? I can only make out:

    Boxing (I think)

    Its a shame you cannot add these sports to the 1st one to make it a bigger better game especially when some if tge games are very similar, like table tennis, boxing and frisbee golf.

    I can imagine having to swap discs and calibrate move controllers during partiesas people jump from Soprts Champions 1 and 2.

    Either way, loved the 1st, cant wait to play this.

    Maybe you could send me a copy as it is near to my 1st year wedding anniversary ;)

  • a good reason to wipe the dust off my Ps3 & use it for a couple of weeks.

  • @Malik7866,
    The other two sports are Bowling and Archery (improved from SC1)

  • Can you guys also pass on that black magic you have of no longer requiring move to be caliberated to the Until Dawn devs.
    I’m eagerly anticipating that game and it’d be great if we didn’t have to caliberate for any future move games.

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