PlayStation Home: Life’s A Beach

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PlayStation Home: Life’s A Beach

PlayStation Home will briefly be offline from 8.00 a.m. on Thursday 30th August for routine maintenance (a day later than usual, due to the UK bank holiday). Here’s what to expect after the update…

Mercia_KeyArt_Discovery Merica_KeyArt_Fighting

Unique to PlayStation Home, Mercia: Fractured Realms is a free-to-play RPG that opens up the possibility for huge worlds and a depth of narrative that have yet to be explored on the platform.

  • What type of warrior are you? Choose between Ranger, Fighter and Defender – customise you armour, weapons and spells to suit your play style.
  • Look forward to free to play RPG adventure with a detailed XP system, unlock new armour, weapons and rewards as you progress.
  • Explore the vast world and dungeons, fighting beasts, collecting items and completing quests. Discover the Guardians who will guide you on your journey.


Visit the Dream Island Open House for an advance preview of this incredible tropical paradise. Explore the beautiful natural surroundings, admire the innovative architecture and discover hidden wildlife. The full apartment will be available soon in three different value packs, with a selection of hidden rewards and an Exclusive Store updated with new designer clothing.

Get some variations of the recently released Lockwood separates for your friends from the Gift Machine including a Croptop, Denim Cutoffs and some Long Cargo Shorts.

Look forward to Lockwood’s end of season sale throughout September, bringing huge discounts to a variety of items including Furniture, Clothing, Companions, content packs and an Apartment – full details revealed next week!

Granzella_SCEE_Glittering-Sands-Beach Granzella_SCEE_Glittering-Sands-Secluded-Retreat

New from Granzella this week, welcome to the Glittering Sands Beach, a new public space where the sun is always shining. Get out of those hot clothes, and head to the beach in a swimsuit Enjoy the best moments of summer in this new public space with a spacious beach and beautiful ocean. Everywhere you look people are swimming in the crystal clear ocean, leisurely sunbathing on the beach, and posing in sexy swimwear for photos.

Enjoy the feeling of freedom that summer brings!

Next to the new Glittering Sands Beach, a private beach personal space has arrived! The Glittering Sands Secluded Retreat has a great scenic view. From the spacious sandy beaches and blue sea, to the cottages lined up on the ocean, it’s all yours! You can even change the time of day. Enjoy having the island all to yourself, invite lots of friends over, or spend a quiet, romantic time with someone special. The beach is all yours and you won’t be disturbed by anyone. Enjoy your stay!


The surprisingly cute Frilly Bikini and the Sun Visor, perfect for a sunny day on a sandy beach, are now available! The Frilly Bikini is available for women in three colours, pink, blue, and green. The Sun Visor is available for both men and women in four colours, black, white, red, and blue. Additionally, to accommodate for a variety of hairstyles, the set includes both a normal size and large size. Jump into summer wearing this cute, bold bikini and sporty visor!

LOOT_EOD_banner3_684x384 LOOT_EOD_Banner2_684x384

The LOOT™ EOD TVs have arrived. Watch full length movies, TV episodes, live shows and more with your friends in PlayStation Home on flat screen models in various sizes: 22″, 40″, 60″, 80″, 140″ and a whopping 240″! The LOOT Entertainment On Demand TV will work in any private space unless the space comes with a video screen you can’t turn off, it does not include streaming radio or audio-only content. Want to test run the technology? The FREE LOOT EOD TV plays the LOOT Channel, allowing you to demo the TV first. If you can’t decide on one size, we have the solution for you. The LOOT EOD TV Bundle comes with all TV sizes in both flat screen and wall mounted styles! That’s 12 TVs for one very low price. We’re even throwing in four TV stands and the free wall mount to help you decorate! So now, not only do you have to decide what to watch, but also where to watch it! So many options, so little time.


Furniture that changes colour, you say? Impossible… Well, not any more. This week nDreams presents The Chameleo furniture range. A unique range of modern furnishings that automatically cycle through different glowing colours and textures depending on the range you purchase. The Chameleo range is split into three variations; Glow, Moods and Motif. Within each Chameleo bundle you get a chair, sofa, carpet, picture frame, table and a bookshelf.


The Street Moves crew danced their way into Home last week and blew everyone away with their dancing abilities. Now, get ready to meet the next set. Although, it looks like someone’s dad has come along for the ride.

Broadway Star, Swingin’ Sister and Boogy Boy are joined by the Embarrassing Dad as they are looking to show off their dance moves in Home this week. You can pick up the next set of the Street Moves collection at the nDreams store or at any shop in Aurora.

Casino_HotTubPromo Casino_FutureGlassesPromo

There are two exciting updates in The Casino this week. First, we’ve added an all-new Tier Reward for all of you who have reached Tier 8 – come by and pick up your fully interactive Hot Tub! That’s right, you and three friends can enjoy a dip this week in this gorgeous addition to any private space. As well, as another month has come and gone we’ve updated the Lucky Fountain reward! The new additions are some sweet shades, perfect for keeping that poker face straight at the tables. So come by today and check out these two sweet rewards.


You’ve seen the Keep and the gorgeous finely crafted wares made for each Noble house of Avalon, but thought you didn’t want to spend too much money just yet. Now we have the Peasant Furniture Pack! 10 basic furniture pieces that are just as good as any other furniture in the sense that it functions as it should. Even the most common denizen of the Avalon Kingdom can afford one piece of furniture from this affordable line up!

The Kingdom of Avalon does not discriminate based on wealth any more than any other medieval land. Bring a little bit of medieval design Home with you this week!

Check out the new Heavy Water Dev Blog to get even more information and insight to the universe of Avalon: and you can always follow them on Twitter: @heavyh2o.

And finally, thank you to all the participants who took part in Round #1 of the Home Fashion Week Challenge (HFWC). Congratulations to the following HFWC Round #1 winners: CherryLolo, Genneration-88, Alinea3, xWisnia, Furys-embrace, Nena__bcn, mens43, nikohonkanen97, Appie1615, Nordlyset87.

HFWC Round #2 has begun and you still have time to submit your picture entry by this Friday 31st August. The Theme is Retro. Check out the details in the PlayStation Home Section of the Community Forums:

That’s all for now. See you in PlayStation Home!

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2 Author Replies

  • i’ve been waiting to try Mercia.

    i have to say though, one of those pots, looks suspiciously like a sack to me. ^_^

    i want one of those rangers bows though.
    in real life if possible. ^_^

  • Best HOME update of 2012! Mercia and EOD TV’s – Excellent! :D :D :D

    What about the Sports Day event in HOME Square though? Is the new Hammer Throw event supposed to give rewards? If so, it’s broken…

    • Hey Retro,

      Glad you like the update. An update to the Hammer Throw game will be implemented shortly to have the rewards show up.

  • Hurrah 1st working Tv’s like we/i keep asking it take a dev Not SCEE to took a brave step towards UGC i know it won’t be true UGC of our HDD but it a start to test the water.

    I hope over time we get to use our own content & look forward to the radios as well. :)

    the forums ask “why men are horny on home?” do i have to spell it out take a look at above picture lol :D

  • FINALLY my favourite spot is coming back! Granzella THANK YOU SO MUCH!! =D

    But really late for Summer don’t you think since it’s almost over.

  • First at al:l wow OMG great update :) a litle late for beach space, but is ok i m still on vacation :) and now, my copy paste comment from Us blog: i want to listen to my opinion about the last Home games: FINALLY a Home game with XP POINTS!!!!! well done guys how to think that :)
    I mean i m a big Home fun for the first day and i never disappoint all this years until when i saw games like mini robots and No mans land.
    Those two games is PAY TO WIN! why i pay something to has only one stage and no xp points ? is boring and the best think about it, is a new map for No mans land and tell you to pay it 2$!!! Again, why i pay 2$ for a map i don’t know if they has players to play with it? i feel developers for those games fool us!!! Look the aurora place has a thousand gamer every day, because there a something to do there! Win xp points level up and win staff for your apartment and your avatar!
    Never again makes PAY TO WIN Games for Home if you want keep people inside ps Home!

  • Great update, just a shame about the TV’s with crackle only being for UK/Australia :(
    Yay for the HFWC win :D <3

  • how do you know crackle is only for UK & australia i been on the crackle website useing the Ps3 browser 1st thing i saw is the R rating it not UK rating it a usa site & when i try to watch a free film i get black screen didn’t sign in or told me to sign in/register.

    all the reason for our UGC if countries can’t view free full movies.

    try the free TV tomorrow we shall see after maintenance.

  • A good update with some new, long needed features.

    I hope the Lockwood end of season sale isn’t as bad as previous sales in Home (The gift machine sale was appalling!), am betting Silicon Lounge will be the apt…we will find out next week I guess !

    Hopefully Home with get more connectivity with Twitter, it would be useful to be able to take a photo & post it to Twitter from within Home .

  • hi how are you. a another cool update i hop you had a good bank holiday i really like ps home so keep up the good work on home see you in home after the update tomorrow

  • Yup I been waiting for Mercia as well, but Street Mooves? really. I have seen people asking their friend to put their Mooves costumes away. I think it’s the creepy eyes….

  • ThundeRing the award winning dolphy owned, or paetnered with, procion the official Playstation (Home) bunny…. And no, I don’t want anything from you…:)

  • Fix your implementation instead of providing bs games that very few actually care about.

  • > Visit the Dream Island Open House for an advance preview of this incredible tropical paradise.

    Where is it?

  • i bought the EOD TV but it encounters errors wen i try to watch films i’m not happy, it doesn’t play anything now its gotten worse .

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