PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Raiden Joins The Fight!

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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Raiden Joins The Fight!

The Penny Arcade Expo (also known as PAX) has become one of the biggest celebrations of video games, video game developers, and video game players in the world. We’re excited to attend the show this year in Seattle to show off PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale to the masses. To give you a sneak peek at some of the content playable on the show floor, we’re actually unveiling one of our new characters a little early. Lucky you!

We’re excited to finally announce the addition of Konami’s Raiden from the Metal Gear Solid series to our roster! Raiden’s appearance in PlayStation All-Stars marks the first time he has been playable in a fighting game, so we hope you’re all as hyped as we are to finally see him in action, against the likes of Dante, Kratos, Heihachi, Cole MacGrath and other high-profile fighters. With his high-frequency blade and cyborg ninja abilities, how does he stack up against the rest of the cast?

Time Station 3

Raiden is a close-ranged fighter who is capable of building tremendous amounts of AP with various combos and juggles. He uses a special chain-attack system that lets him branch off into different combo attacks depending on the string of attacks input by the player. He has plenty of ways to both start and end combos, whether they be on the ground or in mid-air.

Raiden can also defend against attackers attempting to interrupt his combos from behind with reverse stabs and parries, which is useful in a four-player free-for-all. In true Metal Gear Solid fashion, Raiden’s super attacks allow him to take full advantage of his slicing abilities by requiring players to use the right analogue stick to perform lethal slices to swiftly dispatch adversaries.

Check out our latest character video to see Raiden in action, and let us know what you think of our latest roster addition.

We’re also pleased to announce our newest stage, Time Station! At gamescom we announced the inclusion of Ape Escape’s Spike to our roster, and with him comes this old-school stage for players to engage in battle. Fans might remember Time Station as the central hub that connects the different levels of Ape Escape together. You can also find the diabolical Specter in the background, up to no good as usual. What kind of mischief will he cause for those battling in Time Station?

Time Station 1 Time Station 2

That’s all for now, but we’ll have even more news for you once we get to PAX, where we’ll be unveiling even more All-Star fighters. Lots of exciting stuff this week, and we’re looking forward to chatting with you at the show. We’d love to hear what you think, so if you’re going to the show be sure to stop by our kiosks at the PlayStation booth, where all of our new characters will be playable for the very first time. See ya there!

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  • Already commented on your Facebook page but I shall copy it to here as well… Because I can?
    “I love his Level 3 super, it is a great throwback to the main MGS series. It was also cool to get an early glimpse at Raidens MGS rising attacks by him being in this game. I also noticed other things too… Was that a long list of unlockables I saw at the end there? =P And you are actually told how much AP you gain per hit now too, the game is looking really good!”

  • Pretty damn awesome addition. Game is looking better and better.

  • Cool. Hope Solid Snake gets put in it :)

  • This game is shaping up well. I think Raiden is a good representative for MGS (we probably aren’t going to get Snake; he couldn’t be in both the Smash series and this simultaneously).

    Looking forward to it. It’s a shame the game comes out near to the end of the year.

  • i wonder how many people will actually buy this game when it comes out, my guess is that it will be a lot less popular than Sony is expecting.


  • Awesome! This has got to be my favorite character so far, together with Kratos. I hope this is an indication that we’re getting Solid snake too :p And possibly Naked snake, Boss and Vamp too? :p

  • I love seeing the third party characters! I’d love to see more like Adam Jenson
    Resident evil character?
    Maybe a captain price?
    Dragon born?

  • @ #5

    I’m pretty sure this will be popular. The system is a little weird, in that you can’t earn any points unless you spam a special, but it’s great to have another game within this new found genre.

    Granted, Nintendo created this cross-over brawler genre and those working on this game admire them for doing so, many of them publicly wishing that Mario could be in their game – and more of a good thing is great, especially when it allows all the great Playstation characters to come together.

    Plus, this can only be a good thing for us as consumers, as competition will only motivate Nintendo to up their game and produce a better sequel in the Super Smash series – and when they do, Sony will follow suite, with another great Battle Royale. Everyone wins.

    So I for one, am wishing Sony the best with this one.

  • It is a good game and its different than smash. Bit more combo oriented and the pacing isnt as fast and crazy. Not that its a bad thing, it helps create a unique experience which is what it needs to be.

  • I want Rikimaru from Tenchu.Come on he is a PS classic character,dont forget Tenchu 1 & 2 :/

  • PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Kazuya Mishima Joins The Fight!

    PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Jin Kazama Joins The Fight!

    Im sorry Dan Maniago – Community Manager, SuperBot Entertainment did i spoil your future posting on this playstation blog.

    I know every detail of this game as i have played the full version wasn’t happy with this game as it was like just another Smash Bro’s version but on PS3.

  • PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Ryu Hayabusa Joins The Fight!

    Maybe i should list the DLC characters but that would be pushing my luck to make SCEE angry at me for knowing to much before they do?

  • @Immortal-Wolf–

    *yawn* Lol. Everything you’re listing has already been leaked on the internet. Do you have anything else new?

  • waranabatokwa2 Wrote:*yawn* Lol. Everything you’re listing has already been leaked on the internet. Do you have anything else new?

    @waranabatokwa2 Who do you think leaked that on the internet yup me.
    Ok 3 DLC %100 True!

    PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Devil Jin Joins The Fight!

    PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Devil Joins The Fight!

    PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Jinpachi Mishima Joins The Fight!

  • You might think im joking but il tell you 1 more DLC person ok!

    PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Akira Yuki Joins The Fight!

  • Awesome.

    But do you suppose you could get your other announcements correct before I have reason to care for this?

    It’s been pushed back anyway.

    Cheers SCEE.

  • Original Dante please! Hate new Dante and this one feels his being forcibly pushed down my throat :(

    After all, it is classic Dante that was the exclusive PS2 badass and the reason many people bought a ps2, not the new watered down version Dante.

  • Game is looking better and better super-bot ;D Keep it up with this awesomeness and this game will probably be the best to play with your siblings and friends during winter time :)

  • @Immortal-Wolf-

    Please be quiet and go away! You haven’t played the full game and you didn’t leak anything – the two tekken and ninja gaiden leaks were leaked from images found by NeoGaf users on the PS All-Stars website website, not from in-game.

    Stop trolling!

  • @leFronge: You should just ignore him. It won’t make him go away or anything, but you lose less brain cells by avoiding those posts. Reading them is bad for your health. :)

  • The game needs more female characters only having one after all the announcements is boring hoping for Catherine(Catherine), Lara Croft(Tomb raider), Alisa (tekken), Ivy(Soul Calibur), Etna(Disgaea), Ayane(Dead or alive) and more.

  • I had hoped for MGS1 era Snake, but when I heard it was gonna be Raiden I thought “Okay, MGS2 helped sell countless PS2s and remains a classic, and MGS4 was a PS3 exclusive with a Raiden more suited to a brawler.” But I absolutely hate that the design is from Metal Gear Rising. I hate that the Dante is from DmC and I hate that there’s a stage from BioShock Infinite. This game is supposedly a celebration of PlayStation history. The memories of all the great PlayStation games across the years. But this is becoming more and more like an advert for 2013’s multiplatform hits. I know that it’s not Superbot’s fault, as the third party publishers are likely imposing this as a condition for the inclusion of their characters, as a way of getting publicity for their new games, but it comes across as very cynical in a game that’s supposed to be celebratory. I don’t want to spend £40 on what is effectively an advert for games that aren’t even out yet, never mind “PlayStation All-Stars”.

  • kinda hoping for snake as well, there’s no reason why you can’t have more than one representative for a franchise. loving the fast paced and combo heavy style of raiden as well, seems like my kind of character. hoping for some female characters other than fat princess and nariko though, maybe tifa Lockhart, aya brea or Katt from gravity rush.

    I see you’re up to your usual tricks lol

  • Dear immortal-wolf,
    Enough with the trolling and spamming. You think all those characters might join All-Stars Royale? Pfft.

    Anyways in speaking of 3rd-parties, Superbot why always go for the upcoming game styles when upcoming games aren’t out yet??

  • PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Nariko Joins The Fight!

    PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Daniel Fortesque Joins The Fight!

    Im not trolling or spamming im giving you guys the truth!

  • “Immortal-Wolf–” is just a troll, disregard what you hear from him/her.

    On another note, I hope Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, Rayman, Cat (Gravity Rush) and Sora (Kingdom Hearts,) will join the roster too.

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