SingStore Update: P!nk, *NSYNC And More…

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SingStore Update: P!nk, *NSYNC And More…

We had a great time at gamescom with DanceStar Party Hits a couple of weeks ago so thanks to everyone who popped by to have a little dance with us. If you missed us there, make sure you head over to the website where you can browse through the full tracklist and check out all the great features of the game.

Tina Turner_Private Dancer

This week’s SingStore update features new songs by P!nk, John Farnham and *NSYNC, plus all the singles from the ’80s Part 4 and Tina Turner song packs. I bet that Toto’s ‘Africa’ will be making an appearance on quite a few PS3s this weekend…

P!nk_Most Girls 2 ?NYSYNC_Bye bye bye

Now for a bit of fun. Can you predict the top three SingStore songs for the month of August? We’ll publish the chart in game this Friday but to make speculating a little easier, here’s a reminder of some of the great songs we released in the past three months:

Adam Lambert If I Had You
B-52’s Rock Lobster
Carly Rae Jepsen Call Me Maybe
Chris Brown feat. Benny Beautiful People
Def Leppard Pour Some Sugar On Me
DJ Fresh Feat. Sian Evans Louder
Emeli Sandé Next To Me
Evanescence Going Under
Jeff Buckley Hallelujah
Katy B Katy On A Mission
Lana Del Rey Born To Die
Miike Snow Animal
Pixie Lott All About Tonight
Rihanna feat. Drake What’s My Name?
Scott McKenzie San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair)
Shania Twain That Don’t Impress Me Much
Shirley Bassey Big Spender
Skunk Anansie Weak
Take That Greatest Day
Tasmin Archer Sleeping Satellite
The Righteous Brothers You’ve Lost That Loving Feelin
The Saturdays 30 Days
The Wanted Lose My Mind

For all songs and song packs available in the SingStore in your region, head to the catalogue section on our website.

Happy guessing, and singing!
Nina xx

SingStore – 29th August 2012

In English
*NSYNC Bye Bye Bye
DeBarge Rhythm Of The Night
E-Type This Is The Way
Heart Alone
Jennifer Rush The Power Of Love
John Farnham Chain Reaction
P!nk Most Girls
Pat Benatar Love Is A Battlefield
Tina Turner Steamy Windows
Tina Turner I Don’t Wanna Fight
Tina Turner We Don’t Need Another Hero
Tina Turner The Best
Tina Turner Private Dancer
Toto Africa
In Spanish
Sergio Dalma Esa chica es mía

Track has previously been released on a disc.

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12 Author Replies

  • Not too bad, any chance of getting some more Backstreet Boys Greatest Hits though?

    Also is there any chance of a digital version of Singstar so I do not have to keep putting the disk in the console?

  • @2 Is that some catchy pop song, never heard of it before…..

  • Can we please have more Veronicas?
    Also please please please hilary duff…? :)

  • Good songs but the majority have already been released on the PS2/PS3 disk editions.

    I think most of the artists I like are all either already available or under the Warner group.

    Puff Daddy – I’ll Be Missing U

    Would be a good one though!

  • Hi Nina Scherer

    I know that it is “unfair” to judge SingStar on any particular content-update, so my comment is a bit more general. First I would like to say thank you Nina for your job job in making SingStar a succes, because you supply what in the end makes or brakes SingStar – the contents. But unfortunately as a consumer I have no way of accessing the contents. “You can go to SingStore and buy the songs” I hear you say Nina, but why would I be interested in buying a song if I know that I will only sing it once?

    Would it be possible to make a “rent a song” feature like you rent a movie in the PlayStation Video Store – that is, you pay a small amount and then you only have acces to the song for a short periode of time. An other idea would be to make a “throw a weekend singstar party”-subscription that gives me unlimited acces to all the songs for a set periode of time – for exmpale a weekend? This way I could invite all the Forums Community Team Leaders over to sing songs in their native languages without having to fear they sing a song that I will never sing again.

    • Hiya,

      Thanks for your comments and taking the time to make suggestions. This is indeed something that would be very attractive to many SingStar players like yourself and we have indeed talked about this before. It wouldn’t be an easy job at all but I’m sure we’ll look at the possibilities of a service like this again in future. In the meantime though, watch out for some other exciting SingStar news soon…



  • Hi Nina, my kids would love to see some Katy Perry tracks on Singstar.

    Is this likely or is there some exclusivity deal with another popular franchise ?

  • I was also wondering Nina if you could find out when the next SingStar patch is being released? The reason I am asking is that 40 days ago I was told by support that “The technical team said that they will be formally looking into this with the next upcoming patch.” when replying to a problem that I have with SingStar.

    • There will be a patch in the autuumn but I am not sure of the date yet. I’ll let you know when confirmed.

  • Toto – Africa has previously been released on a disc.

  • Hello Nina, I did see you commented once a longe time ago on that we would like to get more video slots awail for upload on singstar, and you would look into it, is there any progress here, will it ever happend?, would had been great if you could double it atleast!
    I think it would made singstar even greater :)

  • A little underwhelmed after a three-week wait– I already have both song packs.

    I was hoping for an Olympics- themed song pack with songs from the closing ceremony. The Jessi J. ‘”Price Tag” song has been stuck in my head for a while now. I hope it will be coming in a future update.

    I’m still hoping for more US country genre releases. I really want “Amazed” by Lonestar from the UK PS2 release.

    I do appreciate that we’re still getting updates.

    • Workin’ on some country stuff which will hopefully come through! Not sure about the one you requested here but will check.

      Did you manage check out the list we published in game for some ‘sporty tracks’?

  • Most of those songs should be in green. Most are from the 80’s disc. And after 3 weeks wait and a So-so update last time I thought Singstar was going to offer something good again. I’m just fooling myself. As long as that infamous DancestarParty exists you are going to give 0 support to this game. That Is why I will not buy it. Yes, you will say “You can’t please everyone” but… Are you really pleasing anybody?

    • Hi there,

      Sorry if you’re disappointed and can’t find anything amongst the thousands of songs already in the SingStore that you like.

      DanceStar Party may be made by the same team but is an entirely separate game to SingStar. It’s like having two kids. You don’t give more to one than the other, right? So, I think it’s a little unfair to say that SingStar is not supported. After all, we are still releasing updates on a regular basis which is quite a bit of support in my book.



  • My keyboard is fine, thank you :)

    Good to see Tina Turner single songs, gonna pick some of them later.

    Are there any plans (real plans) to deliver more 60s or 70s classics? Love what you already put on the store and how you solved that some of these songs originally had no video, but would like to see way more!

    Like… Harry Nilsson?

  • Thanks To the singstar team.
    Im getting a few… i would be getting more but some i have on disc

    is there a way to curb loading time… i have 400+ downloded songs so some times it can take 10 mins from the time i put the game in until i can actually play the game…

    And a special thanks for pink…. Ive requested her a couple times..

    Any news on new singstar discs… especially in north america… oh and whats the chances of rock lobster being released in north america

  • Now that’s a lil better. Working on some country stuff eh?

    Well, I know this is an odd request coming from someone that loves Bad Religion (why isn’t there any in SingStar?… or even Die Toten Hosen… there was “Pushed Again” that’s in English and was released on a PS2 disc)… but i’d also love some Garth Brooks “Thunder Rolls”, “The Dance”, “Shameless”, etc.

  • Hey AlexAtkinUK, there is a digital version of SingStar. It came with the Party Pack (wireless mics and download code for 20 free songs).

    That allows you to not only access the SingStore, but also sing whatever’s on your HDD without needing to insert a disc.

    I just checked… it’s still working and updated to version 5.14 (115Mb), but it doesn’t seem to be available on the PSN Store as a download for everyone though… perhaps it should be!

  • Hey Nina,

    Most of those have been released on disc.

    *NSYNC – Bye Bye Bye (SingStar Dance)
    DeBarge – Rhythm Of The Night (SingStar Back To The 80’s)
    E-Type – This Is The Way *new*
    Heart – Alone (SingStar Back To The 80’s)
    Jennifer Rush – The Power Of Love (SingStar Back To The 80’s)
    John Farnham – Chain Reaction *new*
    P!nk – Most Girls *new*
    Pat Benatar – Love Is A Battlefield (SingStar Back To The 80’s)
    Tina Turner – I Don’t Wanna Fight (previously avail as a pack)
    Tina Turner – Private Dancer (previously avail as a pack)
    Tina Turner – Steamy Windows (previously avail as a pack)
    Tina Turner – The Best (previously avail as a pack)
    Tina Turner – We Don’t Need Another Hero (previously avail as a pack)
    Toto – Africa (SingStar Back To The 80’s)

    Even though it’s only really 3 new songs, it’s good to see some Aussie stuff there. Any chance of getting “Girl And The Sea” by The Presets? Or “Propane Nightmares” by Pendulum? Please, pretty please.

    • Yes, I think maybe the green pen was broken in the blog publishing machine. Apologies for this unforgivable error :)

  • Actually, I would have preferred some Aussie songs from Hunters & Collectors like “Throw Your Arms Around Me”, “When The River Runs Dry”, “Do You See What I See”, “Blind Eye” and “Holy Grail” rather than John Farnham. Oh well.

    And yeah, i’m not sure why the SingStar APP was only available with the Party Pack (as a voucher code). It’s not the same as the SingStar Viewer (that doesn’t let you sing your songs).

    Perhaps they’ll make it available on the PSN Store soon???

  • We may be reading different books then because support, to me, is not releasing 3 new songs every 3 weeks. Support isn’t either not releasing any Singstar Dance or Singstar guitar add ons in more than a year. Support is not releasing the endlessly requested new songs by the Singstar community for dsparty and not for Singstar. Support Is not releasing new discs. And worst of all is that reading your responses to some people requests feels as if we were begging desperately for free stuff when what we are doing Is asking your company for stuff to buy and therefore support it.

    • If we can’t get the content, then we can’t release it, it’s as simple as that. I’m sorry if you feel frustrated but have you ever thought that we might feel the same way? Just saying…

  • Well yeah, support hasn’t been great. SingStar Dance & Guitar support died off pretty quick. The Facebook page has been left for dead.

    In the first few years of SingStar, not only did we get fortnightly updates without delays, but they had 20+ songs and songpacks, not just a small handful of somewhat obscure songs.

    As we all know, the music genre has pretty much died off on consoles and I don’t know why we still get yet more dance games.

    That being said, Harmonix (those behind Rock Band) still manage to release at least 3 songs (many of them current hits) + 5 independant (RBN) songs each and every week.

    SingStar does need better support. The Twitter guys are the most helpful, but the Facebook page needs some attention!

  • Hi Nina,

    I have a question about a possible future update in the way SingStar imports tracks from others disks.

    Would it be possible to have the PS3 import all your disk tracks onto the hard drive so that a preview is available even if they disk is not in the drive.

    Then when you see a song you like and it requires a disc swap the PS3 tells you to do so. I have almost all the UK PS3/PS2 disks now so when I have a party it came be annoying.

    Another really good idea would be to insert all your PS2/PS3 disks to verify you have them at the beginning of a party and then no swapping is required until the PS3 is turned off?

    I also think the idea of a singstore weekend pass is a fantastic idea for when friends come round and would like to sing a song. I have bought numerous songs which have been sang once and never again.

  • Still no love for the Dutchmen.

  • Nop? why is my keyboard broken?
    Just want to see Dutch songs, its ages ago you’ve released a Dutch song.

  • After several terrible updates singstar re releases songs that were already available. Must have been why it was a week late. Thanks for the hard work and support.

    • Or it was late because we had some technical stuff to deal with? Some people do not own all discs ever released or want all the songs in a song pack, hence we release them as singles after a while. Just more choice for everyone really.

  • Here’s a few songs i’d like to see released, from a first user of Singstar :-)

    Maxi Priest – close to you
    Maxi Priest – wild world
    Big Mountain- Baby, i love your way
    Boby Mcferin – Don’t worry be happy
    Pato Banton – Baby come back
    Blue Lagoon – Break My Stride
    Aswad – Shine

    Could be a pack even called Singstar Reggae, if not seperate songs.

  • Hey Nina, has your keyboard broken too?

    No more replies :(

  • Oh, you did reply… damn page not refreshing.

    I guess a lot of us are all wondering why SingStar’s gone from the great 20+ song updates every fortnight to the few odd selections we now get every 2-3 weeks.

    I noticed the tracklist for the upcoming DanceStar Party Hits is largely made up of songs already on the SingStore.

    I would have thought you’d have licensing deals in place for artists that already appear in the SingStore, so it would be relatively simple to get more hits by them added… Or is it a lil more complicated than that?

    A lot of us still play the game every week/fortnight and we’d just love to have a lot more content.


  • If we can’t get the content, then we can’t release it, it’s as simple as that. I’m sorry if you feel frustrated but have you ever thought that we might feel the same way? Just saying…

    It’s just not getting into my little brain that Sony is a huge record company and you can’t get all those titels. Sinergy in a company can make lots of money. It must be Sony is a broken company who doesn’t use it’s essets in the right way. So frustrating, just saying…

  • I’m kind of fed up of people complaining about the updates here. I agree that some updates are small, but in terms of what’s available on the store you still have so many more songs available than any other consoles. I’m always finding songs that I missed or couldn’t afford previously & you add a lot of current songs that I’ve downloaded and enjoyed. I find it hard to believe that everyone here has all 2000+ songs in the store & are relying on updates for the enjoyment of the game

    Why not branch out & look at an artist you’ve not listened to before, or relish the challenge of trying to sing a song that your friend knows but you don’t (I have a friend who listens to a lot of the foreign content on here & we all have fun trying to keep up with him)?

    I’m really happy with the service – I play this game regularly, & love it every time. Also, I really appreciate you adding songs that have been released on a disc because I can’t afford to buy a whole disc, so it’s nice to have access to those previously unavailable songs.

    I think maybe everyone just needs to see the good work you do, & appreciate the fact that everything’s still being updated instead of moaning about what they’re not getting.

  • @Nina:

    “Or it was late because we had some technical stuff to deal with? Some people do not own all discs ever released or want all the songs in a song pack, hence we release them as singles after a while. Just more choice for everyone really.”

    I think one of the main problems I see is precisely that. The people like me that have supported the game and have every disc released (Even international versions of them) have nothing new, and it seems all the “support” goes to people who are new in the franchise.

    “If we can’t get the content, then we can’t release it, it’s as simple as that. I’m sorry if you feel frustrated but have you ever thought that we might feel the same way? Just saying…”

    Well, that’s a lie I used to believe at the beginning. You DO have the content but you do release it for DSParty and not for Singstar. When Whitney Houston died, we had a Whitney update the week after. Why is content so hard to get and then, at other times, it is so easy to get?

    Why deleting my elaboration on your metaphor about the children?

  • @Jessff:

    Beleive me, its not that I come happily here to complaint about the updates. I really wish there were fun for everyone and no one had to complaint. Some people have supported the franchise buying a lot of stuff, and want to still support it every fortnight. At least it would be cool to hace like 1 song I like every 2 weeks… Is it much to ask? I can understand some reasons for what is happening with the updates, but I don’t buy lies and vague justifications, like saying they cannot get the rights of the songs (And then they appear in the infamous other game (Lady Gaga has been eternally requested and it only seems to appear in DSparty) or in other games (GLEE, Michael Jackson, Katy Perry)-for example-.

    And these comments/complaints, believe me, have no intention to harm, but to get the publishers attention and ask them to IMPROVE the franchise we love so much.

  • I don’t see rock lobster in the store. Is this one not in north america?

  • Hi

    I was thinking would it be possible in the future to add more microphones, so it would be possible to be more players (forexample up to 6 players at a time) singing at the same time?

    I really would like to have songs from Grease :-)

  • Hi Nina. I appreciated the songs that were already released on a disc. I didn’t want to buy the disc from the UK and there were only a couple I really wanted.

    I’m very interested in the Les Miserables Original Broadway Cast recording. There are probably no videos but that is fine. I’d love multiple song packs. On My Own, I Dreamed a Dream, A Little Fall of Rain, Lovely Ladies, Master of the House, Do You Hear the People Sing, A Heart Full of Love, One Day More, Drink With Me, Empty Chairs at Empty Tables, Finale. So many wonderful songs.

  • Other musicals: The Sound of Music, Annie, more Phantom, I’m sure tons would love Wicked. Hairspray, the musical, not the horrible movie with John Travolta, Hair, Barbara Streisand musical songs.

    ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. Can I be any more clear? Do you realize how wonderful song packs, yes multiple packs of this would be? It is party music!

  • Girl bands from the 90s. Throwing Muses, Belly, The Breeders, Garbage, Lush, Veruca Salt, Juliana Hatfield, Tori Amos, early Liz Phair. (I am nearly certain that you could get some Throwing Muses cheaply, at least their newer stuff because they practically give away their music, what they own anyway).

    Other bands from then like The Lemonheads, The Rentals, Candlebox, more R.E.M, more Radiohead from The Bends album, Nine Inch Nails, Pavement, Belle and Sebastian.

    The Carpenters.

    I don’t love new songs but was excited to see Call Me Maybe. I’m sure it might be hard to get the rights to newer songs. But many of the songs and musicals I listed might be easier.

  • First, I love the game and spend too many hours playing it!

    Here is what I’d like to see:

    Indigo Girls – Closer To Fine, Shame On You
    Dolly Parton – Jolene, 9 to 5, Islands In The Stream, Here You Come Again
    Neil Diamond – Sweet Caroline, America, Cherry Cherry
    Phillip Phillips – Home
    Donna Summer – I was a little surprised there wasn’t a song pack after she died – She Works Hard For The Money, I Feel Love, MacArthur Park, Last Dance, Love To Love You Baby
    And maybe some Country music – more Shania Twain, Rascal Flats, Lady Antebellum, Dixie Chicks

    I know that the market for Singstar is bigger in Europe than in the US, so some of my requests probably won’t happen, as the songs aren’t popular in Europe.

    Thanks… :)

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