Lights, Camera, Party! Debuts Tomorrow On PSN

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Lights, Camera, Party! Debuts Tomorrow On PSN

After years in development, release day is finally upon us! We’re proud to share Lights, Camera, Party! with the PlayStation world via PSN. We made this game to provide quality entertainment for everyone in the household and to showcase fun and innovative uses of the PlayStation Move motion controller. We’ve put our heart and soul into this collection of wacky mini-games and hope they make you laugh and have as good of a time as we had making them. To celebrate the launch of Lights, Camera, Party! we decided to shoot a humourous live-action trailer that spoofs the usual party game ads and conveys the silly and chaotic nature of our game.

I’m really proud of our team’s work on the Lights, Camera, Party! and I wanted to give a few members of the team a chance to talk about their favorite mini-games. Enjoy!

Michaël Dubé, Lead Programmer

Feed the Monster
Because cooking a pizza over an active volcano has been a lifelong dream! The game is simple and the feedback is really rewarding and fun. Also, I love the Matrix-style camera effect when the pizza is cooking.

Dr. Brainhov’s Golem
This mini-game gives you a sense of the precise control that the PlayStation Move motion controller is capable of! The player has to grab a piece of the Golem and use PlayStation Move to manipulate the piece in all three axes to be able to fit it in correctly.

Frogs Like Grape Juice?
We have a lot of cool stuff in our game: exploding pigeons with a laser, hitting frogs with a shovel, bowling with a cat, electrocuting cows, and whacking a hammer at monkeys. But nothing beats the awesomeness of a frog exploding from drinking too much grape juice!

LCP_Moon LCP_Xylophone

Eric Latouche, Game Designer

The Mooncutter
One of my initiatives was to find crazy ideas for the games, so I placed four pots in the center of the team’s work area named Characters, Actions, Locations, and Objects. I asked everyone to drop their ideas into the pots; every morning I collected them and put them on a big table with four columns. Mooncutter is the first idea that came out by randomly picking ideas on the table. The random character picked was the dinosaur, the action was to saw, the location was the moon, and the object was a plunger (though we decided to remove that).

Sleepy Monster
I like this mini-game because it uses Move in an interesting new way the player might not expect. The player has to look at the color of the Move and match it with the correct note he has to hit on the xylophone on the screen.

Heist at the Museum
During production, this was one of the ugliest games: Aligning gray rectangles on red lines wasn’t especially interesting. But when the visuals kicked in, this turned out to be one of the most beautiful games. The controls are tricky to master: Pressing with your thumb on the Move button naturally makes your Trigger finger squeeze a little more, making it hard to succeed when you’re under pressure. Here’s your designer tip of the day: try using the finger of one hand and the thumb of your other.

LCP_Monkeys LCP_Chest

Jean-Michel Morency, lead 2D artist

Sleepy Monster
This is a favorite because it’s a tribute to all those giant monster movies, complete with props, staging, and the classic imposing low-angle shot. We thought it would be funny to put the emphasis on the cheap tricks of a low-budget TV studio: A crewman in a shabby suit, cardboard flames, and the occasional boom mic guest appearance.

Cactus Cocktail
When a monkey dressed as “Chimp Eastwood” asks for a Cactus Cocktail, you’d better not mess around! The cowboy show set in this mini game is simply gorgeous, but I am a particularly big fan of the square cow – way easier to tip that way!

Wake Up!
Or you will lose this round! There’s not a lot I can say that sums it up as well as this: MONKEYS, lots and lots of them. In this case too much really is not enough so why not add some more? That’s why this game holds a pretty dear place in my heart. Cheer monkeys CHEER!

Because Lights, Camera, Party! is such an awesome party game, we packed in a bunch of different modes so that you can enjoy the mini-games in new and different formats to keep the challenge high and the game fresh for a long time.

Story Mode is the main mode, and enables two to four players can play in a competition lasting five rounds. The player with the biggest audience at the end of each round determines the shape and appearance of a part of the house that the host promised the Funzini family. Challenge Mode is very similar, but the player can select which game he wants to play for a shot at winning bronze, silver or gold medals (and certain Trophies!).

There are also three Party Modes. In the elimination-based Survival, up to eight players take turns playing mini-games as their characters hold on for dear life to avoid being sucked into a black hole. Hot Alien Egg is our version of Hot Potato and supports up to eight players. The egg jumps into the hands of a random character, and that player has to succeed in a mini-game in order to throw the egg to another player. If the egg hatches, a small creature eliminates the character and the game continues. In Lottery, up to four players play 10 different mini-games, earning a lottery ticket for each successfully completed game. When everyone has played, the host reveals the winning combination – players earn extra points when they have the winning combinations on their tickets.

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1 Author Reply

  • now we can enjoy a masterpiece like Lights, Camera, Party! instead of Counter Strike or TWD Ep. 3 … LMAO!

  • How much does it cost? That’s a rather basic piece of information to be missing from the article.

  • Looks really fun move needs more titles like these.

  • How is this different to start the party? I’m interested but would need the price to be around £3 for a PSN game of this type.

  • @1 That’s a lousy comment and besides some of us don’t even like games like Counter Strike (I hate those kinds of games) or The Walking Dead and would just like a fun party game for the Move which this appears to be.

  • The price for Lights, Camera, Party! is $29.99 (PlayStation Plus users will get a 50% discount for launch).

  • Is there no alternative style for commercials on those party games?

    Commercials for games are usually already awkward, when real persons (actors) are involved. But clips as this one simply peak in embarrassment. I only missed that the family dog, David Cameron and a Sasquatch join the session too.

  • @1 Yeah man, I totally want this eye toy-esque Move game more than CS, lmao

    @5 Many of us do like those games (CS being one of the best) and are very annoyed that we’ve had no reasonable response from SCEE regarding a release date, or why it wasn’t released on time. But don’t worry, if SCEE keeps this up there won’t be many of us left.

    At 1:12 in the video, it looks like he’s making one of those stupid meme/rage faces. Have to agree with #7 though, the ads they make for these sort of games are pathetic. Obviously they’re aimed at children, however even as a child I thought these ads were stupid and avoided certain titles because of them.

  • I’m also looking forward to other imminent titles:

    Gatecrash Someone Else’s Party
    Haven’t I Seen This Somewhere Before Party
    Who Needs Original Ideas Any More Party

    If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Supermassive Games ought to be feeling particularly smug.

  • PS Move has flopped so hard, that it would need the most creative guys even to imagine it. Honestly. When can we have games for it. I mean games! Not some imitated minigames that differ so little from free-to-play web browser games.

    I bought my Move when it came to the stores. That was 2 years ago? I’ve played with it for like.. couple hours. RUSE has been the only game that actually made any use of the controller.

    And please, stop making stupid Party games. I want something like Virtua Cop or Die Hard 2. Or maybe some co-op couch action (a’la Awesomenauts, but some new gamestyle using Move, and only Move. Read: NEW GAMESTYLE.)

  • @Paha-Vaatturi wrote “stop making stupid Party games”

    My six-year-old loves Start The Party, so would it be OK with you if Sony were allowed to make such games even though *you* don’t like them?

  • @ 1, 8 and 10 – if these kind of games aren’t your thing, what are you doing here? I don’t go into CS:GO threads and talk about it being a bland, arcade shooter that hasn’t moved on in over a decade, do I? Nor do I suggest it’s wrong for you to like it.

    This looks like a quality mini-game collection, and there are _lots_ of customers that enjoy quality mini-game collections. The article doesn’t suggest it’s anything else. And #8 – when they’re making as many party games as they are generic shooters (or CS re-hashes, lol), then you can complain :P. But at the moment, the range on PS3 is still relatively limited. Oh and Under Siege, Time Crisis, The Shoot, Echo Chrome, Tumble, Killzone 3, Sports Champions, Move Fitness and a bunch of other games say hi. Of course, if you don’t like these types of games, then buying Move wasn’t for you – but that just makes you poor at making decisions, it doesn’t make the Move a poor piece of kit.

    Best of luck to the devs for this one, it looks like it’s got the potential to be a lot of fun. And don’t listen to a bunch of narrow-minded tweens that struggle to see out of their own perspective ;).

  • @Carnivius Prime (5)
    @Axe99 (12)

    My sentiments exactly.

    If (like a previous comment pointed to) that this game will be 29.99 and 14.99 to PS+ subscribers then that seems reasonable.

    @Paha Vaatturi (10) Good luck playing your free to play web browser games like this without a move/wii style controller…
    Oh wait a minute, it’s not possible

    In general I love all sorts of gaming. All genres are welcome in my gaming world :-)

    For the record games like these can be GREAT FUN when you play with your mates or with your family (little cousin all the way to old Grandma). If you play them by yourself then yes, probably a little dull if the truth be told but as the (yes, VERY cheesy) advert shows that it can be great playing as a group (or even just two of you).

    The Move may not have been the huge hit it could have been but there is a load of good games as Axe99 pointed out as well as Sorcery, Datura, Heavy Rain etc. Plus the very recent Gamescon even had a few move titles on show. Until Dawn anyone? ;-)

    If you don’t like it then ‘move’ (sorry, I couldn’t resist ;-)) on and post your negativity else where as there is a market for games like this, like it or not. ;-)

  • @Frxn – @WolfiePL

    This has nothing to do with Counter-Strike. Why don’t you go harass Valve about it. This article was posted by a producer from Frima Studios to discuss this game, not a SCEE rep, not a Valve rep. Its like calling up Ford to complain about a Toyota vehicle.

  • I also loves this kind of games, so why do you other who dislike it bother complaining, It’s like I would complain why they make som many fps games, I actually do not play them!, there is some of us too you see, wich enjoys some other game generes aswell.
    My only “small” complain is that ther were no platinium for this game, would had exepected that on that price!
    But keep the good work up still thought!, make more! :)

  • Thanks for the good comments.

    We would have loved to include a Platinum trophy in Lights, Camera, Party!, but it is simply not allowed for smaller scale PSN only downlodable titles.

    I highly encourage you guys to try the demo with a bunch of friends.


  • there is an issue whith trophies synchronisation.

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