Evil Cole Joins The PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Roster

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Yo! Another hot summer is winding down as we close in on the release of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Fans have been asking whether we still have more reveals in store for everyone, to which we answer: yep, we’re not done yet!

Today, the PlayStation All-Stars team attended the GameStop Managers Show in San Antonio, TX, an annual event that gives the retailer the opportunity to check out the latest and greatest on the industry’s most anticipated video game titles. During the expo’s keynote we confirmed our latest addition to our roster. We are excited to reveal Evil Cole from Sucker Punch‘s inFAMOUS as a playable character in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale!


Players familiar with inFAMOUS know that Cole MacGrath’s fate changes drastically if led down a path of evil, and both his appearance and powers reflect this dark side of him. Evil Cole harnesses the powers of both electrokinesis and pyrokinesis in battle, offering a style more ruthless in nature than his moral counterpart, Cole MacGrath. When you pick up the controller, you’ll immediately notice the differences between their fighting styles. inFAMOUS fans with a taste for destruction need look no further for their character of choice.

Check out our newest character trailer to see Evil Cole’s moves in action.

Evil Cole can blast opponents from afar with bursts of fire and electricity, or engage opponents at close range with incendiary strikes. Players can utilise familiar attacks such as the Hellfire Rocket, Tripwire Rocket, and Firebird Strike to dispatch foes. Evil Cole is able to harness the power of The Beast once his energy has reached maximum level, leaving nothing in his wake. He is also able to suck AP out of his enemies using his Ionic Drain, giving him an AP headstart before opponents are ready for the next onslaught. He brings an offense-heavy play-style to the fight that rivals that of the most fearsome challengers on the roster.


That’s it for now! In case you missed the news, purchasing PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale for the PS3 also nets you a digital download of the PlayStation Vita version at no additional cost! How can you pass up a deal like that?!? Our release date of 21st November (22nd for Aus & NZ and 23rd for UK & Ireland) is fast approaching so be sure to pre-order now (apps.facebook.com/all-stars). A big thank you to all the fans for your encouraging support.

We have more news and announcements in store for you as we head into PAX, so stay tuned. We’ll see you at the show!

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  • Cop out character. Do we really need a good and an evil one?

  • Hmmm… Doesn’t look too bad, but until Crash and Spyro are announced I will not be fully satisfied with the roster. I will buy it, but won’t be as excited.

  • Evil Cole? Not bad,

  • When will the beta be coming to Playstation Plus members? I’m can’t wait to try it out!.

  • A big rumour about crash being in the game is on IGN blastbros. Someone was asking Activision about it, and they said “you’ll have to speak to Superbot” or something like that, it made it seem very likely.
    Here’s the story (it is made to sound more certain than I quoted) http://www.psu.com/a016709/Activision-hints-that-Crash-Bandicoot-will-appear-in-PS-All-Stars

    Superbot also hinted at FF characters.

  • Two Coles? Don’t get me wrong, Cole is all sorts of awesome… but if there’s enough space for two Coles, then I’ll assume there’s enough space for our Gravity Rush heroine, Kat, too! ;)

  • Evil Cole. God, don’t be doing the same skin crap that alot other fighting games do to make the roster look larger then It actualy is…

  • BOOOO. I like Cole but to take up 2 characters slots? Screw that!

    You guys better put up alot more characters then does rumoured ones that was on the list.

  • Was sceptical when I read ‘Evil Cole’ but he doesn’t seem to be a simple clone with only slightly different moves – he actually looks like he has his own set of moves, which is great.

  • COOL:P + These 3 Characters would make the game sound even better –
    1. Crash Bandicoot
    2. Snake(MGS)
    3. Lara Croft
    Will they be in the game? Maybe? ;)

  • Evil Cole looks like a great and fun addition to the roster!

    Although it does look like to avoid anarchy over Evil Cole’s inclusion, he and Good Cole would want to share the same character slot. Is this something all you great folk at SB are doing? Something were you just press a button to change between Good and Evil.

  • Crash & Spyro may not be announced yet but the game has Sly,Ratchet,Cole,Jak,Daxter, and Nate and they are good enough.

  • If Evil Cole is in, and Kat from Gravity Rush isn’t, i will dislike you forever ;_;

  • Wait a min, We had two Links in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, we had two Ben Tennysons in Punch-Time Explosion XL, and now we got two Coles for the game. More to come… I have a feeling Raiden from MGS could be confirmed.

  • SCEE will see the horde of Evil Coles if they don’t release CS:GO tomorrow.

  • Anyone complaining.. at least he has a unique move set, which makes him a worthy edition in my book. There are LOADS of clones in Smash Bros, who share their move sets. Mario/Luigi Falco/Fox/Wolf etc etc.

  • Said a few months back when Cole was originally announced good/evil should be done using a karma system.His moves would be split between the two and depending on usage he’d change when doing a super.

    Went more in depth then,and would need to find the post. I think I had system were he’d be fairly overpowered,but would run out of charge and need to absorb electricity to keep his power levels up,allowing him to maintain full AP absorbtion.

  • 15# Game is just worse then CS 1.6 so don’t see why you would want it.

  • Edward Ma removes the truth!

    Im sorry but i will not be buying a copy of PlayStation All-Stars. As PlayStation All-Stars is just another copy from other game titles. Truth be told PlayStation All-Stars is just another SONY scam to make us Suckers i mean customers to buy PlayStation All-Stars. Do what i do don’t buy this silly PlayStation All-Stars £49.99 SONY SCAM!!

    COLE in Street Fighter X Tekken was a fail so Evil COLE in this is Fail. One thing I wanna know? No Evil COLE in SFxTK So this PS All Stars battle royal is a epic fail.

  • “His moves would be split between the two and depending on usage he’d change when doing a super.”

    Forgot to add.After the change he’s locked into good/evil Cole,with different move sets and attributes.

    I get feeling this was probably attempted,but A) it didn’t work B) they needed more character. s

  • “Truth be told PlayStation All-Stars is just another SONY scam to make us Suckers i mean customers to buy PlayStation All-Stars”

    Really, what? A game is a scam to make you buy the game? And all games have an RRP of £49.99…I think you’ve gone mad.

  • everyone stop moaning about there being 2 coles in the game. anyone whis olayed infamous should know that evil and good cole have very differnt poweres. besides its not like this mean 1 charcter wont fit in the gane or anything. in fact i bet their will be dlc charcters

  • There won’t be a playstation all stars battle royale beta for PSN store as follows they don’t wanna show how badly the game feels.

    All this PS All Stars Battle Royale is just another Fake copy of Smash Bro’s for the PS3. Don’t waste your money on this trash PS3 game.

  • At first, I thought it was completely redundant to have Evil Cole and Good Cole as different characters, but it works out pretty well though.

  • @Immortal-Wolf–

    “Don’t waste your money on this trash PS3 game.”

    Normally I wait until I’ve played something before I have an opinion on a game,but you’ve convinced me based on your well put argument.Thanks.

  • @Immortal-Wolf #23: Do you ever have anything positive to add? All I ever read from you is moaning and whining. Yes, we know Battle Royale more than resembles Smash Bro’s, but as not everyone has a Wii, it’s great that the Playstation is going to have its own brawler.
    You don’t have to keep posting each time that you consider this “just another Fake copy of Smash Bro’s”. Everybody knows where this game gets its ideas from, and can make up their own mind whether they want to buy it or nor.

  • Street Fighter X Tekken RYU / EVIL RYU

    Playstation All Stars Battle Royale COLE / EVIL COLE

    Which One? Was the fail!

    And Both Were


    Playstatio All Stars (CROSS) Smash Bro’s

    Now we getting somewhere. Over the rainbow as it seems like that will never happen.

  • @Immortal-Wolf–

    Is this some kind of challenge where you try and see how many accounts you can get banned? Giving each new account an extra -?

  • “Over the rainbow as it seems like that will never happen.”

    Not sure what your saying,but if your hinting at a Smash clone starring Rainbow characters,I’ll buy it.Zippy Vs Bungle Vs Freddy Vs Jane.Day one.


    Playstation All Stars (CROSS) Smash Bro’s

    Now we getting somewhere. Over the rainbow as it seems like that will never happen.

    Sorry for the typo.

  • Like mt father Alex was never to bright but me well im alive ain’t i. My father died beliving in what he was doing right at the time.

  • Always did prefer Evil Cole. I love inFamous. :)

  • Didn’t you guys know.

    Street Fighter (CROSS) Mortal Kombat was being made.

    I guess SCEE are slow at letting you guys know?

  • Great, the character of All-Stars that I hated most from the game I hated more is now going to appear twice =.=

  • I think it’s a great idea having both evil cole and good cole in the game. Like some people may like to play as the good cole and others may like evil. Playing as good/evil may not be everyone’s cup of tea so it would be fair they get the choice they want.

    It would be too weird to allow both good and evil cole join in the same game. It would be best to have it as a choice to allow just 1 cole per game

  • Cole Macgrath. The only game character to appear in more games outside his main serious than inside them.

  • very awesome

  • It makes sense that Evil Cole would have a different moveset than Good Cole. I don’t know why people are complaining. Guess they’ve never played inFamous…

    Can’t wait for this. Thanks for the update.

    P.S. Hoping for Tomba, Crash and Coco, Vib-Ribbon, Arc, Sir Daniel and Rosco McQueen.

  • Im confused Sony, on the greek forum they said that if you buy he vita version you get the ps3 version for free too. I wanted the game on vita and it will be great i will get both versions.

  • @blendercat27

    “It makes sense that Evil Cole would have a different moveset than Good Cole. I don’t know why people are complaining. Guess they’ve never played inFamous…”

    I still dont get why it’s 2 slots.He could easily of been a Zelda/Sheik character,and not taken two slots.Like I said above,give him a mix of good/evil moves as neutral Cole.Then when you super it karma locks you into good/evil based on the number of successful good/evil moves that hit/took AP.

  • 2 Coles make sense to me. Captain/President Quark would make alot more sense to me though ;)

  • I really like his moves!!Will be using him in the game for sure.

  • Really like his moves!!!Will be using him in the game for sure.

  • I’m guessing ~ not 100% sure ~ but to be a PlayStation All-Star you have to be exclusive to PlayStation. And as both Crash, Spyro, Lara Croft and some others that I’ve heard mentioned appear on other platforms (Microsoft/Nintendo) then they won’t be making an appearance. I think newer additions to the PlayStation brand like Kat from Gravity Rush will probably appear as DLC.

    On a final note to those saying it’s a clone of Smash Bro’s… That’s a bad thing… how?

  • I’m so sick of hearing this….Just because theres a crossover fighting game does not make it a Smash Bros clone. Is Tekken X Street Fighter a smash bros clone?.

  • @LXidious

    Thats what I thought also. Was wondering why is big daddy in it when bioshock is also out for xbox :S Last time i checked bioshock 1 was out for xbox before it came out on ps3

  • @ lXidious

    thats not the case as the current roster shows.

    big daddy

    these fighters are already in it and none are ps exclusives

    i think the final fighters shown are going to be some of the big ones.

    i hope/expect.

    crash (i think this one will deffo happen)
    cloud/seperot (50/50 for me it should happen but who knows)
    snake (david hater has been in for voice work so he has to be in it)
    altier or etzio (neither ps exclusives but due to good history on ps3 i see it)

    hope theres lots more fighters that we are not expecting i was hoping for a cast of 35 to 40 (some unlockable obv) and then some dlc for others we may want.

  • @Immortal Wolf, we are getting a beta through plus, and they are making it open… so clearly they do want to show people.

  • @uncleniccius, don’t tell the Immortal-Wolf– that as it’ll just be seen as a “Sony scam to MAKE us buy a PS Plus subscription” ;-)

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