Naughty Bear: Panic In Paradise Turns On The Charm

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Naughty Bear: Panic In Paradise Turns On The Charm


Hey there PlayStation Blog, Ashley from Behaviour here. When we first approached the development of Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise, we set out to not just improve on the 2010 original but to exceed that and deliver a dramatically enhanced experience.

We always loved the core concept and the cheeky protagonist, Naughty Bear. Obviously we could have completely thrown the entire concept out and started again from scratch, but there were many things that our fans liked about Naughty Bear. Our first goal was to fix the things that we were called out on and then add new, meaningful gameplay mechanics which would make Panic in Paradise as good as it possibly could be.

With that in mind, the following list lets you take a peek inside a few of the new features and mechanics in Panic in Paradise, due on PlayStation Network this October.


Panic in Paradise has been built using a fully revamped version of our internal engine. A new lighting and shadow system brings a great new mood and feel to the world and also allows for a dramatically increased number of bears on screen. It has also allowed us to create much larger levels and, despite all these improvements, it is also running at a smooth framerate.

NB_PIP_Screen NB_PIP_Screen (5)


Combat has had a massive overhaul. Naughty now boasts a new combo system that allows you to chain different attacks. This also varies depending on what weapon you’re currently holding. There are five classes: Fist weapons, Pointy, Slash, Bash and Smash all with their own attack animations.


There are hundreds of weapons and costumes to collect throughout Paradise Island. To get them you first have to unlock them in the levels. Carrying a bear into the woods and tearing off their clothes unlock costumes. Weapons can be collected by grabbing hold of the weapon and performing an ultra kill on another bear with it.

NB_PIP_Screen (6) NB_PIP_Screen (3)

The Grab

The grab allows players to sneak up behind bears and grab hold of them. When in this state they are lifted off the ground and they can be carried to any object that the player wants. The ability to grab and carry means you are never waiting around for bears to go and repair object. With the grab, it’s always Naughty time!


We have now given the player manual camera control allowing them to enjoy the stealth elements of the game. Often you want to be able to track a target while walking another direction and the freedom of control allows you to do this. We also enhanced the ultra kill cameras. Now the player has full control of over the camera during the kill.

So there you go – at the end of the day, much like its hero, Naughty Bear was designed to be a different, funny and deliciously naughty game. We have loved creating this new chapter with publisher 505 Games, not to mention the wonderful cast of characters that populate the strange resort of Paradise Island. As our good friend would say, “Go on…be Naughty!”

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  • I loved Naughty Bear and my favourite way to play was to drive the other bears insane. ʘ‿ʘ

    I am really looking forward to this. I can’t wait to see what improvements were made on the combat.

  • I weren’t a fan of the first game. The gameplay just wasn’t there. It disappointed me a bit, to be honest. I hope the new one is better. Sure sounds like you put a lot of effort into it. I hope the best :)

  • Family of Ted? Never played the first game, but a moping bear, like in the first screenshot really puts me off. Check out the movie posters of Ted, on how to position a foul-mouthed, dirty bear. (or check this poster:

    That said, if there is a demo, I’ll definitely check it out next October.

  • The first was a buggy, short, £10.00 Downloadable game sold as a full retail game (with a full retail game price). An utter disgrace.

    So you can’t exactly do much worse than the original.

  • Couldn’t of been too hard to improve on the original given how retarded and pointless it was

  • Studio Liverpool gets shut down and Naughty Bear gets a sequel.
    Did I just step in to some sort of backwards reality?

    This world…

  • This seem to be great most killer game for teddy hopefully it pack with cool DLC goodies ;)

  • “Heeere’s PUDSY!”

    Firstly, congrats on taking an active approach to correcting criticisms of the first game before adding new gameplay elements. From the consumer side that alleviates alot of worries from our end.

    Secondly, I like the collecting and temple/exploration mechanics as score attacks/leaderboards aren’t appealing to me. Anything that requires experimentation with game world would also help, like a checklist/scapbook of environmental kills that players can fill or being able to murder every bear (not nessesarily in 1 try) in a level.

    Otherwise I look forward to seeing more on this.

  • I think this was the right step to take this franchise further, the original had a pretty steep learning curve (mainly just trying to understand the gameplay…) but personally I had a ton of fun with it! Once you learn how to get that combo going it was pretty addictive! Being a PSN title makes so much more sense and would have worked out better if the first game was too.

    Im glad to hear it runs at a silky smooth framerate too! :D The framerate was one of my biggest complaints in the original. Nice to see developers acknowledging problems and fixing them!

    I look forward to seeing more!

  • loved the first game i thought people were to harsh with it…yeah it had bugs….but was really addictive an sooo funny :)

    so hopefully with all the improvements this game is gona rock…cant wait… an my sister big fans…(both in our late 20’s too lol)…..we are both eargerly anticipating this big time…..she more than me….she stills plays the first one…anyway waffle over just wanted to let u guyd know u have two big fans….bring on october :)

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