Interview: Meet The Man Pulling Puppeteer’s Strings

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Interview: Meet The Man Pulling Puppeteer’s Strings

Puppeteer for PS3

If nothing else, Sony’s Gamescom 2012 show will be remembered for its bias away from en vogue browns and greys towards good old-fashioned primary colours. From Tearaway and LittleBigPlanet Vita, to Diggs Nightcrawler and Ratchet & Clank: QForce, this year’s press conference was big, bright and beautiful. Heck, even Killzone: Mercenary snuck a bit of neon into its debut trailer!

But perhaps the most colourful reveal of all was larger-than-life PS3 platformer Puppeteer, currently in development at Sony’s Japan Studio. As explained in our announcement post last week, it’s an eccentric affair that sees you step into the shoes of a young chap called Kutaro who has been imprisoned in a magical puppet realm by the maleficent Moon Bear King.

The trailer – which you can remind yourself of at the bottom of this post – looks brilliantly bonkers, and we’re looking forward to bringing you more information on the game later this year as development progresses. For now though, take a look at our video interview with developer Gavin Moore for some insight into what you can expect from the title.

Please do mind the glare from our twin bald pates though, yes?

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  • Great interview Fred, im really looking forward to this game. Is there any chance we could get a user QnA id love to find out more about this title.

    • Actually, yes. I might be speaking to Gavin again next month. If so, I’ll be sure to put some of your questions to him. Stay tuned for more on that.

  • You’ve been busy last week, interviewing everybody! Puppeteer sure looks interesting, really looking forward to it.

    However, am I the only one who gets the feeling this game was created using Mm’s LBP2 as a development platform?

    • Any resemblance is entirely coincidental! There’s no link between the games.

      Yep, was a busy week. More to come tomorrow!

  • I’ve loved the interviews you’ve been doing all week and am so glad we get one about this game. Out of everything shown this and Tearaway are the games that show Playstation as the company it has always been a purveyor of quality and unique experiences. But I was wondering if there have been thoughts about doing this compatible with Vita would love to play this on the go as well as at home. I understand that Vita needs it’s own games as well but where possible if games can use Cross-Play I think it would help sell Vita’s to people who already have a PS3.

  • Nice that Sony’s Japan Studio is doing so well … you know, opposed to Psygnosis aka Sony Liverpool.

    Curse you Sony!

  • i like the look of this and that Gavin person was really interesting on the panel. just wanted to ask is this going to be full retail price?

  • Hey again Fred. It’s me again with “The Last Guy” :-) (commented on the Dust Vita app thingy)
    Pardon for going off-topic again, but anyhoo: When you said “PM” did you mean on/via the PSN? As in, I need to log on to my PS3 to watch the message?

    And Btw, you didn’t have to apologize for not sending the vouchers out yet, because you were in Germany. I’m pretty sure you stated your reasons quite clearly, maybe even multiple times, in the original Weekend Debate post :-)

    • I’m told the codes were sent out this morning. I’m just clarifying how exactly the message comes through, but yes I think you have to log into your PSN ID to see the message.

  • really looking forward to this game


    I really wish Psygnosis would put out an HD or updated or even the old Wiz ‘n’ Liz – that would be top fun to play again. Surprised when Sega was releasing all the old mega drive classics they couldn’t have worked something out to release Wiz ‘n’ Liz again

  • @Izorpo

    Not sure if you heard it, but Sony announced today that they’ll close Psygnosis.
    When you said “I really wish Psygnosis would …” it seemed that you aren’t aware of that yet.

  • @Golwar

    no I hadn’t heard cheers for the unhappy news- well I’ll always have my mega drive copy of Wiz ‘n’ Liz (;_・)

  • the Psygnosis owl been dead long ago the last Psygnosis.was funny enough was alundra i still got the psychical copy of it.

    R_I_P Owlface. :(

  • @fred #6: Just checked, but alas, no code has arrived yet… Please flog the person responsible for sending out the codes ;-)

  • @ Skookie30

    Psygnosis was Liverpool Studio but some people still call it by its old name – especially those that played Amiga games

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