Dust 514 Beta Open To PS Plus Members From Tomorrow

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Dust 514 Beta Open To PS Plus Members From Tomorrow

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Greetings all. Phil from CCP here with a quick reminder that from tomorrow, Wednesday 22nd August, we will be inviting all the SCEE PlayStation Plus Members to join the Dust 514 closed beta. This is a unique chance to experience the ground-breaking MMO shooter from CCP – the makers of EVE Online – and connect with PC gamers together in the EVE Online universe.

As part of this exclusive event, you will also get a 50% discount when purchasing the game’s Mercenary Pack. This contains content worth around £40/€50, usually selling for €17.99/£13.99, but available for just €9/£7 for the next two weeks! This exclusive event ends on 5th September, so don’t miss out on grabbing the beta client from the PlayStation Plus section.

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  • I’m starting to wish that I’d gone for another PS3 rather than the Vita (which I LOVE).

  • I will definitely check this one out! The Dust – Eve integration seems pretty neat, and although I never played Eve, I’m definitely looking forward to do some errands for Eve players :-)
    Will the beta contain actual Eve connection?
    Does this also mean the Vita ‘on the go’ app will be available from tomorrow too?

  • Are the numbers in that discount information correct?

  • If I have the client downloaded from previous beta events, do I need to redownload the new one?

    • You should be able to just download the patch, but depending on your region, you may need to reinstall the client. Hope that helps.

  • So 50% of €50 is €9? I say yes to that.

    • It’s 50% off the price on the PSN store. The total value of the package is worth around 50 Euros. Hope that clears it up.

  • @5
    It is 19€ on The PS store atm(already discounted) It was originally 50€.

    Haters gonna hate.

  • I’ll check the beta out for sure, loved EVE too much to ignore it. But I don’t have any real hope that Dust will be any good on the long run.

    It seems that it is not only P2W instead of F2P, but the items you buy are also consumables. Seriously, I can’t imagine anything worse than constantly losing the objects that I paid for with every death. And be it just some few cents each time, it still is dumb.

  • Will the Mercenary Pack items still be available when Dust 514 goes out of beta?

  • had such high hopes for dust but i agree with the comment above that it isn’t that good at all, bought the merc pack to get early access, very disappointed .. movement is awful, aiming is crap, heavies are way way too powerful and take too much damage to kill , mag in space is what it reminded me of .. i’ll be stickin to killzone 3 for my fps multiplayer

  • @10

    Yes you get the items when the real game starts.

  • What’s the file size going to be for this beta?

  • Tomorrow…? Everywhere i’ve seen for the past couple of weeks has said the 21st.

    Ah well :/

  • Unfortunately i have to agree that this game was highly highly disappointing, Sluggish controls, Complicated Interface, PS2-ish Graphics & Many other problems.
    That all said the game is still in Beta so it could get much better before release, At the state it’s at now though, It will disappoint many of you.

  • Also like to note this is a F2P game and CCP seem like they’re going to be adding adding and adding more content.
    So my guess is there hard work will pay off eventually.
    Overall i just think the game needs more polish then it could be a great F2P game for the Playstation 3.

    • You are correct, we will be adding new content continuously and this is different than buying a boxed product.

  • I was kind of hyped but the comments of buying stuff that you loose after you get killed is kind of depressing.
    I’m not a very good MP player so I’m not going to invest in upgrades that I loose the moment I get shot, that just doesn’t sound like a fun experiance.
    I’m for sure going to try it but buying content, probably not.
    Graphic wise it’s still a beta so that can improve but I read some earlier comments and the developers where kind of branging how amazing it looked so that is setting the expectation level high.

  • Things are getting more and more like this these days, pay to have bigger weapons or weapons packs, etc. So the more money you have the better off you are, what if i wanted to invest in more games instead of just one and spend £££ on it? Pay2Win….not Pay2Play sounds the same to me…I hope I am wrong but we are all being used these days by the profiteers ;(.

  • Buy the Mercenary Pack. When you’re in game check out the store and look at the stats of the items your purchased Aurum will get you compared to those bought with ISK, and then tell me this game isn’t Pay2Win.

    Even 1-2 extra DPS on a weapon makes a WORLD of difference.

    Then you have the added bonus of these weapons being consumables.

    We haven’t quite sunk to the depths of Kwari yet where you buy ammunition, but hey, its early days.

    Given the amount of hacking/glitching that will be going on when the game goes live (and if you think it won’t; boy are you in denial) surely renting weapons over a period of time (like Combat Arms) would be a better deal. How much are you going to rage when you start losing paid for gear through no fault of your own (or anyone elses’) because of server disconnects, bugs etc?

    Paid for gear should be cosmetic only. Most MMOs had this figured out years ago. Throwing cash at weapons/abilities in a game brings out the absolute worst in it’s playerbase.

  • I signed up for a beta code via the games website ages ago, which I got but the code was restricted to a certain weekend which I couldn’t play.

    I’m not bothering to download the massive file again to beta test as I don’t have time to mess around with the tedious day restrictions on beta’s.

    I have many other games on PS+ now, Dust 514 missed the boat.

  • Yes yes yes. All over this tomorrow. Plus has been so great lately.

  • Agree with the ‘minority’ Here on this, ok, it is Still in Beta, But i have got to say it has been one of, well actually The worst gaming, Beta/other i have played, and i Was allways so hyped about this game/what it ‘can/could’ (Really-Should ! ) do for the future of console gaming, lol.. we can’t all afford pc’s that give ps3/xbox graphics/other qualities… So for that reason alone i was, .. i guess passionate, about this ‘venture’, allways wishing the devs and team working on it All the best, and such, Then when they announced it was going to be ‘free’ to play as well, i just thought this is definately another breakthrough in gaming/playstation history.. So you will know i am not another hater when i agree with above comments regarding it’s ‘problems’, .. IF these are fixed (Properly) before release, then i will re-evaluate my opinion, but atm i wouldn’t play this at all.

    btw, though you’s may recognise my gamer id (?), you shouldn’t have any stats on it, as i wasn’t sent a invitation, but managed to get one, i Have to wonder, how many of us who actually posted our ideas on every blog, think there were about 15 regular ‘contributors’ from way last year, also got no invite, am kinda curious.

  • Will try for a moment or two

  • Can someone tell me how/where we get the Beta ? it’s not on the store yet


  • I presume that the store will update after 4pm today with regards to the Dust 514 beta?
    I tried to get a response from someone over on the ‘Heads up’ page, but they were all whining about CS: GO.
    I just want to start the download for this beta before my Internet connection switches to the speed of a disabled snail due to throttling.
    I’m just hoping that it impresses me or I will probably cry like a child at school who just wet themselves. Infront of everybody. :0(

  • Downloaded the Dust 514 beta from the Playstation plus store & installed the most recent version using auto update, the client looks to have installed correctly but when trying to run only the playstation move splash screen plays then a blank screen which then locks up the system.

    Any ideas

  • Dust 514 client now installed OK, took quite a few attempts but everything seems to be working…now for some fun!!!

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