‘Heads-Up’ PlayStation Plus Gamescom Update – 16th August 2012

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‘Heads-Up’ PlayStation Plus Gamescom Update – 16th August 2012

It’s Gamescom week and PlayStation Plus is out in force! If you’ve been paying attention then by now you will have heard the fantastic news that cloud storage is being increased from September, up to a ma-hoosive 1GB for all your game saves, and that PS Vita Plus is also on the way – stay tuned for more details on that.

And of course you know who’s coming to town on 5th September for the next Game of the Month…literally one of the most enormous titles of this console generation. What’s more, two new titles as well in September, one brand new and one new to PSN – we’re spoiling you rotten for sure.

First, though, let’s stay focused on August. It’s time to strap on your parachute and grappling hook for some serious regime change, as Just Cause 2 (83) comes zipping into Your Instant Game Collection, available for the next 12 weeks until 7th November 2012.

As agent Rico Rodriguez, your orders are to find and kill your friend and mentor, who has disappeared on the island paradise of Panau. With 400 square miles of rugged terrain, plus hundreds of weapons, vehicles, missions and Rico’s trademark parachute and grapple, experience freedom unparalleled in the third-person action genre.

All the DLC, from Tuc-tucs to Inferno parachutes? 50% off? Two weeks? You bet!


Not enough destruction? Consider seeing a therapist, or alternatively, play the game with more guns than there are PlayStations in all the SCEE territories as we bring you Borderlands (83), which is available for the next 12 weeks until 7th November 2012.

Lock, load, and face the madness! Get ready for the mind-blowing insanity as one of four trigger-happy mercenaries taking out everything that stands in your way. Gearbox’s RPS (role playing shooter) combines frantic first-person shooting action with accessible role-playing character progression. Fly solo in single player, wreak havoc with a friend in two-player split screen, or drop in and out with up to four player co-op online and offline for a maniacal multiplayer experience.

Borderlands is well known for having some of the best DLC in the business, and of course The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned, Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot, The Secret Armory of General Knoxx and Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution are all 50% off for the next two weeks, so be sure to grab anything you like the sound of!

Got both of those titles? Are you after something new and shiny? Well bless my soul, we have you covered to the power of three!

This week, we have two amazing launch discounts on brand new PSN titles – 20% off the remarkable Sound Shapes (you HAVE to play this game, it’s absolutely fantastic!) and 20% off the frankly insane but no less wonderful Papo & Yo, both for the next two weeks.

And on August 22nd, PlayStation Plus Presents… Retro/Grade!

Play a classic shoot ’em up…in reverse! Navigate deadly enemy waves and un-fire attacks in Retro/Grade, a mind-bending rhythm game by 24 Caret Games. Pick up a Dualshock 3 wireless controller or a PlayStation 3 guitar controller and help Rick Rocket restore the continuity of space-time, before a temporal anomaly rips the universe a new time-hole!

Retro/Grade will be available in Plus at no cost for the next eight weeks, and I urge everyone to play it. It’s really unlike anything you’ve seen before, has a fantastic soundtrack and gives you a reason to dust off those guitar controllers!

You’re probably looking at all this and thinking, wow, August must be the greatest month in Plus history – and I reckon you’re right. But almost unbelievably, it gets BETTER.


Don’t forget the nine other fantastic games available to download for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Rock of Ages (70)

A rock-solid combination of rock-rolling action, deep strategy, and captivating art and music from different ages of history, this is a game of crush or be crushed! Two castles stand opposed; one is yours, the other is your enemy’s. They’re a jerk and their castle sucks, so you’re going to try to smash it using an enormous boulder. Even as they build up their defenses, you’re ready to roll over them in order to raze that unsightly tower. But beware! There’s a giant boulder headed your way, too.

Rock of Ages is available until 29th August 2012.


Dead Space 2 (89)

Engineer Isaac Clarke returns for the sequel to the critically acclaimed Dead Space. After waking from a coma on a massive space city known as “The Sprawl”, the lone survivor of a horrific alien infection finds himself confronting a catastrophic new nightmare. Battling dementia, hunted by the government, and haunted by visions of his dead girlfriend.

Dead Space 2 will be available until 5th September 2012.


Outland (83)

In the middle of Balance and Chaos, now stands one man whose efforts may bridge the ancient divide, or doom the world to destruction. The award-winning studio Housemarque, maker of Super Stardust HD, has created an ambitious platformer inspired by epic adventures such as the Prince of Persia series. Each player’s adventure will take him between light and darkness and force him to adapt to an ever-changing world.

Outland will be available until 12th September 2012.

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD (82)

In the dusty, undeveloped wastelands of Western Mudos, cantankerous townsfolk find their settlements besieged by belligerent outlaws. Along comes Stranger, a tall, dark and enigmatic bounty hunter with a mission to capture troublemakers and scoundrels and return them to civilised townships for incarceration. But Stranger is keeping a secret and needs expensive surgery to survive. In his quest to earn enough Moolah, Stranger reluctantly accepts the ultimate bounty from the owner of the Mongo River and suddenly his adventure takes a very different turn.

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD will be available until 12th September 2012.


Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light (84)

With Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, enjoy a classic formula of combat, exploration, puzzles, and breathtaking visuals in this fast-paced arcade experience. Team up with a friend or go at it alone as you traverse and solve deadly traps, fight hordes of undead enemies, and collect dozens of weapons, artifacts and relics.

Lara Croft & the Guardian of Light will be available until 10th October 2012.


Saints Row 2 (82)

Saints Row 2 brings true freedom to open-world gaming. Players can play as who they want and how they want. Limitless customization, multiplayer co-op, competitive multiplayer, killer combat and vehicles are just a few of the features that make Saints Row 2 the most over-the-top sandbox in gaming.

Saints Row 2 will be available until 10th October 2012.


inFamous 2 (83)

When Empire City comes under attack from a mysterious creature known only as “The Beast”, not even the electric super powers of Cole MacGrath can save the town from complete destruction. Battered and defeated, Cole finds himself fleeing towards the southern US city of New Marais in search of a way to overcome this powerful new nemesis. Playing as Cole, explore the vast, decaying metropolis of New Marais and form relationships with the good people of the city, or side with their corrupt counterparts.

Available all year round.


Motorstorm Apocalypse (77)

Test your bottle and your reflexes as you hit the streets of a crumbling city in 40 nerve-shattering races. Take your chances against the apocalypse in 13 awesome vehicle classes, from rocket-powered Superbikes and lightning-fast Rally Cars, to formidable Monster Trucks and fearsome Big Rigs. Create your own online race events for up to 16 players, customise and share thousands of vehicles and unlock tons of perks and rewards to smash the opposition and climb the global leaderboards.

Available all year round.

LittleBigPlanet 2 (91)

Download LittleBigPlanet 2 and take your Sackboy on an adventure packed with clever tools, quirky characters and loads of multiplayer fun. Get creative and build absolutely anything you can imagine, from shoot-’em-ups and racing games to your very own movies and music. Then share your unique creations online with the rest of the LittleBigPlanet community. There are millions of levels out there just waiting to be discovered, all built by fellow LittleBigPlanet fans right across the globe.

Available all year round.

Launch Discounts

Sound Shapes

Sound Shapes is a completely unique take on the classic side-scrolling platform game. Play through a series of beautiful levels, or create your own, building environments and choosing enemies and obstacles – and all the while composing your own ambient background music. Buy this title on PS3 to get a free copy for PS Vita.


Papo & Yo

Papo & Yo is a puzzle-platforming adventure that follows the tale of a young boy, Quico, and his best friend Monster, a huge beast with razor-sharp teeth and an addiction to poisonous frogs. The minute Monster eats a frog he goes into a violent rage that’s bad news for everyone around. And yet, Quico will make a dangerous journey through a magical world to find a cure for his best friend.


And there’s yet more to come in August! Stay tuned, everyone.

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21 Author Replies

  • Any idea when Youtube comes to EU?

  • Great update, any news about Super Stardust Portable which was supposedly free to PS Plus users but has never materialised?

  • Is the free Super Stardust Portable for Plus users mentioned here http://blog.eu.playstation.com/2012/08/08/celebrate-super-stardust-hds-5th-anniversary-with-stellar-savings/ still happening or have plans changed?

  • Hi!

    I’m a hungarian PS+ subscriber!
    Please let the responsible people know that under the 4 newest free games there are no content!
    Lara Croft, Dead Space 2, Borderlands and Just Cause 2.
    It seems hungarian Sony is not interested.


    • Hello, we’re aware of this, it’s an issue with the Store and we’re getting it sorted, hopefully today or tomorrow. I apologise for the delay on this but we’ll get the games up for you shortly.

  • Where is the 100% discount on Super Stardust Portable that was announced over a week ago? It’s taken a week for the 50% discount to materialize for non-PS+ members and still no acknowledgement of the delay/absence of this missing freebie. Please respond!

  • Some good games for free, JC2 is one of the most underrated games of this generation.

  • Playstation Plus is only getting better and better. So happy to be a subscriber. :) Great work on the blog, guys, keep it up!

  • For september

    Brand new game : Double Dragon Neon
    Game new to PSN : Machinarium

  • “And of course you know who’s coming to town on 5th September for the next Game of the Month…literally one of the most enormous titles of this console generation” Duke Nukem? (thats a joke by the way). Joking aside – I’m utterly loving PS+ at the moment… well worth the sub. But what is going to happen to our sub games when PS4 comes out? That aside – keep it up – very happy so far.

  • Ross, is the 25% discout on PS+ also going to apply to whoever wants to renew the service or is it just for new subscribers? Does the 12 months stack on what I have left?

    • Hello, yeah that was a little bit ambiguous – 25% off for all purchasers and yes of course, you can stack the 12 months on top of your current subscription. :)

  • “(Please embed logo)” ;p

    Great update. There is no excuse for people to not be subscribed to Playstation Plus!

  • Another game I already have, makes it about 5 in a row now =/. At least I don’t have retro/grade but not a game for me.

    While it’s great we’re getting full retail games I’m actually getting significantly less for my money now than I was before the change so not very happy right now. I have Red Dead Redemption too so again another game not for me.

    • More than 8 brand new games between August and the end of the year – also I wouldnt write off Retro/Grade it’s really a huge amount of fun.

  • OK I might have been overly harsh in berating Plus’ choice of games yesterday. I’ve been unlucky in having all of the major games you’ve put on offer over the past month or so (though I would expect a lot of gamers would have them too) but now you’ve said that there are some new games coming my faith has been restored – if temporarily.

    It would be nice to know what games are coming a bit more than the usual day in advance though. It was better when we were told a month in advance what the games were. At least that way it’s not as bad anticipating the update day only to find it’s some games you’ve already got or games you’ve no interest in.

    • Currently announced new games:

      Rock of Ages, Retro/Grade, Machinarium, Double Dragon Neon, Hell Yeah! (October’s Game of the Month), Knytt Underground, Big Sky Infinity

      And a couple that we haven’t announced yet.

  • It was about time but, yes, we are truly getting spoiled with PS+ this year~<3 I've got a huge backlog of PS+ goodies to play through (my HDD feels more than bloated) after my internship ends this month and with my birthday on the 28th and all the great gaming things happening on and around that date, I will barely know where to start. xD

  • Morning Ross.

    I’d like to be the first commenter to thank you and the team for giving us PS Plus users for these two upcoming titles.

    I’ve not actually played Borderlands so it’ll be nice to see what the fuss is all about before I get the sequal next month lol…

    Thank you again. Seems like alot of people on here just seem a little unappreciative and only ask for the stuff SCE don’t have an it’s a little sad. Anyway keep up the good work and keep the content coming our way.


  • Another two i already have :( Not liking the new PS plus tbh, I may be in the minority but i much preferred getting more PSN only titles along with minis and PSone classics to use on my PSP. Most old blu-ray titles that i want i’ll probably already have, which has been the case so far with every new addition lol. Not sure it’s worth the money any more for me sadly.

  • Dust Beta on the 22th? 50% off the Merc Pack on the 22th?

  • hey ross great update as always. so u said at sart of month august has a surprise too that still the case?? cheers dude

    • Yes, there’s a special two week BETA event for Dust 514, with 50% off the Mercenary pack that gives you lots of cool things top help you get started.

  • ^Although to add to my comment, i’ve just seen your comment about more than 8 new games by the end of the year so things may get better….

    • That’s okay, I know some of the more hardcore (which includes myself, actually) already have a lot of the retail games. Most months there will be at least one PSN only title in YIGC so there’s plenty of digital only titles from the back catalogue, and we’ve deliberately made sure there’s a nice mix of brand new and new to the platform stuff coming before Christmas for people just like you (and me!)

  • @Ross McGrath

    This is getting ridiculous now….

    What is going on with Counter Strike GO ?

    Is it coming next week ???!?!?!

  • Thanks Ross for the list. Quickly Googled a few and they look quite interesting. Maybe there’ll be a old Blu-Ray game I missed too. Faith definitely restored in Plus. :)

  • dear playstation hello

    me and my friends have an Israeli plus accaunt and we tryed to download bordarlends and lara croft its just told us that no contact was found.
    and there is no DLC contact in just cause 2 in the Israel store.

  • Hi Ross,

    Can you tell me whether it’ll be the original version of RDR, which is glitched by poor patch QA, or whether Rockstar are working to resolve said glitches? I poured in 30+ hours into the game only to find I can never get the platinum because the multiplayer patches glitched the single-player collectables… it completely ruined the game for me :(

    • It’s the digital version that’s currently up for sale on the Store. I had that issue with my disc release but I’m not sure of the digital one, I would think it’s pre-patched. I’ll look into it for you!

  • eek – I can’t cope – with every reply you seem to add more and more games. Thats it – I’m buying a 1gig HD.

  • I am going to sound cheap :D but i am going to say it – Can’t non-PS-Plus people get a bit of free ‘cloud storage’ for our saves??? ;)
    I only say that because i have some irritating ‘Copy Protected’ Saves :-/ that i can’t back-up to my USB stick i have in my PS3.

  • Meh. I downloaded Borderlands last night but I didn’t like it (I don’t genrally like FPS games at all but it was at least a bit more entertaining than the tedious likes of Call of Duty and Killzone). Have just installed Just Cause 2 so will give that a go but I’m kinda annoyed we haven’t had Ratchet & Clank All 4 One like the US have and I’m feeling somewhat left out of the multiplayer fun my friends are having on it without me. To be honest I haven’t enjoyed the free games since the initial lot that included the excellent choices of LBP2, inFamous 2 and Motorstorm Apocalypse…

  • cheers ross again amazing stuff too now till xmas. i cant understsnd why ppl moan this service u and song give is the dogs . i get to play i would nit otherwise try. give urselfs a pat on the back and bring more stuff on.
    ps. aint got enough time to play all these. thanks once again

  • I will eventually start playing these great games you keep adding…

    Very happy with the way PLUS has gone and feel it definitely is worth the asking price, it’s inevitable we will get games we already have or have played but for those who have just picked up a ps3, its fantastic.

    Im deffo gonna give Just Cause 2 a go (had it on pc for ages but never loaded it up) but Borderlands is my 3rd copy so it wont get used… but it is perfect for those yet to play and waiting for the sequel.

    Talking of having games you already have, maybe there could be a gifting system implemented, so that you can let a friend play your copy for that month only?

    Also, I think it may be worth just bundling 3 months of plus in with a console or when you create a psn account just so people new to the ps3 know about it, as some casual gamers probably could benefit from the service but aren’t as aware of it.

  • What does stay tuned mean? Should we expect news on vita psplus this month or at e3?

    • There’s a launch discount on Expendables 2 coming, and also a DUST 514 beta, both next week (I think… certainly the Beta).

  • id like to know where the counterstrike pre order is ? its on american store, and the game company valve has stated WORLDWIDE RELEASE 21/8 pre order 14/8.

  • CS:GO release date for Europe?

    Ross, people want to know!

  • @24 The glitches in RDR were the only thing that killed me. Ridiculously tedious and easy game with my only deaths coming from things such as ducking behind a rock for cover only to find myself teleported up into the air and falling to my death. And where’s the gameplay? You spend half the time on horse back listening to boring dialogue. Used to be a fan of Rockstar until that game. Not at all interested in GTA5 now (GTA4 wasn’t that good either).

  • And yet again two games I already own… at this rate Plus is becoming more of a nuisance than a blessing! o_O

    Or maybe I should just stop buying games and wait for them to become available on Plus for free!? ;D

  • Hi Ross,

    Awesome update, keep up good work, need to renew sub soon, and i have no regret on doing it :)

    Still no Rock of Ages for South Africa? it was confirmed last week that its a issue and not “not for ZA” and that it will be looked into monday this week. Still nothing as of last night.

    • I asked the Account Manager to check on this, there’s no reason why it shouldnt be for ZA – let me go and chase it again, sorry about this!

  • Lol I’m not sure you got my question there Ross, was asking about psplus on vita. Announcements that there will be an announcement are very frustrating

    • Ha! Sorry. Yes I agree, however I’m not authorised to talk about it yet, only that there is a proper Plus package on the way for PS Vita.

  • “Posted on 16 August, 2012 at 11:13 am by VirusPT
    Ross, is the 25% discout on PS+ also going to apply to whoever wants to renew the service or is it just for new subscribers? Does the 12 months stack on what I have left?

    Posted on 16 August, 2012 at 11:15 am by Ross McGrath
    Hello, yeah that was a little bit ambiguous – 25% off for all purchasers and yes of course, you can stack the 12 months on top of your current subscription. ”

    From what till what date will this 25% off PS+ price run?

    Till when will the discount on Sound Shapes of 20% be active?

    • Sound Shapes will be 20% off for the next two weeks.

      The discount on the 12 month subscription will be available from September 5th, also for two weeks.

  • Hello All,

    i will be back a bit later, I am going to chase down the issues with the items missing from Hungary and Israel, and also Rock of Ages for South Africa. Feel free to leave messages, I will definitely be back!

  • I’m not complaining, but Just Cause 2 was on offer there about one month ago. I purchased it and have been getting fantastic value for money out of it.

    I do think a little more time in between it being on sale and it becoming free would make me feel a little less jealous of all you who are getting it for free.

    Having said that, it’s probably one of the best uses of €15 I can think of!

  • You’re giving us games WAAAY too fast. You need to slow down! :P

    (Don’t though.)

    Unfortunately I have already finished the main story of Borderlands. However I have not touched any DLC, so I will pick that up at 50% off :D

    Could I suggest Dragon Age 1 as a ‘Game of the Month’ at some point? :)


  • Hm, just been playing Just Cause 2 for last 10 mins or so and it’s got it’s moments. I may keep this one. Not great but good for a go now and then. I would like to see stuff like Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, Modnation Racers and Uncharted 1 & 2 become PS Plus freebies (mainly cos they’re all games I have or had on disc and would prefer the downloadable)

  • Hi Ross,

    Great update, nice to see some new PSN games coming up as that is probably where the value lies for me in PS+ rather than retail games which I am more likely to buy. I wouldn’t mind giving a quick request for Journey to be free for PS+ and also Costume Quest would be an awesome game to get in time for Halloween if at all possible.

    Thanks Again

  • Amazing news about the cloud storage! Thanks!
    I ran out a few months ago but such a huge increase will mean every single save can now be stored, with loads of space to spare!

    Also, can I ask a question about the Instant Game Collection updates being staggered?
    Will it always be updated with 2 new games every 4 weeks?

    Looking ahead, if it continues to be every 4 weeks it will eventually come to a head in January where we should get 2 updates! (once on 2nd, once on 30th)
    If so, this is obviously far better than the previous system of only updating the first Wednesday of each month, as throughout the year, we will get more content as opposed to updating it monthly.

    I ask as I know people are complaining about it being staggered throughout the month, and are asking to go back to everything at the start of the month – but I’m sure if they were aware of this they would stop complaining and start supporting.

    Anyway, over the past year I’ve had well over 100 free games from plus, with more of them being high quality than I’ve had time to play through so far! So I’ll definitely be renewing my subscription next month!

  • hi ross me n my pal think xmas GOTM could be monoply streets great game for family gathering on xmas day.
    Ps plus awesome n U of course

  • Thanks Ross for the Reply (s)!

    Very timley and informative.. I like it :D
    Keep it up

  • When on earth are you guys going to fix the disappearing icons in the PS+ section? It’s been a freaking month now, it’s laughable. And yet you continue to add and remove content from PS+, even though I and plenty of others have never had the opportunity to buy it.

    And when exactly are we getting the 1GB cloud storage?

  • Jesus… I have Borderlands but not DLC so great deal for me there! However I was going to buy Just Cause 2 like a week ago but I am glad I never I have it for free now thank you so much!

    Also great 1GB of storage such a massive upgrade so thank you!

  • Hi first time posting on here but i wanted to say the plus updates have somehow managed to get even better over the last months and i’m enjoying the games. I was wondering is it at all possible for Driv3r to make an appearance one month since i’ve yet to play that game?

  • All those questions about CounterStrike and no answers…

    Silence speaks for itself :(

    Game is coming next week worldwide on all platforms(PC,X360,Mac,PS3) and SCEE knows nothing about it ?

    Wow, this level of incompetence is stunning.

  • Hey Ross, just a question regarding Super Stardust Portable. It was stated here on blog that it was going to be free to all PS Plus subscribers this month but that doesn’t seem to be the case as it is still for 7.99 on the store. Any updates on this?

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