Sound Shapes Arrives In Europe!

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Hello Europe!

As Queasy Games‘ resident Scottish bloke, it feels particularly exciting to be writing a launch blog post for all my European chums, even though, er, I don’t know you all personally or anything. Yes, Sound Shapes is launching in Europe (oh, and Australia and New Zealand – can’t forget them), and there’s a big benefit for everyone who chooses to pick up Sound Shapes on PS3 or Vita today (15th August) for the asking price of €12.99/£9.99 (20% off for PS Plus members, and remember the title is cross play, so you get both copies for one price!). You see, there are already THOUSANDS of community levels available for you to play. It’s blowing our mind.

True story: we had no idea how the response would be when we released Sound Shapes in North America last week. In fact, when we discovered that a thousand levels had been created within the first day, Jon (Mak, the fine captain who helps steer the good ship Queasy with Shaw-Han Liem) revealed he didn’t think anyone was going to make ANY levels until well into the second week! The response has been not merely surprising but overwhelming. The quality of the levels we’ve seen is incredible, and they are all out there for you to play now.

If you’d like to get a glimpse of our community before you pick the game up, you can head along to our website, which features a full community section where you can see all of the levels that are being made (you can even directly link to levels you like, or have made yourself, for sharing on Twitter and Facebook and so on!) If you log in with your PSN account on the website, you can also queue up levels and they’ll appear in the front page of your community tab in game, so you can get to them right away!

If you’re looking for a selection of levels to queue up now (maybe while you wait for the game to download? That would be just lovely of you) let us help! First, the team here is actually making levels in their spare time: Jon himself is noodling around with the queasygames account, but you can also see levels by our lead artist Colin Mancer (the fellow behind the visuals of the Beyonder album) under monkeyface2009 (Pickled Beats Is a highlight), coder Andrew Carvalho is under nEmoGrinder and his level, Nightlife, has got a good response so far, and coder David Hill has stuck up a level too.

Of course, we maintain that the star of Sound Shapes is supposed to be you, so here’s a (small!) selection of levels made in the community that the team have really liked!

There are loads more! But that’s just to get you started, and hopefully inspire you to get to making your own levels. Remember: you can make levels and access our community on both PS3 and Vita and levels are shared, so you can play and create your levels on either console! We’ve made sure the game is at its best on both systems—the editor might use front and back-touch on the Vita, but we’ve made sure it works intuitively on PS3 too, so don’t be scared about not being able to get involved in the community if you only have a PS3. The game works great no matter what you own!

So, final recap, then: Sound Shapes. Out today. €12.99/£9.99. 20% off for PS Plus members for a limited time. You get both PS3 and PS Vita versions for one price. A full campaign mode and level editor. A Platinum Trophy. And thousands of community levels. Enjoy!

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