Remember Me Sticks In The Mind At Gamescom 2012

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Remember Me Sticks In The Mind At Gamescom 2012

Capcom's Remember Me for PS3 - High Paris

Capcom is pleased to announce its brand new title Remember Me for PlayStation 3, shown for the first time yesterday during our press conference at gamescom! Players will take on the role of Nilin and be swept into the future world of Neo-Paris where memories are bought and sold in an age where social media and sharing have been taken to the extreme. Once a feared enforcer for the agency that controls this information, Nilin finds her memory wiped clean and must fight to find out the truth about who she is and why this was done to her.

Capcom's Remember Me for PS3 - Mid ParisCapcom's Remember Me for PS3 - Leaking Brain

Not only does Remember Me look absolutely stunning but the gameplay is something Capcom is really proud of. Not only are there moments of extreme action on par with any big name game out on the market today but stealth and cunning are equally as important in this augmented world. Combat, as you can expect from Capcom, is satisfyingly bone-crunching with plenty of opportunities to execute mind blowing combos.

Capcom's Remember Me for PS3

Perhaps most interesting of all, however, is the ability to hack into the memories of your chosen targets. This gives you the option to alter key details in the past as they perceive it. This mind-tampering then causes a ‘butterfly effect’ within the target’s consciousness. Will you make them believe they have committed a heinous crime and must turn themselves in? Will you cruelly cause them so much grief that they are driven to the edge of despair? There are so many possibilities with Remember Me – just remember, the bad guys won’t fight fair so why should you?

Look for this exciting title in 2013, and check out our debut trailer below.

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  • Definitely caugh my eye.

  • Cool, now make with the Monster Hunter

  • If Mirror’s Edge and Bladerunner had a child together it would look like this, I suppose.

  • i know this might seem unrelated but seen as capcom have visited the psblog i thought now would be the time to address something. Where is my free avatars for purchasing RE4&Code Veronic on day 1 digital release. Also why can’t you release avatars in Europe but que up a **** ton of then for release in the states? every week people ask on the store posts where capcom avatars are. well now your posting on the psblog, i challenge u to give those people a logical reason as to where all the avatars that SCEA has and why there are taking years to release in SCEE regions?

  • This looks awesome. Is this PS3 gamefootage or mega pc footage?
    I like the gameplay vid I’ve seen.

  • @ Neil, i have to ask same as post4, in fact i am probably wasting my time as i haven’t seen a reply given on any Capcom blog announcements, ie noone probably even reads any comments, hence no replies. I see though that the title next to @Neil’s name hints at some kind of interested in feedback, pr and customer relations, But maybe there Not able to reply, law being what it can be twisted into these days and such.
    Anyway, yes, looks like a game to keep a eye on. But i need to ask (or moan) about RE6, i am a big fan of (later) RE games, in fact after stumbling upon RE4 i knew i Had to play 5, hence my 1st ps3, late 09, so when demo for 6 become known i went out and bought Dragons Dogma, knowing i wouldn’t like it, But wanting the code, then after i traded DD back i found out i wouldn’t be able to redeem the code, because it was done so you had to have DD disc in ps3, then put in code. Why ?. but ok, i ‘could’ of rebought/borrowed a DD to do this.
    will have to continue, only write certain amount each comment.

  • continued (from post6).
    I ‘could’ of borrowed a DD disc, even the chaps in the game stores i use would of helped me out with that, unfortunately though, the demo code was Not like the usual, little seperate leaflet, with say a upcoming games picture on one side, and the (important) digits on other, no on this occasion ‘someone’ decided to print the code on inside cover of the games/case erm what are they called (?) covers (i guess), basically IF i had tried ripping it out, i would of lost a lot of trade in/back money, i mean i have seen them on manuals before, but this was a first, Anyway i had my phone so took a photo, Now i since lost this, had to format mem card (possible virus).. and am left £12 out of pocket, But with Nothing to show for it. Bad enough on it’s own, Then i found out IF i’d of bought DD for my xbox i could of been playing RE6 demo ages ago, another timing exclusive fo ms.. Well IF you are who your title suggests you to be, Please, try and put yourself in my shoes, regards this one.

  • Gonna remember that ass:D

  • @OttoT I believe it was in the PS3, at least the interface suggest that with the button prompts.

    Also there’s gameplay on the GameTrailers. Seems a very nice game, a little worried about some of the animation, but I believe they will fix it by May 2013.

  • This looks great & was a very pleasant surprise. It looks like the PS3 still has a lot of life in it yet if Gamescom as anything to go by.

    p.s Any idea on the music used for this trailer? And if it’s available to download… :-)

  • Is it an openworld or do you follow a narrow story line much like the Uncharted games?

  • I might be able to answer you guys.
    Eurogamer said that, I quote, “It was shown running on a PS3”.

  • Looks absolutely stellar! Can’t wait :)

    Now, Capcom, listen to mass amount of Monster Hunter fans just dying to have a MH for for Vita confirmed by you guys. There’s a demand, why not meet it?

  • Very Total Recall in premise. Could be good.

  • Day one buy. You just can not beat some awesome cyber-punk. <3

  • buy 0 from capcom untile monsterhunter on ps3 / vita release
    only exeption = dragon´s dogma i already buy , closest whe get to monsterhuner .

  • Total Recall ripoff much? Capcom stopped being original ages ago.

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