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If you’ve been watching our live stream you’ll know that Sony’s gamescom 2012 press conference in Cologne, Germany has just come to a close. There were plenty of big announcements to take in, so, in the interest of putting everything tidily in one place, here’s a comprehensive rundown of all the news.

We’ve also got individual posts from many of the developers concerned – please follow the links below to learn more about the games in question. And, of course, we’ll be going into more detail on all these titles later this week and into next, right here on PlayStation Blog.

So, without further ado:

Brand new titles:

  • LittleBigPlanet developer Media Molecule took the lid of its keenly anticipated new project: Vita title Tearaway. See our dedicated post from the Guildford, UK studio for a closer look.
  • Puppeteer is on its way to PlayStation 3 from Sony’s Japan Studios. Developer Gavin Moore introduces this charming, eccentric platformer below.
  • Looking for a PlayStation 3 teen horror fix? Move-enabled spine-tingler Until Dawn is incoming from Supermassive Games – let the game’s Executive Creative Director Will Byles tell you more.
  • Also coming out of Sony’s Japan Studio, Rain is a dark, atmospheric and breathtakingly stylish new PSN title. We’ll be talking much more about this game in the coming months.
  • We offered up your first glimpse of Killzone: Mercenary for PS Vita. Read more from developer Guerrilla Games here.

Vita Cross-Buy:

  • As of later this year, buy the PlayStation 3 version of a compatible game and you’ll be able to download the Vita version at no additional cost. PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale, Ratchet & Clack: QForce (yes, that’s now a Vita title too) and Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time are the first games confirmed to support this new feature.

PS One Classics on PS Vita:

  • Yes, you’ve been asking for it! From 28th August you’ll be able to play select PSOne titles on your Vita. Titles confirmed so far: Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil 2.

New PS Vita firmware

  • Vita firmware 1.8 is on its way. See our dedicated post for full details of what to expect.

New characters showcased for PlayStation All-Stars:

  • A few new additions to the brawler’s burgeoning roster for you: Sackboy, Dante from Devil May Cry, Spike from Ape Escape, and Ratchet from Ratchet & Clank. See our post from developer SuperBot to find out more.

New trailer for The Last Of Us:

  • Check it out below!

God of War: Ascension:

  • There’s a multiplayer beta incoming for Kratos’ latest PlayStation 3 adventure, and a brand new trailer to wrap your eyes around.


  • After E3’s Book of Spells reveal, it was the turn of stylish detective caper Diggs Nightcrawler – from Oscar-winning studio Moonbot – to take the spotlight. Disney Interactive Studios is also working on projects for the platform, as is the BBC who is readying a Walking with Dinosaurs title.

PS3 Essentials:

  • Later this year we’re launching a new line of high quality catalogue titles at a reduced price of €19.99. Stay tuned for details of the first wave of releases.

New PS Vita bundles

  • As well as the Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation bundle announced at E3 earlier this year, we’ve a number of other hardware packs incoming, including LittleBigPlanet Vita, PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale and Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified sets.

PlayStation Mobile:

  • PlayStation Mobile launches this Autumn across a variety of PlayStation devices. A number of titles were confirmed for the service during the conference, including Super Crate Box, Aqua Kitty, Samurai Beatdown, Passing Time, BeatSlider and Flick Hockey.

PlayStation Plus:

  • Your PS Plus cloud storage limit has been raised to 1GB.
  • Rockstar’s peerless Western epic Red Dead Redemption joins the Instant Game Collection line-up next month.
  • Lunatic Sega platformer Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit will be October’s Game of the Month.

If you’ve come to this post straight from the conference, we’ve got a fantastic panel event kicking off at 20.45 CET/19.45 BST/04.40 Sydney. Some of the biggest names in game development are joining us to chew over the ‘games as art’ debate. It will stream live below – please enjoy!

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17 Author Replies

  • actually the announcment for ps1 on vita has gone. Guess they didnt like my comments

  • So not all PS1 titles will be compatable with Vita from that start?
    Whats next, we have to buy them again I suppose.

  • Does the cross buy apply to retail purchases as well or just digital?

    • It applies to both. If you purchase either a physical or digital version of an applicable PS3 title, you can download the Vita version at no extra cost.

  • We can’t play ALL PS1 Classics on Vita? What’s up with that?

  • pretty lame. only old stuff hardly anything new.
    instead off all this how about actually making SCEE get some content on the damn store update for all countries but that seems 2 much work for such a lazy bunch.

  • If we can ask Q&A questions here’s mine
    1. How does cross buy work?
    2.Who do you want to play as the most in playstation all stars?
    3.Will Black Ops Declassifed have zombies?
    4.Why did you delay Sly coope thieves in time until 2013?
    5.Will the Black Ops declassifed ps vita bundle come with a memory card?
    6.Will Daxter & Clank be playable alone in playstation all stars?

    • 1. Buy either a physical or digital version of an applicable PS3 title and you can download the Vita version at no extra cost.
      2. Spike from Ape Escape, obv.
      3. That’s a matter for Activision – stay tuned for more details nearer launch.
      4. I’ve not got word for you on that
      5. I’m double checking…
      6. There’ll be more reveals as launch approaches

  • @TheBigBoss0001

    sony this Gen only making fake promises off improvment. but don’t worry about the ps1 not all working on vita cause guess what EUROPE hardly get’s PS1 classic they only get SHOVELWARE.

  • When is the Q&A starting? It’s almost 8:00 pm! it was ment to start at 7:45 pm

  • Wonderbook doesn’t look as bad as it did in E3.

    Happy for the Vita titles, just hope it doesn’t take a year for them to come out.

    As for people saying why arnt all ps1 classics available from the start, well they have to test them and make sure they display and control correctly first before releasing them, they’l also have to ask the companies and publishers if its okay for them to release it on the Vita – so many things are involved – just wait, it takes time but there coming ;)

    Playstation Mobile – Im a rookie games developer, main market is IOS and I’m starting to merge onto Android, hopefully these new features and updates will allow rookies like myself to make and publish games for the PS Vita and let people around the world play them :)

  • @ dgnfly

    I know man, but imagine if we had to wait for them to convert every PS1 game to Vita. Not even my grandkids would’ve been able to play them.

  • “Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit”

    Has me interested in Plus even though RDR doesn’t

    I think I’m going to renew even if I’ll regret it.

    Can you guys get us plus subs some discount on the Dark Souls DLC that comes out later in the year?

    That would make me very happy.

  • Dies the cross buy apply to retail purchases or is it just digital purchases?

  • I missed the announcements good job too as it was rather pityful pathetic only 3 got me excited.

    1. Vita joins the plus family

    2. vita cross buys sound good.

    3. cloud storage get a rise limt.

    but the rest just recycle trash we know about vita to get a 1.8 update for Ps1 classic, we already know about those other games.

    you never learn SCEE. :(

  • @ryannumber3gamer

    Q1 » probably in order for you to get both versions they will force you to buy digital version of the ps3 one.

    I don’t want to be forced to get ps3 digital version to get the psvita digital version aswell neither want to buy ps3 retail and be forced to get psvita digital version. They should allow get ps3 retail and get psvita also retail but we all know that’s not gonna happen and we’re also already used to be forced on going digital so you can expect the psvita versions of those games being digital now the real question is, do ps3 version have to be digital aswell?

    • The offer applies to both physical and digital version of PS3 games. Buy either and you can then claim the digital version of the Vita title.

  • Hey Fred will does the answers we ask here get answered since it says it’s a live Q&A?

  • @PSGC
    1. How does cross buy work?
    2.Who do you want to play as the most in playstation all stars?
    3.Will Black Ops Declassifed have zombies?
    4.Why did you delay Sly coope thieves in time until 2013?
    5.Will the Black Ops declassifed ps vita bundle come with a memory card?
    6.Will Daxter & Clank be playable alone in playstation all stars?

    Sorry for the double post i didn’t know we had to add the PSGC part.

  • @TheBigBoss0001

    it will probably be done extremely slow or not at all just look at how little psp got converted for Vita, and not 2 mention the aermy off psp games still missing. let’s be honest with SCEE they just coulden’t care less about us the games the ppl who pay their damn paycheck.

  • Need to know if Cross Buy applies to Retail as well as Digital. Will you get a download copy if you buy Retail?

  • RED DEAD REDEMPTION? Yes! Also the fact that PS+ is being extended to the PS Vita might lure me into buying one :D

  • So so so much better than the E3 presentation.
    My favorites: Tear Away, Rain, and Puppeteer.
    The PSOne/Vita news is great too.
    Great work, Sony!

  • wow the black ops declassified looked so bad I threw up twice then i got the runs… (10 points to whoever gets the reference lol) seriously tho it looked awful… just… awful. At least the other stuff seems good except the vita web browser needs improvements far beyond easier scrolling.

  • My work on the wall! Oh my … what is … that’s really AWESOME!
    If someone need HARCORE EMOTIONS art … take it here:

  • Will the playstation mobile games feature thropies for the Vita?, if so it looks very intresting, hopefully it will not make the same fault as the Minies did, almost nobody buys them without trophy support!, if they feature it I can guarantee you the sales will get boosted!

  • Puppeteer is quite a surprise. Looks like LBP on drugs. :)

    I’m a bit disappointed about the “new” Last of Us trailer. It isn’t really new when you show old scenes just with some music in the background.

    The news about Plus are awesome. Any news if the announced 25% discount will be for new subscribers only?

  • @fred

    so what ever happend with that survey you did last time that was only for like 5 countries?you said the rest would follow or was that just a lie.

  • Cloud space is good.

    The three new PS3 games looked good.I like the look of Until Dawn,so full of cheese.If it’s a proper horror game,i’ll buy it.

    Started cringing when the name Wonderbook came up.But it was well presented this time.Like the look of Diggs,but the horrible PSeye resolution makes Wonderbook a no buy.

    RDR is nice.I didn’t buy it because it was sub HD.But will play it now.

    Again with Vita,it hasnt captured me in any way.I like the system,but worry about real long term support.

  • I love the last of us trailer. Man i cant wait any longer for this game. :(

  • @dark_angel69

    “I love the last of us trailer.”

    switched it off aff that point,dont want to see or read anything until it’s in my PS3.Game deserves it.

  • Oh 3 new games i missed out but still meh they all for vita it’s official Ps3 is DEAD R.I.P

    i was expected to hear what sony’s cloud gaming for Ps3 like andy house said or was that just a lie a missed opportunity maybe SCEJ at TGS annouce that.

    1 other thing if true is Ps3 to get a Youtube app it out now in SCEA get from the store get it on our EU store 6 months or 5 years if you unlucky :p

  • Hi
    at E3 sony announced that remote play would be extended to more games (e.g. god of war 1 and 2). it wasnt mentioned in the conference, is this coming?
    this is one of my most sought after vita features to be able to play ps3 games anywhere in the house or when im travelling with work.

  • @Fred

    Will the black ops declassifed ps vita bundle come with a memory card? & is cross buy games retail or download from the playstation store?

    • I’m afraid I don’t have too much extra detail on a lot of these queries right now. We’ll be posting more content from Gamescom as the week goes on. Hopefully, I’ll be able to answer some of your questions then.

  • Sorry, can you just clarify – because frankly, it sounds so good I *just don’t believe it* – if I buy PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale for Vita, I’ll be able to download the PS3 version for *free*?!

    Please say yes!!

    • You got it chief

      Many apologies – I got my facts wrong here. If you buy the PS3 version, you get the Vita download – not the other way round.

  • Extremely disappointed by how Sony have handled PS1 support

    A year of delay for 3 games. All of which were compatible on the previous gen psp…
    Sales that greatly played on our anticipation of PS1 support

    Suddenly we get the real news:

    Infinite delay to full ps1 support :/

  • Am just happy that yet another game/dev/publisher ‘get together’ is over, it is over ?. only am sure thats what Fred meant above, Why, because it ‘seems’ to be too much for scee staff to do their day jobs And cover these events.. ie answers to questions/complaints, ‘everything is hectic atm, Because of X games-show.. I guess IF i ever seen something ‘truly’ productive And original result from a show i may have other views.
    Am also glad i don’t like ps1 games to, as the promised ‘magical’ update for vita play looks very disappointing, Can i ask IF remote play got mentioned ?.. as that was main reason i got my vita. But have heard Nothing for months, i was led to believe i ‘Could And Would’ be playing some ps3 titles on my vita, still have the pr videos showing Killzone/other (similar) games being played via remote, So IF this isn’t now going to happen can i get my £300(plus) back, from retail outlet ?. Seriously, i mean doesn’t it fall under misold goods act or something ?.

  • Until Dawn seems interesting, anything new as a horror game is a plus as that genre is sorely lacking this gen. Not sure why people were complaining about move games earlier – move is brilliant in House of the Dead. It can get tiring when playing rpgs but I see no issue with more games using move as its not a bad peripheral.

  • “No, no lie! I try not to do that! It’s still in the works – more info soon.”

    You see that’s the problem, listen to yourself and instead of “try not to” why not simply “don’t do it”.

    The moment you say the word “try” you’re implying that you there’s 50% chances you will actually lie and that my friend doesn’t look good in your end.

  • @Fred Dutton

    i hope it’s not gonna be like our store is handled cause that would mean i’ll be asking about it 5 years later.

  • How many months did it take to add ps1 support? And only a handful of games supported day 1?

    Unbelievably lazy from sony, no wonder vita is bombing so hard…

  • It’s been confirmed that Cross Buy will apply to both retail and digital purchases. Nice.

  • @Skookie30

    or like some countries had with the Vita version off youtube Not at all.

  • @Kajax
    got released for U.S today

    YouTube (US Only)
    Introducing our new app for PS3. Discover and watch your favorite videos and channels on YouTube.
    File Size: 22 – 27 MB

  • “You see that’s the problem, listen to yourself and instead of “try not to” why not simply “don’t do it”.”

    You see, Mr. Dutton – you just can’t win!

  • You won Sony. I pledged to myself that I would never subscribe to ps+. now I am waiting for the discount. Thats how the service should have looked from the very beginning.

  • The reason i ask is that the games would take a lot of the ps vita’s memory card if the cross buy games had to be downloaded from the store. I mean if i got playstation all stars ps3. would i get a code to get the ps vita version or is it like a bundle pack?

  • Please please, if someone else could ask aswell if I dont get my answer. Please can we get the image that was on the screen at the beginning of the presentation, it had all different Playstation characters with the X O SQUARE TRIANGLE logos. i really want it, it was awesome! :( :(

  • Is the 25% discount for Plus subscribers, includes renewing?
    Please say yes :(

  • dgnfly Wrote:pretty lame. only old stuff hardly anything new.
    instead off all this how about actually making SCEE get some content on the damn store update for all countries but that seems 2 much work for such a lazy bunch.

    @dgnfly your spot on the mark there. Seems PSN can’t even do gamertags on the blogs here how lame.

    The future of PSN isn’t set wait yes it is i just set it.

  • Thanks Sony to listen our voice (and mine) :) about buy a ps3 game take the vita version for free the best move ever !
    Thanks for another great show with this all new amazing games

  • I have a question about Cross-Buy. Does this apply to if I buy a physical retail copy of a game (say Sly Cooper) I get a voucher to get a downloadable version or do I have to purchase it via PSN?

    Also, what about the possibility of getting a a physical copy of the game instead of a downloadable copy. My PS Vita memory card is already getting short on space.

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