Killzone: Mercenary Sets Its Sights On PS Vita

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Killzone: Mercenary Sets Its Sights On PS Vita

Killzone: Mercenary for PS Vita

Today we’re really excited to present the first official gameplay trailer for Killzone: Mercenary at gamescom. Designed specifically for the PlayStation Vita platform, Killzone: Mercenary is a first-person shooter that makes full use of the device’s graphical and input capabilities. It was built on the same powerful engine as Killzone 3, and it enhances the familiar twin-stick FPS control scheme with touch pad functionality for interesting new gameplay possibilities.

With Killzone: Mercenary, we want to offer PlayStation Vita owners a fresh perspective on the brutal conflict between ISA and Helghast – literally. For the first time in a Killzone campaign, you’ll be fighting alongside Helghast forces as well as ISA specialists, carrying out missions that the regular soldiers just won’t or can’t.

As a mercenary you’re free to decide which tactics and loadouts you’ll use to fulfill your contract; your employers will reward you with state-of-the-art weaponry and cold, hard cash as long as you get the job done. But what is the price of that freedom – and will you discover it before it’s too late?

Killzone: Mercenary is slated for a 2013 release. We hope you’re just as stoked about this new chapter in the Killzone story as we are, and we’d love to hear what you think in the comments!

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  • As soon as the Guerrilla Games logo appeared, my heart skipped a beat, I can’t! lol

  • Oh my god that looks sweet! Gimme a shot.

  • Looking very good! Never played a Killzone but always been eager to try it, I’ll finally have the chance with this and it looks great! I love the setting too

  • Hoping for a good game with a good multiplayer!

  • this looks good like stuff should look good.

  • Saw this game and was like GOD DAMN THAT GRAPGICS and then at the end of the show they turn on some COD gameplay and…..

  • COD who? this looks awesome and not like a second rate PSP game.

  • COD has always sucked for me, ha ha. At least online, and thats the bulk of the game, I’m not buying COD just for campaign. Not only that, COD Vita is being made by Nihilistic studios, who sadly dont have a good record.
    Wish them luck on it, but it just gives me the impression Treyarch dont care about the vita seeing they’re not making it themselves. Its win-win for me personally though, if it bad, the COD name has been damaged :), if its good, vita sales can hopefully pick up, as it really deserves to.

  • Nihilitic did the Vita Resistance game and the graphics look as turd as that. That also had 4v4 multiplayer and it was terrible in my opinion.

    But, this Killzone looks AWESOME!!!!

  • get hyped! hope its great =)

  • Wow, it looks incredible! Props to you guys for getting the KZ3 engine to run on the Vita.

    Hmm, it will be hard to choose between this and COD Vita… Haha not really, Killzone all the way! :D

  • Just read its running on KZ3 engine. Wow that sounds awesome! I saw a video about the engine and it looked really good!
    I hope it actually looks good on the vita itself too though, unlike the trick used to show resistance on a much higher resolution on the internet and then on the vita its much less.

  • Can’t wait for this, I’ve been looking forward to seeing what GG would do for the Vita and so far its looking good. I like the idea of being a mercenary and working for both sides.
    Hope its not too far into 2013, Vita needs this soon.

  • At last, a game i can say looks ‘worthy’, as all i seem to have done this evening is post negative comments. express how bad i feel for having a vita, and so on.
    But this, Now your talking, looks and sounds ‘perfect’, just a shame it’s a 13 release, i mean IF we survive the Mayan calanders meaning/message, how many of us (sorry but) hc gamers are Still going to own a vita by then, as it seems to me, that the majority of owners are more interested in smaller, psp’s or ps1/minis games, even them ones that give you two for one trophies are more requested (it ‘seems’), than good quality, hard/lenghty (hopefully). ‘Real’, ok, Modern games, And, (again hopefully) pegi18. Look forwards to this.

    btw, trick with Resistance3s graphics, didn’t know bout that, whats it coming to regards this system, I Do believe vita will play a Big role in ps4s overall experience, But When will that be ?..

  • finally looks like a decent fps for the vita. testosterone was ok but nothing special and very short. Need a decent single player campaign in this. Never been disappointed with a Killzone game

  • Looks brilliant :P Now can we have ‘KillZone 1’ in HD with Trophies for the PS3 PLEASE??? :P (well even for the PSVita to would be cool to) ;)

  • when the guerilla games logo faded in I finally thought it would be good, and now i know they have the kz3 ps3 engine running on the psvita and the gameplay and graphics look really good!

  • With PS Plus and Killzone: Mercenary coming to the Vita it will be hard not to buy one :(

  • Did no one else love Killzone Lib?
    just me?

    Pass on this… It’ll just be another FPS

  • No, you’re not the only one that loved Killzone Liberations.

    I’d have welcomed something similar for the Vita, but after seeing the CoD Vita trailer and how bad it seems to be, Killzone FPS on Vita could become a true savior.

    Well done Guerrilla Games!

  • Still not the game that can take advantage of the Vita’s potential still it’s light years ahead of that poor cod game.

    It’s funny how devs rushed to say “oh vita’s easier to develop for” and stuff like that but they release games that look even worst than ps1 games (aka CoD), this one is a bit better but still not what vita’s can do so my question is:

    – If the Vita’s easy to develop for and to max, then why are you making crappy games for it? I call you lazy devs.

  • I loved Killzone Libertaion too, i just wish that you could play it on a UK Vita like you can on a US one!!!

  • COD vita looks average. This looks AMAZING. Yes please.

  • This looks absolutely amazing, the Vita’s potential is really showing. Please say there’s going to be multiplayer?

  • Now that its been announced that the same guys doing the CoD Vita games are the same people responsible for the horrendous resistance title; ive put muy hopes on this game.

    The only question that matters now: how many players will this games online support?

  • I am so glad they finally released more news about the game – this is the game I’ve been most looking forward to since I bought my Vita. I can’t wait to see how this works.
    Are the different level types similar to how Unit 13 works? Will different missions affect the game’s ending (assuming it has one), seeing as you can work for both sides?

    Let’s hope there is a more constant flow of information from now on – I love GG and I love Killzone!

  • kz liberation was great this trailer is full of fluff and bad acting and bad props real cheap looking sales garbage. if the game is actually way better than the hype it might be worth getting. but it will never be as good as kz3. the vita just is no substitute

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