New PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale Release Date

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New PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale Release Date

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Hello PlayStation Nation,

As you know, we at SuperBot have set high benchmarks for PlayStation All-Stars. Our goal is to deliver a fun, well balanced and compelling gameplay experience that pays homage to all of these incredible characters.

We know our fans have high expectations for this title, and to that end, we have decided to move the release date to 21st November 2012 for most of Europe (22nd November for Australia and 23rd November for UK & Ireland). This will enable us to spend more time polishing, tuning and incorporating some of the great feedback from the current limited beta to ensure we are creating the best possible fighting game experience.

While it is our greatest desire to put this game into the hands of our fans as soon as possible, we do not want to do so at the sake of quality. We feel the additional time will be well worth the wait, and are excited to know that our fans will have the ultimate brawler in time for the holiday.

Keep an eye on gamescom later this week as we’ve lined up some big announcements that we’re sure you’ll be excited about.

Thanks again for all of your support and understanding!


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  • Sony do realise that If you set a release date for November your giving your game the kiss of death right?

    LBP Karting and now this….. sigh… Come On Sony!

  • Gah! The day AFTER my birthday.

  • Thanks for the heads ups. Great to know the team is really focused on making this game as good as possible. I don’t mind if I have to wait an extra month, it’ll be an excruciating wait but take all the time you guys need to really polish the game (and add Kat to the roster for us *hint, hint* *nudge, nudge*).

    Looking forward to picking the game up on PS3 and Vita.

  • I’ll always prefer polish over a quicker releasedate.

  • this is fine with me. from reading on neogaf and your own site, some minor tweeks is in order.

    just take your time, and make this game even more great!
    ohh, one question.. the coming revels of charecters.. do they also have a preorder costume ?

  • I’d rather have you spend some extra time on it, than I’d have an unfinished game, so it’s okay with me… But considering how many games come out in november, your sales may be a little lower. Just saying.

    I hope some of this time is spent on putting Ratchet & Clank, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro and Sora into the game, we REALLY need those characters.

  • Oh well, at least we don’t have to wait for PSOne Classics to appear on Vita.

    Oh wait.

  • November should be good then :P i.e this + LBP:Karting :P

  • *ahem* CRASH AND SPYRO… that is all.

  • Seriously November do you guys realise the death trap you’ve just put yourself in?

    Anyway I hope the reason behind the delay is to include some character which we have been asking for.

  • I mean if the game gets released unfinished like Sonic 06 hence Microsoft rushed SEGA to release it on X360’s release date. It would flop. More development time means no glitches or letdowns. Besides if you’re wondering about the US date. That’s also being shifted too.

  • You know whats weird? My birthday is in November and thats when all the good games are coming out. Lbp Karting,Sonic & All Stars racing Transformed,Black Ops 2, & Now this.

  • I’m 21 on the 16th of November…Someone can give me the money for this for my birthday ;)

  • I must admit, I’m a little bit sad, but I know it’s for the better. Polish away, Superbot! Make this game shine!
    Can’t wait for the gamescom announcements. I hope we see more females making the roster.


  • SMH it will take more than a few extra months to get this game anywhere decent. Wow what the hell happened to Sony, every game they have releasing this year is for children and Nintendo rip offs SMH If I wanted games like this I would have bought a Wii. I haven’t played my PS3 in weeks and I’m not sure yet if I’m gonna play it again until GOW:A. Whats it gonna take for Sony to cop on. Your install base consists mostly of adults, maybe the sales on these games will show yous this. In all my 20 years of gaming I have never hated the industry as much as I hate it now. Its filled with greed, unoriginality and professionals who have lost touch with what people really want. There is only a few developers left that still know what us gamers want and thats really sad if you ask me.

  • Aaaaarg november. Black ops 2 , little big planet karting and this. Might night to draw lots to see which one gets bought.

  • Scrap the game, get rid of the cartoon look and destroy lame characters like fat Princess, Tora Tora, Sly and Parapper the Rapper, Add characters real PS fans want like Solid Snake, Nathan Hale, Gabe Login, Sephiroth and cloud and make the game more brutal, plus try not to rip off Smash bros so much. This game had so much potential when it was just rumours but to see what you guys are doing with it makes me laugh and cringe at the same time.

  • Edward Ma removes the truth!

    Im sorry but i will not be buying a copy of PlayStation All-Stars. As PlayStation All-Stars is just another copy from other game titles. Truth be told PlayStation All-Stars is just another SONY scam to make us Suckers i mean customers to buy PlayStation All-Stars. Do what i do don’t buy this silly PlayStation All-Stars £49.99 !!SONY SCAM!!

  • I’m sure many people will be upset and were looking forward to getting their hands on it earlier but I am actually quite glad. More development time is always appreciated.

    Especially when the game has one or two niggles….no falling off the track for example (…!)

    Hopefully they are just taking player feedback on-board after the beta and decided not to make us wait for fixes but just release a decent product.

    Should have enough other titles coming out (on vita anyway) to make the wait easier.

  • @ geddesmond2

    Quit whining man, be happy that we’re getting something like this at all. Wait till it releases, there may be one of your favourite characters in it that is yet to be announced ;)

  • Cant wait for this. Cant decide if i should get it for my birthday (the 28th November) or wait till Christmas the better time of the year. Heeelp meee!!

  • @Solid_Snake1987 , it’s the day AFTER my birthday as well – I really wish we got it a bit earlier – none the less looking forward to playing this, would of been nice as a birthday gift I could have hinted at someone! Hope there’s a demo soon though!

  • @Millgate

    Speaking whats on your mind and whining are completely different things. Lol I mean people here are all for the game now but just like every other thing Sony related when something new gets announced we all comment “Can’t wait” or “I’m getting that” but when the release date comes only a handful of us actually go out and buy the games lol a few good characters would not change my mind mate the whole game needs changing. When I played the beta I felt like I should be wearing nappies but thats cool I understand they are trying for a younger audience with this one but 4 or 5 Sony games this year to appeal to the young ins and no mature rated games is a joke. Not to mention ya know dam well 6-8 characters will be held back as DLC and these will be the characters everyone wants. No thanks.

  • most comments make nonsense 1) who cares about [DELETED] another cod game to realise same month? if you want this game and you like you will buy it and i dont think cod gamers to be interesting for this game 2) for guy to blame about children games you forget about about twisted metal, starhawk, dust 541? this year? is bad to Sony looks family games? no, Sony have games for everyone for guys who likes too play blood games and for guys who likes to play with others colours xD 3) who cares about nintendo has first game like this is a fighting game, with your mind, dont buy any fighting game all is the same with first fighting game (who is the first fighting game in history i dont know :) nintendo never has the playstation characters and this is to make it special and unique :)

  • I think this game is very cool with obvious unique genre of all games ,but really I would like to have a lot of characters in this insane game well such Solid Snake, Agent 47, Altair and alike there are plenty of characters that can be add in this game well anyway Hope this game would be great as it sounds bye everybody :)

  • ^ Ghazi_Hamad, it’s not unique. It’s competing with Super Smash Bros. Granted it’s on a different console, it’s still a competition. I like them both though.

    If Sony is just pushing the date back to add new characters, then I would’ve preferred the game to be released on the original date, and the other characters come as a free DLC.

  • As a fan of ‘Super Smash Bros.’ I will probably get this.

    BUT, if they were to add John Marston or Commander Shepard to the roster (wishfull thinking, I know), then I would pre-order this game instantly :D

  • Just give me the beta .. that’s enough for me :)

  • SMH twisted metal, Starhawk, Dust514.

    For starters the EU edition got all the good bits cut. I bought Starhawk on day 1, played it for a week and quit because of the base ravaging and haven’t played it since. The game ain’t even mature. Only reason I haven’t traded it in is because Lightbox is the only studio I’ve seen give away free map packs and I support that and don’t even get me started on that mess of a game Dust514. Sorry but as a launch day PS3 owner who has bought over 150 PS3 games, Sonys titles this year are the weakest titles I’ve every seen release for a consol in one year. Oh and by the way forget about TM, Starhawk and Dust I’m talking about games to play during winter when gamers do their most gaming. What are mature gamers supposed to play then?? AC3 great, Far Cet 3 great, yet another COD awesome NOT! Fact is when Xbox stopped bringing games to their fanbase I ate Xbots up about it and now look, Sonys doing the exact dam thing SMH.

  • As long as its worth the wait <3

  • unbelievable……. @geddesmond2 you say Sony has weak games this year because is not mature? and you say Sony with this way abandon players likes xbox ? unbelievable dude.. ok , a least Sony bring new gaming ideas to players not Halo and Mario every year xD Anyway …… on topic, I hope developers have all the time they need to make a awesome game for everyone

  • Good one, can we have a wider array of PS exclusive characters then such as Spyro/Crash Bandicoot/a Chimera from resistance, Gex , if this game is going to succeed it will need more than 12 characters especially coming out in the month of November-Moh warfighter-Bo2 etc..

  • when did Big Daddy from Bioshock become a PlayStation exclusive? It doesn’t make sense to call it PlayStation All Stars if characters from series not exclusive to PlayStation appear in the game and promotions for it

  • @geddesmond2

    If you can’t enjoy a game simply because there’s no blood in it, there’s seriously something wrong with you. A game can be fun without a lot of violence as well.

    I’m fine with any violence level, from Mortal Kombat to LittleBigPlanet. I buy a game based on how fun, exciting or challenging it is, as everyone should.

    Instead you just complain about that this game isn’t very brutal and that it has no blood… Well guess what, maybe it’s fun to play!

    You say that you’re a “mature gamer”, well no disrespect, but you’re acting like a kid.

  • I do hope more than half of the characters won’t be payed dlc and most of them are in the game by default.. Also, the character list needs a serious epic boost as it is now. Solid/Old snake, Old Ezio, Niko Bellic, John Marston, Kat, Old Dante, Adam Jensen, Commander Shepard, some FF characters like Squall, Cloud, Lightning? I hope it’s not just PS exclusive characters. Bellic and Marston might be ‘too human’ but the rest of that list should be able to hold down their own. Too many cartoony PS characters, more epicness like Kratos please!

  • @Fjern.

    No I didn’t only say blood and brutality but that’s internet discussions for you. People always take one thing you say and run with it like that’s all you said and people always result to insults like saying a dudes whining or acting like a kid but hey when the game sells less than a mil and people ask what happened just know that the idea behind this game could have been so much better.

    I mean you can’t say this game isn’t catered for children. Its hugely based on Nintendos Smash Bros and even Sony themselfs have told people time and time again that the Wii is for kids so go figure.

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