Instant Play Streaming Arrives On Video Store

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Instant Play Streaming Arrives On Video Store


The wait is literally over – Instant Play has arrived! Everyone at Sony Entertainment Network is proud and excited to launch our new service that allows you to stream films instantly, in standard or high definition, to your PlayStation 3. No more hanging around watching loading bars – the content you choose is available at the click of a button, leaving you more time to watch the things you love.

Besides being super quick, Instant Play operates directly from your home screen so getting started couldn’t be easier. The hardest thing you’ll need to do is choose what to watch! As users of our service know, Video Store on PlayStation Store is your one-stop shop for all things home entertainment, with the latest film releases, best series and old favourites all ready to watch, and now instantly available at the click of a button!

What are you waiting for? Stop waiting. Start streaming.

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4 Author Replies

  • Can you say when/if this video service is ever coming to Finland?

  • Will it come to Denmark? I think not… So I’ll just wait for this, just like all the other features.


  • i could do this before, i think on the download screen you could press play while downloading. is this any different?

    • Hi ATIPdante – what you are referring to is ‘progressive download’ where you can start watching while the content is being downloaded. This is a new feature in that you can instantly stream the content so you can start watching straight away (no waiting)

  • How about releasing the service for Sweden?

  • Cool. Slowly catching up with other services like Netflix and LoveFilm but please make this available to all mobiles devices too via an app!

  • How about releasing the service for Sweden?

  • Just so we’re clear: you posted this in the IE channel so this is available in Ireland. Right?

  • any infos on regions where this will be available?

  • @6 no need to say it twice. another question is there ever going to be a way to buy whole seasons of shows? instead of one episode at a time?

    • Hi ATIPdante – This is a feature we are looking into and will update if and when it becomes available. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Let me guess: We dont have this at Finland. Oh, we dont even have Video Store. Only Game Trailers..

  • @9 My comment took ages to appear. I’m assuming kivi95 just thought his/her comment posting didn’t work.

  • Any chance of either lowering the, frankly mental, prices or providing a video subscription option?

  • Excellent news. The last time I rented(/downloaded!) a film from the Video Store I had to leave it on overnight to finish..

  • @11 ah i see, sorry :D

  • Any money you like this is, in fact, NOT coming to Ireland. It sounds like the Video Store is a prerequisite which, as every Irish PS3 user knows, is not available in Ireland.

    Mr. Stoller, please clarify this communication as soon as possible. If you have accidentally clicked on an extra channel you shouldn’t have in the CMS, you could go a long way in atoning for your mistake by giving Irish customers an actual date of when the Video Store service will launch in what SCEE consider an unimportant territory.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Brodiesan – Thanks for your feedback and appreciate your interest in having the video service come to Ireland unfortunately I don’t have a specific date I can give you at this time.

      I am keen to have the video service launched in more territories but right now there are no specific dates for this, as soon as news arrives we will of course inform you.

      Thanks again for your feedback, this all really helps us improve and grow the video service.

  • Free streaming for playstation plus members? That would be good…

  • Quote
    “What are you waiting for? ”

    I’m waiting for SCEE to launch the Video Store in Denmark.

  • Great that Sony offers more and more of this, but you really hate to start including Scandinavia! ;) We have other video stores at the moment, I know it’s possible.

  • I find it mind boggling that in countries that actually have the fast internet connections to use this in its fullest, don’t get this service from Sony. It was promised years ago, but it’s still not here. Ridiculous. EU is not ‘just UK’, I wish Sony understood this and looked at facts:

  • Wow. It really took that long? My other console and devices have been doing that for years. Not that I’d know the difference since the service isn’t here anyway. But I guess that’s nice. Congratulations on almost catching up.

  • So, here is how SONY works. House (at the time CEO in SCEE) lies to a big portion of his user base, saying the will get the video store within a year (was this in 2009?). This behaviour gets him PROMOTED! No wonder SONY is loosing so much money, the have the worst leaders of all time. SCEE, get your hear out of your (you know what) and start treating all your customers the same or get on with it and rename SCEE to SCEUK (we all know that is the endgoal anyways).

  • Keep rolling out features to the video store, while completely forgetting that Europe (you know that last E in your name) consists of more than UK and the other big countries.

    When will the video store be coming to the rest of Europe, like you promised _years_ ago?

    Great trolling SCEE (“SCEUK”). :(

  • oblivioulsy you have poland in ass and we dont have anything without poor pss

  • What is meant by “being super quick”? As in streaming? If so, then no, streaming “being quick” has nothing to do with the application, but rather how fast my internet connection. And also saying that it “instantly” loads the video without “waiting” depends on my internet connection. I am aware that the servers hosting the videos are also a part of this, but I’m pretty sure they have a good upload link. Don’t get me wrong, I love that we now have a movie streaming service! But the advertising, in my opinion, is a bit off.

  • Will this come to the vita? That handheld you guys release a while back…

  • Great idea, sadly rendered completely useless by UK ISPs that sell 8 Mbps BB that can only deliver <0.5 Mbps in evenings and weekends. :(

  • Yet another blogpost with SCEUK written all over it. Do you really think that trolling your customers is going to do you any good?

  • No thanks Sony, unlike some people I like to actually own the things I own physically not through someones servers. The only way you would get me to go download only is if you added advert support.

  • And, once again, total silence from SCEUK in response to their users’ complaints.

    Come on, Mr. Stoller, do something progressive and actually RESPOND to the incessant questions about the other countries.

    Will you at least admit that SCEUK misled actual SCEE customers when they said other countries would roll out in a year?

    Oh, and if you say “This is hard, there are many countries, many legal hoops to jump through, many languages,” Microsoft says “Hi!”. Regurgitating that insipid excuse will only make SCEUK look incompetent. So, please, don’t go there.

    Hold you hand up and say “Sorry, you are not important to us. We shouldn’t have said we would launch something we have no intention of doing.” It’s called corporate responsibility.

  • It’s kinda sad seeing all these Europeans on the mainland so disappointed… I hope you can roll this out to them soon too.
    Anyway, erm, this is good progress.

    I don’t really use the video store, to be honest, I care for game trailers (and I used to watch ‘The Tester’, until the downloads started to irritate me too much). But unless a trailer is so great that I might want to watch it again months from release (which I wouldn’t know until after I’ve watched it), I don’t really want to download it and then have to delete it. So I would just stream on my computer…
    Anyway, just putting my thoughts out there.

  • @Prem-aka-Prince

    Thanks for the support. Unfortunately SCEUK don’t care about us. They say they do but consistently ignore us. Maybe we’ll just go away, eh?

    In fact, I think that that is exactly what is going to happen …

  • Way too expensive imo, never use video store

    • Hi norfolkidea – that is a shame, we do have promotional sales and there is the latest film trailers in both HD and SD you can download for free if you do decide to visit the store.

  • Lol, ‘we have nothing to announce at this time’ is getting really old. I’ve been hearing this for YEARS! Kaz should fire you. Like RIGHT NOW!

  • @Brodiesan
    Well written, full support.

    I guess the difference between Microsoft and Sony is that Sony is also a traditional content creator and publisher, MS not.

    Take their movie studio, Sony Music etc. So Sony’s mindset is still deep into that outdated disgusting “let’s sell our rights some dozen times for each little market and make things overly complicated” mode. So its content branches dictate what their hardware branches will be allowed to do, resulting in overregulation.

    Anyways, I guess I’ll leave thise rotten ship too when the PS4 raises. Sony gives us no hint that they have the intention to change anything to the better in Europe. See PS Vita, which is even a step back instead of forward.

  • Thanks for your feedback and appreciate your interest in having the video service come to Ireland unfortunately I don’t have a specific date I can give you at this time.

    And yet this post is still in the IE channel. Please update this post, removing it from the IE channel. I’d also appreciate if you apologised for rubbing Irish customers’ noses in the fact that we have been persistently misled and neglected once again.

    No update on dates? Really? After two years? Your project managers need some training. This is no way to run a business. Unless you want to run it into the ground. Oh …

  • The problem is that they DID announce something, but then followed it up with a smack in our faces…

  • “What are you waiting for? Stop waiting.”

    That’s pretty much what I’ve done also. I’ve stopped waiting for the video store to come to Norway and other countries that still haven’t gotten it. It’s a shame that Microsoft is able to, but not Sony.

  • I have stop waiting too, but it still [DELETED] me off, since we have been lied to. American VPN and Netflix is all I need – so much better than waiting for SCEE!

  • If anyone is writing a study on why people pirate movies and tv shows here is a great starting point.

    Immense levels of inequality when rolling out legitimate service offerings. When one country gets a service and another one within touching distance doesn’t, it does nothing to endear yourselves to those who miss out.

    Boiler plate PR responses don’t go anywhere near towards quelling the fury despite what PR experts may think.

    Also region locking these services is a final straw for many. If you can get a service in one country there is no good reason why other countries can’t enjoy it too.

  • The most probable reason that the service hasn’t expanded in to places like Ireland is that there likely wouldn’t be many people use it. Once you see the pricing you would say ‘no thanks’.

    Living in the UK I certainly haven’t heard of anyone I know here using it. Do you really want to pay £5.09 to RENT Project X?

    I know it’s good to have the option but you guys honestly aren’t missing anything. The pricing is absolutely horrible. A lot of the time you can go down to Asda and actually buy the film on DVD cheaper than you can rent it from the Playstation store.

    I usually hate people moaning on the blog but the video store has been a shambles since it was introduced.

  • Thanks for nothing SCE(UK)E again!

  • @SyncroUK

    I get where you’re coming from but I’m not complaining because I really want this particular service; I’m complaining because I detest when a company treats one section of its consumers better than another.

    I also find bare-faced corporate lying abhorrent.

    SCEUK said the service was rolling out to other countries within a year back in 2009. That was either a) a bare-faced lie, or b) SCEUK are extremely bad at projections (you can call it incompetence if you wish).

    My point is: regardless of if or when the service will be extended, the level of communication from SCEUK has been abysmal. You don’t tell your customers one thing and then put your head in the sand for two/three years and refuse to answer a question.

    I call upon Mr. Stoller again. Answer the question. When? I do not accept “there are no further updates on dates.” I simply do not accept it. If it *is* true, then, yes, I’m sorry to say, SCEUK is fundamentally incompetent. Which is very sad and will mean I’ll be taking my custom elsewhere.

  • We simply does not live in Europe, as “rest of Europe” got Video store in 2010:

  • Agree with SyncoUK and norfolkidea. Store is priced far too high to even be considered as an option.

    A Netflix style subscription (with a PS+ discount) would perhaps make it more tempting, but honestly, I’d rather just buy the blu-ray. Most of them these days come with a DVD copy and a digital version.

  • no one will use this unless playstation plus members get free streaming or something

  • #42 how do you quote in a blog comment?

  • Think it should be subscription based personally. I used to buy films direct or rent through the store, but then lovefilm and netflix came into my life…

  • Don’t bother bringing your service to The Netherlands. I found another way to see movies and tv shows and you can’t beat the price.
    It’s unfortunate that the former slogan for PS3 was only true in a few countries. I bought in the lie and I lost, now I don’t care anymore.

  • Bring the video store to Ireland!!

  • So is there going to be a app like music unlimited?

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