New Features For The PS Vita Facebook App

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New Features For The PS Vita Facebook App


As many of you will know, PS Vita has loads of social features and apps available so you can keep in touch with your friends wherever you are. If you haven’t checked them out then what are you waiting for?

We are really excited about some great new features coming to one of our most popular apps – Facebook for PlayStation Vita.

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With the latest update, available now, you will be able to search for new friends and pages, check in to places and upload photos to your wall using PS Vita’s front and rear cameras. Plus, you can now post photos to your friends’ walls too.

All this, coupled with many general improvements, results in a faster and smoother Facebook experience on the PS Vita.

Download the latest software update to start using the new improved Facebook app now.

If you haven’t tried out any social apps on PS Vita yet, head to PlayStation Store now to download them for free. You can share your favourite photos using the Flickr for PlayStation Vita app, find out where your friends are hanging out with foursquare, catch up on the latest gossip with friends and family via Skype and update your followers or find out what’s happening all over the world with LiveTweet.

What’s more, if you want to check out the latest funny videos, you can pick up the YouTube app.

We’ll be announcing further updates later this year, so watch this space for the latest on the social gaming revolution on PS Vita.

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2 Author Replies

  • But why isn’t the Youtube app available worldwide?

    • hi Fredrikselvig
      We are only allowed to distribute the PS Vita YouTube app in Google’s official YouTube serviced countries. Once the Google’s official TouTube service countries are extended, we will be able to extend YouTube app to those countries.

  • Question is why not to link Facebook YT videos with YT app?

  • ^This. And is there any update on when the Youtube app will be available worldwide? Or if your releasing by region when it’ll be available in Denmark / scandinavian countries?

  • how does 5 apps? constitue LOADS of apps.? wheres all the other apps that were supposed to have come but have been announced and the disappear?. Oh Sony you don’t half make me laugh with your support of my PSVita. Some one really needs to get a clue.

  • loads of apps for vita ?? theres hardly any at all , we need netflix for europe , tv catchup channels , vidzone , sky go , weather app , ps blog app to happen fast its been out 6 months and has hardly anything

  • I would like an update for the youtube app!

  • I’d like a Google+ app.

  • The best feature on the Facebook app is the ability to upload screenshots of games (wish I could do it on all Vita games), but the support for the Vita as a whole has dropped significantly since launch in January so is this already dead in the water Sony? :(

  • Aha was wondering why it couldn’t do some of this stuff but now it can :D
    On a totally separate note- BBC Iplayer on vita would be great xD any idea if the bbc plan to do this? I mean it’s on android and IOS so bringing it to the Vita would make sense.

  • All apps are watered down versions of their originals with more problems that make them harldly usefull or fun to use.
    Like the horrible browser on PS3 the Vita version is as poor executed. Please rethink what you are doing. Slapping names of apps on the back of the Vita doesn’t make it a desireble handheld if they are not exactly the same as the one you know from your pc.

  • Still waiting for the Netflix app.

  • Is the Skype app going to be updated, so that you can type to your friends on it? There needs to be other updates and tweeks, too. Like being able to hide people offline, and such.

  • Also agree with VictorAnalogy, a Google+ app would be great.

  • This is great, I use this app regularly but always welcome more features that bring it closer to parity with Facebook from a regular browser. Even just the fact that this app uses the rear touch screen is a major plus to me, not even the Vita browser does that *Hint hint* :P

    I do have a couple of requests though:
    1) Update the Skype app to be able to add contacts and use instant messaging.
    2) Youtube links from the Vita browser or Facebook app etc, when clicked, should open in the YouTube app. Otherwise they open in the browser and don’t work. :/

    Thanks for supporting these apps with updates. :)

  • While I’m at it. I would also like to see

    1. Chrome web browser. The Vita browser is utter pants imho.
    2. BBC iPlayer app (as mentioned above). In fact all the PS3 TV apps on Vita (ITV, BBC Sports etc.)would be cool.
    3. The Wake Up Club and other apps that are already out elsewhere on Vita.


  • Appreciated changes but as others have said there isn’t loads of apps. Even game like ones such as T@G haven’t appeared. Reminds me of waiting for the PS Eye games that never came. I’d also like to see a Ps blog app and BBC iPlayer. The YouTube linking to Facebook would also be good.

  • Although this is a good update to the Facebook app, why haven’t you guys given the vita’s browser full HTML5 support? Lack of video was acceptable for the first few months, but the thing doesn’t even have audio support. You have to download the sound file before you can listen to it.

  • Will the Netflix app be available in the uk anytime soon?

  • Since the update I cannot acces to my wall ! My wall is emply…



  • wow, i still cant read the tiny letters! and on skype let us add/delete contacs!

  • Whislt it must be frustrating for those that would like more apps for the Vita, you could always use the Vita for what it is best at – GAMES….

  • Is anyone else getting the error E-80101112 when they try to update the app?

  • I agree with pmurphy you have phones and pcs for social networking, none of which can play games as well as the vita. To prove a point I think my android playstation app is reporting comments to mods on its own!

  • The PS Vita seriously needs more apps. Everytime one gets announced, bump! Delayed! Also when is t@g coming? *ugh* And also if possible, any chance SCEE can add these apps too:

    BBC iPlayer
    BBC Sport
    Netflix (Only consoles has this so why can’t portables? And yes Nintendo, I’m asking the same question that Netflix for 3DS is not even out yet)
    PS Network Channel (iphone has it)
    Sky Go
    ITV Player

    Skype (add an ablity to text chat)
    YouTube (add an ablity to instantly upload vids from the Vita)

    Seriously if the Vita is starting to lack, the iPhone could outsell the Vita. Alas ”Vita” means life in Latin.

  • @Wigifer:
    Mine was updated no problems. Check your connection settings and try again.

  • i would appreciate if this app provides better chat support which enables realtime chat. and ability to click on youtube link to open youtube app directly. also for skype , just add text chat….

  • @supersmith2500:
    It’s a post-download issue. Going to assume that the patch dl corrupted and just delete the app/redownload. It’s a shame there’s no way to delete/redownload a patch in case of an error.

  • ah thank you, was hoping they’d update as it had limited features :) i will be using the FB app on the vita more often now! x

  • Flash player is really needed.come on sony you are playing with my investment

  • I don’t get why you are having such problems making an Youtube app to non-YouTube serviced countries, when other companies has no problems at all?

    There are apps from LG, Samsung, Phillips and many more for their entertainment devices, which are working fine and launched in “non-YouTube serviced countries”.

  • About the youtube app for vita. Drop the PR nonsense and start communicating. I have already contacted Google (the owner of youtube) about the issue and the reply I got was that they dont know why Sony is holding the youtube application for PS Vita back in Denmark (I only asked for the country I live in), and that I shuold ask sony instead. Stop throwing mud and misleading customers to a dead end.

    I got a reply from Ross in the PS+ update for the 1st august (Post 55):

    Is there any news from the product manager?

  • Some very good comments above, myself i never spent over £300 for apps, useful as they are, i actually believed the sony promo vid and other pr and thought i was buying a gaming machine, capable of playing Killzone (type) games over internet, or remotely as it’s called, funny how hardly anyone mentions this anymore, instead they just be relieved IF we get to play ps1 (playstation one ! ) games on it, don’t know, maybe i had a cup of mad hatters tea and just imagined all those seperate, daily, non-stop blog posts and announcements back in Jan and Feb, i mean they definitely swayed my choice to buy one (vita), But as i said it must of been a dream, as near enough none of what i was being told i would be getting as actually happened.

    Don’t get me wrong, i enjoy ‘some’ of the games, But i still just feel like i got suckered.

  • i wish you people would spend as much time adding apps and new features to the ps vita as you should do with the ps3.the ps3 has been here for years yet we are still only getting very minor updates that could have been incorporated years you people actually care about customer feedback or the community for that matter? if you did then why are we not getting the top requested features? i understand everything takes time,resources and money,but for real now.i have been waiting years for top requested features that would change the entertainment and gaming aspect to the ps3 for the might not have as many exclusive titles as we do,but they certainly have the upper hand when it comes to entertainment,apps,dashboard,online services etc etc.all we really have is exclusive titles,blu ray and playstation home lol

  • Oh god, when I read what kind of (non-)issues Sony creates with Youtube alone, we really shouldn’t wonder why Sony so often fails to deliver content in Europe.

    They always mention laws and regulations would make it complicated or even impossible to act in Europe, while we have so many examples that their competition obviously doesn’t experience any such hassles.

  • Still no love for Google+ users?

  • how can i deactivate the another portable device because i have 2 portable device i cannot activate all my games

  • please help me because i dont know what to do

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