Celebrate Super Stardust HD’s 5th Anniversary With Stellar Savings

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Celebrate Super Stardust HD’s 5th Anniversary With Stellar Savings


It’s amazing that we’ve come this far since Super Stardust HD first came on the scene. Five years ago, the award-winning PS3 game blasted you on a breathtaking tour through the galaxy! Everyone here at Housemarque has been honoured to be a part of that journey on PSN – from Super Stardust HD and Super Stardust Portable, to the most recent Super Stardust Delta, we’ve always pushed ourselves to deliver the best arcade experience on PSN.

With its unique orbit-based gameplay and stunning 3D visuals, Super Stardust HD has won several accolades and has been chosen by IGN as one of top 100 modern games, as well as making many top PlayStation 3 games lists. These kinds of awards have helped validate all the blood, sweat and tears we’ve poured into these games over the years, and we’re proud of all of them. However, the biggest reward for us is, as always, seeing the joy we bring to our fans and watching multitudes of gamers worldwide enjoy our product.

So, to celebrate the game’s fifth anniversary and thank you all for your support, we’re launching a spectacular offer! For a limited time you can pick up Super Stardust HD and all three DLC add-ons, including last year’s stellar Impact game mode, in one cosmic bundle for only €4.99/£3.99. That’s amazing value – for about half the price of the main game you now also get every single expansion pack!!

If you haven’t already bought all the DLC packs for Super Stardust HD, this gives you the chance to get them all for cheap or offer it to a friend as a gift. Additionally, Super Stardust Portable will be 50% off, or absolutely free to PS Plus subscribers!

This discount won’t last forever though. The offer will only be valid from 8th August to 5th September.


Super Stardust HD still continues to dazzle and amaze with each new DLC adding new features to ensure the game remains as comprehensive and competitive a shooter experience as ever.

We here at Housemarque hope that you all take advantage of this offer and join the thousands of people who have enjoyed our games over these last five years.

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  • Portable? It’s for the Vita version I was hoping to see a discount..

  • A game that everyone should have in their collection.

    Also recommend Outland also by these guys if you haven’t already played it. A bit of a hidden gem on the store, but a fantastic experience nonetheless.

    Like many others, I look forward to your future projects.

  • One of the first games I bought for my PS3 back then, and also the first one I got for my Vita. One of the best, most addictive PSN games released.
    For anyone who hasn’t tried it yet: Get it. Especially at this great priced package!

    The Free version for PSP is also noteworthy, thanks for that! Can we have a nice offer for Vita too? Or am I stretching it with that?

  • Nice savings, but I’d also echo a deal for the Vita version.

  • The first PSN game I bought, a few days before it would be the first game to be patched with trophies. Never did pick up the Team or Impact DLC though so I’ll be doing that now!

  • Great. I’ve been playing Super Stardust since the Amiga CD32. Now with the free portable version I’ll be able to play it on 4 platforms.

  • Vita offer would be great!

  • The portable version is free to plus members? This pleases me, Housemarque! You did good.
    Now, go make me a new game! Not Angry birds.

  • too late ;) bought it a minute ago ;d

  • Yaaay, saying thanks to all the people that supported the game by offering it cheap or free to people who don’t care, only upsetting the actual fans..

  • @sharpenedpixel: no it doesn’t. We, the ‘supporters’ have enjoyed this game for five years now, and it’s time everyone else gets a chance to experience it too. (btw, only the legacy, PSP version is free to PS Plusers)

  • How about some more DLC with trophies or even a sequel, one of the best PSN games so far.

  • Super stardust is a great game but the problem is……I’ve had it for 5 years…
    While deals are always welcome, it has to be on the Vita version really. It’s easy to see that this is what the customers want and what they will respond to the most.

  • 5 years and still one of the best games on PSN

  • Can’t find Super Stardust:Portable for FREE on the store?

  • Super Stardust Portable is showing as £6.29 for me on the PS3, I have Plus so not sure what’s going on.

  • One of the first games i bought on PSN.

    Off topic:

    Is there any plans to upgrade the savegame cloud on PSN+ ?
    I have 170 retail games, and 2-300 PSN games. There is no room anymore for upload as its only 150.MB.

    The Xbox save cloud is 500.MB big, even when 360 savegames is smaller than PS3 ones.

    300.MB cloud on PSN+ would be nice, or 500.MB even better.

    Its annoying to see the error message that the storage is full all the time.

  • I picked up the base game with my US account on the Welcome Back offer, will the EU DLC work with this version, or do I need the EU base game to use EU DLC?

  • No Vita love?
    Did Sony gave up already?

  • Stardust was the first title i looked for when i bought a PS3 a couple of years ago. I wasn’t disappointed. It blew everything i had previously bought on XBLA out of the water. If anyone looking here is only partially interested in this game at that price then do yourself a favour and buy it.

    Personally, i just need to pick up impact dlc.

  • SS Portable version isn’t free :(

  • @19 you need EU version for EU dlc to work

  • you guys @ Housemarque brought AAA TITLES to PSN like no other developer has,so many thanks for your hard work.

    i have one request & i’m sure millions would agree..CAN WE PLEASE HAVE DEAD NATION on VITA OR/& DEAD NATION 2 for PS3 ?

  • SS Portable not showing up as free for me

  • SS portable for PSP still not free

  • Yup, Super Stardust Portable is still not free.

  • I bought the “Super Stardust HD Bundle” but the Impact DLC did not come along with it. It also does not register on PSN that I own the Impact DLC. What is up with that?

  • Can anyone please help me? In the EU store the Complete Edition of SS:HD does not come with the Impact DLC, therefore I did not get the Impact DLC despite having bought the Complete edition. I payed €4,99 for it and I did not get Impact.

    This is a real bummer and I hope they can add the Impact DLC to the complete edition in the dutch/EU PSN store. I don’t want to pay another €0,99 just to get Impact DLC that should have been in the complete edition to begin with!

  • Wow, greate deal! :D
    I know that, the original game don’t have any online multiplayer, but with the DLC’s I can play online?

  • “For a limited time you can pick up Super Stardust HD and all three DLC add-ons, including last year’s stellar Impact game mode, in one cosmic bundle for only €4.99/£3.99.”

    Lies make baby Jesus cry.

    Please sort this out.

  • What’s worse is even if you purchase Impact it doesn’t register with the game as being available.

    So first they lied about complete including all DLC, then if you spend even more money the DLC doesn’t even work and finally they lied about portable coming for free for plus users.

    What on earth are Sony doing these days?

  • I can’t remember the last time a Store Update was free of errors.

  • Please guys, get it sorted, SS Portable is not free to Plus, not even discounted.

  • You really have to wonder how SCEE measures in 2 different ways.

    QA for games to be released in the stores: Seems to be so demanding that it delays releases frequently.

    QA for the store itself: Wh00t? Nobody told them to reduce the amount of shameful errors there.

    Seriously, the store feels like a huge gamble. Just that you don’t win anything, you are just lucky if you get what you should get.

  • Thank you for the great offer!

  • The offer is great, but I would like to see SS Portable free in PSN on my Vita.

  • Does 3D work even in splitscreen?

  • Doesn’t time fly. i remember buying this exact, (more or less) ‘birthday/anniversary’ deal two years ago, because of it (Super Stardust) being Three years old.. so it was Housemarque who was 1st to bring trophy support to ps3 ?, (sure someone mentioned it above), Well what to feel, say, personally i wish they never existed, obviously i am, like others now a trophy erm .. chaser, (best description), and like others i have found myself (too often) putting a action game on hold, while i spend x time looking for ‘collectables’, such a shame it come to this.. Anyway enough of my ramblings, Housemarque, i totally loved Dead Nation, But what happened with the dlc.. as it’s title is a apt description of how i felt After playing it.. i hope you will make it up to me/others by soon announcing the sequel for DN..

  • Attention Sony! Error in the Store, SS Portable is not free for PS+ subscribers at all.

  • Hi Fred
    Can you confirm the offer above as the psn store does not reflect this? (3 dlc’s and the free psp version for plus) if this is an error please tell us.
    Now if you could get the vita one discounted that would be nice.

  • Sadly it isn’t surprising the issues are being ignored here. More poor customer service from SCEE and looks bad on Housemarque too who have now posted about this on their site.

    Anyway, great game, purchased it all the way back in July 2007 and more recently have loved Delta and other Housemarque games. Hopefully the errors are addressed and more people who haven’t yet experienced SSHD can do so.

  • It’s sad because the US PSN had the same issue and they already responded about the issue.

  • Looks like the US has addressed the stardust hd complete offer missing the impact mode dlc – are we to get a reply soon?

    UPDATE: Due to a technical error, the Impact Mode DLC was not included in this Super Stardust HD DLC sale bundle. Any users who purchased the sale bundle will be receiving a message within the next week or so with a voucher code for the Impact Mode DLC. We will also correct the error for next Tuesday’s Store publish. We apologize for the inconvenience!

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