Uncharted 3’s Biggest Patch Ever Detailed

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Uncharted 3’s Biggest Patch Ever Detailed

When we announced Uncharted 3 we set out to make the multiplayer component as robust and compelling as any multiplayer game out there. We took lessons learned from our summer beta and used them for our launch. Since launch, new design ideas and community feedback have been applied to every patch we’ve released. We’re now on patch lucky number 13 and we’ve planted some fresh ideas deep into the game. Patch 1.13 for Uncharted 3 multiplayer has been months in the making and it’s our biggest patch ever.

Patch 1.13 will be available today, 7th August. If you’re not a fan of reading, check out the patch notes video below for a full rundown of what’s included. We wanted to give you some quick highlights on some of the new exciting content you can expect when you download the patch.

We have unique, brand new multiplayer DLC that will start rolling out to users as part of the PS Store updates starting on 15th August. The upcoming DLC can be unlocked either by earning the necessary in-game levels, completing specific treasure sets, or if you’d rather unlock a certain item quickly you can purchase it in the PS Store. Check out the teaser video below to check out fresh new content we’re adding (137 pieces to be exact!).

Another major aspect of this patch is that we’re introducing a whole new feature to Uncharted 3 multiplayer. The Tournament System ushers in a points-based competition that has three reward tiers which grant you special in-game weapons or items based on how well you played. Once you unlock a weapon or item it’s yours to use until the next tournament period.

You can buy into a tournament using tournament tickets. You’ll always carry a balance of ten tickets per tournament period but you will be able to purchase more via the PS Store. A tournament leaderboard will be added to the leaderboards section so you can track your skill level among your friends. For a look at the specifics and rules of the tournament system, we have an in-depth video on IGN alongside a QA with Robert Cogburn, lead multiplayer designer, and Robert Ryan, gameplay designer, discussing more on tournaments, all the new DLC and why multiplayer continues to be so important to the team. We’ll also have a detailed post about the tournament system over on NaughtyDog.com later this week.

While all of this great new content is rolling out today, we’re very excited to announce that new experimental block mesh maps are coming to The Lab after patch 1.13 releases. Block mesh maps are maps of coloured block mesh that have been designed by imaginative artists here at Naughty Dog to provide some wild and distinct multiplayer gameplay. We’ll be posting a schedule for the upcoming labs in the near future so be on the lookout over on NaughtyDog.com.

While new Labs, new DLC and the Tournament System are the major elements of patch 1.13, there’s a laundry list of other changes and improvements we made to the multiplayer experience and you can see the full list of features and gameplay changes on the Naughty Dog blog. We’ll also be updating our blog weekly from 14th August to 4th September with the full list of DLC items as they come available in the PS Store.

As always fire away with some comments to let us know what you think and any questions you might have. See you online!

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8 Author Replies

  • Is the DLC free for those who bought the fortune hunter pass??

    • Hi Kalel1981,

      As you may remember, the Fortune Hunter’s club stopped on the 17th April 2012 and was included the multiplayer map packs and the three multiplayer skin packs for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception™.

      See the blog post here http://bit.ly/RZ1d3N

  • My fave game of all time gets even better. Loving the look of all the new costume pieces and taunts and can’t wait to get started on the trophies!

  • That tournament mode doesn’t interest me one bit………


    Way to ruin the MP more [¬___________¬]

  • is there a map pack bundle so i can get all the trophies at once for cheaper?

  • Naughtydog.com currently looks like this:

    Database Error: Unable to connect to your database. Your database appears to be turned off or the database connection settings in your config file are not correct. Please contact your hosting provider if the problem persists.

  • Hmm I really DON’T like that ticket system.

    • You’ll have a blance 10 tickets every week to play in the matches. If you want more you can buy more. It’s your call.

  • My community feedback was to put all the money in the SP in stead of the MP… No first day mp slap on titels for me anymore. Ues I look at you Last of Us and God of War. A lot of games don’t need it and I don’t want to pay for it.

  • @Otto T

    couldnt have said it better…..

    • We stated at the onset the SP DLC wouldn’t be coming for U3. There’s co-op adventure mode DLC that you can play solo with computer AI that will scratch that SP itch.

  • Will there be upcoming discounts for the Uncharted DLC’s or must they get purchased at full price? That would be pretty expensive for those without Fortune Hunter Pass….

  • Is this content included in the game of the year edition out in September?

  • Where is slide to cover animation from Uncharted 2?!

  • More importantly, where can I get one of those t-shirts?

    • Ha. Internal TLOU shirts only. We will be giving away some kind of TLOU shirts at events in the future perhaps.

  • well il use up my tournament tickets pretty quickly , what with shiny golden guns to unlock and stuff , best patch ever.

  • I have a question that really needs an answer. I’ve read on ND’s site that the patch is now live… So where is it? I’ve fired up the game 5 times over the last hour but 1.13 keeps failing to show. Any clue as to why? I wanna start exploring the new features.

  • Me to shadowgandalf no update yet I wish there was more donut characters coming to u3 well two of them chloe and elena.

  • I don’t know if I read it right, but the prizes that you win in the tournament are only temporary? I don’t really see the incentive there. There’s a tournament to win things, only for them to be taken away? Correct me if I’m wrong there.

  • Ok, it took it’s time, but its downloading now. It just showed up. Better late than never i suppose.

  • If this gets double posted i apologise, but my last attempt didn’t seem to appear… attempt #2..

    Ok, it took it’s time, but it’s downloading now. Better late than never i suppose.

  • Will this be in the Game of the Year version?

  • Sounds cool;) ‘Uncharted 3’ was/is brilliant:P But i would rather the whole of ND start working on ‘Uncharted 4’ really:P Well work on ‘U4’ + ‘The Last of Us’:P

  • not a fan of MP nor do i think people should pay to go online (yes you online pass). Wish you would bring out Jak and Daxter 4

  • Have you fixed the spinning ring of death glitch yet? I have not re-installed U3 since it corrupted my PS3 and forced me to wipe the hard drive last year. :-(

  • There’s one more VERY important feature that comes along with patch 1.13 that hasn’t been mentioned… ME! :D

    Finally, time to return to U3 after a long break, thank you ND for keeping the game alive :)

  • First off could you perhaps start with 15th august, just that it’d hard to tell from the video whether you mean the patch and the content is coming today or that it’s just the patch. Great patch though it’s good to know despite having The Last Of Us on the way you guys are still looking over Uncharted 3.

    Though one problem I’ve noticed is that some of the content we actually can’t exist such as the new hero skins (from the last patch), you can’t buy them from the store since there’s not even an icon for them there so their on the Hero skins list but you can’t access them.

  • Sorry to DP but, first will any of these events where we can win TLOU shirts occour in the UK and two, why the heck not?! Finally please don’t pull a Capcom on us (That’s addressed to Sony not you guys)

  • Hats off and major respect for Naughty Dog once again. THIS is replay value. Good to hear we can now purchase characters in the ingame store as well, I gave up on the Skelzors after countless co op adventures. Raised the level cap and added a whole bunch of new stuff. And this is all free right?

  • One more suggestion that has been bugging me since U2, please make the Villain characters available to play with in co op arena. Some of us only play co op and it’s a shame that we miss out on playing with all the villain skins, more than half of the total amount of skins if I remember correctly, not to mention the dlc ones.. Please make it happen, variety is king.

  • Cheers Eric for reply =)

  • Hmm so instead of actually making an update that improves the game you decided to go the route of bringing micro transactions to Uncharted. What a shame Micro transactions are whats destroying the gaming industry right now as a whole especially on premium games like U3. You dont expect to pay £49.99 for a game (RRP I didn’t actually pay that) then pay small fees for extra stuff like tournament credits to play game modes. DLC maps etc are one thing but micro transactions should be left to free games. This seems like you are really milking Uncharted which is a damn shame as it used to be the best single player experience on PS3 and now its just another milking machine.

  • @ Eric, i think you may (?, hmm.) of misread or misunderstood comments 9 and 10.. will probably get roasted for posting ‘here’ But i ‘think’ what ottoT (no9) was saying is, because you guys, many other devs are putting so much time, effort and obviously money into a mp xp of a game, the story/sp side of it surely suffers, well thats how i read comments 9+10, and that is also my own opinion, i know, i know, both Charted2 and 3 have brilliant sp.. but this ‘culture’ of reversing gaming is really worrying, ie one time a games main selling point was it’s story, with maybe a ‘smaller’ part added on for mp.. sometimes it worked well, mostly it (mp part) wouldn’t be bothered playing, Now it’s a complete reversal, i ‘understand’ that gaming is still a business, and a lot of profit is made nowdays because of mp.. i guess i am just imagining what ‘treats’ we would be getting IF mp wasn’t so important, just hope the ‘balance’ returns, well evens out at least, of course a certain console maker has got a Lot to do with all this, but will leave it there for now.

  • I’ve just finished playing it, and if you’re a noob or you haven’t got a group with good players, you’ve got no chance. Because all the hardcore gamers that team up have got an even better reason to kill you now. I got put in a game half done, with five against two. And the score was 40-11. You’re betting on a game you won’t win.

    If anyone from ND reads this (probably not) you should make the teams more balanced so that the novice player can have a chance at winning a game. They’re not really going to spend more on tickets if they’re repeatedly getting sprayed with bullets are they? Come on ND, change it up!

  • Gotta love Uncharted, the greatest of all times.

  • i sold this game a while back (big mistake). im gonna buy it back and i had the furtune hunter club. i know that ended so what dlc dont i have?

  • “Hats off and major respect for Naughty Dog once again. THIS is replay value.”

    Unlike the first two games, I haven’t replayed Uncharted 3 once, and I doubt I ever will because ND is fixated on the MP. They completely abandoned what made the first two games so replayable; SP extras. Once I realised those were missing I was so incredibly disappointed. It destroyed the game’s replay value.

  • @A-Nonny-Mouse so in your opinion a few single player skins and cheats add more replay value than a platinum trophy ?

  • @Chr15toff3e I hear you. You can get better, but it’s always frustrating if you don’t have time to exclusively dedicate towards becoming part of a team in this game. I abandoned Uncharted 3 multi-player after hitting Level 75. It was just too much work. Teams expect an amount of dedication from you that I’ve not seen in other games, and the constant stream of “PLAY UNCHARTED 3 WITH ME!” inbox messages while watching LoveFilm, Netflix or playing other games just got on my nerves. The whole micro-transaction aspect of this DLC – which will not be in the GOTY edition (LOL) – now leaves a bitter taste in my mouth with regards Naughty Dog. I was looking forward to The Last of Us, but will probably leave it 12-18 months before buying now. I’m not paying £50 quid for less any-more, particularly when cynical money-grabs like this emerge a year after the game’s initial release. It’s not like there aren’t plenty of other things to do with a PS3. I can barely find time to play games I already own at the moment.

  • @A_Nonny_Moose

    Your definition of value may differ to that of most people. Replay value is content that extends the game for no cost. The multiplayer mode is replay value for example, premium DLC which adds to that mode is not.

    You may as well spend that £10 or so on a new game.

  • @fauxtronic. I’ve played it since the beta, and I’ve hit level 75 about three or four times, so I’m not bad. It’s just that when you face a team that has the same tag and they all have crazy stats, you may as well not bother. And most do split, because there’s no reason to play when they already know the outcome. All I was saying in the last post, was that the game should be more balanced. I don’t think it would be difficult to pit high level players against eachother, so at least you can have a team that’s at your level. The low level players give up because they end up feeling like walking targets, and I don’t blame them for quitting. Naughty Dog only seem to favour the hardcore gamer. There’s no point to this tournament if you’re a novice at U3.

  • Ah OK, thanks for clarifying. I get ya. When I started out on U3 multiplayer I recall MANY TIMES being on a team where we’d all be below level 15 or 20 but everybody on the other team would be level 75. Crazy. Players would just drop out of the game because they were getting annihilated… which only added to the frustration of the uneven matchmaking.

  • @39 I really don’t know why people expect more SP content for this series, do you really expect them to go back to the mo cap studio and everything just for a dlc? Besides, it’s a very story driven lineair experience, that part of the story is done. I personally never expected SP content and knew all the dlc would be for multiplayer.

  • Uncharted 3 was flawless at launch, but Naughty Dog released some DLCs that were taken from Uncharted 2, did small changes, then sold them for like $10. They did that several times which made me stop playing the game.

    Not to mention that some of the standard maps in Uncharted 3 were actually DLC maps from Uncharted 3 with few changes.

  • @38 You have all the extra maps, lots of characters and DLC’s that give trophies. The only stuff your missing is the stuff that is going to be added over the coming weeks.

  • can I ask a really dumb quistion do I have to buy all of this dlc just to unlock the trophys or can I play any map I.e London like win 50 tdms I know it sounds stupid to some but I have receved dlc trophys without buying them I.e lbp. can someone please confirm please I will be a bit depressed if I have to buy the whole lot as I hate dlc tbh and being a trophy hunter il most likey want to get it but dont have any spare money thanks in advance guys.

  • You guys should definitely be more clear about upcoming patches. I cannot begin to describe my disappointment with your recent update.
    Customization? What a joke! Naughty Dog developers obviously don’t understand what that word means. I paid £20 so that I would have to buy more just to add a couple of bizarre items like sideburns with magical powers of increased stopping power! What a load of bull! Well, you’ve got one more upset customer here. I won’t play a game that forces you to buy a decapitated unicorn head for a tactical advantage. I want to see customization. Colours, wearing a hat AND sunglasses. I don’t care if it’s a hassle because of your system–I want what I was promised!

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