gamescom Is Coming!

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gamescom Is Coming!


Yes, it might seem like E3 was only yesterday, but the next major event in the video game calendar is now nearly upon us. From 15th to 19th August, hundreds of thousands of gamers will be descending on the cavernous Koelnmesse in Cologne, Germany to check out the very latest in video game entertainment. And naturally, PlayStation will have a major presence.

First and foremost is the Sony press conference, which kicks off at 7.00pm CET/6.00pm BST on 14th August. The whole show will be streamed live from the PlayStation Blog so please mark your diaries! You’ll also be able to watch on Home, the PlayStation Official App for iPhone and Android, and on the PlayStation Facebook page.

I’ll be live-Tweeting the whole event too, with some help from the team, so keep half an eye on @PlayStationEU as well.

Then immediately after that we’re hosting a panel discussion, which will see the following industry luminaries chewing over that age-old ‘games as art’ debate:

  • Shuhei Yoshida, President, Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios
  • Ian Dallas, Co-founder and Creative Director, Giant Sparrow (The Unfinished Swan)
  • Kellee Santiago, Co-founder, thatgamecompany (Journey, Flower)
  • Alex Evans, Co-founder, Media Molecule (LittleBigPlanet)
  • Adam Volker, Moonbot Studio (Wonderbook: Diggs Nightcrawler)
  • …and a special guest working on a currently unannounced project

Again, this will all be streamed live right here on the blog. Eurogamer and BBC man Johnny Minkley will be serving as compere and will be putting your questions to our experts. If you want to get involved please Tweet your query using the #PSGC hash tag. We’ll go through the suggestions on the day of the show and pick out the best.

You may remember that last week we put out a request for your artwork to serve as a backdrop for the panel. We’ll have more to say on the finalists next week – stay tuned.

Then, once all that is out the way, you can expect a steady stream of posts throughout the week offering a closer look at all the various titles on show. In short, we’ll be your one-stop shop for all things gamescom.

In the meantime, feel free to wildly speculate below over what might be making an appearance on the 14th. And if you’re planning on attending, please do make yourself known! I’ll be in and around the Sony booth all week and it would be lovely to say hi.

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3 Author Replies

  • As Sony plans to focus on the family this year, I expect the Wonderbook to have a presence. Also, maybe the super-slim PS3? I don’t expect the PS4 to make its first appearance.
    I fully expect The Last of Us to (again) make a presence, plus at least one yet-unannounced game.
    Plus, I know the European Blog will do a few nice giveaways (Right?) ;-)

  • Hideo Kojima as special guest ? :)

    *fingers crossed*

  • More news on the last guardian please

  • Can’t wait to see some FIFA 13 gameplay and more of call of duty black ops 2 MP

  • Man I wish I could be at Gamescom but at least I can watch it online. I’m hoping for an announcement on PSOne classics for the Vita. I’ve taken full advantage of the sale and now I’m just waiting on that update!

  • Good work getting it streamed on the Official App.

    I’d love to be at GamesCom, but unfortunately i lack that much money. Definitely on my list of things to do before i die, though

  • Hope to catch some of you in Cologne! Can’t wait!

    Btw, I personally can’t wait to try Unfinished Swan and the new Move IP.

  • Oh and one thing you need is Vita announcements. There’s some cool games already, but you need to announce some more ;). At least give it more attention than SCEA did at E3.

  • Can you tell us Sony’s lineup for the event?

  • I’m so excited. After the E3 went so horribly wrong with almost no news whatsoever Sony could pick up the pieces and make this right. I’m sure we get some serious PSVita love, new PS3 and PSN exclusives are announced, we finally get a video store in every European home, you say sorry about the Move book and don’t show it, you tell us why the comic store was a flop, you announce Ratchet and Clank won’t get a fun size and silly tower defense game but a new full blown game everyone wants and in the end you show us Agent by Rockstar Games (PS3 exclusive).
    I’m sure this time we won’t be disappointed, right?


  • egnore my last comment :) i commented before i read :D anyways fred please make sure theres no lag and/or freeze on the ps home stream

  • I can’t wait :P + i hope there will be a Worldwide PS3 price cut + a new style PS3(that one that was leaked a few weeks ago) :P Apart from that more PS3 Exclusives would be nice(i know i am being spoilt) :D

  • They might be announcing the super slim PS3. But I seriously can’t wait for more PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale!

  • Still remember 2009 gamescon, the promiss of the Long delayed videostore for the EU, releasing in 2010,
    Now 2012 still nothing for 90% of the EU

    Vita, remote play , promissed everywhere
    Currently only available to hacked ps3’s
    But not to the majority

  • I’m hoping for the newly rumoured PlayStation 3 Slim to be announced, more Vita titles and features for the system, as well as when we’re getting the long-awaited PS1 emulator system software update.

    When you say we’re getting a stream of the event, does this mean a video stream, or a simple live written blog of all the action? I remember Gamescom used to be that way and it annoyed me greatly. :3

  • i’m calling it now, its going to be under whelming disappointing and out of touch with its customers.

  • i’d like to watch it via my psvita on the NicoNico app. oh wait a minute…………………………………………………….

  • things i want to see at the show : new psvita games, killzone psvita live demo , call of duty psvita live demo, soul sacrifice, new psvita apps, features, full ps+ support, modnation racers road trip online multiplayer announcement, resistance burning skies improve online support, oh did i mention i want sony to focus heavily on the psvita? thanks

  • Is the panel discussion invite only?
    Why wouldn’t you do it as part of the GDC when it’s right around the corner literally?

  • EA will also and Ubisoft will also host a press conference and I know you’ll be able to watch the Ubisoft show at YouTube after it’s done.

  • Wish list:

    * PS3 Super Slim reveal
    * PS Vita price reduction
    * Sony Video service in all of Europe
    * Lots of info on the fantastic upcoming game line-up…

    Don’t go public about “PS4” just yet, take the needed time to make it a game changer and regain Sony’s position in the market…

  • going too by awesome

  • I hope its not like E3 with the vita ..
    You know what happened
    i will be surprised if its not the same :)

  • i hope and pray for a half life 3 reveal then I can finish obsessing over the games in my head

  • Hopefully a release date for Final Fantasy X HD will finally be announced along with a Kingdom Hearts HD Collection………Yeah I know, not going to happen! :(

  • The special guest will be someone from lamagama the Turkish indie dev team working on the ps3 exclusive Quadratum Mortis and who recently released Sprint Challenge on all iOS platforms.

  • Making sure Im free on those days. Will be glued to playstation blog, even more than i am now!

  • My wish list
    Borderlands 2 vita
    Monster hunter vita
    GTA HD Collection containing 1,2,3,CTW,VC, VCS, LCS, SA. Psn game with vita + trophy support
    Darkstalkers 4
    More vita cross controller games

  • Will there be a Beyond: Two Soul playthrough demonstration and is there going to be some exclusive PS3 content for Watch Dogs?

  • Sony better not ignore the vita like you did at e3,stop acting like the damn device doesn’t exist!give us more exclusives(not PORTS!)both 1st party and 3rd and market the hell out of this device and watch the cash roll in,may people i know want a device like this and are not even aware it exists!

  • Will it be repeated on the stream constantly after the first showing like last year?

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