PlayStation Wants Your Feedback

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PlayStation Wants Your Feedback

Hey there everybody, Fred here with a quick call to arms.

We’re looking for your feedback to help us improve PlayStation’s web presence. If you’ve got 15 minutes to spare, we’d love it if you could fill out the survey here.

It will help us better understand how you view PlayStation Blog,, Facebook and our various other web channels. The ultimate goal: to provide you with a better experience. A noble endeavour, I’m sure you’ll agree.

A big ‘thank you’ in advance for taking the time to volunteer your thoughts.

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4 Author Replies

  • Apparently people outside the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain or Australia are not entitled to have a valuable opinion:
    “Unfortunately you have not met the criteria required for this study. Thank you for participating.”

    Nice one…

    • We’re starting this in the UK, but it will be rolling out across Europe soon. I’ll keep you posted when that happens.

  • Sure thing. I can fill that up. Sounds fun anyway.

  • comment section need some fixing, it will improve quality of discussion
    (quotes, replays etc)

    • After the last software update, my PS4 disconnects from the network everytime its powered down. It also takes multiple tries to reconnect to the network and sometimes not at all. I have heard this is fairly common problem among ps users. Please fix this as I am about to thrown my ps4 into the front yard.


  • Oh that’s lame. Boo, this post.

    • Buenos días
      La app de psn no funciona
      No puedo acceder a los círculos de amigos, no puedo acceder a los mensajes
      Desde hace meses no se puede acceder al apartado de comunidades, las cuales por esa razón están muriendo
      Habrá soluciones? O la app ya es basura y no sirve??
      Por favor, solucionen eso lo antes posible, la app ofrecía unas ventajas inmejorables
      Un saludo
      . Good Morning
      The psn app does not work
      I can’t access friend circles, I can’t access messages
      For months you have not been able to access the section of communities, which for that reason are dying
      Will there be solutions? Or the app is already garbage and does not work?
      Please fix that as soon as possible, the app offered unbeatable advantages
      a greeting

    • Good Morning
      The psn app does not work
      I can’t access friend circles, I can’t access messages
      For months you have not been able to access the section of communities, which for that reason are dying
      Will there be solutions? Or the app is already garbage and does not work?
      Please fix that as soon as possible, the app offered unbeatable advantages
      a greeting

  • How racist is this survey? Shameful…

  • Forget the website, PLEASE for the store use TRIANGLE to do add to cart from within the selection screen so I don’t have to manually click into it and then add to cart which is ridiculous over work and is a nuisance when your downloading a lot.

  • Question “Where do you currently go to do these activities online? ” can’t be answered. I use lots of those sources but can only put one down as it’s a radio button rather than a check box.

    Sorry, but I refuse to answer surveys that are badly designed as they waste my time and are of no use to person wanting the information.

  • Just to add how stupid that question is, you can pick that you “manage your PSN/Xbox Live account” using YouTube.

    Delete the survey and rewrite it doing the job properly next time?

  • Ireland should have been included

  • :'( <– Sad Panda

    Tried to complete the survey, but "Other" countries don't count…

  • Do your valuable market research for free, without any incentive or prize for a lucky winner? I don’t think so. If you can’t be bothered, why should we?

  • There you go. All done

    I hope that Playstation will use these surveys and listen to the feedback. Especially the whats the 1 thing you would change question.

  • Just did it;)

    + If you don’t click yes to this question(which i did click YES!:D ) –

    “I love PlayStation – I think it has the best range of games and consoles compared to other console makers”

    then please sell your PS3 & all your PlayStation stuff & keep out of my way:D

  • Fred, I know you’re new here but here’s something you should know right off the bat: to non-UK PlayStation fans and visitors of this site, SCEE is viewed as massively anti-European and a company that constantly favours UK visitors.

    The fact that you couldn’t have waited and launched this survey to ALL SCEE customers is another massive slap in the face of consumers outside of the “large” countries. It wouldn’t have been hard to do this. You choose not to. You should apologise for this mistake and learn from it.

    I’m afraid you’re only in the door and already perpetuating what is seen as a massive problem on this site. I don’t envy your job today as you’ve just shot yourself in the foot indicating you are “just like the rest”; someone who does not care about fans from the outlier regions.

    Hey, where’s the PS Video store in Ireland? In fact, where is the post about the road map of when this service is rolling out to other countries? It’s only been, what? TWO YEARS since we heard ANYTHING?

    This is just another shameful display by Sony in a long line of slants against sections of their loyal (but for how long?) user base.

    • All I can say to this is that SCEE is categorically not ‘massively anti-European’ and the notion that we don’t care about certain regions is just completely false. Due to the diverse nature of this crazy continent we all come home, there are a huge number of legal and logistical factors that sometimes make it hard to roll things out at the same time. We work as hard as we can to keep these sorts of delays to a minimum, and I’ll make sure to communicate to you all when this is live everywhere as soon as I can.

  • Seriously could you make the questions shorter next time, probably took me half an hour.

  • Just finished the survey was pretty long. Hopefully my answers are useful

  • Fred how should I wrote to PS support to get any reply?

    Currently my acc lost SLy Trilogy yet I have no reply from PS support for more than 1 week.

  • Not going to do anything till we get any kind of freaking support from you guys in here.

  • I don’t want to be rude or anything, but if you don’t mention which regions supposed to fill the survey and then they click on the “Other” option on the “Which country do you live in?” question and they got an answer like “Unfortunately you have not met the criteria required for this study. Thank you for participating.” that pretty much mean the same: Thanks for trying, but we don’t care about you.

    You should at least mention which regions you are interested in your study before they click on the link or they will be pretty much offended.

  • Done, it’s just a pity there wasn’t the question “Which forthcoming first-party Smash Bros clone are you completely sick of hearing about?” or the other one “How many times did you attempt to unsubscribe from our Inside Vita spam email list before just blacklisting the sender?”

  • These are absolutely pointless.

    How many of these have we had already? We’ve had questionnaires, emails, polls and still the top ‘wants’ are ignored anyway!

    Any consumer feedback for SCEE is worthless

  • Ok the questions begin 1) where country you live ? Me: Greece … Site:
    Unfortunately you have not met the criteria required for this study. Thank you for participating.
    lolololololololololo funny and epic fail together, thanks guys great job, i want only to help, i lost 5 min… lets get back to killzone.. AND DONT EVER DO THAT AGAIN IS NOT FUNNY ANYMORE :)

  • It asks me where I get for example game reviews from (this is 7% in), but i can only pick 1 out of all the options, when i get reviews from multiple places. Then the next question is ‘Where else would you like to get them?’ not only do you already list where I get them from in the first place but it is poorly designed as I can’t tell you all the places i already get them from.

    Poor designed surveys really tick me off, they waste my time, give you less responses and give you bad data when you do get responses.

    Do you not do a dry run before you roll these out? From such a large company this is a basic oversight.

    I refuse to finish such poorly design survys.

  • finished, a tad on the long side and do hope you actually bother to pay attention to the answers as the echo what your always told and what we want, it should be your first priority to listen to our, the paying customers feedback, but then again you really didn’t need a survey to tell you what is all over the forums,blogs and the rest of the net, PAY ATTENTION SCEE!

  • well on the ps blog auto sighn in would be nice. i hate having to sign in just to write one comment every time.

  • That felt like a freakin slap in the face. So people outside the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain or Australia are not entitled to have a valuable opinion …

  • Hello Fred, welcome upon the board.

    I must say the fact that my opinion isn’t valued as I’m not currently in the UK did make me feel a bit worthless and more of a minor pawn good for business rather than a valued customer.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love my PS3 and my Vita but for the first time, I felt the argument of non-UK are worthless to you ring true for the first time after being a major advocate against it.

    Seems like I kind of saved some time though judging by the other comments here on the survey structure and design.

    I hope you take this as positive criticism from a previously very very happy customer and now still a pretty happy(ish) customer with a slight complaint and hope to rectify this in the future.

  • Just finished, and that took a lot longer than 15 minutes. People going to fill this survey in should think about making a coffee first… to keep you awake. :P

    I really hope SCEE does listen to this mind. I feel it did cover quite in depth a large range of products and services, and I was totally honest throughout. Let’s hope PlayStation listens to our feedback and begins to improve. :)

  • SCEUK as always cares nothing about anything outside the major regions cause we are not important enough 2 care about.
    improvement is pointless in general at SCEE so no point in any off this cause SCEE itself is pointless.

  • i gave up on this at 8% -_- it took me like an hour when i hit 8% !!!!!!!

  • 15 miniuts? took me 62 miniuts at 8% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! seriously

  • totally uncooperative.. as usual

  • Population of Europe is over 730 million people.

    Germany, France, UK, Spain, Italy, Australia have a combined population of ~332 million.

    I think you have about 400 million more people to care about

  • PlayStation DOESN’T want my feedback. Because I’m not in the UK.

    How hard would it have been to state that in the post?

    Right so, since you don’t want my feedback, here it is anyway:

    1. The site is a mess. It manages to sign me out far too often. Fix it. Just as an example, despite being currently signed in and writing this comment, if I click the “” link directly below the “Submit” button, I go to a page that doesn’t think I’m signed in.

    2. The Irish PlayStation Store doesn’t have a Video section. It’s been literal actual YEARS since the Video Store got launched in Europe, and at the time any question about when it was coming to other countries got a generic “we’re always looking to…” response. Get us an update or, even better, flatly state that you have no intention of ever expanding the Video Store and stop pretending otherwise.

  • 3. The PlayStation Store doesn’t accept my (prepaid) credit card. It’s a Moneybookers card. Just about everywhere else on the entire internet takes it. You guys don’t. That’s shameful.

    4. There’s a “PlayStation Updates” section on the Blog. It includes “Comics”, as if you ever planned on updating Comics ever again (you don’t). It includes “Video”, which incorrectly links to every post that is tagged as “Video” which includes many posts that just happen to include game trailers (this is just amateur). It doesn’t include PlayStation Plus though. Either of those two useless sections could be removed in favour of adding a link to the Plus tag.

  • 5. What on Earth is the purpose of splitting the PlayStation Blog and the “News” section on Just merge them.

    6. The US Blog has a section called “PS.Blog.Share” that allows users to share their ideas and vote them up or down, giving direct community feedback (you know, the thing that you want from us as long as we live in the UK). We don’t have any such thing, for no visible reason.

    7. Blog comments can only be 1250 characters. This is close exactly the wrong limit. If you want short posts, limit it to 400 characters. If not, put a sensible limit on the comments like 4,000 characters or more.

    • PlayStation does want your feedback. Like I said above, this goes out to other regions soon. Some good, constructive points raised here – consider them noted.

  • 37 Comments – One reply. It’s like the new guy never existed

  • Going to do it asap before PSN shuts down for maintenance and hate to say. It’s going to end up poor. =(

  • Why do you keep annoying majority of your customers with this arrogant, UK- centric attitude?

    Just don’t get it.

  • @Fred
    You forgot to ask a question, around 47% after the stuff about receiving emails from Sony.

    And maybe the survey should have described that it will seperate from the blog etc. When I was asked for, I often answered regarding the complete package aka with the blog.

    The truth is that I barely visit at all. If others shoulds react the same way, the survey’s result will be corrupted.

  • It will have to wait till tomorrow, maintenace.

  • YousifPlaysGames

    PlayStation wants my feedback? This is very fitting, as I’ve had a very frustrating experience with PlayStation support over the past few days.

    I quote: “At this point I am going to end this conversation. There is nothing I can do. Your case has been considered by SCEE and denied.” This was the final response I’ve received from PlayStation support. As I still believe that I have a case, I proceeded to get in touch with SCEA, since attempts to get in touch with a high level representative at SCEE has been fruitless. Thus far, two representatives at SCEA told me they would be more than happy to help me out with my case, but SCEE has ignored my requests and decided to end communication on this matter. I wouldn’t say that’s good support!

    If anyone at SCEE is reading this, get in touch with me. I have dozens of emails to show you, as well as the contact information of the two SCEA representatives I mentioned above. Unfortunately it seems Finnish people can’t add their input in this survey, so you’ll have to hear my feedback the old-fashioned way. (My PSN account email is my primary email, please get in touch with me.)

    ~ Yousif

  • What about countries which don’t have account on PSN?I know that PSN has a lot more countries than Xboxlive.But you should know there are countries with high number of PSN users having to choose another country’s account. :(

    P.S:I hope to see my real country account on PS4.

  • Done this, I hope something good comes of it.

    @ abacab1973 #12
    Your comment pretty much sums up what I dislike about the moaners on this blog. I want, I want, I want.

    People are so keen to complain about everything like spoilt brats but then won’t even take the opportunity to contribute towards trying to make it better.

    The mentality of some beggars belief!

  • Oh Jesus, that survey is surely crippled. Far too often the complete question is missing, sometimes just the name of the device. At 83% I got once more:

    Here you fill in your question text.
    Here you explain how the question has to be filled in (optional).

    And this time it credited my reply with “Your entries are not valid” and refuses to move on. Yay for all the wasted effort in my comments. Thank you!

  • All I can say to this is that SCEE is categorically not ‘massively anti-European’ and the notion that we don’t care about certain regions is just completely false.

    Your opinion. You’re naturally entitled to it. By now you’ve noticed the numerous comments here all echoing my opinion that SCEE – at least ostensibly – don’t care about certain regions. Prove me wrong. How? Publish the PS Video Store roll-out road map within a week.

    If you can’t? Why not?

    Sorry, Fred, I know you’re new, and I know you likely do care about us, but you have joined a company that has systemically and repeatedly acted to the contrary.

    I really hope you can change things. You have the word manager in your job title. That should give you the authority to get on to the Video team and say: “You guys have been remiss in keeping loyal PlayStation fans up to date with what is going on. I want an update on when the service is rolling out, and I want it tomorrow.” Can you do that?

    Finally, saying we live in a complex region doesn’t wash as it doesn’t excuse why you couldn’t have waited and launched an inclusive rather than an exclusive survey. Sorry, that excuse is very weak and I don’t accept it.

  • I kinda agreed. Its like UK going US style and wont release to other EU countries.

  • And done. Very long survey.

    Hope it helps to improve everything :)

    I didn’t like the “How much have you spent on games this year” question. You made it sound like i spend too much…Which i do.

  • I agree that it’s a badly made survey, by the way. I also answered the questions including the whole of – including the blog. I never actually go to the rest of

    Badly made.

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