Gran Turismo 5: Academy Edition Coming Soon

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Gran Turismo 5: Academy Edition Coming Soon

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Hello everyone,

I am pleased to announce today a brand new version of Gran Turismo 5 that will be heading your way early this Autumn to celebrate the fourth year of the collaboration with Nissan on the ground-breaking GT Academy programme.


Titled Gran Turismo 5: Academy Edition, this rather nice package comes brimming with a whole host of extras, including the following content previously available on PlayStation Store:

  • Complete Pack (Car Pack, Course Pack, Special Paint Pack, Racing Gear Pack)
  • Car Pack 2
  • Car Pack 3 and Course Pack 2
  • The Nissan GTR driven in this year’s Nurburgring 24 hour race by series creator Kazunori Yamauchi.

The price for this exhilarating bundle of fun? €29.99/£19.99 or your local currency equivalent.

img_chaseview-scirocco img_X2011-spa

Gran Turismo series creator Kazunori Yamauchi had this to say about this special edition package.

GT Academy has captured the imagination of many Gran Turismo fans. It is exciting to watch what Lucas Ordóñez, Jordan Tresson, Jann Mardenborough and Bryan Heitkotter in the USA, are achieving in their new racing careers with Nissan.

People can now see that it is possible to make the switch from being a fast gamer to become a real racing driver. We wanted to mark the tremendous success of GT Academy with the very latest version of GT5.

GT5: Academy Edition is due for launch on 26th September and there is more news yet to come on this title, so keep an eye on the PlayStation Blog and for more information.

In the meantime check out the story of Lucas Ordóñez as enacted by the man himself in this specially created trailer. Enjoy!


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  • Is work on gran turismo 6 started yet don’t want to wait an other 6 years for that game to come out

  • Cool for the people that weren’t awesome enough to pick the game up on launch day…

  • But the best version would be a “Gran Turismo 5: You Don’t Have To Download 2GB of Patches and Install 10GB of Data Plus We Included All DLC For Free-Edition.”

    Sadly, that won’t happen. And that means that when my 60GB PS3 (oh wait, Sony doesn’t repair my 600 euro system anymore and sent me a “I Can’t Play Any PS2-Games Anymore”-160GB Slim my way right before they announce the new Slim model) 160GB PS3 return I will have to repeat the 7-hour process and fourth time…

    Thank you, Sony!

    • Hi RemyX-1988,

      All updates (up to Patch 2.07) are on the disc (including the data for the DLCs, of course.)

      This means that with this edition you don’t have to go through the entire download process again, you just pop the disc in and decide how much you want to install: it’s all in there! ;)

  • It’s my Birthday what better present than to pre-order this ;-) Awsome! And btw GT5 works very well on my 512Gb SSD LOL Suck on that you 60Gb’ers

  • Can’t we get a peek of the box art? :)

  • So just to get this straight this is the original GT5 in no doubt, a new packaging design, with the all the recent DLC packs plus the Nissan GTR ?
    Will there be a digital version ? Will we be able to buy the collection of packs + car at a discount price at it’s release ??

    • Hi kit-tiger,

      You are essentially correct, the only content not included in this edition is the “Twin Ring Motegi Pack” recently released. I am sure you will agree it’s still a nice offer!

      For your other questions, I can’t say anything more at this stage, but if I were you I would keep an eye on the official website… ;)

  • Will this edition include the mammoth sized patches we have had to endure for nearly a year?

    Would be worth the cash if it didn’t.

  • Are the patches on the disc? Can somebody please answer this?

    I sold the game mainly because of those atrocious alpha effects, rally replays were unbearable to watch. I wish they’d fix that. I never purchased any of the dlc though, if I don’t have to spend 50 hours downloading patches (not to mention the space they take up on my poor 80 gb hdd) I might jump in again, looking at the cumulative price of the dlc it seems like a good deal.

    • Hi carlosdfn,

      I’m happy to confirm that this disc includes all Updates released so far (2.07)!

      It is indeed a good deal, I agree with you. :)

  • @RemyX-1988 Shame, in Ireland you only pay €125 and can still get a refurbished 60gb, even if its 4 years after you purchased the machine. Sickner for you.

  • @andrewsqual,
    They used to do the same here. Now, the price remains the same, but any 60GB that is registered for repair, shall be replaced by another model. And I specifically asked for a 60GB. They wouldn’t do it.

    Even with my download list consisting of over 1200 items, about €600,- spent on there and my collection of around 75 PS1, 550 PS2, 100 PS3, 50 PSP and a few Vita-games, they wouldn’t give me a 60GB back.

    They even declined my offer of getting a new, coloured Slim with two controllers…

    Lucky for me, this repair was free because the previous one was just months before. But even so, I paid €600,- for the model that I had. And after two repairs that cost me money, making my 60GB PLAYSTATION 3 cost a total of about €900,-, I end up with a €230,- 160GB Slim PlayStation 3…

    It’s a shame and bad costumer support from Sony.

  • I’m always a bit disapointed when the complete edition comes and the early adapters who payed full price and made the game profitable don’t get the DLC at that time for free.
    Nice kit if you where a bit late buying a PS3.

  • Will the DLC be on the disc or will we only get vouchers?

    • Hi bmate_1990,

      There will be voucher to redeem, but the content of the DLC will be on the disc, since they are implemented with each major patch.

      This means that to access the extra content of the DLCs you only have to download a bunch of KB when you enter the Promotional Codes!

  • Thank you very much for the reply.
    Looks like I’ll be getting this.

  • Correct me if I am wrong but you said this:

    “..the only content not included in this edition is the “Twin Ring Motegi Pack” recently released.”

    I do not see Speed Pack DLC on this list. Is it included or not?

    Also, careful wording on the announcement above says:

    “..this rather nice package comes brimming with a whole host of extras, including the following content..”

    Does it mean we can expect some new extras besides already known DLC, or “whole host of extras” covers only previously released DLC content?

    Thank you for the answer!

    • Hi am_ar,

      “Course Pack 2” is another name for the “Speed Test Pack”, giving you basically the Special Stage Route X Oval track, on top of the Speed Test features. :)

      And about the extra “extras”… Unfortunately I cannot say anything at the moment, but stay around and you might have a nice surprise… ;)

  • I bought the Signature Edition on release and I have bought all the DLC since release so nothing new here for me.

    Anything new for the die-hard GT fans like myself to look forward to in the near future?

    • Hi unkymo,

      Even if I can’t say anything specific at the moment, if I were you I would keep an eye on the official website… ;)

  • @vicheous #4

    Well done wasting your money on an SSD for an operating system that has no TRIM support. You have just committed your SSD to an earliy death. Add that to the fact that there is barely a difference in startup/loading times over, say a 500gb 7200rpm drive that costs possibly 1/3 of the price.

    Best drive for PS3 remains the 500GB Seagate Momentus XT hybrid.

  • Hi Daniele,

    Thank you for the response. And sorry if I sounded a bit irritated. I didn’t mean to. It has nothing to do with Gran Turismo 5, since it’s an amazing game!

    Thank you for staying as kind as you did. I wish you a very nice day, and keep up the good work!


    • Hi Remy,

      No worries, we all know that the GT community is one of the most passionate out there, and I appreciate the feeling but let’s face it: we had so much to download because PDI have been supporting the title for almost 2 years. The alternative would have been no new content at all, are we sure we wanted that? ;)

      Thank you for your supportive feedback and a good day to you too!

  • Any chance of the dlc getting a sale for those with the regular version of the game when this is released?

  • Can we Americans buy the new Nissan gt-r? Is that going to be DLC or something? Can you tell us that yet? & can you also tell us anything about the more news yet to come on this title?

    • Hi scionxb2,

      At the time of writing the GT-R #123 will be exclusive to Academy Edition customers. Things might change later on, never say never. :)

      I am afraid we’ll have to wait a little longer for the extra news, we’re hard at work! ;)

  • As my GT5 has been gathering dust for the last year or more, does this updated game fix the following issues.

    More A-Spec events instead of the pathetic 60 odd with the old version (Only 1000 cars and someone can’t think of more events plus only one for Ferrari, why?)

    Have performance points been added to the A-Spec events so you know you’ve got the right upgrades to the car instead of winning by a mile or losing by a mile.

    Have the new tracks been added to any of the events or have you got to race them in arcade.

    Option to create your own events if Polyphony can’t think of anything new to add?

    Tires degrading within two laps has this been fixed. (Nascar event at one track the AI cars completed 3 laps with tyres smoking!)

    If not, you can count me out in buying a slightly fixed version of GT5. I rather dust off the PS2 and go back to either GT3 (my favourite) or GT4

  • Well… it kills my hope to get any big DLCs in the future. This part of GT5 was really disappointing. Free updates were amazing. Can’t think of any game this generation that had so much support. Why PD didn’t want my money? I’d pay for monthly car/track packs.

    I want this edition just for the cover, but I’m not sure yet. Will we get the new GTR (free or paid DLC) or it’s just included with the Academy Edition?

    Keep up the good work. Surprise me with more Gran Turismo please. No mather what, I’ll be satisfied. Vita version, GT5 DLC, GT6 announcement, events, big free updates.

    • Hi Ibrowsky,

      Currently, the plan is to make the GT-R #123 available only to customers of the Academy Edition (can’t say anything more specific, I don’t want to either kill your hopes or giving away info that will lead to disappointment later on… sorry!)

  • There should be an easy unlock for the Red Bull car.. Unlocking that is quite the pain in GT5

    and if they really wanted to add features in this game, have a separate store which shows all of the standard cars, not just a few at random. I don’t know who came up with that idea and thought it was good. Sometimes you can’t progress through the career for days because the standard car section isn’t showing the car you need to drive. Or you could just take us to a section to buy the car needed for the event.

    Instead of just cramming this edition with updates, do something that makes the user experience more friendly. I don’t mind having half the total number of cars, just for a better user experience.

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