Anomaly: Warzone Earth Takes Aim At PlayStation 3

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Anomaly: Warzone Earth Takes Aim At PlayStation 3

Hello everyone, Paweł Miechowski from 11 bit studios here to tell you about our original strategy game Anomaly: Warzone Earth which is due on PlayStation Network before the end of the Summer.

Anomaly is truly… an anomaly. It’s a strategy game perfectly suited for console gaming. How does that work? Well, let me explain. In the near future, an alien spaceship crashes onto Earth and splits into two separate parts. One falls on Baghdad, while the other lands in Tokyo. A huge dome emerges above each site, separating the cities from the outside world. No one knows what’s going on inside, so the domes become known as Anomalies.

You play as the commander who’s sent on a mission to investigate what’s happened under the dome in Baghdad. Once inside, you discover alien war machines are on the war path destroying everything that gets in their way.

Anomaly: Warzone Earth PS3 co-op mode 1 Anomaly: Warzone Earth PS3 co-op mode 2

Anomaly: Warzone Earth PS3 co-op mode 3 Anomaly: Warzone Earth PS3 co-op mode 4

Essentially, Anomaly: Warzone Earth is a ‘tower offense’ game, tipping the tower defense genre on its head. Rather than managing units to see off invading forces, here you take control of the attackers, creating and controlling your armour troops. The game utilises several ideas from the top-down RTS genre, while also adding its own unique features, such as a Tactical View where you actually plan tactics for an upcoming assault.

And to make a strategy game work well on console, we’ve put you – the Commander – straight into the thick of the conflict to up the action element. You control him directly, supporting the squad in battle with a variety of abilities at your disposal. For example, Repair lets you heal units, while Smoke Screen lays down cover for them.

Anomaly: Warzone Earth PS3 co-op mode 5 Anomaly: Warzone Earth PS3 co-op mode 6

And, what’s really cool is that the PS3 version includes an exclusive local co-op mode which allows two Commanders to support each other in battle. One is responsible for controlling the armor units while the other plans the strategy. Both get into the action and are able to boost their abilities in the battle. This new feature should increase the pace of the game, making it even more frantic. Take a look at the screenshots here for a glimpse of the new mode in action.

Stay with us on Facebook and Twitter for more details. We hope to share the price and release date really soon. Peace!

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5 Author Replies

  • This looks interesting and it’s a surprise that “tower offense” has never been done before. The gameplay sounds good, even if the scenario of the alien warpath consisting of static turrets waiting to destroy passers by is a little contrived ;-)

    I would like to know if the route can be planned and altered on the fly or if you choose it as the start and stick to it?

    • Paweł Miechowski

      The route can be planned and altered on the fly.

      It’s worth mentioning that in the new co-op mode only one of the commanders can do this. The other is responsible for the squad formation and vehicle upgrades. Together they have to own the battle field by supporting each other and boosting the other guy’s power-ups. We’re very proud of how the co-op mode plays. It’s awesome. :)

  • Local Co op only? :( Any plans for online co op?

  • Sounds good, I’ve had this game since it came out on PC and while it will be great on PS3 especially with this new mode I think it would be perfect on Vita.
    Considering you have it already running on Android devices it shouldn’t be too difficult to get it working and looking great. Anomaly works brilliantly as a touch screen game.
    Have you got any plans to bring Anomaly to the Vita?
    Also is there going to be Move support on PS3?

  • Ah, yes, nothing like the warm feeling of being fifth in the line for a game.
    Still, better late than never, I guess.

    • Paweł Miechowski

      Well, look on the bright side. You guys are the only ones getting the co-op. It’s a completely new experience and we all hope you enjoy it!

  • Got this on Steam and I really like it, will buy again if it’s cheap enough!

  • @Pawel Yeah, okay, you’ve got a point.

  • @pawel

    i love this game. i already own it on three different platforms.

    i am genuinely interested to know why the vita is not supported?
    Surely you already have all the assets from the mobile versions. Is it that much extra work to port it?

    Is the code for the vita that diffrent from the PS3?
    It sounds like wasted revenue seeing as Vita gamers are hungry for any titles on the system and would no doubt snap it up!

    • Paweł Miechowski


      Thank you very much for your kind words. :)

      As for Vita support it was a very hard decision to make. As an indie developer we need to carefully allocate our resources and this time we had to choose between adding an additional platform and moving on with the yet not announced, awesome like hell new projects we are developing for you guys to enjoy in the near future. We’ve chosen the latter because as developers we also need to develop, go futher, challenge ourselves with new projects. What I can say for now is that Anomaly fans will not be disappointed. Stay tuned. :)

  • Sounds very interesting !
    I love tower defense but i never tough before to do it from the other side.
    I hope it will goes out soon :)

  • Does the game have Rachet and Clank parts in there?
    Because Rachet and Clank has tower defence parts in their game.
    Yes it’s stupid, this game looks FUN!!!

  • Thanks for your answer Pawel.
    I will be adding PS3 to the platforms i own this on :)

    This really is the best indie game of the year for me and its absolutely beautifully crafted right down to the last detail and incredibly polished. I am looking forward to having an excuse to play it again.

  • Sounds really interesting, but the co-op screams Vita-PS3 cross platform gaming! You should really (re)consider this!
    I’ll check out this game for sure when it launches.

  • wait for company of heroes 2 :) pc

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