The Studio Sketches Out New ‘World Series’ PlayStation Themes

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The Studio Sketches Out New ‘World Series’ PlayStation Themes

The Studio World Series Great Britain Jon Burgerman

This Summer, Studio Output, the UK creative agency responsible for conceiving, curating and producing digital art platform, The Studio, has collaborated with artists from around the globe to create a series of new flag-inspired themes.


The World Series update will include themes from artists in 12 countries, giving users the opportunity to liven up their XMB with their choice of flag-inspired artwork, ranging from the literal to the more abstract.

“I was looking to find a way to combine the flag colours, video games and London into one concept,” explains Tom Muller, one of the artists contributing.

“As a Belgian living in London, and a frequent user of public transport I landed on the idea of video glitch patterns that equally owe their existence to 8-bit games and characteristic seating fabric of the London Underground.”

Meanwhile, Cherry from Argentina has taken a different approach, creating a collage of cut-outs “representing sports and situations, and the sun shining in the middle.”


Other artists showcasing their talents include Jon Burgerman and Graffiti Kings with their interpretation of the Union flag, Serial Cut from Spain, Adhemas Batista from Brazil, Hellohikimori from France, Joost Korngold (Renascent) from Holland, Mago from Russia, Happy Lovers Town from Italy, Ville Savimaa of Finland and Cody Hudson from the USA.

With some familiar names alongside newcomers to The Studio platform, this exciting project is not only a celebration of artists from around the world but also of the diversity of the creators, studios and brands who have contributed to this project so far.

Themes from this series will cost from €0.99/£0.79 and will be available from 25th July. So, whether you’re looking to get patriotic and liven up your screen with artwork from your home country, or simply want to celebrate another, get downloading!

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  • Could you make that Union Jack one slighty more noisey? I can still just about see the icons in front of it.

  • ^^ That made me lol :D

  • He has a point too. The Studio themes are all very well and artsy, but they completely fail as usable themes. Their colours are generally badly suited for having icons and text overlaid. That and they hardly ever seem to do much with the icons.

  • Yeah, it surprises me that free themes are often better than so many of those “professional” ones. Especially “The Studio” often disappoints.

    But I must admit that their Avatars from Jasper Goodall last week seem rather interesting, though they made some odd crop decisions. In case of “Desert Mirror” for example. And “Dione’s Rapture” had been missing completly. ;(

  • Crazy, but best themes are those with manageable balance of art and clean usability

  • Hey Jawad, can you speak to someone who deals with the Studio themes, and ask them to please ask Jasper Goodall to do another one?? I’d love to see more from him, and he has so much brilliant artwork that could be used.

    I’d love to see his ‘smoke’ style in a dynamic theme. Would look stunning in motion. *crosses fingers*

  • Hi – Listen up Sony guys:
    I don’t know WHO is in charge of QC on these themes but they are utterly unusable and an absolute waste of money in their current form.

    Let me elaborate.
    The themes themselves are very cool. I love the designs. I have purchased one or two. Each time though I am shocked at how its impossible to read anything on the screen. Its as if the designer has absolutely no context about where his artwork will be ending up.

    PLEASE talk to someone who is in charge of this. You can keep the designs – just mix it back with a flat colour 50% or so. Make sure that the XMB text and icons are all still nice and visible.

  • Great Themes…but not very usable , most themes I can’t even see the text on the XMB and hurt my eyes…..I only use the original PS3 theme which looks great …but needs more colours
    Heavy Rain theme was cool though (the Raining alleyway one)

  • What I think is extremely annoying is how some dynamic themes don’t support my 52 inch Bravia. My last favorite one for example, the Last of us dynamic theme, has these black bars on all sides.. Quite ugly and annoying, especially considering having to pay for them. There should atleast be a notice (in the actual psn store) on which dynamic themes don’t support full screen 52 inch.

  • Thanks for the feedback guys, we’ll make sure we continue to work on improving the usability and clarity of the Themes in general.

    @Golwar, there’s some more Avatars from Jasper coming out next week, and regarding the crops, they are all as sent by the artist himself.

    @saazrah, we’d love to get Jasper to do another one, it’s just time and the right idea for him at the moment – let me know exactly which kind of thing you’d like to see and I’ll put it to him this week.

    Keep the comments coming, and check out The Studio’s Facebook page:

  • @Dan Moore
    Thanks for the reply. That the artists send them in directly actually would explain some things that often annoy me with Avatars. It often seems that the artists misjudge the effect of the scale with those tiny images.

    Anyways, there were some really good ones from Jasper. Considered to buy the bundle but there was one among them that I couldn’t stand at all … with the result that I bought none so far. Seems unreasonable, I know. :P
    I wish there’d be the option to freely pick 5 of your own choice for the price of 4.

  • @Golwar, I’ll see if that’s possible with the package deal and we’ll endeavour to make the Avatar packs even better.

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