LittleBigPlanet Karting Beta Registration Re-opens For 24 hours!

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LittleBigPlanet Karting Beta Registration Re-opens For 24 hours!

Attention all LittleBigPlanet fans and PS Plus members!

As you may know, the LittleBigPlanet Karting beta on PS3 has been live for over a week now. Many of you have previously signed up for access but not everyone has had the opportunity to take part in this exclusive event.

So, due to popular demand (and just in time for the weekend), we’ve got exciting news for all European PlayStation Plus members. We’ll be opening registrations to the LBP Karting beta again for a limited time only. Starting today Thursday 3.00pm GMT, all PS Plus members will be able to download the LBP Karting client from the PS Store. The opportunity is there for 24 hours until tomorrow at 3.00pm GMT.

LittleBigPlanet Karting

So, head over to the PS Store and onto the LittleBigPlanet Karting race tracks. As said before, the goal of the beta is to get feedback on the overall experience from Sackfolk who understand it like few others – you! – so do let us know how you get on.

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  • I might be the only one confused by this but – because I’m a PS Plus member I get access to the beta? Or I am just eligible to apply for beta access?

    • On behalf of Becky – just head to the PlayStation Store, go to the PlayStation Plus section and you can download it from there. It’s item number 11 in the main Plus section, or inside the Exclusives section.

  • I wish you would put ‘PS+’ in the title as some of us might get excited and then get our heart broken as we read on D:

  • Dead chuffed about this! And the store updates for me were looking bleak as a Plus user! I get something nice this week after all :D

  • I got my invite through my e-mail yesterday and I felt so special, but now it’s being offered to everyone on PS+ I don’t feel special anymore. :(

  • Hi Rebecca,

    I received an email from PSN Beta last night, inviting me to the LBPK Beta, but whenever I head onto the Beta site (as instructed in the email) and try to log in, I get the message that I do not have permission to access that page on my account. I have tried reloading the page, and logging in and out multiple times, but can’t access my code to download the Beta.

  • @#1 yes goto the ps+ section of the store it’ll be there.

  • Hi,

    i’m looking on the Playstation Store but I can’t find LBP Karting Beta. I’m on the french PStore.


  • hey just to say Thanks for the invite got mine last night, hope you guys do well with when the game comes out I on about its LBP course you will ;)

  • Ok it just appeared. Great !

  • Ross, this is a PS+ technical query: Can you take a look a this thread on the forums please?

    A few of us are having problems with PS+ content in the store. Lots of blank entries and it seems to be a server issue.

  • awsome!! Been checking my emails all day but no luck, but now can t wait to get home and download it from the store!! Cheers!!!

  • Thanks Ross! I had no idea if anybody was aware, so that’s good to know.

  • Ross, could you look into another server issue when it comes to ps+ content. Saints Row 2 was on a terrible server and I was downloading at 3-6 Megabits which took me about 8 hours to download. I have a 100 megabit connection and whilst I don’t expect your servers to be good enough to handle that, I do expect a minimum of 20Megabits I think which is reasonable.

  • Connor_mufc_1985

    Nice , I really like little big planet but im 50/50 on whether to buy the game or not , this beta will help me make my decision :)

  • seems a bit odd, only got my code yesterday and now i could have got it today anyay. saying that it gave my nearly 3 year old son chance to test it this morning. when does the beta end?

  • @2 Maybe its time to get Plus then like everybody else here? One of us, one of us, gooble gobble one of us one, one of us, one of us, gooble gobble one of us one……………lol

  • I’m a LBP Vita Beta participant but I didn’t get into the Karting one. I do however have PS+. Will it link to my Beta account and if not, where do I put my beta data and feedback? Thanks! :)

  • I am downloading the beta, but at a very slow speed. i have a 12 meg internet connection but its taking a minute to download just 4 megabytes. seems to be happening with all my PS store downloads at the moment. Anyone else got this problem?

  • I received my beta code on the 17th of july. Today on 19th of July I am trying to redeem it and it says “may no longer be in use or entered incorrectly”. I have attempted this many times and it does not work. Can any one help with this?

  • It downloaded in about 90 minutes here. 16 Mbps connection.

    I’m reluctant to talk about any aspect of the game now because we’re under NDA after installing it, right?

  • Haha no, of course not. This is a public beta and we didn’t sign any contracts.

  • aww thats nice, i know a Lot of people wanted to get their hands on this, but i feel a bit sorry for the inevitable posters who are going to say they missed it, or never seen/knew about it.. shame theres no way to kinda put a message onto peoples vita screens.. or even just send them one.

  • awesome but it’s sad because i will bicome a member on monday ;((( i won’t get the little big planet karting beta ;(

  • Not into beta’s.

  • Where can we give feedback? Or is this purely a stress test beta and the devs don’t care what we like and do not?

  • @25

    If you were invited by email, you can send bug reports and feedback in the PlayStation Beta site where you got the voucher.

    If you got in via PlayStation Plus:

    Report issues on
    Provide feedback on

    These links are also mentioned in-game when you choose “Recent Activity”.

  • Thanks to Sony, to the team at mm incuding Rebecca, and to Ross and the team at the blog for all being yous and for bringing us this beta. I’ve already preordered this baby, and I wish to say that not much in life is free, except the real act of giving, giving in secret with no expectation of kdos or recognition of the gifting, as well as love without expectation and of course a genuine smile is oh so free as well, which is splitting my face asunder as I write these lines, so THANKS! :)

  • So, I spend 70+ hours to platinum lbp2 but because I dont pay extra money im not eligiblr to play the karting beta? Seems fair. Well thos is one punter tjat wont be buying lbp karting now. Thats loyalty.

  • @ kyliedog

    It is a beta. Its purpose is to find any problems and to try and get any issues ironed out and fixed. Usually upon being accepted into a beta you find out via email from Sony which along with the codes to dl’ the beta, you are usually given a link to a closed part of the official PS forums where you & other testers can discuss the game, report bugs etc. Have a look for the original LBP Karting blog in this site, if there was one, there maybe info there on where to discuss this beta. You may already be aware of all these issues I have raised, but I’d just like to say that when I get accepted for a beta, I like to look upon my participation as 50% fun & 50% work. So I will file a daily report on gmplay, report faults, discuss the game in the closed forum BUT I will have fun knowing that I am contributing towards helping make a great game even better but also knowing that there will be issues and bugs as the devs try various solutions to reach the optimal game they can.

  • @ MrKris1981

    okay, I hear where you are coming from and your frustrations, but how may folk do you think have spent the amount of time and energy that you have as well on LBP2? Probably hundreds of thousands. Add to that a closed beta that may only have capacity for x amount of players, or may be confined via region etc, then you start seeing elegibility issues already.
    PS+ was introduced as a way for hardcore gamers like yourself to take advantage of free games specials promotions and betas. I have found that ps+ payed for itself in my situation within months of my subbing to it. Please. dont cut yourself off from something you may enjoy and that may also be the better off from because of your input you make for the game. As well, I’d recommend PS+ to yourself and to any gamer whom may be reading this, so you can take advantage of betas and trial like LBP Karting beta and so you can have access to so many free games, items like avies and themes and money-saving specials. :)

  • @25

    If you were invited by email, you can send bug reports and feedback in the PlayStation Beta site where you got the voucher.

    If you got in via PlayStation Plus, you can see the links where u can provide feedback and report bugs, when you go into the game, and look the announcements on “Recent Activity” page.

    I sent the links in my earlier post couple hours ago, but it still wont show up to others, cause of the links, my comment is awaiting moderation, but check them out in-game.

  • I’m currently at work, without access to my ps3.
    Is there any way to join beta through ps store website?

  • You don’t have to be playstation plus to gain acsess my friend got in and he dosen’t have ps plus

  • hi … i want to go into beta i have LBP 2 and created level

    where the link to register into the beta ?

  • Do we get access to the beta for 24 hours or a chance to download it for 24 hours and then play it as much as we want?

  • This is unfair… I looked last night and it wasn’t showing on my store, I get back home at 2pm and its still not showing on my store so I lost my chance to get in it… I’ve been waiting ages to get into the beta and the store bugs on me =[! Not happy with PS store right now D:

  • may i get into the beta? I’ve wanted to be in the beta for a while. I had Ps+ but ended last month…

  • I’m also confused, does this mean people will no longer receive beta invites? I really wanted to get in, I told two of my friends about it and they both got in! I’ve also been on lbp two years longer than them. Also two other of my friends got in, I’ve wanted to beta test for years D:

    And now you’re gonna reply: But loads of people are in the same situation.

    I know, but it seemed like the beta invites were quite common amongst most members. Now it’s massively more common. I asked my mum last night whether I could have £15 just to buy playstation+ to get the beta, she clearly didn’t let me but that’s how much I want it, I’m willing to pay £15 for something that is common and free.

  • Ok, i signed up for the beta and was supplied a beta code…that did not work, would this be due to the fact i opened the email 5 days late ?

  • Hey, what about us yanks?

  • i want to be a player in the lbpk beta because i luv lbpkarting and lbp and lbp2

  • Plz could you open the beta for another week or so i never got a chance to play it after downloading it :(

  • Hey i have a problem
    When i download (im a Plus Member) LBP Karting Then it says its expired even through my playstation plus membership hasn’t expired
    Please Replay as soon as possible
    P.S i downloaded this twice! No Luck

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