PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale: Heihachi And Toro Reveal

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PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale: Heihachi And Toro Reveal

Hi Guys,

We at SuperBot are excited to announce two new challengers in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale – Heihachi Mishima and Toro Inoue!

Hailing from the ever-popular Tekken series, the original mastermind behind the Mishima Zaibatsu joins the battle! Making his first appearance on the PSX in 1995, Heihachi is one of only five characters to appear in every iteration of Tekken thereafter, brawling his way through 17 years of King of Iron Fist tournaments. Heihachi fans will feel right at home with this newest interpretation.

Familiar moves such as his Electric Wind God Fist and Twin Pistons are intact and as deadly as ever. He excels at close-range combat, overwhelming opponents with quick, powerful strikes. Heihachi’s combo potential ranks among the best in the roster, turning every encounter into a stylish martial arts exhibition. Though the battlefield has changed, Heihachi brings his signature fighting style and brutal attacks to PlayStation All-Stars!


Toro Inoue, also known as the Sony Cat, has been a faithful mascot to Sony in Japan for over a decade! He has made appearances in numerous video games spanning several different Sony consoles and is a welcome addition to our roster. Though appearing to be simply a cute feline, the warrior within proves to be as formidable as the next.

Toro brings a unique stance-based fighting style to PlayStation All-Stars, affording him several different sets of attacks to utilize in combat. He transitions seamlessly from a close-range fighter in his Justice form, to a ranged specialist in his Torobi form, to an effective wide-area controller in his Oni form. All the while, Toro’s fun-loving charm comes through in every action he performs. Be sure to check him out!


Finally, we are pleased to announce our newest stage, Dojo! Fans of the original Parappa the Rapper on the PSX will immediately recognize this kung-fu dwelling, which is where Parappa originally acquired his martial arts arsenal from Chop Chop Master Onion. However, not everything is as it seems in the city; could danger be looming ahead?


That’s it for now! We have plenty more information coming in the near future, so stay tuned for more reveals to come as we get closer to release!

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  • Will the next 2 character be revealed at next weeks comic con?

  • Ok, now where’s Cloud, Sephiroth and Snake?

  • I want the FULL character list i.e NOW(PLEASE):P + i would love the game to have good old Crash Bandicoot in it;) + a Monkey off the Ape Escape games would be funny to:D

  • One question, why make the images private while others ain’t on Flickr? >=(

  • #4 continued:

    Pardon for my furstration but what’s the point on having them private? Btw, nice to see Heihachi from the Tekken joining the fray.

  • Tekken 3 took up so much of my time on PSOne growing up, so it holds a special nostalgic spot that makes me happy to see the series represented in this game. Out of the currently announced characters, Heihachi is the one I’m most looking forward to using.

  • is that a giant stalker from resistance I c in the background of one of the screen shots?? If so could this mean a resistance character is on the cards, say Nathan hale or a chamera?

  • 7# Nope that thing is from the Killzone series.

  • Actually here is the hedgehog grenade like an item in the game, so the Resistance franchise is present in Playstation All-stars.

  • Oh, my bad, thought it looked a bit too big.

  • im still hoping for characters such as cloud, dante, crash, cortex, ratchet & clank, nefarious, jack & daxter, spyro and possibly evil nathan hail when he gets the powers at the end of the 2nd game

  • Yes Nathan with the powers at the end of Resistance 2 could be very great !

  • the characters i think should be in ps allstars are jak and daxter, ratchet and clank, cole mcgrath and agent 47.Best characters i can think of on the spot

  • AlphaTheWolffox

    Am I the only one who thinks, as he is (kind of) Playstations latest mascot Sackboy from LittleBigPlanet should be in the game? Oh! and Solid Snake! (costume variation: Naked Snake?)

  • Alex Mercer from prototype.
    Abe, Stranger and a Slig from the oddworld franchise.
    Kane and Raziel from the legacy of Kane!
    These would b awesome characters!!!

  • I really wanted the game to be 3D but the nostalgia is too strong for me to ignore, I love me some PaRappa and Kratos. And I can’t wait to see the Comicon reveals.

    My only concern right now is the bland character, stage and result screens look. So uninspiring, but I guess they’re just place holders for now… at least I hope so.

    And PLEASE do not forget Spike or Spector from Ape Escape, Jennifer Tate from Primal and Daniel Fortesque from MediEvil. Im not worried about any other character inclusions but these because the games are pretty damn niche now.

  • surely if there is a jak and daxter level then jak and daxter are in the game?

    the game also needs ratchet and clank, crash bandicoot and spyro the dragon

  • This is looking (good) interesting.

    Although I wont be buying if the game only comes with just the 1 set of outfits per character. I can accept if all come with 2 and any other are released as DLC but I’m not getting a game which feels like parts have been pulled just to be added later as DLC.

    But yeah otherwise, I’m looking forward to checking this game when the inevitable demo is released to make up my mind.

  • Meisterdieb1412

    Nice but plz give us some Final Fantasy characters! :) And of course it would be a shame if Cole wasn’t in there, since inFamous is one important PS3 exclusive!

  • Put some final fantasy characters in this, and my money will be all yours. Preferably Cloud and Sephiroth. Leon too.

  • Needs a demo soon.I keep changing my stance on this.
    Before E3 I was warming.
    The E3 stage show bored the hell out of me.
    Pre order DLC is total meh.
    EVO panel was really good.
    Heihachi,Toro rivalry scene was god like :)

    Also needs more female characters.

  • how can I make pre-order play station all stars battle royale in Qatar because I love this game very much

  • Surely you can reveal that Jak will be available, due to the leak recently?

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