PlayStation Home: Blueprint For The Future

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PlayStation Home: Blueprint For The Future

In PlayStation Home you can customise your avatar to look however you want. With Apartments you are able to decorate pre-built spaces with items and furniture. But wouldn’t it be nice to design your own apartment from scratch?

Blueprint: Home from nDreams will allow you, for the very first time, to create and build your own apartment. With a variety of different style packs you can craft your perfect pad. Want one huge warehouse with ten doors and no windows? That’s fine. How about a house with twenty-five rooms and a courtyard in the middle? No problem. Fancy moving it instantly from a country field to the top of a skyscraper? Easy.

Rooms, doors, windows, wallpaper, flooring, ceilings, feature objects, exteriors, skies and environments. Let your imagination run wild and create and store multiple apartments exactly how you want them – machinima makers, this is perfect for you too. You are the architect with Blueprint: Home.

We will have more information on Blueprint: Home closer to release in a few weeks’ time.

Turning back to this week, PlayStation Home will be offline from 8AM BST on Wednesday 4th July for routine maintenance. Here is what to expect after the update…


The Fourth of July is coming and We Want YOU to come and celebrate American-style with a big update at The Casino! For this one day only we are giving away a FREE Uncle Sam hat just for hanging out in The Casino. Get your hat while you can because as soon as July 4th is over, we will be out of stock of the hats so get one while you can! If a hat isn’t enough for you, we have the whole Uncle Sam Outfit for sale in the Gift Shop. People will be seeing stars and stripes forever, wherever you go.


Not only do we have the Uncle Sam Outfit coming to the gift shop but we also have the Casino Host and Hostess outfits that have been spinning around in the gift shop and with this update you will finally be able to get your hands on these. We’ve also included a red and blue poker visor, as well as the awesome Card King and Queen outfits.

When you head into the concourse, you will see that we have decorated it to celebrate American Independence Day. In addition, when you head down the main stairs you will be greeted with two new Super Daily Slots. These machines grant you one free spin a day and you could win up to 50,000 chips!

Lastly, if you’ve levelled up to Tier 2 in all of the games you will be rewarded the Magician’s Outfit.
We hope to see you soon in The Casino!

Lockwood unveils the latest in firework launching technology, with their Pyrotechnic Overhead Display Interface (PODI). From a short display, to an epic fireworks extravaganza, PODI has all you need to wow your guests with ease. Choose which fireworks to launch, how many and whether to offset them with fuses, all in PODI’s simple operating system. Or, if that sounds like too much work, give PODI a wave and he’ll cook something up for you and fire it away before you’ve had time to lower your waving hand!

Didn’t you always want a robot pal who could shoot fireworks from his backside? Okay, so you probably never thought about it, but it’s definitely cool! PODI is a friendly little machine who loves attention. The more time you spend with him creating displays and setting them off, the happier he becomes and when he’s happy, PODI loves to give out presents! Some of them are for everyone, some are just for you, spend time playing with PODI to make sure you get them all!

Check out PODI in action in the special limited time Midnight Glade Public space.


Drey’s latest outfits are made with hip holiday makers in mind. Stroll the sands looking smart casual with the Beach Businessman outfit, or keep your cool as the temperature rises with the Seaside Siren clothing set.


Also this week VEEMEE brings the Age of Swords to PlayStation Home! These beautiful items are the perfect way to give your avatar and personal space a sumptuous medieval look. Invite your friends to your Medieval Banquet and share a delicious meal of Roast Suckling Pig, a Selection of Pies, Roast Chicken, Spit Roast Lamb, Bread Baskets, Fruit Bowls and Cheese Boards. The Knight outfit is perfect for courtly gentlemen, or hardened warriors. The King and Queen outfits combine elegance and lavishly intricate detail. And what kind of a monarch would you be without a Throne? Now you just have to decide who gets to sit in it!


A new tube top, featuring a cylindrical design with no straps, is now available from Granzella!
Choose from four colours and patterns! Brown, Black, Wine Red, and Leopard.


From a sexy feminine appeal, to a cool and sporty style, how it suits you is your choice! Also, introducing a new option in the Beautiful Eyes series – In the latest Beautiful Eyes Mismatched 5 piece set both left and right eyes are coloured differently. Naturally beautiful and exotic, these intense eyes will impress. With each eye a different colour, there’s no mistaking it, you’ll make an impression!

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7 Author Replies

  • nice,

    Any chance i can get my helghast helmet fixed for male as it appears only for female when it was bought for male.

    Only been 2 years now ive been waiting lol.

  • Oh god no.

  • Blueprint: Home looks interesting, hopefully nDreams will support it with updated packs or sell packs in the store as some of the textures in the video look a tad boring !

    Thanks for the reply last week Zoba, I look forward to what SCEE do with PS+ in Home.

    • Hey iSbaerman!

      Definitely wait for BluePrint to come out! The video is cool but can’t compare to what the actual experience will be like. It is a project that we are super excited about and nDreams have put a lot of work into.

  • hmm sounds good further infor later on, so does it come with UGC if this is the next phase in home coming out of beta i be impress.

    but i/we know SCEE hasn’t got a good track record for home features it probably will be a SCEA exclusive like the picture frames so i wont hold my breath. :D

    • Hey Skookie,

      BluePrint is definitely coming to SCEE, have no fear. Stay tuned for more details about this exciting new endeavor.

  • can you tell me when the Playstation app is coming to the PS Vita?

  • Is blueprint for free? If yes then its very welcome if not, well thanks but no thanks.

    @nDreams I remember you promissing (with Aurora) something way bigger than Xi, well…. where is it?

    @#5 there will never be ps home app for psvita, they could make it accessible via remote play though but I doubt.

    • Sup Vita,

      Currently there are no plans for Home on the Vita. It’s a free and exclusive service of the PS3. Thank you for expressing you desire to take Home with you everywhere you go :-)

  • Zoba: Any news of the x7 club and the gold suits where raining notes are coming out of the pockets.. There on usa. Also that Casino free roll sounds good, Any higher winning ones in the vip section? Just wondering. Also im glad your replying to people now :P

    • Sup DJ,

      At the moment there are no plans for the x7 Lounge to come to SCEE and these other NA items. However, in the meantime, there is a bunch of amazing content, spaces and games coming in the next few weeks. It’s going to be a good summer :-)

  • spiderman and WWE outfits in PS Home please.

  • @#6 I meant the official Playstation app you get on phones etc to check the blog and what not there was word of it coming to the Vita.

  • @#6 ‘Is blueprint for free? If yes then its very welcome if not, well thanks but no thanks.’

    Why should it be free? The developers have obviously worked very hard on bringing this amazing feature, im sure they would like a little something back. I would gladly pay for something like this.

    Wasnt having Home for free enough for you?

  • ye what max said IT WILL NOT BE FREE

    im deffo gonna buy it and all the addons for it

  • The blueprint is a really fitting adition for PS Home.

    • Howdy EG,

      We defintiely think so. This is another installment of how Home is and will continue to grow and develop. We’re really excited to be working with nDreams to bring forth something really amazing.

  • sounds good

  • it looks so cool my own home when does it start

  • A digital dolls-house?


    thats ps3 home for you STILL BROKEN i hope playstaion 4 never adds HOME to it

    • Hey CoolRichy,

      The minor issue with the PODI Bundle has been fixed. You are free to firework away! It really is a very cool device. It makes me want to celebrate everyday and what better way then with fireworks, right ;-)

  • and the spiderman and WWE outfits was my idea 5 weeks before anyone else said it (C)

  • So…….. What’s the game that was promoted on yesterdays US blogs, it looks like some kinda mix between KZ3 and Halo.. or Dust,, whatever, i only caught a glimpse of it but it caught my eye, is that a US only feature ?.. surely there not getting more/better games/items on ps home as well as the store. i allways thought that ps home was global.. then i read it wasn’t, doesn’t make sense (to me) putting up virtual borders.. am not tech enough to understand homes capabilities or limits… But i really hope theres a (good) technical reason why ps home isn’t global.. kinda like ps earth/planet.. ‘tear down the wall’.

  • Sounds very interesting, home desperately needs new ideas like this if people are ever going to give it any time. As long as it isn’t too expensive and includes lot’s of furniture too I’m up for some blueprinting !

  • Blueprint sounds pretty good, been waiting for something like that for a long time now.. might be a little too late for me, but depending on the price I might pop back in and try it out. The rest of Home sucks, the animations are still too stiff, the character create tool is restrictive, the character textures are horrible..
    I’d say the eyes but you’ve just released new eyes (that you have to buy the FULL pack to use.. lame)

    Home had much potential.. If only you did this back when it was popular.

  • Also, I forgot to add.. blueprint does look pretty good.. but now much items can we store in it? It would be VERY useless if we can only fill it with a bunch of chairs and the odd tv. My ghostbuster house looks far too empty and it hardly has any items in it.

  • very good idea but will stop people from buying other spaces as you can make your own

  • Deathnote_KHBBS

    When is the free spin slot machine going to be fixed there is a glitch where it wont work when there is a queue.

  • thunderking1981

    hi i am thunderking this week i am getting the fireworks for 5.49 pounds and i like the updates in home so please reply me thanks

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